Monday, July 4, 2022

Arsenal’s trip to Brighton on BT Sport

The FA have confirmed that Arsenal’s FA Cup 4th Round match with Brighton at the AMEX Arena has been selected by BT Sport for live broadcast.

The game will be played on Sunday 25 January at 4pm.

The decision means the Gunners next five fixtures will all be broadcast live in the UK, with upcoming games against Stoke City, Manchester City and Aston Villa all on Sky Sports and the North London derby at Sp*rs also on BT Sport.

No shit streams for a while, unless you contract a virus in the next six weeks. Or don’t have the requisite channel.

Full list of FA Cup 4th Round televised fixtures below…

Friday 23 January
Cambridge United v Manchester United – 7.55pm – BBC One

Saturday 24 January
Blackburn Rovers v Swansea City – 12.45pm – BBC Wales
Liverpool v Bolton Wanderers – 5.30pm – BT Sport

Sunday 25 January
Doncaster Rovers or Bristol City v Everton or West Ham United – 2pm – BBC One
Brighton & Hove Albion v Arsenal – 4pm – BT Sport

Monday 26 January
Rochdale v Stoke City – 8pm – BT Sport

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Son of Wenger II

Hurrah. Sunday in Brighton. Are you free Mr Humphries?


Jan 7th. No sign whatsoever of the 2 immediate incoming signings we need.

CB and DM Arsene s’il vous plait ?? !!

Merci ………


I am not even sure he is gonna buy anyone in this January window. Keep your hopes down and you will not be disappointed. Last january people were hoping for the likes of Julian Draxler and at the end of the day we ended up with Kim Källström. Out of every player in the world he choosed Källström.

Don’t expect anything from arsene wenger and you won’t be disappointed.




Don’t expect anything from anyone and you won’t be disappointed. Have a nice life then.


Um… choosed? What word is this?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s American I think. Means ‘to masticate your food thoroughly before swallowing so that you don’t choked’.



The Only Olivier is Giroud

Shit streams? Jesus Christ.


This means our next 4 matches will be Sunday games, with a clear 7 day break in between each one for recovery.

obvious stater

You mean a clear 7 days to get injured in training?








Like if you agree, Michael Owen is a cunt.


Should I retweet if I disagree, then?


I’ve loathed him since that 2001 FA Cup final.

And he’s a shit commentator: his voice sounds like a Dalek on Valium.


I thumbed up… but I have to add the LIKE


He is a cunt…..but as a kid….that goal against the argies…..damn!

yaya Binks

A whole career based on one goal, nice work if you can get it


If people cannot be arsed to listen to Michael Owen.. Just turn off the sound and listen to the live commentary from while watching the game. That’s what I do everytime questionable people are involved in the studio. I really do hate BT Sports.

yaya Binks

I turn the sound off and leave my vacuum cleaner switched on instead, it’s not quite as monotone as Owen and it’s footballing insights are loads more interesting


Something is seriously wrong with your tv-system in the UK. I live in Sweden and I can choose which game to watch, from all games played, and all in the same (HD) quality. How the f*k is this not possible in the country where the actual games are played, and where the majority of the players are from?


You’re lucky mate, it seems most countries out of the UK are able to watch most matches. The prices and competition have fucked it up to the point where you basically can’t afford the channels and when you do pay for it Arsenal shit in your tea by showing one game a month on the channel. Fuck you BT.


It’s called money. It eventually f***s anything up.


It’s the same in the US. Most of the top 6 teams in the EPL have there games televised and it’s great. It’s cheaper for non UK/Ireland broadcasters to get the rights because it’s perceived that the number of viewers will be far less outside the region where the competition is based.


In Canada we can watch almost every PL match live. We have two sports networks with seven and five channels respectively (although the network with seven channels always shows the same match on four of those), so with the matches’ being spread out across two days and five different start times we’re kind of spoilt for choice. Coverage suffers a bit for the FA Cup, but Arsenal are a sufficiently big club that I’ve never missed a match yet. In fact, I think the only time I’ve missed seeing a match live was the last CL group game against Galatasarat.… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Now if those 4 channels showing the same match gave you a choice between Michael Owen’s commentary, a parrot screeching “fuck, fuck, fuck” over and over again, a constant loop of “Always look on the bright side of life”, or a vacuum cleaner, then it would be really good value for money. And the parrot would become world famous.


Same in Thailand. Once worked there for a while (not as a ladyboy). When I enquired about the footy I was told to go to a certain house nearby. He sold me ‘cable tv’. This had a load of rubbish channels and a movie channel in which you would see ‘Insert DVD 2’ etc on the screen before a movie. Couldn’t see any sports channels and thought I’d been ripped off. Then at 12:45 UK time on a Saturday, while flicking throught the channels there was a windows screen. On my tv. And a mouse moving around. This cursor moved… Read more »


Ahhh the magic of the cup. When a live game is someone/someone vs someone/someone.

Wonder how many tickets we’ll get for the Goldstone?


Hopefully we’ll receive 0 tickets for the Goldstone as Brighton haven’t played there for about 4 or 5 years now. In 2012 we played them in the Amex stadium, it’s like the dinky toy version of a decent modern stadium. I wish the ticket allocation was fairer to gooners who are residents of Brighton & Hove. I even work for the company that sponsors their tiny stadium, in 2012 all the ticket allocation that went to Amex was snapped up by the fat cats of the company leaving us regular type chaps ticketless. Fingers crossed I can get my hands… Read more »


Honestly Sunday afternoon games means it’ll be just bloody too late at night for viewers in the far East. BT isn’t going to get a lot of viewers in that side of the world with such times.

Stick to 3pm Saturdays and you’ll get more viewers


Vermster – in the UK, Saturday 3pm games are ‘protected’ from television broadcast. Therefore, you will never find any Saturday 3pm games available for live broadcast on Sky, BBC or BT Sport.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe so, but the rest of us get them, so who cares about you? Muah-ha-ha-ha!!

It’s a rare night that I don’t get to see the Arsenal game live. Mind you, staying awake for it is sometimes problematic, and it was never conducive to a happy relationship with my boss, when I still had a job.


I hear we are Linked with Sadontknowhowtotackle. He plays in the Dm position and is the cousin of striker Sanogoals.


Hahahaha I laughed so hard that I literally had no expression on my face.


It seems very unfair to me that I, in South Africa, get to see live broadcast of virtually all Arsenal matches while people who live in the country where the matches are played have to sometimes miss matches or resort to streaming.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

They are being punished for not going to the game.

Or maybe they are being forced to watch Match of the Day to keep the BBC relevant to modern society.


Market is dead silence, it is shaping around nice and smoothly for a deadline day panic signing


Congrats, I ain’t got that problem in Nigeria. I watch all Arsenal matches…

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