Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Report: Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle (inc goals/highlights)

Arsenal: Szczesny, Bellerin, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Flamini, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Welbeck, Giroud

Subs: Martinez, Ajayi, Coquelin, Maitland-Niles, Campbell, Podolski, Sanogo

Arsenal secured their second 4-1 win of the week after a brace each from Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla against Newcastle at the Emirates this evening.

As expected, due to all the injuries, Mathieu Debuchy was selected at centre-half with Hector Bellerin at right back. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain took over Aaron Ramsey’s role in midfield while there were recalls for Giroud, Welbeck and Alexis meaning Tuesday two goal man Lukas Podolski returned to the bench.

Arsenal started quite brightly but the first talking point of the game was a late, deliberate studs in the chest foul by Tiote on Alexis. It should have been, at least, a 6th minute yellow card but referee Lee Mason did nothing about it at all.

Moments later the Gunners came within inches of taking the lead from a corner. Mertesacker flicked on a header at the near post which crashed off the underside of the bar with the keeper well beaten. It was unlucky, but it was another header that opened the scoring.

The goal began when Bellerin intercepted the ball well in midfield, Giroud took it on, fed Alexis down the right channel. The Chilean crossed it back in, Giroud leapt like a salmon on drugs and loafed the ball into the top corner. 1-0.

Less than a minute later Arsenal thought they’d doubled the lead after Danny Welbeck pulled off an amazing finish after a break down the left, but Lee Mason disallowed the goal for a foul on the defender and to say it was a generous decision for the visitors is understating things.

And when Mason refused to award Giroud a penalty following a foul by Tiote it’s safe to say he wasn’t the most popular man in North London. Arsenal kept probing and Bellerin at right back epitomised the industry of their performance  – one run in particular saw him get all the way into the Newcastle area only to be snuffed out at the last minute.

It might have been in the 30th minute. Arsenal held possession on the edge of their box for ages, Alexis scooped the ball over the defence, Welbeck’s shot on the volley and on the turn beat the keeper but went just wide of the far post.

We then had Wojciech Szczesny to thank for keeping the scores level when he made a quickfire double save from a Newcastle free kick. First from a header, then, while on the ground, from the rebound from Cisse before Arsenal scrambled the ball clear.

There were more shouts for an Arsenal penalty when Alexis was clearly fouled right inside the corner of their box. The linesman flagged for a foul but Lee Mason, trying to outdo the ineptitude and twattery of Anthony Taylor last week, naturally awarded the free kick outside the box. From the resulting set-piece Santi Cazorla saw a lot shot deflected wide.

Although Alain Pardiuex’s team had some possession towards the end of the half, the home side took the one goal lead into the break.

The second period began with Newcastle keeping up their tactic of fouling Alexis every single time he had the ball – a safe bet when the referee refuses to book your players. Some Arsenal sloppiness allowed them to build some pressure in the early stages of the half without creating anything clear cut, but there were some warning signs there.

However, it was Arsenal who scored next through Santi Cazorla. Alexis picked the ball up outside the area, fed the Spaniard in the area who took the ball, rode a challenge when he might have gone down for a penalty, and from a tight angle he chipped it across the onrushing keeper and into the far side of the net. 2-0.

Newcastle made an immediate double substitution, taking off Cisse and Ameobi off, Cabella and Riviere on, but it did nothing to stop the now rampaging Gunners as they went further ahead. Hector Bellerin drilled in a low, hard cross from the right to the near post and Giroud poked his foot at it, deftly propelling the ball into the top of the net. 3-0.

In typical Arsenal fashion though, they let Newcastle back into the game after Giroud conceded a free kick just outside the box. The delivery found Perez unmarked,  Bellerin found wanting defensively despite his fine contributions at the other end, and the Newcastle man flicked a header into the far corner. 3-1.

It didn’t seem to inhibit Arsenal too much and there were chances to extend the lead again. In the 69th minute Welbeck did brilliant to keep the ball alive, and after attempts from Alexis and Cazorla, it fell to Gibbs but his volley rolled just wide.

