Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Stoke 3-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Well, that game was like being served a lovely meal in a beautiful restaurant – except the meal is dead, putrefied otter meat with worms and mushed up cockroaches in it, and the beautiful restaurant is actually a crack den where you wake up to find an old man with crusted sores all over his hands playing with your special area.

Here’s how we thought the players rated.

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So much wrong today but injured or not Gibbs just is woeful at stopping crosses coming in. Both he and Monreal need to be sat in a darkened room and shown video of the way Cashley defended them for years, working like a jack Russell to block them out. It’s just intensity and pride,that’s missing but I guess that could be said for the whole club right now. Tedious mediocrity.


Exactly. Nobody seems to mention this. Gibbs neither stops crosses nor is capable of crossing himself. And people wonder why he is not the first choice for England.



Wenger's Waterbottle

This team just looks tired. With injuries mounting, they need to dig deep for another month and pray to Jebus that Wenger brings in some quality people. Mert an Alexis can’t play every game. Chambers seems to have a built in resting period every few yellow cards or a red.

Petit's Handbag

Arsene, your legacy is over, you’re embarrassing players out of spite, you played Chambers and Bellerin for the first premier league game together at fucking Stoke away and worst of all, you didn’t set the team up in the right frame of mind.
I’m fucking sick of this team and sick of you

La Défense

Next game, please.


New balls please (for all the team)


Another brilliant game by Wenger!!! 1. Why he played Mertesacker as a LCB? A blind man could see on previous game that he is uncomfortable there – result were two mistakes which both led to goal. 2. Substitution Bellerin out – Welbeck in; Flamini RB. Why? We were 3:0 down and we played with slow DM in RB who can’t cross (he had OK game but he in not that what you look when you are loosing) 3. Substitution Giroud out – Podolski in? In the last half an hour we played direct football and even though Giroud should scored… Read more »


Why would you put on a defender (with niggling injury problems) on when your chasing a game?

Dave Gooner

Those first 2 goals are unlikely to have gone in with Kos in the defence. He should have been on at the beginning and substituted out if necessary. And one player injured in the current defence set up doesn’t mean everyone else has to played out of position. Over management of the worst kind.

Yet another critical chance falls to Giroud, and yet another atrocious miss. When it counts he always misses.


Even though the ref should have handed out cards to the Orcs scrum half and hooker anybody that lets a lanky streak of pi55 like Crouch bully them needs to man up FFS


Not a good game, not looking forward to match of the day. I just don’t understand how we can be so shit. On paper this team is good enough to beat fucking Stoke and a whole other teams, they just have a weird addiction to the self destruct button. God how we miss a balanced back four and someone like Özil who, no matter what you say, makes a big difference in our play.


Thoroughly disappointing, but don’t forget that we had two 19 year olds in defence and were missing our best DM. As of now, we’ve played 2 of our most difficult games in the league (Chelsea and stoke), and with players coming back, good times lie ahead of us.

Tony Hall

Good times lie ahead of us?
Why is AW stepping down at the end of the season
Because that is the only way things will ever improve.
Otherwise get used to the 4th place struggle because we are not good enough for anything better anymore and we may not even aspire to that this year at this rate!

Tony Hall

Good times lie ahead?
Why is Wenger leaving at the end of the season because that is the only way we will ever challenge for the title again let alone any chance of winning the Cl.
Unless of course people are happy to just make up the numbers in the top four at a struggle every year.
And that may be beyond us this year if we carry on like this.

Big Moe from Scarbro

what ever happened to Rosicky? Why we keep playing the same ol players week in and week out we still have some depth even with a lot of the players injured. Try putting some fresh legs on. It’s true I think Wengers starting to lose it.


He’s injured.

