Monday, November 28, 2022

Wilshere open to DM role at Arsenal

Jack Wilshere has enjoyed playing a deep-lying role for England so much that he’s open to playing in the same position for Arsenal.

The 22-year-old has won four consecutive man of the match performances playing at the base of Roy Hodgson’s midfield helping the Three Lions to a run of victories that has all but secured them a place at Euro 2016 already.

Speaking after Tuesday evening’s 3-1 friendly victory over Scotland – a match in which Wilshere delivered a pinpoint pinged pass for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to head the opener – the Arsenal man admitted that for all his enthusiasm Arsene Wenger is yet to be convinced he’s right for the role.

“The formation we play at Arsenal is a bit different. I wouldn’t mind playing it [defensive midfield] at Arsenal and I’ve already spoken to the manager about it, and he doesn’t see me playing that role just yet.

“I enjoy my role for Arsenal as well because I can get a bit further forward, but I wouldn’t mind playing the holding role for Arsenal. That’s the manager’s decision.

“At the moment, I think [Mikel] Arteta is injured and [Mathieu] Flamini is playing that role. It’s down to him. If he wants me to play there, I’ll play it.”

Earlier in the season Wilshere revealed he was taking inspiration from Italy’s Andrea Pirlo and Argentina’s Javier Mascherano as he took up the challenge of learning a new position. Reflecting on his continued improvement, he said:

“I’m really enjoying my new position. I’ve said before, after the first game in Switzerland, that I’d only get better and better. It was my first game ever playing in that role.

“The main thing is the coaches are getting their points across in terms of what they want me to do, not just over here but when we’re away from here.

“We’re working on it, because I don’t play that role for my club, but I am really enjoying it.”

Wilshere has certainly delivered some eye-catching performances in an England shirt, but it’s far too simplistic to suggest that doing well against Switzerland, San Marino, Slovenia and Scotland means he’s right for a similar role at Arsenal.

Maybe Arsene will give him a go there in the future? But if he does he’s still got the issue of figuring out who best complements him in the centre of the park…

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Can’t be any worse than Flamini.

Man Like Ozil

For what it’s worth, better the devil you know. I’m aware Flamini’s been quite poor but at least he’s an accredited CDM.


Flamini’s only accredited in the sense that it’s labelled as his position in FIFA.


Hit the nail on the head with that comment, he may technically speaking be a CDM but truthfully he is more of a megaphone than a CDM, seeing as all he does is run around shouting. Frustrates me every time I think about the fact that he is anywhere near our team sheet

Man like Ozil

And the fact he’s played there for years, but to each their own I suppose.

Mach iii

He played as a full back too. So he has that title too. If only Wilshere handed his forms in on time to get ‘CDM’ accredited. Heard they not accrediting for the next 3-5 years. Damn shame, I think he would’ve done quite well.


Arteta wasn’t an “accredited” DM till we made him one.

this aint FIFA bitches

I’m sorry but Arteta isn’t a “DM”, his stamina is poor, he can’t tackle & he is as slow as fudge.

He is an excellent distributor of the ball much like Xavi but I really wouldn’t class Xavi as a DM.


Yeah, he could. Remember that Flamini has that whole is-not-Alex-Song thing going for him.


It’s funny that you’d mention Song because he’s pulling up trees at West Ham, ironically enough in a more advanced role


Nothing ironic about it. Song is not a DM and never has been. His good season with us before he was sold he supplied 14 assists and that’s why he was good. He’s never been good defensively.


What’s wrong with Abu Diaby! I know he’s been injured. The late great Geordie Armstrong missed a whole season and came back to play every game for the double team .Have faith in Diaby !

this aint FIFA bitches

His Arsenal career is over, this was his last chance saloon season but unfortunately it’s just same old, same old.


