Sunday, January 16, 2022

Debuchy woe as right-back suffers dislocated shoulder

Arsenal look set to be without Mathieu Debuchy for a second extended spell this season after the Frenchman suffered a dislocated shoulder in today’s game with Stoke.

Seeing a ball out of play the right-back was slyly pushed in the back by Marko Arnautovic while he was off his feet, landed awkwardly and injured his right shoulder as well as receiving a nasty gash under his eye.

If you look at the incident you can see how dangerous, and unnecessary, it was, and afterwards Arsene Wenger confirmed the injury, saying, “It’s dislocated so it will take a while. He will have to see a specialist.”

It’s the second time the former Newcastle man has suffered a serious injury having missed three months earlier in the season after damaging ankle ligaments.

Arseblog News understands that Debuchy will need surgery despite the shoulder being reset and is likely to miss at least 6 weeks. And let’s also hope Arnautovic is hauled over the coals by the FA who love to crack down on incidents like this and … hahaha … we can’t … he’ll get away with it.

The twat.

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Fucking bogey team


That’s not a football team.

Don’t quite know how they get away with it!

Edu's Braces

Why are they so angry? Probably roided up the rugby brow having cunts

Asheville Gunner

Amazing how many whistles went against Arsenal for soft fouls when nastier actions by Stoke went completely unpunished. Arnautovich’s nasty shove and Shawcross on HFB in the box, among others, were both clear fouls.


A bogey team would be one who we can not simply beat. We continue to pound them when they come to the Emirates. Swansea is the bogey team.


And while Swansea play football and are respected by most of their opponents, fans included, Stoke are nothing but a bunch of fucking apes.


Or perhaps he was using the word “bogey” as a synonym for “booger”.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

No ref action means we can ask to have it reviewed, right?


Depends on whether or not, the ref saw the incident. If he did, and decided not to do anything, there’s nothing they can do. However if he didn’t see the incident, and therefor didn’t do anything, they can call out to fa for post punishment on arnautovic.
Same thing happened with balotelli’s stamp on giroud when he was at city, and sterling’s punch on that west brom player, both times the ref saw it and decided it wasn’t a foul. So they escaped punishment both.
Hope this helps and apologies for spelling errors.


so its chambers. hope he rises to the occasion after the rest.


or Bellerin, was Chambers on the bench today? If so, looks like Wenger prefers Bellerin.


ohh i forgot we didnt have him as a sub. bellerin was the only defensive sub. so i dont think it was a matter of preference. its always nice to have options though


Chambers was ill.


Wenger is OK with using one teenager but not two. Given a choice I think Bellerin should get the nod over Chambers since Kos is fit now.

Arshavin's Dietician

That comment makes no sense seeing as both teenagers are competing for the one spot.

Fireman Sam

I prefer Chambers. Bellerin has pace and technical ability but he bombs forward a bit too much and looked a bit scared when Orcs were rushing at him, and I’d feel a bit calmer with Chambers in that position.


I’d feel scared with the ‘Orcs rushing at’ me, too….. dirty thugs…..

happy gunner

Fucking orcish twat


These are the kinds of injuries that drive me mad. There was no need for the shove, but when you’re playing for Mordor its standard procedure. Feel really badly for Debuchy.


No idea how the ref didn’t hand Arnautovic a yellow for this. Dangerous and deliberate – he knew exactly what he was doing.


Must have been afraid, he would end up in one of those muddy orc pits had he given a yellow to the scum.


A red card..

Fireman Sam

It’s weird, we were not much further away from this incident as the ref (ringside seats today!) and we didn’t think much of it at the time either so I don’t blame the ref that much.

When you look at the replay though, fucking hell – clearly a nasty and deliberate foul by the Stoke player.


It was hard to tell at the time it was deliberate. This is the perfect example though of why they need to take their “did not see the full incident” rule more seriously and start dishing out retrospective punishment. Any ref with a brain who saw that and realized what it was should be brandishing a red. It is a malicious and reckless attempt to injure another player. He may not have expected to succeed quite so well but there’s no reason for that push except to hurt the guy you’re pushing, and it’s the definition of a reckless challenge… Read more »


That push sickens me. Pure spite.

Man Manny

When will these thugs go down to where they belong… is it until one of them ends someones career?


Wait, they almost did that. The fuckin pricks.