Romford Pele

Injuries and lack of cover aside… The whole team is completely lacking in confidence. You could see it against Southampton, and its been a trend for a long time. Bad first touches, simple passes going astray, losing out in physical challenges. All because of a lack of confidence. And when we do win, we don’t seem to increase in confidence. I don’t know if this is because the players feel under so much pressure now that the stadium has been paid off and that trophies are “required”, or perhaps because of all the negative publicity around us at the moment.… Read more »


Signing world class DM and CB is obviously far easier than the support bit.


The stadium is NOT paid for.
The bonds run to 2028 and in terms of the current agreement can not be paid off early without severe penalties.

Romford Pele

Ok, technically it may not be completely paid off, but the remaining debt has been set up to be a much smaller drain on expenditure for the remaining period. Hence 42m on Ozil, 35m on Sanchez etc.

I’m surprised that’s what you took issue with!

Lucky Fluke

Wenger: “Wow, Bob, Wow!”
Pires: “Yes, Boss?”
Wenger: “Sometimes my testicles bend back.”
Pires: “I’ve got good news. That formation you like is going to come back in style.”
Wenger: “Let’s Rock!”

I Wish I Could Be Sid James Everyday

Eight peeps have never experienced The Black Lodge.


I’m still fucking pissed at that cunt Adam after choking Alexis. How the fuck was that not a red card anyways?
Today’s bonus rating: The ref 0/10.

For those who didn’t see the choking incident, here’s a clip: http://arsenalist.com/f/2014-15/stoke-city-vs-arsenal/charlie-adam-tries-to-decpapitate-alexis-sanchez.html

And here’s a picture from another angle: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B4MBXyOCAAAeRBs.jpg:large


Every fucking match he plays he does something like this. It is absolutely negligent that he is even allowed on the pitch anymore.

On a related note, why hasn’t somebody put a boot through his face yet? And why does he never get called out?

YouTube Graduate

Enough about this ‘confidence’. It might be important to a striker, perhaps to keeper too. The rest? Just play. The problem is motivation to really push for it, tackle and all that. I think that has a lot to do with coaching and personnel. For the moment, that is not working.
At least I don’t know any Stoke fans. Soon, I will probably know a lot fewer Arsenal fans.

Romford Pele

Confidence is 90% of the game and is key to all players at any level. Look at Moyes at Man Utd…league winning squad…zero confidence because a new “unproven” manager is in charge…shit results. Same reason I don’t believe in getting rid of Wenger. You think pressure on players will reduce? Nah. It will increase and confidence will drop because it’s currently paper thin. I am confident we will make a couple of signings in Jan and make a half decent fist of the second half of the season. But I’d really like to think the club could meet fans half… Read more »

remi garde's nipples

Do people actually want Wenger out?
Thumbs up yes, down no…


Believe me or not, but i’ve heard from pretty good sources that Wenger has lost the dressing room. He can’t motivate his players anymore and they want a change


This is something which has occured to me for a while. If we the fans question Wenger, if the media in totality thinks Arsenal under Wenger are now a shambles, why is it not discussed the players must be disillusioned with him at this point. There was something completely off at the club which was transparant with the thrashings we took last year and fed to this season. As for a replacement…for now I would look to a new era with the likes of Joachim Lowe, who I believe receives half the pay Wenger does as the German coach. However… Read more »


Yeah, I don’t believe it.
He’s made a big error this season, but I don’t buy that.


if anyone wants to have a good laugh , check out the latest video from Claude on arsenal fan tv on YouTube .

Comedy gold


To be fair this is a difficult league. Arsenal aren’t the only team struggling atm, but we have the least reason to be struggling. Liverpool lost Suarez, bought half a squad to replace him with no top players, and they’re adapting to playing twice a week on a regular basis again. Spurs are taking time to gel under Potchettino and tbh, they’ve got a pretty average group of players. Everton are struggling with European football too and haven’t added enough to their squad. United are still finding their feet under LVG. We entered the season with no managerial change, we… Read more »


Sorry, Sanchez a 6.5 and highest of the lot? Are you serious? I was at the match today and he was dreadful, as bad as everyone else. Pretty sure he lost the ball for their 1st and gave the ball away too much. Really should have scored that effort that hit the post, everyone around me couldn’t believe he didn’t score. Did you not see his continuos through balls which went through to the keeper several times? Or the ferric which looped over everyone for a throwing? Alexis is brilliant and I’m not arguing against it, love the guy, but… Read more »


I like Chambers and i think he’s done well for us, but he has a tendency to make petulant fouls that gets him booked when there’s no need for it. The Boss needs to have a word with him about that.