I love jack and think he could be brilliant in future in this role. However he lacks a bit of positional discipline at the moment. And he would also need to curb some of his frustration based indiscretions when things are not going our way. However I’ll change my mind entirely if he breaks rvp’s leg (not bitter at all…)


But with Arteta alongside him this weekend, he could be a key player for us. Today’s DM’s are required to have great passing range to deliver accurate long balls, and he has that. Arteta doesn’t.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Not sure Jack will thrive with Arsenal as a DM. Best ambition for Jack is to try to become the Yaya Touré type of midfielder. I mean the style of play. I am surprised he is interested in sitting deep. Even though Jack is technically gifted, I am not sure he has as much technique as Yaya therefore this will remain a dream. Jack, prove me wrong.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I don’t think either Wilshere is a suitable DM. Going forward he was injury prone, making himself tackles won’t do him favours. I hate to bring loudmouth Mourinho into this topic but I give credit where it’s due. One thing that stands out for me with his mob this season is that they are disciplined. Oscar, who I thought was seriously challenging Hazard in terms of creating chances last season, is defending everywhere on the pitch. Fabregas doesn’t have a free role either. I’m not even talking about Matic. Enough about those cunts, we need a DM and everyone needs… Read more »


It’s funny that you’d mention his positional discipline because it’s always looked fine to me whenever he’s played DM. Obviously, when he plays further up the pitch and has more license to roam, he takes less defensive positions. And he needs to curb his indiscretions anyway, regardless of where he plays.

Joel Campbell's gurn.

I can’t see this happening at Arsenal. With the 4-2-3-1 formations, rather than England’s 4-1-2-1-2 I see the base of the midfield as consisting as Jack/Aaron as box-to-box style midfielders next to a crushing DM player which we’ll sign in the Summer to replace Flamteta…ahem


Take note readers, another call for a ‘crushing DM’

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Written with a sense of irony. But it doesn’t detract from what is clearly needed. We seem to be intent on throwing everyone forward in the attack at the moment. Someone with muscle and finesse makes sense to protect the back four. I just can’t see Jack pulling that off in our formation. If he plays deeper with some cover then that would be fantastic. I’ve been Arteta’s biggest fan/defender over the past few years, but it is time for something new at the base of the midfield so far as I can see. You may see that as cliché… Read more »


Of course, we’re not really playing 4-2-3-1 at the moment. It’s closer to a 4-4-1-1. And before then it was a 4-3-3. I can see Wilshere at the base of midfield but only with high pressing midfielders and willing runners around him (two of Ramsey, Ox and Rosicky would do). That’s the reason it works for England; he has two of Delph, Milner and Henderson closing down the space around him and he regularly swaps with them when he fancies pushing further forwards. Damn, I never thought I’d see the day; England being more tactically astute than Arsenal. Anyway, I… Read more »


I don’t know if this has already been posted/commented but I found it hilarious anyway:
Only Arsenal

SA Gunner

I think he’d be great sitting deep next to someone who’s more disciplined and a bit more of an enforcer, but at the moment we don’t have anyone like that. The thought of Jack being trusted with shielding our creaky defence this weekend is rather scary…

I do quite like the idea of Jack dictating play from deep sometime in the future and think he could have a lot of success in that role, but first we need that mythical DM to partner him.

Rohith J

Jack is a natural when it comes to creating space and delivering a killer pass to the forwards. But if he has to play in that deep lying role, he needs to be a better tackler. He’s tenacious and I love him for that. But I always get the feeling some of his tackles are awkward and leaves his ankles and shins exposed to injury.

Mr. White

Yes he played against shit teams but i think 99% of fans would rather have him play that role, just sittin next to ramsey, than flamini who’s lookin more and more like a player who should be playin for a team fightin relegation. People say he’ll charge into stupid tackles or whatever but what did flamini do against Swansea? I think wilshere would play class there but not suggestin he should always play there. Just until we get that class defensive mid who can allow him and ramsey to bomb forward and still protects it like a boss, someone like… Read more »


He would thrive in a deeper position IF, and only if, there is a true out-and-out defensive midfielder next to him. Come on, Arsene…please mate


Going to say it as I see it, yes he has had 4 good games with 4 MOTM performances, however just look at the opposition: San Marino, Estonia, Slovenia, Scotland, none of which hold up to a premier league standard. They have also played into Wilshere’s hands by giving him time in his deeper role which Prem clubs, especially the good ones, would immediately stop with their wingers (look at Chelsea play.) So as much as i love to watch Jacky boy play this football, I dont think it should be an option for Wenger to make. That ball for… Read more »


trust me they will fuck shit up


…for our defence.