Arsene Wenger made his first change in the 73rd minute putting on Lukas Podolski in place of Olivier Giroud, but it was Welbeck and Alexis who had the next big chance, but the former Man Utd man’s movement was poor and the two-on-one opportunity was lost.

At the other end Debuchy made a fine clearance from a low cross while the visitors were allowed foul our players all over the pitch without bookings, until one of them eventually got a yellow card because not even a referee as shit as Mason could ignore ALL of their fouls no matter how hard he tried.

Arsene then put his Coq into the game as the midfielder replaced Alexis on 86 minutes, and two minutes later Arsenal made sure of the game after Danny Welbeck won a penalty. Santi Cazorla stepped up and chipped the ball, Panenka style, down the middle to make it 4-1.

There was time for us to give a debut to Ainsley Maitland-Niles when he came on for Oxlade-Chamberlain but in the end the win was deserved and, for the most part, convincing.

Up yours Lee Mason!

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We are back, we are back, our beloved Arsenal is back!


Agreed, and a quality performance from all the players!

Rectum Spectrum

And Wenger!


Like the fans in the stadium today! Amazing… what a game, true arsenal spirit. One Arsenal, COYG…!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Well hello Arsenal FC, now I recognize you, where have you been? Brilliant goals by Giroud, brilliant non-goal, that should have been, for Danny boy. Bellerin was good, happy birthday Santi.


Bellerin was excellent. As were the front three. But that’s the first time I’ve had a good look at HB and he was really good.


So many positives to take from the game – the same the spirit seen at Galatasary. We looked cohesive, the two CBs sat deeper yet moved the ball quickly to midfield who constantly sprang attacks. Santi was a demon and it looked as though we had twice as many in midfield with Welbeck and Sanchez constantly dropping back to harass Newcastle. As noted on Thursday, an absurd amount of enforced rotation seems to focus everyone, a sort of hyper awareness sets in – the players instinctively know they must cover each other and work as a team so contribute their… Read more »

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not A.song

My God! i love headed goals. Especially that leap! Did jump on a trampoline???? HFB. Happy Birthday Santi


Another 4-1, and glad the back 4 came thru unscathed


No…..we all have to wait for a word from the Boss.


Arsene’s Coq can only last 4 minutes.

Giroud Awakening

These Coq jokes just never get old


… or hard.

Man like Ozil

I loved the live stream reference to “Coq-Blocked”.
Great work blogs!


i thought he put in a rather flaccid performance while he was on the pitch… our coq needs to learn how to rise like giroud!


I beg to differ. We’ve missed his deep penetration and explosive finish.


I notice that he plays a lot harder when it is wet. Coq is one for the future, he can rise, and become very very big at the club. I heared he always practices with 2 balls in a sack, unusual but interesting. His parents must be so proud. Who wouldnt want their Coq playing with Arse.nal.

Arteta's hair

Giroud is becoming to Newcastle, what Drogba was to us!

Virginia Goon

When Flamini is attempting the curler….All is well.

Funky Gooner

Now let’s do this every week lads.

Atletico Islington

5 wins in 6

crisis, what crisis?


That was a pleasant watch, this team picked itself cause of all the injuries, commentator was mentioning prior to this we had 3 home victories all season in epl, that’s a crisis. Its so good to see Debuchy back, almost forgot he played for us.


Commentator was a total cunt. Any time Newcastle came forward and we easily snuffed them out, it was all “Arsenal look so weak at the back.” Whenever we did something good, which was most of the match, it was all “Newcastle are just letting Arsenal do this.” Fucking idiot.


Happy birthday Santa.


Arsenal are well and truly the Jakyll and Hyde of football. Wonderful win in contrast to last week’s shambles.


Santi for man of the match, Giroud in close second but I was really impressed by the Ox in the middle. He gave the ball away once or twice but his relentless positivity was intoxicating. Man, even though Wenger was doing it to rest him, Alexis was pissed to come off: winner mentality.

Dick Swiveller

It was more than once or twice, but when he does so much so well you can forgive him a little bit of immaturity, being young and all.