His second booking today was barely even a foul. The first was a foul, but not a yellow card by any stretch of the imagination. Don’t blame Chambers, blame that utterly incompetent cunt of a referee.


Have to agree. And I’m not about to come up with excuses for him most of the time because I think he picks up too many needless cards. But there is no way that was a second yellow.


I’m afraid “having a word with someone” is not one of his greatest strengths…


I have a problem of overeating every time arsenal lose. this season i have put on a lot of weight. now, more than ever before, i wish the invincibles were back. i miss watching an arsenal match without fear. i miss the security of turning on the tv at half time without the fear of us being a goal or two down. that being said, i recently read a book about arsene wenger and his time at arsenal has been remarkably similar. sometimes i think we let time forget a few things. this season is so similar to the arsenal… Read more »


Back four made Crouch look like peak Drogba today. Shocking defensive display all round. Not much better going forward either.

Why does Cazorla always hide and contribute nothing and as soon as we start losing he suddenly comes to life and is one of our more involved players.


Why? Quite simple really, Wenger didn’t sign a proper CDM and this is the f*ing price you pay.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Koscielny missing, we lose the game, Giroud missing we lose or draw, Arteta missing we lose or draw. Come on, for me we do not have a good team. At times, a weak team can overachieve and beat you but Stoke did nothing special today and they won. People are finding positives about second half but Stoke just wanted to protect their three-goal lead. To me, these players will play this abject way many times again this season. It is a real shame.


Absolute disgrace.


What does Arsène actually say to the team before the match – or even at half time? Not only were they not up for the match, but many of them seemed surprised that Stoke were taking it to them. Defensive weaknesses killed us today but, bottom-line, Stoke wanted it more and it showed.


Team has no spine. Most important part of a teams make up.



Current shower of shite


Nuff said……


Santi’s rating is too high. He is the one person who truly does not give a shit. Chambers, Per and Flamini’s are just about right. Giroud missed a sitter and just fackin ran about a bit. He deserves a rating of 0.5.


Why? Just cause he smiles a lot? did you see how he took the ball for the penalty and asked alexis to piss off. that shows spirit and desire to win more than anything.

Fireman Sam

I try to be positive in spite of this (by now normal) shitty Stoke result. When I saw we were 3-0 down I was #WengaOut for pretty much the first time ever. But finishing up 3-2 and having seen the game stats, I’m slightly less belligerent and will give the prof another few games before I switch camps. Stoke always create issues for us, nothing new here. But this season it seems to matter more than ever. This is critical and all eyes are on us and realky seems to be crunch time for AW. One thing I’d really like… Read more »


How fickle can you be? You change your perspective of the key leader of a club over a period of 45 mins??? Personally I have been Wenger out since the 8-2 for many reasons but primarily because he cannot inspire the team and there is little to no inspiration from any players on the pitch (alexis and one or two others aside at times). I thought Wenger proved me wrong when he bought Ozil but then failed to sign another striker and we paid the price. Then we lead the league for most of last season, won the FA cup… Read more »


Wengers lack of activity in the transfer market has hung over the team all year and culminated in results like todays. Not investing in at least one central defender has left the defence short all year, plugging the gaps by playing individuals out of position and inexperienced players like Bellerin. Stoke shouldn’t be able to score 3 past anyone, one of the most basic teams in the league yet they seem to have arsenals number time and again.