Maybe he’s being coached better with England


Hahahahahaaha good one!

alexis' shorts

Wenger out! Woy to the Arsenal!

ugh, just the thought of that makes me queasy


Because anyone who can coach England to beat San Marino, Estonia, Slovenia and Scotland must be a genius, right?

this aint FIFA bitches

And someone who can’t beat Leicester, spurs, hull, Swansea, Anderlecht is?


he lacks discipline, gets easily frustrated, holds on to the ball too much, injury prone. really, in what world is that being a perfect fit for the DM role?


umm, lacks descipline, gets easily frustrated and holds onto the ball “i’d take that without second thoughts”


considering how much our options on this role are limited it could be a great idea to try him there.

since Wilshere started to play for first Arsenal team I always had an impression that he could be better in more defensive role rather than offensive


We should try Wilshere as DM against Southampton, Swansea, Stoke and Sunderland.


Funnily enough, Jack played as the deeper lying Midfielder against Southampton last season where he played well and we won.


If you’re talking about the league game where we won 2-0 away, then you are sadly mistaken. Ramsey and Arteta started in the deeper midfield positions and Wilshere was actually playing at RW.

Tom Whittaker

And, Spurs, Spain, South Korea, Somalia, Sampdoria, Santos and Sengal


If Arsene does want to try that, this is the right time. With Arteta injured and Flamini playing like he is, this is his chance.
Who knows. We may buy a specialist in that role in January (haha) and Wilshere may never get his moment.


I really thought last season we could’ve converted Vermaelen into a CDM. Had all the defensive/tackling qualities, mixed with pace and a left foot that could spank a ball. Many on here disagreed but if that risk had paid off we’d be much better off this season. Then again I’ve always thought we sold Verm in order to keep things sweet with Barca since they sold us Alexis, otherwise I don’t see why Wenger would let him go when he’s happy with Poldi rotting on the bench. Personally think Flamini is a good CDM but his legs just don’t carry… Read more »


As long as we get 3 points, all is well.


Will be better than Pirlo. Needs Ramseys box to box movement to support him


There’s a issue that should be considered: he’s small. But so Pirlo and Xavi are too. If he play alongside someone like Luis Gustavo or Sami Khedira it could work. When we were ‘invencible’ only Ashley Cole and Lijumberg were least than 180cm.

Saffa Gooner

Where is Diaby?


I don’t know why so many thumbs down. I genuinely want to know as well (no sarcasm intended real question).


Oh he’s around. He’s very busy at the moment.


Diaby didnt die for this shit…

Adedoyin Adeyemo

Another sign Wenger won’t buy DF because if you ask him about it he will say Wishere will play the role *laughing*


Different playing a deep lying midfield role and a destroyer DM, which really is what need, the ease at which teams get to the edge of our penalty area puts the shits up me..

If we aren’t going down the out and out physical bruiser route then the team needs a gsmeplan to collectively defend together..


A gameplan which Mr Wenger has failed to implement for god knows how many seasons now, as someone mentioned above the ease at which the opposition gets to our penalty box is shocking


He started playing from deep when he came through as a youngster at arsenal, and he was dubbed England’s future captain. I don’t see why Wenger thinks he’s not ready to play that position when that’s where he played a few seasons ago.

Give the boy a chance, if anything flamini needs some time out. He’s been pretty costly this season. He was a rock last season and just needs abit of confidence back


There’s a issue that should be considered: he’s small. But so Pirlo and Xavi are too. If he play alongside someone like Luis Gustavo or Sami Khedira it could work. When we were ‘invincibles’ only Ashley Cole and Lijumberg were least than 180cm.


Heard you the first time. Why would you post exactly the same comment again, only an hour and a quarter after your orignal post?


When he started playing in the first team that was where they played him. I don’t understand him saying ‘ I’ve already spoken to the manager about it, and he doesn’t see me playing that role just yet’


Personally I consider the roll a more physical one. Not saying he can’t do it but I think Wenger thinks it’s not the right time until Jack proves his ankle isn’t a glass cannon.