Agreed. When he had his head up and knew what was going on around him, he was excellent. But too often, he’d have his head down and get caught from behind, or run into trouble. Still, he’s improved pretty much every match he’s played this year, and I think he’s got a fantastic future ahead of him.


That was a true team effort. More please!


Santi and Giroud back to their best. His goal and penalty was class! COYG


Trust me, there’s only ever be one “Arsene Wenger”.
God help us when his reign is over !!!


A quality performance throughout and very nice score line to show for it. I suspect some of our players will be a bit disappointed with giving away a pretty cheap goal but some top notch finishing at the other end means we can go home smiling. Now a week’s rest then bring on the scousers!


Santi delivers early Xmas present.

Happy birthday Santi.


What a difference a week makes


Seems like Arsene Wenger got his Coq out


Cannot believe on SKY just hearing them say that Newcastle were short 2 key players today.

Boo Fucking Hoo.

When you could make a top 4 side from your injury list, then complain…


Oh yeah, great game. Giroud was massive, the OX worked well in Midfield, and has Santi finally remembered where the goal is at last?


Erm….I dont think we would have won this convincingly with our first team to tell you the truth, probably would’ve drew or lost

Dick Swiveller

Weirdly, we were only 3 players short of our first team today, Kos/Arteta/Ramsey, and not one of them was really missed.


Oooh..no ozil, how could you?

Dick Swiveller

Because I’m an idiot.

Oh, and Walcott is missing too.

Damn, we’re well sorted.


And the real issue is it goes beyond the first choices.

Add Ospina, Montreal and Jack to the list. Add Chambers’ suspension, the fact that 4 of the starters yesterday are recently back from injury (Szcz, Debuchy, Giroud and Wellbeck). You could even add Gibbs as walking-wounded, and then you get a full picture.

Red Cannon

Ozil? Walcott? They’re both certainly starters (barring the vagaries of varying form), even with everyone fit.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Are you stupid?


I saw Arsene Wenger smile today.
It was nice.


I saw Wenger passionate on the sideline today screaming instructions and gesturing. That was nice to. Reminded me of the Wenger of old 🙂

One of the reasons I am in the Wenger out camp is because of his lack of interest on the sideline where he usually just sit there like it doesnt matter even if we are being battered out on the pitch. Today however you could see he really wanted to win, he was passionate again and he really cared and it was so nice to see.


The rules of Arsebolg prevent me from telling you my true opinion on the validity of one of your reasons for being in the “Wenger Out” camp. 😉

Dick Swiveller

There are rules against telling people they’re talking crap?


He never sits there like it “doesnt matter” – with every goal or misplaced pass, Wenger looks like hes taken a punch to the nutsack. He has never been indifferent – if anything, ive seen him more agitated in the past 9 years than during the ones before (because we lose so much?)

FYI – your argument is akin to “hes not a good player because he doesnt shake my hand.” ffs.


I like camping. Except when it’s raining. Then I don’t like camping so much.


You can want Wenger out as much as you like, but that’s a really bad reason for it. If there’s one thing you can’t fault Wenger on it’s his passion. Both for the game, but especially for Arsenal Football Club.


Of all the mud that gets slung at Arsene, the “he doesn’t look like he even cares” has to be the dumbest of all. This club is his life and he has done more for it than any other person.

The fact that he tries to keep his emotions in check rather than preening to grab camera time like Maureen or burst blood vessels like P*lis just makes me love him even more.

Question his tactics and his transfer policies if you disagree but never his desire.


There is only one arsene wenger!!!


Pick one out. because i can’t


Great result, a mirror of Wednesday’s score at that!

Btw I thought Welback’s goal should’ve stood. Bloody ref was beyond inept today!! And Happy Birthday, Santi! That was one of the coolest penalties I’ve ever seen! :O

Andy Mack

He always is inept when he refs our games!
(Like most of the PL refs).