Lot’s of people have Wenger’s number. Mark Hughes DEFINITELY has Wenger’s number. Man City, Fulham, Stoke, he fucks us over time and a gain, Mark Fuckin’ Hughes? WTF? Wenger has never beaten Mourinho, we don’t ever beat Manure. Every single manager out there knows how to beat us, they don’t all get it right on the day but all of them know how to beat us and it’s not complicated (If Mark Hughes consistently gets it right against Wenger then Wenger is a clod). We haven’t won a top four match for years (Southampton are not “A” top four team.… Read more »

i want to boff welbz and I'm not even gay

I’m just glad we didn’t resign that idiot fabregas. Phew!!


Fabregas got ANOTHER assist yesterday BTW.
How may does Ozil have? Oh wait, he’s not even playing? Why?
Was somebody not paying attention when Fabregas was on the market or when Ozil’s knee went “crack”?

Man Manny

Why bother to rate them. They were poor collectively in the 1st half and better collectively in the 2nd, end of.

Anfield 89

I can understand all the “Wenger out” comments on this site, but unless they are accompanied by a “xxxxxxx in”, they have no substance.

Shot Gun Shout

Was BFG on the pitch? He has been transparent this year when he is supposed to be a leader. Flam was below par as usual; until he got on the right side (RB) where I thought he was pretty decent.

That's it, had enough.com

I will not be returning to the Emirates Stadium until this mess has been sorted. I’m sick and tired of spending my hard earned wages, to the tune of £40 a match, to feel this ripped off and totally depressed like this. This is simply not fair on us all…. Aah, enough. That’s it, no more.!


We would be better off playing our youth team for the next four games to allow our first team to heal!
I wonder if that’s allowed??


actually with games coming thick and fast the next ten games would be better!


and all the fans could go on holiday with the first team hobblers and chill out!
Just an idea…


Not a long time football fan so I took yalls word that mert was better than I thought.
I think after the last two games I’m ready to disagree, he is an immovable object and is a huge issue for the squad.
Also Giroud should have been lifted after the early miss, just terrible.


I just can not take it anymore. For 25 years i have supported this club and most of it wenger has been in charge and I have backed him all the way but I just cannot defend him anymore. For the last couple of seasons our defending when under pressure has mostly been really poor and nothing has been done to address it. I have to say this with a heavy heart but no one is bigger than the club not even Wenger and everytime we play I am never confident just hopeful that we get a result and for… Read more »


How about Mark Hughes or Ronald Koeman or Roberto Martinez or even no, yes, maybe Chelsea no longer Invincibles hero Alan Pardew


It was really embarrassing to see none of our players stood up for Alexis when he was almost killed by Adams…that’s one thing I like about Jack Wilshere…sure he would have run to the scene and give that sorry excuse of a footballer some piss….

Dan D

We are a shambles defensively. We have not improved at all in the last 8 years. It’s predictable and downright boring now.

We’ll beat Newcastle, lose at Anfield, beat QPR and the cycle of the last 8 years will continue.

Top 4 just again this year but mainly because the other also rans are shit but nowhere near winning the league.

It bores me now, bores me to tears.


There are a lot of teams who would kill for a boring old top 4 finish…….

Dan D

Agreed. But with the infrastructure, money in place and potential that is simply not good enough for Arsenal Football Club.

We are punching well below are weight and shouldn’t be out of the title race in early December.


#groundhogday. Wasters.


Cheer up, Chelsea lost … highlight of the season so far given our rubbish


Its simple. We lack a Cback. there is no one to effectively back up Meterscielny this season which has imbalanced the team. Calum Chambers (and I like him) is inexperienced. Had he been Arteta or Flamini making the number of mistakes he has he would have been spit roasted. We should not be in a position where we have to throw poor Bellerin into crucial or tough fixtures. We have been letting goals in mainly from wide areas. This has been a problem since pre-season in the absence of either Per or Koscielny. Worth mentioning aside from Alexis, Per is… Read more »


Nope, he’s been out pretty much all season.


