Friday, January 27, 2023

Wenger talks Giroud. Giroud talks hair

Arsene Wenger has praised Olivier Giroud’s positive mentality and hailed his robust physical stature as the French striker prepares for a first team return against Manchester United one month ahead of schedule.

The 28-year-old hasn’t featured since breaking his foot just moments after equalising for the Gunners in their 2-2 draw against Everton but could be used off the bench on Saturday having spent two weeks in full training.

“He’s ahead of schedule by at least three weeks,” Wenger reiterated in his pre-game Friday press conference. “We planned for him to be back in January.

“He’s not there yet on the competition front but he’s in decent physical shape. He’s a bit short [of fitness] but he worked very hard to be back early and it worked.

“The surgery went well, he had no setbacks during his rehab and he’s got a naturally solid structure. He is very solid and heals very well. He also has a positive mentality. He’s always positive and that helps as well.”

Positive he may be, but in an interview conducted with the Evening Standard Giroud revealed that spending so long on the sidelines has ‘pissed’ him off.

“Everyone asks if it is boring being injured,” he reflected. “The answer is yes, it is very boring but it’s mostly frustrating. It’s pissing me off! Is it a bit informal to say “pissing me off”?”

“I have two screws in it [ankle] but I have no pain. So hopefully I’ll be back ahead of schedule. I feel very sharp and fit.”

Giroud went on to talk about life as a footballer – tattoos, bright boots, eating in nice restaurants, making the front page of The Sun in his pants, earning big dosh – before taking a moment to reflect on his status as a role model.

“Sometimes I see it [my hair style] on the younger kids. They try to do a big quiff with very short sides. It’s always great to be an example to the young players.”

We’d love to thing Olivier made that comment with a cheeky ‘yes I know how ridiculous that sounds’ look in his eye, but we know the man is very serious about his head folicles. And in fairness, they are pretty special. As Arsene said, ‘he’s in decent physical shape.’

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Oh, I’m dying to hair about it.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

one and only handsome product from ligue 1


He can’t help he’s hot
He can’t help he’s hot
Olly Giroud
He can’t help he’s hot.

Rohith J

We’ve been missing some handsome frenchness in our goals.


That’s why Wenger brought in Sanogo for those last few minutes


Hair today, gone tomorrow.


Hair hair!


What a flick..


I think he is brushing this one off


When I first got my hair cut to look like Giroud’s, I didn’t really like it. But I must say, my hair is certainly growing on me

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Dad joke level 99


It doesn’t make you gay if you think Giroud is hot. We all think he’s hot.


That Paddy Power/rainbow laces ad is stuck in my mind.

Well played to all involved.

Big Dave

I heard he made Johan Cruyff turn.


Naaaaaaah, naaaaaaah
Naah naah naaaaaaaaaah…


Arseblog, on a different note, can you please make it possible for mobiles to open news stories in different windows? Pleeeeeze? I love the new layout but find myself missing stories because I forget to go back 1 page and read next story. Many thanks in advance. Your work is really appreciated.




Perhaps the easiest solution would be for you to remember to go back one page 😉

Mark Hughes

It’s not really possible on the app but if you just use a browser then you can see the next article/previous article at the end of the current article (i know this as I am currently using a mobile browser and can see them).

Hoosier Gunner

On the android app, you can swipe left to get to the next article. There have been times when I’ve accidentally swiped to another article, when I originally intended to scroll down.

Per's Plums

Quiff Bastin


Even with him back we’ll still win follicle…


off topic, in today’s photos from team training aj confirmed that ramsey change his boots brand i could’t spot what types of boots he is wearing in the previous games but i was sure it’s not Adidas, and today i learn that it’s new balance that he is wearing, first time new balance are in football maybe he is not feeling comfortable in them when he change boots brand he also left his form and his goals with Adidas. Time to change that and open a new account with new balance and would be great if he start filling that… Read more »

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

To remain off topic, I actually have a question… Now I don’t post here very often. In fact, I can count with two fingers the number of times I have posted something. But I do read this blog. Everyday… My question: And this is more of a curiosity than anything… Why do you people refer to them as “boots”? I mean, here in Canada, we call them shoes. “Cleats” to be specific. Is this along the same thing as what we call the “trunk” of a car? Don’t you folks call that the “boot” as well? So if you are… Read more »




Lots of us about.


Ya, what’s that all aboot?
Sorry. Had to.

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

HA HA! I knew that was coming! Well played. Well played indeed!

“Aboot” HA HA HA! Do we really sound like that?



what a hair do!


Is it pure coincidence that the advert at the bottom of this article is for Ziering Hair Transplant Surgery?

Özil Gummidge

Nope. Ads are (crudely) based on content.


Its just a bog standard short back and sides ffs but he can defend corners.


More goals and less about your hair.


Happy to see you back Ollie! We could use some more Pomp in our Circumstance.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

If the quiff damps the ball just enough so that Giroud’s headers find the top corner instead of going over the bar, I will find it very very very cool.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Welcome back Giroud, we have missed your clinical finishing and unerring eye for goal.


Was that meant to be a joke?

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