Strange how that always seems to happen, isn’t it? I’ve always thought Mason was a pretty good ref when I watched him do other matches, but every time he has us it’s as if he’s just scored top marks in a “How To Royally Fuck Arsenal” refereeing course. He missed an obvious red card for Tiote on Sanchez, Welbeck’s goal should have stood, Giroud should have had a penalty, and the foul on Sanchez was inside the box, not outside. All in the first thirty minutes! Newcastle should have had four or five more yellow cards, too. It really was… Read more »


…and don’t forget he swept the Ox’s legs out from under him just outside their box when he had already passed the ball. Even some newspapaer reviews noted that could have been a straight red.


It wasn’t until I saw the replay that I realized how dangerous that tackle was. If Ox’s cleats had been stuck in the grass, Tiote would have snapped his leg in half. Terrible, terrible challenge, could easily have been a straight red (in hindsight).

Andy Mack

The ‘northern’ refs seem to dislike us.
Just unfortunate that they’re all (bar one) northern!
The PL refs really look like the worst ‘old boys club’, Q1 where do you come from……
I guess they got confused and let one in when he said ‘north hampshire’……

ian musgrove

Great result – clearly Wenger is clueless


Thats more like it. Although seeing Giroud when he got subbed was painful. He looked genuinely disappointed and even at the end of the match. Would have been his first hattrick for us if he stayed on. Also Santi was wonderful. Long may it continue. Cmon you Gunners. Lets set the Anfield debacle right next week.


Agree in part about Giroud, but after a performance like today its easy to forget the poor guy has been crocked all season and wasn’t expected to be even playing yet.

With everything else going on its easy to understand him being wrapped in cotton wool a bit.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Cazorla bringing back the class he got. Giroud was tremendous. Debuchy did not look out of place. Bellerin was out there with a vengeance after Stoke.

Good performance from everyone, we showed character out there. That goal against us was nothing to get upset about, one of them goals that really need reflexes of Oliver Kahn. Simply a good training ground set piece – routine, however we kept defensively in shape. Newcastle didn’t create that much clear chances.

That ref was the most inconsistent cunt I have ever seen. What is it with the standard of the referees these days?

Dick Swiveller

Oh, he was consistent.



bims lay

yep, consistently inconsistent!

Andy Mack

If the BarCodes has made a game of it then Lee Mason would have helped them to a win. He is consistently a complete cunt when it comes to ref’ing our games.


I thought he was pretty consistant:

Red and White on Black and White — Blow whistle

Black and White on Red and White — Don’t blow whistle

He messed it up a few times, but generally got the rule right.


Debuchy was excellent for the first appearance at canter-half in his life, it was like he is playing for decades in center. Great win. COYG!


He looked decent albeit against a blunt Newcastle attack. Koscienly even looked on from the stands as if to endorse his performance.

bims lay

he was brilliant as cb and for me we have discovered another unknown cb cover for whenever we are short!…another sagna


White Men Can Jump!

What a goal by Giroud!


Nice win today. Bellerin was amazing he plays that position better then chambers. I think poldi should have started. I dont know why wenger doesnt trust him
Coyg from victoria bc.


Podolski is an excellent finisher, but who were you gonna take out to give him a start? Can he run around defenders like Welbeck, or leap and head the ball home like Giroud?


I agree Podolski should not start but as many have said, he should regularly be given a half or thirty minutes. He needs to feel he is an integral part of this team.


Well done Debuchy.
Played out of position i thought he had a pretty perfect game.

Rob Smith

+1 to Alexis’s no-look pass, the moment I saw it I thought he must have inherited it from Ronaldihno, what was it? The Barca DNA’s connection.


Thierry was quite the no-pass master too. Mesut’s got a few in him as well.

To Pooh is To do

As much as I like an Arsenal win..

1) First off – Not Tiote’s foul – Infact it was a Giroud’s foul on Tiote – Not a penalty- Replays clearly shows that.

2) Not Santi’s free kick.. It was Sanchez’s free kick..

3) Not Bellerin’s- Debuchy’s miss that led to New Castle’s goal..

