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Stoke City 3-2 Arsenal: naughts and crosses — by the numbers

Arsenal stats FUN PACK!

15 – Shots Arsenal took today!
10 – Shots Arsenal took before they scored from the penalty spot!
1 – Number of those 10 shots Arsenal got on target (forced a save)!
2 – Number of shots Arsenal took after they scored their second goal!
85 – Minute in which Arsenal took their last shot!
10 – Minutes at the end of the game in which Arsenal took no shots!
90 – Minute which Joel Campbell was introduced so that he could make his one pass and one failed header!
6 –  Number of times Giroud was dispossessed in his 45 minutes of play!
3 – But he did take three of Arsenal’s 5 shots in Prime Areas!
3 – Arsenal have scored three goals off corners this season (Palace, Burnley, Stoke)
9 – And in all competitions, Arsenal have actually scored nine times off set plays

Palace 2, corner and free kick
Southampton (League Cup), direct free kick
Burnley, corner
Anderlecht 2, penalty and free kick
Dortmund, throw-in
Stoke 2, penalty and corner

10 – In all competitions, Arsenal have also conceded ten goals off set plays (4 penalties, 4 corners, 1 free kick, and 1 direct free kick)
18 – Arsenal’s 18 goals allowed already surpasses Arsenal’s total goals allowed in the 1998/99 season
1.20 – Goals allowed per game is Wenger’s second worst goals allowed per game rate (the worst was 1.29 in 2011/12)
1.60 – Goals scored per game is the second worst of Wenger’s career (the worst was 1.55 in 1998/99)

What Wenger’s Arsenal career goals scored per game and goals allowed per game looks like graphically, note that when the pincers meet, that’s bad, that’s real bad:


5 – Clean sheets in the last 10 matches (all competitions)
11 – Goals conceded in the last 10 matches (all competitions)
7 – Number of those 11 goals conceded which came from crosses

The reason Arsenal are conceding so many goals this season?

My theory is that teams are getting more shots in prime areas (the places right in front of the goal) and their conversion rates are way up when they get those shots.

Prime Area shots are converted at about a 25-30% rate so limiting your opposition’s chances in these areas while maximizing your own chances is crucial to winning games.

As a percent of their total shots, the opposition only took 17% of their shots in prime areas two years ago. That jumped to 19% last season and has surged to 27% this season.  Put another way, Arsenal are allowing the opposition to take 2.26 shots per game in high-conversion areas this season. Last season that number was 2.23 and the year before that was 1.76.

Additionally, the opposition are score more frequently when they do get a shot in the Prime Areas. Three years ago they converted just 24%, last season 31%, and this season 38%. To put that another way, in 2012/2013 it took the opposition 4.8 shots in the Prime Area to score one goal (on average), last season that was 3.27, and this season that number is 2.62.


Alexis Sanchez Red Zone Special!

14 – Alexis has scored or assisted in 14 of Arsenal’s first 24 matches (all competitions, including the Charity Shield)
1 – Had the assist for Ramsey’s goal today
1 – Number of times Wenger said Alexis was in the red zone
29 – Number of games Alexis has featured in so far for club and country since the Community Shield
35 – Number of games Alexis has featured in including World Cup and pre-season friendlies
11 – Number of times Alexis has subbed on or off in those 35 games
1 – Number of times Alexis has been subbed off in his last 15 matches for club and country
0 – Number of times Arsene Wenger has subbed him off or on in his last 13 matches for Arsenal
1344 – Minutes Alexis has played out of a possible 1350 in those last 15 matches
100 – Percent chance Alexis will pick up an injury unless he is rested over the next few game
25 – Passes by Sanchez today (of 38 attempted)
16 – Passes by Sanchez in the Stoke Final third
11 – Misplaced passes by Sanchez in the Stoke final third
2 – Misplaced passes by Sanchez in other parts of the pitch
5 – Unsuccessful attempted dribbles by Sanchez today (of 8)
2 – Shots by Sanchez today
4 – Key passes by Sanchez,  1 turned into an assist and two more were for shots in dangerous areas
4 – Fouls drawn by Sanchez in dangerous areas, one of which should have been allowed to play quickly but wasn’t because referee Anthony Taylor doesn’t like to give advantage to the team who is fouled
100 – Percent chance people will try to find a way to blame Sanchez for the fact that Arsenal shipped three goals in the first half.


