No Koscielny, Bellerin starts: Stoke v Arsenal teams

Arsenal team news

Here are the official line-ups for today’s Premier League clash with Stoke.

Stoke: Begovic; Bardsley, Shawcross (c), Muniesa, Pieters; Nzonzi, Cameron; Diouf, Bojan, Walters; Crouch

Subs: Butland, Huth, Whelan, Ireland, Adam, Assaidi, Shenton

Arsenal: Martinez, Bellerin, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Cazorla, Giroud

Subs: Szczesny, Koscielny, Ajayi, Maitland-Niles, Campbell, Podolski, Welbeck

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COYG, big performance needed today. If we can win while we are struggling for numbers then hopefully we can challenge in the second half of the season when we get Ozil etc back.

#YOLO Toure

Agreed – I think we’ve missed Ozil a lot more than a lot of people would like to admit.


If Ozil comes back and has to play on the left it won’t make any difference. Hopefully Wenger has seen some light and will stop his selection madness


Massive test for Bellerin, hope the lad does well!

Mr. G

At leasr we have a back four all in their natural positions (prefer Chambers at CB myself).

Let’s hunt some Orc!


Bellarin got to be quite careful, the only way the Orcs know to react to skill & pace is to kick.

Giroud Awakening

I actually feel more confident with Martinez in goal against the Orcs, he is a very good keeper at defending set pieces. He just seems like he always catches the ball at its highest point, and is not afraid to push people out of his way to get to it. COYG.


Confident for Bellerin today, hope he does well. Alexis will be the stuff of nightmares for a shitehawk like Shawcorss.

Jakob Kjelsgaard

I think it’s important that Chambers haves a good game…. Show that early season form:)

Gudang Bedil

Arsenal vs Stoke is just like elves vs orcs.

Merlin's Panini

What’s going on with Theo? I thought he was back.


Picked up an injury during the inter lull I think.

Merlin's Panini

Poor bastard. Hope he gets to play again soon.

The Panther

Oh my dear Rosicky, looks like your Arsenal career ended last season. ION, this is a strong team. Bellerin simply needs the teams support and we are good to keep that clean sheet and score 4 against the bloody Orcs and Mark Hughes


Wenger said he was out with a thigh problem.


Would of liked to have seen Welbeck start instead of Carzola who just seems to get bullied and is anonymous in these sort of games. Hope I’m wrong and Carzola plays like he did last week!

Merlin's Panini

I hope Cazorla plays like he did last week. Couldn’t give a fuck about Carzola.


In other news, those pretenders and their idiot boss will not be “invincible” this year!


I can’t believe Ajayi isn’t starting. Wenger’s lost it.

Merlin's Panini

You can get going straight away with a Semi, he’ll have to bring him off later once he’s pumped up.

Merlin's Panini



Off topic, I know but…

Invicibles 2003-04

Never to be matched.


Chelsea Invincible my Arse. Hahahaha


Off topic. But chelsea lose. There are only one invincibles!!!!!!!

Merlin's Panini

Yeah! Fuck Chelsea! They’ll never be invincible! Bunch of cunts.
Stick that in your blowhole Jose.


Hahaha let’s all laugh at the chav scum


Cmon lads. Its time to make the most of it. Lets put things right by beating the Orcs. And also how satisfying was it to see the chav cunts losing. The media can shove their invincible talk up where the sun dont shine. Bunch of cunts!

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Let’s reduce the gap with Chealshite to 10 points. Lot may dream of unbeaten record. Only one had achieved, COYG.


Chelsea the Invisibles…….


nothing like ruining a season before its even started by not signing a defender. great stuff wenger

last man standing

Hector Bellerin isn’t ready for the big stage. A good lad but maybe a loan away could help him grow. We need an experienced CB for cover.


Enough is enough

Viva Vivas

This is not in the script!


Surprise, surprise an Arsenal no-show against the orcs. Fucking pathetic!


We are fucking poo with a capital P

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

This one is on the team selection. Arsene got the selection all wrong. I understand trying to rest players but there is a 8 day break coming up, let them rest then.

gunner pundit

i think if this was a normal business the manager would get sacked


let wenger keep giving you guyz once in a while wins to silence critics and then go back to being sshit.
At least last season it was the big teams that did the humiliating, and wenger apologist excused that away as them having more money. wonder what excuse they’ll come up with this time

palace gunner

What a bad fitst half result 3.0 down the stoke players jumping on the chances and flying in with tackles afc lacking calm game with formation upfront coyg


No back bone in our team it’s men against children at the moment. What else to say but Wenger has to resign coz year after year it’s the same results.


Men against boys.
Get Ramsey to fuck


Well we will keep Wenger for life maybe many of will see that no one hate Wenger but it just time for a change.And no one is saying he has not done the impossible but that should not allow him to keep messing things up for ever


well there you have it. its half time and 3 nil down. santi cazorla is useless and ramsey non existent. both offer no threat or skill. Giroud as usual is offering nothing for the team. so inconsistent as a striker its laughable. Wenger was a great manager once but isn’t anymore. can’t even get the better of Mark Hughes. i am sick of people saying careful wat you wish for if you sack wenger. well id rather try something new and fail at it then suffer this groundhog day football season after season. Id love people to come on here… Read more »

Nostalgic one

Who didn’t see this coming?. Same old script ain’t it and Wenger will be harping on about “metal strength and mental toughness” at the end. I would say it’s time to go but we’re well past that.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now


Arsene has lost the plot more than ever today. Why take Bellerin off? Other than slip for first goal he played fine. give him more time. Mertsaker has been shit. Captain and WC winner. He should be helping the young defenders, instead he was nowhere to be seen for any of the 3 goals. Also disappointed in Ox – he came off sulking against Sounthampton and yet has been invisible today. Again, international player who needs to step up.

Obviously – Kos is the differnce.


3-4 anyone?


Same old wenger never changing.


Dont let the score fool you, arsene has to go.
We dont look like finishing 4th we might bUt it’s not enough.
Arsene out


Kosc is the difference.


Situations are beginning to change my thinking and support. What is Wenger up to??


Should have been 4-0… another away thrashing by a BIG team????


This has been the issue since the summer We did not need a DM. We needed a Cback. Currently we are as predicted feet of clay without the one extra defender. Chambers is not in his natural position. He was predominantly a RB for Southampton. Monreal is not available. Neither are perfect as Per or Koscielny replacements. Bellerin is rightly played in natural position (as oppose to some suggestions to play him as cover at LB if need be) But he is inexperienced and this is hardly the game to start him but for Wenger’s error of not getting the… Read more »