Delighted to see Jack playing more games and progressing very well so far this season… Looks like he understands his body better than before which can definitely help him turn around his injury concerns for the future (touch wood)… It was Ramsay who grabbed all the headlines for his performance in cm last season now its Jack’s turn… Over the past few seasons Arsenal have gone on an unbeaten run of games in the premier league, since those unbeaten run have come towards the final stages of the season we could achieve nothing more than 4th spot… If we are… Read more »

Gunner pundit

The man is a quality player. Wenger play him and flamini defensive mid with ramsey attacking mid against man u


A crusher DM is out of the question, Wenger only wants neat passing midfielders who will occasionally lose the ball and have no pace/strength to chase back so that opposition attackers can have a go at his stiff central defenders which he deems to be the best in the world and so irreplaceable he refuse to buy any spare ones cause there ain’t any. This is why he extended Arteta and will probably keep flamini next season so he can claim we have enough quality and quantity in the engine room. And at the last minute, he will probably sign… Read more »


I don’t know, I think he has talent to be a more attacking minded midfielder.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

He needs to show more to be considered for that position. He needs to show his defensive positional discipline. He needs to show he can win tackles consistently, he needs to curb his natural instinct to get into advance positions. He’ll need to show that when things breakdown for the team, he can retain his defensive discipline. It will take a long time to learn all that. I’ll rather just buy a natural DM in January

Man Manny

Yes, he may be open to it but I think Arsene is closed to it.
Playing him there will not get the best out of him if you ask me. He’ll be more deadly in a more advanced role. Get a specialist like Matic does for Chelsea and we’ll get the best midfield in the prem.


I’m sure there was talk about developing Chambers into a CDM? I read this morning on social media that Khedira has signed a pre contract agreement with Bayern so that’s him not coming to us! Could be a load of shit though. It’s a tricky one really with Wilshere. I feel as though he would be wasted at CDM. However, we don’t have many options at the moment for the position. Who else on the market is decent enough to play there? I genuinely like Flamini as a player but the quality is lacking at times. I’d gladly fill the… Read more »


Players in their last year of their contract can’t sign a pre-contract with anyone until January. So yes it is a load of BS. Khedira is more of a CM than DM and is also has 2 dodgy knees. No thanks.
Schneiderlin, Kramer, or one of the Bender twins would be ideal.


Wilshere’s best position is from deep..His best games have been from deep..But not as the sole defensive midfield. As Exceptionally talented as he is, he is not decisive enough in the final third. Does not put up great numbers in terms of goals or assists. This does not mean he cannot influence games high up the pitch or that his probing runs and tight 1-2’s under pressure are useless. For instance his performance against Barcelona years back was arguably his best game against top opposition. ….Notice how well he and Song dove=tailed..If one went the other stayed and vice… Read more »


Sorry was suppose to be a thumbs up!

Patrick Poldi

If only we played a style where he could actually play the style of dm that he does with England. It sure would be nice to have someone creative back there (sorry mathieu)


If Wilshere has the discipline to sit and not bomb forward, why not try him there? We have plenty of players to play his #10 position and as much as I like him, Flamini is clearly on the decline. Instead of Arsene’s favored double pivot combo of both Arteta & Flamini starting, why not start with the Captain & Jack as the double pivot? It could work. It’ll give Jack a chance to work on his Cesc like long passes like the one he delivered for Ox with England.
Do it Arsene!


So how do we incorporate both Jack and Ozil when they both prefer the no.10 and are supposedly best at the position? All the while incorporating Ramsey and also a potential new DM?

Mach III

a Free Roaming midfield of Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshere is where it’s at.


After all these years I still have no clue where wilshere should play .
I don’t think he’s good enough at tackling to play DM.
The MOTM performances were good , but against crap opposition .
So that’s always difficult to judge .
He’s a good little player but for me he doesn’t assist/score enough to play further up field , or defend well enough/ break up play to play further back .
It’s a mystery .
If only we could have 2010/11 jack wilshere back..

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