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Me So Hornsey

0 – amount of emotion I felt when their 3rd goal went in.

Third Plebeian

Only positive thing that happened today was that Chelsea won’t be equalling our unbeaten season this year.


They were never close 🙂


1,000,000 the amount of times I silently begged my wife not to say “it’s only a game”
0 = the amount of brain cells I must have for believing right up to the final whistle that we’d at least equalise.


0- Reason why Stoke should be allowed to participate in organised football.


They looked a lot more organised than Arsenal…


So do all our opponents


2 – Instances that Stoke players thought they were participating in WWE rather than playing football (Crouch vs Chambers takedown and Charlie Adam vs Alexis headlock)


You cannot have an manager out there that shows no passion or fight. He just sits there and looking angry instead of getting up there like Mark Hughes and shouting at his players. His tactical strategies are beyond me. Most arsenal fans will want him out after that shambolic performance. Fans are fighting with each other right now, it is beyond anything I’ve seen as an arsenal supporter. It has come to such a stage now that it is impossible for wenger to stay. He needs to go now. The fans does not get behind the team because everyone is… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Dude, I think you should be a little bit more objective and measured so you can drive your point better. Wenger has won the premier league multiple times, he is not tactically inept nor clueless. Please don’t compare him to Mark Hughes, it’s disrespectful. Maybe we do need a new manager, but saying that Wenger needs to fuck off now just points to the fact that you lack class and gratitude. I hope Wenger realizes that the club needs a new manager soon for the good of the club and also so that he can get the treatment he deserves… Read more »


The thing with that is: HE HAS. It is always past tense.


Well he plans to stay.. So apparently we have to become disrespectful for a change to happend. The man is stubborn

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I think that the probability of change is higher if we are respectful. I tend to give little weight to disrespectful people/comments.


Why should we care ..who asked you anyway..hey..


How about not going to games ?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Wenger does not know the players he currently has cannot play the style he wants to play. He is trying to fill a swimming pool with a leaking bucket. He asks players who lose the ball all the time to keep on going forward. Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Mascherano not to say Messi, these guys keep the ball. Hope Alexis does not start comparing. I would say he is inept in adapti

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

…in adapting to change.

Anfield 89

You want Hughes in?


What, now? Mid season?

Who’s the new manager then fella? Any suggestions?

Thought not……


“Fucking Ragestorm???”

That right there epitomizes that the anger has gone too far.
Get some counseling.

Mobb mentality like that used to burn witches.



Big Mad Andy

1 – bloke who has discovered shouting “what the shit (insert player name here)” in the style of Archer helps remove oneself from reality a little.

Proff Gooner

Considering Stoke play physical football and our players look like Hobbits, I’m not surprised we lost. But we will bounce back… Again. The fall of again. We lack consistency in terms of wins and draws but seem to be doing well at consistently losing.
I heard Walcott saying Sanchez should take it easy to save energy for the Xmas period… Now we know they really don’t out their all into each match.


2 – More times we’ll lose away to Stoke in the next two seasons


“The reason Arsenal are conceding so many w goals this season?

My theory is that teams are getting more shots in prime areas (the places right in front of the goal) and their conversion rates are way up when they get those shots.” – this is just the same as saying Arsenal are conceding more goals. Those numbers mean nothing..


Not only do we concede more goals than the other top teams. We also score less, and wenger expects us to be title challengers next year? Deluded bollocks if you ask me.