I mean.. come on.. I love Arsenal.. We all do.. Please don’t jump on the bandwagon.. And you clearly forgot to mention the home crowd singing.. “There’s only one Arsene… “


True, was never a foul on Giroud. Although the ref did give a free kick instead of penalty, although I guess it was the linesman’s decision.

Then Welbeck’s goal was deffo a goal, never a foul.

Thought everyone played really well, maybe only the Ox had a pretty poor game, the rest were great.


Ox had a poor game? First I’ve seen or heard of it.


‘The Ox had a poor game’? Not sure what game you were watching, not the same as the one I saw.


WTF are you on about?

To Pooh is To do

The F**k that watch’s a football match..


With plenty of alcohol?

To Pooh is To do

For wimps.. I mean come on.. Is that your best.. Alcohol?? That’s how you roll??

To Pooh is To do

Clearly if you had read the match report, you would have known WTF I was talking about.. But since you didn’t, here’s a suggestion – Scroll up and do one..

To Pooh is To do

Oooh.. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.. Odd you say?? Funny you did made 3 odd mistakes.. Now is it my fault that you had to do a live blog and write a match report the same time.. What happened to your little elves?? – Sorry if I spouted indignantly.. I do need my reading glasses..


Pooh, you seem absolutely miserable that the Gunners won. I’m sorry your life is so difficult.


oh leave pooh alone.. he is probably the one who shouted ” get out while you can,joel” in the train station 😛


Pooh, if you think Blogs did such a crap job on today’s game report, why don’t you go and start your own blog and write your own game reports, and just show us all how much better you are? Why don’t you? It’d be a win-win for all concerned. You could prove you’re a better writer than the blogger who just won the world’s best football blog award, and the bonus for the rest of us is, you’d be so busy writing it that you wouldn’t have time to post your whiny drivel on this blog.

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, I didn’t think it was a penalty either.

It was a collision, neither of them knew the other was there.


What on earth are you talking about?

bims lay


das pauly bear

I like football again


Fantastic forceful display. Fighting spirit is back, brilliant play. The sound of “one Arsene Wenger” chant shaking the stadium gave me moments of pure pride and happiness.
We love you Arsenal! COYG!!


Anyone remember Flamini’s 30 yard screamer against Newcastle in the League Cup at the Emirates all those years ago. He can hit them sometimes.


Sometimes=Every decade or so.


For a brief moment I thought I was watching an incarnation of flamini all those years ago….. then the shot sailed over. Good times though


It might be the onrushing old age, but even that felt pretty Flamini-like to me


Great performance by all the players. No exceptions. Alex oxlade chamberlain, alexis sanchez, giroud, bellerin, debuchy and santi stood out but i reckon that’s no excuse to downplay the contributions of other players.
Where are the naysayers now? The fickle fans….the ones who were calling for wenger’s head? Too much negativity has been expressed and i reckon it is just a symptom of the wider society. A lot of people are just so damn disrespectful and short-sighted and seeking instant gratification. In Arsene we trust!

Wenger's coat zipper

Here we are. One good performance does not erase the suffering we had against Stoke…or the 15-th consecutive humiliation against Manure, regardless the result…or the fact that Wenger has never won against Cuntinho. I can’t cope with those little facts. I hate seeing my beloved Arsenal being the pinata of our “title rivals” like last year’s abominable humiliations at the hands of City, Chelsea and Liverpool…just to remind you again – we were fighting for the title. So there’s that. I see no improvement, no change in the tactics, no change in the training for 10 years (which I consider… Read more »


You sound like you arent very happy with your life outside of being an arsenal fan. By reading your bitter and myopic rant, one would be excused to assume that. If not for wenger’s managerial prowess over the last 16 years, do you suppose that arsenal would even be at a level to seriously consider challenging the likes of ManUnited or chelsea? For an idea what arsenal could have looked like, have a look at spurs or newcastle fc etc.
You sir, have been spoilt and you are now turning on the man (wenger) who spoilt you.


stay on the topic, he’s wenger out, you’re not; why attack his personal life? this has nothing to do with that. We all have opinions and you have to respect where both sides are coming from. Sham on you, you’re not that different from those who jeered Wenger at the train station.