It is hard to get excited about this season at this point. We have no chance of winning the league and it’s not even Christmas. I find it hard to get enthused about the idea of the inevitable battle for fourth place. This was our chance to push after ending our trophy drought. Something needs to change and I think the players themselves need to take a bit more responsibility. Wenger doesn’t always get it right but the players could help him by approaching each game with a respect for any opponent. How badly are we missing Ozil?!!!!


Flamini is always the scapegoat. In reality the goals were conceded from crosses against an inexpeirnced back 4. No surprise why Per is less effective. Its not because he is poor, its because of the younger players around him. Calum Chambers is NOT in his natural position at Cback. Again, he played most of his senior games for Southampton at RB. Bellerin is green and we should not have to have played him in such crucial or difficult games as an introduction. The issue is the lack of a Cback. It makes it very difficult for the rest of the… Read more »


Been given thumbs down on here before when I may have criticised Gibbs harshly, but the truth is, he’s not very good. Has never been able to cross the ball, he’s not exactly young anymore, we can’t continue to accept mediocre players like him.


I like Gibbs, I think he’s a solid pro and still getting better.

One of our problems though has been that Arsenal are constantly competing for the big honours with teams full of world class players. Arsenal on the other hand have loads of players we *hope* will be world class – Wilshere/Ramsey/Gibbs/Ox/Chesney. And we saw how that worked out during the Fabregas years.

I really hope we buy some proven quality in January.


You just don;t know why? Why blame Flamini when the defenders can’t do their job? We simply do not have a Cback to complement Meterscielny. Monreal is not available since recent improvement Chambers is not in his natural position and has made a number of mistakes. This whole we need a new DM rubbish is obfuscating current needs. Wenger Out will set us back likely. We are not far away this season being one player in a CBack short. Thats why it is so extra frustrating. if you want to do something positive, remind Wenger (as he should know by… Read more »


Bit harsh on Giroud, Blogs. He missed a great chance but Rambo/Flambo and defenders were the real culprits for shipping 3 goals and giving us a mountain to climb in 45 minutes. He shouldn’t be benched just yet.

As for Alexis, he deserves so much better than Arsenal are producing at the moment. I wish we could’ve just dropped him into last years team. Say what you like about Wenger but we wouldn’t be where we are this season with Chesny-Gibbs-BFG-Kos-Sagna(Debuchy)-Arteta-Ramsey-Alexis-Ozil-Walcott-Giroud fully fit and playing regularly.

January reinforcements needed.


What a shitty performance and result. But I find myself very confused by it too. We have just come off the back of 3 wins and 3 clean sheets, against very good sides too, and then we produce that shower of shit? I just don’t get it. I do think the managers hands were tied with regards selection today, especially of the back four. 3rd choice keeper, 3rd choice right back, Per out of position, and a barely fit Gibbs was just too much going into the most hostile and physical game of the season. Add to that players making… Read more »



Clean sheets against three very good teams? I have to disagree. Dortmund relegation form in their league. West brom? And Southampton will finish mid table. (Thank goodness they dropped to ten men or we never would have scored.)


And another thing, I wish that we would see more anger and fight from our players and manager when things are not going well. Arsene looks like he can’t be bothered when interviewed by the press and just gives his stock answers. Why do we as a club let so many injustices go without even a mention from the manager or elsewhere in the club? A prime example was Chambers red card today, that was an outrageous decision compared to what the ref let them do!!! And as for the players, if I was on the pitch when alexis got… Read more »


The real question from the game is how Adam got away without a red from this


and chambers gets one for a little tussle with Bojan


Chambers sending off and Michael Oliver’s ability to ref are absolute shit- screwed us with phantom pens vs Aston villa during last season’s opener- and again today by just being bloody pathetic.

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