He will go nowhere and we will have to accept this shit season after season. Problem with most fans is that they are wenger out when we lose a game and then turn their coat and decides that he is the best manager in the world everytime we win.


Mate, First goal – chambers fault…not wenger, not tactics…chambers!…its a simple header to clear. He fucks it up. Any pro should deal with that. Then giroud misses that !!! second goal, mertesaker goes to win the header and stops …for no reason.. and doesnt challenge. Blogger blames ramsey and flamini for the third , when bojan runs past mertesaker who is ‘sleeping’. Flamini is warning him. Bojan is striker. Do the midfielders have to come defend in the box too? Its one player ffs… But blogger loves bfg and never admits the german’s mistakes and lack of urgency, leadership, responsibility.… Read more »

Fireman Sam

@bodiroga, best comment I’ve read in ages mate.

When I play football and we lose, me and my mates blame ourselves, not the coach.

Sure he shares some blame but not all of it!


we need more people like you commenting. That first goal…Chambers jumped right under the ball. The Giroud miss was painful, but he’s just back from injury so he’ll need a couple of games.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

In the end, we have things we can blame on the players. -Chambers making a hash of the header: player -Chambers being required to play: management Not to say that TV5 shouldn’t have left, but Chambers is certainly not the cover demanded for our defense. It never felt that we did what we had to do to at least get some bodies in. In addition, we’re being fed that there was some sort of bright spot in one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen in my time as a fan by, you guessed it, Wenger. I understand where you’re… Read more »


Actually it’s mostly different people posting depending on the result from what I’ve noticed – purely anecdotally of course. The Boo Boys push the rock aside and squint at the light of day when we lose, and the positive supporters jump on in greater numbers when we win.

Besides, many of us don’t feel it is a polarized pick-a-side. And that’s just fine.


My bumhole is now numb…3-4 does not matter anymore..just ask the opposition to bring some vaseline next time…Thanks Arsene…lets see how long us the fans keep paying for Arsene’s ego and fool hardiness.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Nobody is interested what you put in your bumhole bud. Please keep it to yourself.


@Bob Mexican…missed the point you have…next time dont read my posts…(;->)

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Glad to.
Please avoid posting.


Thanks..cant stop posting sorry..
Why dont you stop reading my posts about that…


Chelsea’s starting 11 is pretty much known to Mourinho. Man City’s starting 11 is also known to Pellegrini. Does Wenger know Arsenal’s best 11? does he even know what formation is best? He keeps on switching formations and players positions every few games. Cazorla once plays on the left in a 4-4-2 and another time in the middle as a CM in a 4-3-3. Alexis once plays as a second striker and another time on either wing. Welbeck once plays as a striker and another time on the left/right wing… The players seem tactical clueless because of Wenger. Make up… Read more »


But the thing is we all could probably name Man City and Chelsea’s first 11s. It’s a lot more clear cut for them but with us we have a lot of players with similar abilities. For example, Costa and Aguero would obviously start but Giroud vs Welbeck is a tougher call. If you asked Arsenal fans to pick three from Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Ox, Sanchez, Rosicky, Diaby(!) and Ozil to play in the middle, you’re gonna get a lot of different answers. I guess you could call it poor squad planning to be fair.


Has anyone noticed we are shit this season?


Also…read there was fighting between Arsenal fans…really shameful..


Just goes to show these thugs aint interested in just expressing their opinion….but enforcing it too… some clown further up urges people to be disrespectful so that things ‘change’….. In my life ive learned that if i dont enjoy something ..i stop paying for it. If i go to a restaurant and dont like the food i dont go again…i cant go swearing at the chef demanding he gets sacked. Opinions are fine but some loonies demand that their opinion overrules club policies. They say noone bigger than the club. That includes these wankers who think that because they pay… Read more »


My theory is that

We are conceding more goals than per normal

We are converting less chances.


Honestly we have been conceding goals mainly from wide areas.

Prime example today. All 3 goals were from wide areas. Forget your prime numbers theory.