Wenger's coat zipper

Ok, you went there. Judging by your comment you seem very happy with the mediocrity Arsenal is in the past decade. Maybe you’re like that in your personal life – you settle for less and you’re happy about it, right? Ok, now since I presume we’re finished insulting each other, let’s return on the subject. Let’s leave the past 10 years with the stadium, the debt and so on. For the past two seasons we had the cash, Wenger started spending them (which is good) and what happened? Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic about the FA Cup but that… Read more »


Just watch us beat Liverpool! COYG!

Wenger's coat zipper

A team of asthmatic one legged, geriatric grannies could beat Liverpool…


They just did


Broke my heart to see Danny boy denied a super cool goal. Keep it coming Danny.

And yes, Na na na, na na na. JIRUUUUDDDD!!!!

Happy Birthday Santi!



Santi MOTM for me but Debuchy was IMMENSE. Nobody let us down.
There’s only one Arsène Wenger 🙂

Dick Swiveller

Yep, he is a fullback who actually CAN play CB.

Good to know, and as long as he stays fit then he could be the 4th option rather than Nacho. Until we buy a CB in January. Hopefully.


He is still poor in my eyes and he needs to be replaced…But i thought Flamini had a quietly effective game today. He was very good, some good tackles and helped start attacks with simple early balls into Ox and Santi i don’t recall him losing the ball either.


Still Wenger out!


Wenger In
Wenger out
Shake it all about!

– Darude, Winter Break


Had money on a giroud hat trick. Wenger out lolz

Funky Gooner

Lots of individual positives as said above but team displays was one of best this season. Super quick, inventive, precise, great passing and link play. Great to see so many good runs into key areas.

Was so expecting defence to be paper thin but did well even if Newcastle gave little in attack.

It’s feels a bit better to be a Gooner today 😉

Proff Gooner

I love fickle fans…
Looks like people forgot we BOUGHT Debuchy in the summer and he got injured.
Wonder if cries for a DM will continue if we go unbeaten during the festive period.
Always back the Gunners, win,lose or draw.



with last two matches arsene has shown what formation he wants to go with.. i think it is 4 – 1 ; 4 – 1


Brilliant. Haha!


Ox is so good as cm. Totally changes the definition of a typical CM. Besides being rock solid he also is very quick off the mark. His first touch takes him away from his opponent. And has got bags of tricks too. LANS.


I feel safer when we are defending against counter attacks with the ox in a CM position, he just has the pace to make up so much ground.


I love The Ox. He is playing brilliantly this season, cudos to The Ox……


A clinical performance against a potentially tricky team in Newcastle. Debuchy did well as a makeshift centre back, Bellerin looked good going forward, but lacks experience defending. A little worried about Welbeck, can’t fault his work rate, but his finishing is lacking. Maybe he should ask Poldi for shooting practice?

Chairman Meow

he scored a great goal that was mistakenly disallowed, so shh


To those that were claiming the 4-1 victory against Galatasaray in midweek didnt mean much and they would like to see it where it counts, this ones for you!


Same point I made…there were many positives to take from Istanbul. Also, Newcastle were made to look weak by a midfield which constantly harrassed and stripped them of the ball….I’ll bet Newcastle came south thinking there was a good chance thrree points were theirs.


Nolan how are the Spuds doing? Having difficulty to find then in the top 10 table.


Happy Birthday Santi. Wonderful performance, pulled strings, some trickery and two cheeky deft goals. Love watching him differentiate from using his left and right foot..One of the most natural both footed players i’ve seen for a while..Strangely a rarity among professional footballers. Welbeck, Sanchez and Giroud have been showing signs of gelling together. Welbz is the work rate and legs, Giroud with that touch of finesse and Sanchez just rounds the whole thing off by being able to do both. The Ox was brilliant again ,the occasional lapse or poor pass but mostly offset by his continuous beast runs Bellerin… Read more »


Wenger in.

But seriously having Debuchy back is so important.

And Hector is going to be very special!


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