Friday, December 1, 2023

Ramsey: we have to get going

Supergoal hero Ay, Ayron Ramsey says that Arsenal have to get their shit together and go on a run of games that bring in lots of points.

Ok, we’re paraphrasing a little bit, but the Welshman knows the team haven’t been playing well and he’s targetting the fixture glut over the festive period to get points on the board.

Speaking after the 4-1 win over Galatasaray, the midfielder said, “Every time we go out there we are representing ourselves, our club and our manager. It’s important to get a run going in the league.

“That is the thing we need to do now. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up now and hopefully we can take full advantage of them, and hopefully take maximum points throughout December now.

“It was important to bounce back from the defeat and we did that. But we’ve got to keep our form going.”

Ramsey has been criticised for not scoring this season, and also for trying to hard to score, but in recent games he’s notched up three goals and two assists, and he feels that’s a natural part of his game.

The fact that his second against the Turkish side was an absolute belter didn’t escape his notice either.

“I have always got into goal-scoring positions since I can remember, but maybe now I have found my composure more in front of goal.

“I have seen the goal back, and it is definitely the best I have scored. As soon as I hit it, I thought it had a chance of going in and thankfully it went into the top corner.”

He also backed the manager, suggesting some of the criticism was ‘unfair’.

“We are all out there, we are in it together. We wanted to get the result for us and for him.”

Now, all they have to do is do that another 25-30 times this season and we’ll all be happy.

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Welcome back rambo

Mate Kiddleton

If they do that another 25-30 times, we’ll probably be lifting five trophies end of the season

Third Plebeian

Yes, of course.

And can I ask what you think are the chances of that happening?

Atletico Islington

Just fuck off you depressing bastard.


haha – yep – boring negativity – the cornerstone of society. be gone!


Same chance as you not whining like the tit that you are….0% (since we’re out of the Capitol One cup).

hapoy gunner



Trust me Aaron, your goal got me going going and gone you beautiful boy


It’s got to start happening.


Still just enjoying that strike. Corker.


Wenger better note Nu know how Arsenal played. The Blues play a
similar passing game and were undone by a quick passing movement.
I know no 2 games are the same.
Having beaten the Blues,NU will be full of confidence. If the gunners commit
too many guys forwardthey could be caught on the counter.

Dick Swiveller

No, they don’t. Chelsea move it quickly and accurately, but without committing too many players forward and in fairly predictable ways, they tend to rely on punishing mistakes by both minimising their errors and keeping pressure up on the opposition. Throw in the individual creativity that their system lacks, i.e. Cesc/Hazard/Oscar and even Matic and Costa, and then you get the team that’s far and away the favourite for the title. We try to move it quickly and accurately too, of course, but tend to rely on combination play and overloading areas with those pretty passinmg patterns that are so… Read more »


Consider that dick swivelled.


So agree with this post. There is a legacy from the Galatasary game which can be applied against Newcastle (and the future). The highlights were moments with fantastic individual play, but there was also great teamwork on display, particularly in the first half. From the outset there were striking passages of one touch play from defense to supply the midfield and spring attacks. I think the whole team was freshened with so many changes as it led to the players being more aware of who was on the pitch and their strengths and weakness – an argument for more rotation.… Read more »


Who are “The Blues”?
Around here thay are known as “Shit”, “Trash” and “Gangsters”
Birmingham City are “The Blues”
Up The Arsenal


Comment:but that screamer from the welsh jesus should’ve been against chavs or united

Another Yank

Shout out to the never ending Key and Peele references!

Loaded Cannon

I got Ramsey on the back of my shirt this season. That goal makes it well worth it lol

Burn Baby Burn

If only we played Gala every week…


Is it a coincidence that Ramsey scored twice without Alexis in the side? Some have said Alexis role in the team has been to Ramsey’s detriment. I hope they are all wrong.


so vs stoke… how does that fit into your logic?
ramseybhas just not been in form.. nothong to do w alexis , young padawan.

A VeryXerioz Gunner

Ram the goal!
Ram d goal!!
Ramsey goal!!!
What a right foot can do, a Ramsey left foot can do better!!!


Great goal.
Nice to know they realise they haven’t played anywhere close to their potential. Hopefully they get their form sorted and go on a great run.

We are certainly at a disadvantage in the title race because of dropping silly points, and maybe being low on numbers…but if we went on a really good run, who knows, we might just drag ourselves into the thick of it and at least have Citeh & Chelski shitting themselves…at least that’s what i hope.



Lurvely finish by Rambo, amazing what an assist and a goal does for your confidence, great work by Ox too, see how he waited for the defender to get close and released it just before he got whacked.

Debut looks like he needs a couple of games to get his trim shape back (maybe the beard is adding pounds?)

New Shuttle

Aaron ramsey! Terrific play frox Ox for the set up and lovely finish. Is he back to form?

Is this the bloke that some on here said was not good enough?


Quiz question (without looking it up)

How many times has Flamini been sent off in his Arsenal career (both stints)?


I’m not unhappy with our performance , we’re great going forward, I just want to see us solid and organised in defence – but so far so good, it’s a great game and looks like we could score a hatfull – right up mickeys street

Les diables

What a beauty!!!!!!!


What an insane goal!


I hope Debuchy plays against Toon, I don’t know if we have anyone who can play RB on the bench


To quote Blogs some happy months ago

And the Welsh Jesus said “let there be a goal, and there was a goal, and it was good” On Tuesday evening, Rambo put on a 45 minute demo of how to play football “and it was good” again!!

Also, I have to comment on the OX thro the middle……….he can “CREATE” as well.


We are going nowhere..
Wenger out!


C’mon, he has been amazing lately. He really gives us joy every season:

*Rolls Eyes*


though: gotta admit I want him to leave in may and not now.


Wenger in or Wenger out, that is one of the shittest videos I have ever watched.

Wenger In

7 more times in the UCL and that’d keep me happy.

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