And the reason why we are vulnerable is because we failed to reinforce with one Cback instead risking two out of position players for cover, one inexperienced and making a number of vital errorss

Meaningless statistics. 3 goals concede in first half, 1 main Cback playing. two rookies, Calum and Bellerin. recipe for disaster.;)


The goals were not conceded from wide areas. The goals were conceded fm right in front of the goal. The assists were crosses, which I pointed out in the post above.



How about all 3 goals today were from wide areas and not because of some sort of porous DM.

In fact most of our goals conceded are from crosses

7amkickoff is disingenuous at best and loves to colour his statistics according to his own narrative. That’s the beauty of interpretation. Yawn.

Try disagreeing with him on his site. His sycophantic following will shout you down and you will get banned.


I mention the crosses and goals conceded from crosses. You were banned from my site because you’re a troll who engages in personal attacks on me and my readers, just like you’re doing here. Now you’re trolling here. Which means you followed me from one site to another to troll making you a stalker troll.

Please, get a life.


If you want to comment on the content of the articles here, please feel free.

However, if you want to pursue what appears to be a personal beef with 7am, or any other author on this site, then that is not acceptable.

Keep it on topic. Play the ball, not the man.


Or do some of your own thinking and stats.

Impress us, not depress. We are depressed enough already.


Well you people are blaming wenger and the dms when per and chambers carry most responsibility for those goals

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

I’ve seen you before man. You’re so jealous of 7 AM it’s ridiculous. We love all the hard work he does, all you do is spit negative bile, what do you expect when you insult someone?

Giroud's abs

We are the most consistently inconsistent team I can remember.


The problem is we allow other teams to bully us easily. When was the last time an Arsenal team went out there and absolutely scared the opposition. The current set of players always play the same way no matter how the opposition plays. If Stoke play tough we should also give them a fight.
And the Ref was an idiot today.


There is only so far you can go. We do have hard tackling players: Flamini, Wilshere, Chambers, Koscielney. Welbeck, Sanchez, Sanogo and Giroud will run through players.

Its just that other teams resort to actual physcial violence, which we can’t and/or shouldn’t match.

Its a media rhetoric that has got out of hand.

Pony Eye

Positive criticisms and suggestions. (1) Bellerin is not ready. Our worst games this season – Stoke 1st half and Borussia 1st leg and in both Bellerin was the weakest link. (2) Chambers not ready as CD, amongst reasons for this, his propensity for giving away fouls when under heat. (3) Giroud out of tune with Arsenal’s new counter pressing style which arrived in the 1st place by Alexis and Wellbeck pressing style. Rosicky is the only other natural counter pressing player. The Ox is learning fast. (4) Gibbs play is critically restricted. As soon as he is forced to cut… Read more »


Great points.

A defence with two players with less than 10 games at this level, one with not many more (great player potentially but only 19 and having a rare bad game), Per playing out of position and Gibbs injured. What could we expect? Lambs to the slaughter.

Agree totally on the Coq and would add Jenks, can’t weaken us.


And the defence had never played together before. Unlike Adams, Bould, Dixon etc who were drilled and tough. Or any other good defence.


Positive Club Suggestion: Get rid off the dinosaur running this club.

Yankee Gooner

Don’t hate on Gunnersaurus–he’s just a puppet.


Oh well, not that dinosaur. I was talking about the dinosaur running the club, not it’s employees.


Stan’s kind of a puppet too.


