Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Video: Thierry Henry’s best Arsenal goals

For the day that’s in it, after Thierry’s retirement and launching of a media career, we might just do a few Thierry Henry posts here today.

First up, with thanks to YouTube user TheBestGoalsHD10, here are his best ever Arsenal goals:

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Ah that video really brings back some great memories of The King.

Zip Watcher

I will never tire of watching his goals for us. The best player the premier league has ever seen, by some distance.


He is the only reason that brought me to football and Arsenal


“Shere class” – You can’t help but smile and enjoy. He played football like nobody else.

Henry's kneeslide

The 5-1 at the San Siro… what a match.

Thank you Thierry, my all-time hero.


King Titi oozes class and grace, that back heel goal while giving his marker a piggy back will forever be my favorite.

Luke BG

Carraghers face hitting the turf at 12.25 never fails to make me smile


The king

Edu's Braces

Shouldnt include poor old Bould getting scutched at the start!




I think I just jizzed in my pants a little… Or a lot!


Not going to lie..Henry was one of the main reasons why I became a gunner. When I still young and silly, I “supported” united (heck I didnt even know whats offside back then) like majority of my peers, you know, follow the crowd kind of thing. But one fateful day, when I was 12; I watched my very 1st live televised match – and it was Arsenal vs Manchester United in 2000/01 season. Started the match cheering on united, but as the game goes on, I thought, what the hell? I’ve been rooting for the wrong team all this while.… Read more »


good move. i would think a testimonial is in place for him, such a legend

Springbank 1965

Getting really fed up of hearing how Frank Lampard has scored the same number of Premier League goals as TH14.

TH14: 175 goals in 254 appearances; the other bloke: 175 goals in 597 appearances.

TH14 penalty record: 23 from 25; the other bloke: 43 from 49. (Even there TH14 has a better conversion record).

Fuck that the other bloke was a ‘midfielder’ (who took loads of penalties), there is no comparison.


Half of Lampard’s goals were deflected in!




I miss him terribly 🙁


Watching those again, interesting to see how much quicker we were at creating chances. None of this tippy tappy around the box for Mr Henry!


There was actually quite a bit of tippy tappy going on its just most of Henry’s best goals come when he decides fuckthisshit. He scores when he wants.


th14 pwnage. will always be remembered as The King of arsenal and highbury and destroyer of the spuds.


How often did we see this goals, but we’ll never get tired of them


Did you hear how many times we were a goal down until Henry scored? Counter attacking long ball to Henry…goal!


Truly the best that the Premier League has ever seen. That video brought back so many memories!


Pls how can I download this video? Thanks.or someone pls help me send the video. I will be grateful. [email protected] or via bbm 26BD2281


I just cried tears throughout the entire 13 minutes… Each goal brought a tear of its own. Long live the king of Highbury, the best to ever do it.

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