2011-12 Season Shambles: Manchester United Away: 8-2 loss. Liverpool Home: 2-0 loss AC Milan away: 4-0 loss Olympiakos Away: 3-1 loss 2012-2013 Season Shambles: Schalke Home: 2-0 loss Swansea Home: 2-0 loss Bradford Away: 3-2 Lost to a league 2 side. Man City Home: 2-0 loss. Blackburn Home: 1-0 Lost to a lower half of the table championship side. 2013-14 Season Shambles: Aston Villa Home: 3-1 loss Chelsea Home: 2-0 loss Napoli away: 2-0 loss Man City Away: 6-3 loss Liverpool away: 5-1 loss chelsea away: 6-0 loss Everton away: 3-0 loss 2014-15 Season Shambles so far (more to follow… Read more »


I really think the main issue is his record against the big 3.. Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd. Since 09/10 this is our results (BPL) against the top teams: vs man utd: LOSS: 8 | DRAW: 2 | WIN: 1 Goals Scored: 9 | Goals Conceded: 22 vs chelsea LOSS: 7 | DRAW: 2 | WIN: 2 Goals Scored: 9 | Goals Conceded: 25 vs Man City LOSS: 4 | DRAW: 5 | WIN: 2 Goals Scored: 12 | Goals Conceded: 18 In what way is this acceptable!? If I’d include games in cups it’d look even worse. Do… Read more »


To put his record together against the top 3:

Losses: 19 | Draws: 9 | Wins: 5

It is a disgrace. Fans saying otherwise are wenger fanboys and not supporters of the arsenal.


I’m not arguing against your point, but we really do need to see this in comparison to other teams that aren’t spending billions on their team. Sp*rs, Everton, Liverpool for example.


People can easily blame the defence all they want but real reason why Arsenal have been mediocre for a long time is bcoz of the lack of control and possession by our MF.. Every big team with an attacking style get exposed on the counter or by crosses but their MF makes sure they retain, keep (or don’t give away the ball) and win back possession quickly, esp. in oppn. half. With a shit MF (Ramsey, Flamini Jesus!) we can never control the game in oppn. half for long.. I can’t believe the no. of times a player like Ramsey… Read more »


Diaby wasn’t a failure. He was wrecked by a cunt. To me it’s a bit unfair to put him in there. Agree on most of the rest. I wish Ramsey could find some consistency even if it is just a shade off of last season’s highs.


This could be the most disrespectful way I’ve ever seen arsenal fans behave:

He deserves criticism for what he has done, but not this..’


Totally and utterly agree.

I’ve been passionately Wenger out before AKB meant anything, but this is disgusting.

Chav c****, brings shame on Arsenal. Like a bunch of f*cking Danny Dyer wannabes.


These ‘Wenger out’ deserve to be Chelsea fans. disgraceful,disrespectful.

your ‘supporters’ our team and current manager, it would 100% be better for our club and players.

selfish,fickle Arsenal fans.


Watching that video was just sad. This man does not go to work in order to fail. Yes he is messing up and is not free from criticism. But the only reason us new generation fans want better is cause Wenger gave us the taste of success and the expectation of the consistency in challenging for trophies. Too boo him and insult him like that is just shameless. Have some class. I thought our away fans were our best set of fans. The most loyal. Now I just don’t know….


The banner cleared up that misconception for me.


I’ve come to a sad conclusion….Chelsea and City fans may be plastics, Liverpool ones might be some mugsmashers, Spuds fans can be spuds, but lot of arsenal fans are hypocrites, yeah we’re, things like “we’re fkced by injuries” only apply to us, but not to other teams, things like “class is permanent, form is temporal” only apply to us, and things like “money cant buy class” yet we act like this against a manager that gave us so much. Yes, > I < Think perhaps he might not be anymore the one for this job, but ffs show some respect… Read more »


wrong article…shouldnt post while being drunk


Thia game was lost in the press conference with talk of stoke’s physical game and of strong referees.

Stoke can play how the fuck they want. Wenger should be making sure we are strong enough to deal with it


In terms of skill and potential. Shots are what matter.

Shots For – 2nd
Shots Against – 1st
Shots Difference – 1st
Shots Ratio – 1st
Shots on Target For – 3rd
Shots on Target Against – 4th
Shots on Target Difference – 2nd
Shots on Target Ratio – 2nd

There is so much potential in this team. If we can sort the defence, and we can do that, I’m certain this team will come good.

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