And the cocksucking commentators blathering on about “oh, there’s no malice there, it’s just an accident.” Fuck that. It was deliberate. It’s always the same with those mouthpieces. Someone could get beheaded out there and all we’d hear is “Oh, looks like there might be a bit of blood on the pitch.” Fucking wankers.

Forgot About Dre

That push was damn cowardly. Thought the ref was very inconsistent today with some decisions / lack thereof and this was one of the worse ones he missed. Surely he must have wondered how debuchy and Monreal were bashed up so bad despite no “fouls” taking place?

Fireman Sam

This ref had a real shocker in the first half.

He was the Orcs 12th man.

Actually gave some decisions our way eventually and got a lot of ironic cheers.


The Orc will get away with it because the ref had seen it and determined that there was nothing to deal with.


See I quite like the contest between Arsenal and Sp*rs, Chelski etc etc so although I would prefer they were all a few places lower in the league I’d actually not want to see them relegated because the rivalry is quite fun and keeps the league season interesting. HOWEVER, I do not feel this way about Stoke. Stoke are a vile football team. Stoke are barely human. What I want for stoke is relegation, followed by financial ruin, followed by relegation, followed by the debt collectors turning the britannia into a giant car park, followed by countless more relegations until… Read more »

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

And to think we had 4 or 5,000 Stoke City fans in our beautiful stadium today, for almost 2 hours.

Hope the clean-up people got paid double time. Spraying steriliser over the place whilst wearing a gas mask is no fun.

Scott P

I don’t understand why the pitch slopes off like it does. Maybe it’s for drainage or something, but the fact that it slopes down made Debuchy fall further in the air. That, plus the fact that it could be one reason our corners tend to suck so much makes me question why it’s even there.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Sanogo had an encounter with that with his celebration during the Emirates Cup. He just went high-fiving everyone after his slip… what a lad.


Yet another petty victory for the minions of Sauron


wenger has to buy another defender. this is ridiculous

The Beast

Just when I was thinking we’re getting our full squad back then this! Oh Arsenal.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Thanks to that clit face arnoutivic…

Black Hei

Not just any clit….it is an Orcish clit.


Looked fairly innocuous on first, second and even maybe third viewing. Then it dawned on me it’s a really sly challenge. They call stoke a rugby team yet that’s a yellow in rugby all day long. Shocking the ref has let that go all things considered. Hope Annultovic (Sp?) gets retrospectively punished for it but I am not holding my breath…


Stoke aint no rugby team. Rugby has rules and players who abide by them. Stoke are a bunch of apes. Nothing else.


was it just me who saw arnautovic smile sinisterly after the push.. bloody cunt.. wonder what the ref was doing.. it seemed so obvious

ramsey's spirit

What a fucking cunt every one of those stoke players are?! it baffles me how the ref or 1 of the assistants didn’t at-least give a foul and a card, reckless at best malicious petty and spiteful of a team of his betters at worst. Hopefully the effects of such dickishness so battering our squad will be lessened by some timely well placed transfers. fuck me.


Filthy cunts the lot of em. Shawcunt crouch all of em.
Id like to know how these fuckers get away with wrapping arms around the attacker in the box all the time.
The refs are shit and the fa a joke.


Stoke’s game plan was drawn up by Al Capone.

Large Fingers Dave

I am gutted for him and for the team just as we started to look solid at the back.

Belfast Gooner

Arnautovic has always been a dirty git. It was very much pre meditated and dirty. In the old days, Adams, Keown or Vieira wud have much clapped him one about 5 mins later. Was going Le Coq wud have launched one at him but it never happened. Hate Stoke so bloody much!


Forgive my American bias/ignorance on this but why does no other Gunner take a shot at Arnautovic at some point during rest of game in defense of their teammate a la hockey or baseball? Like a hard tackle worthy of yellow to show we cant be pushed around, especially at home. Besides that, great win and performance today. COYG

Yankee Gooner

Maybe a retaliatory foul could see straight red? But I guess that would imply the ref had thought Arnautovic had fouled him in the first place.

non flying dutchman

Chances of the fa having the cohonies to give this the retrospective punish!end it deserves??

Surely going to take a while to recover – Time to call the pornogrothers and get our boy Jenko back. No reason not to this time.

H. P. Arsecraft

God I fucking hate Stoke. Spurs are a bunch of cunts but they, in their ignorance, at least tries to play football. Stoke doesn’t. They are the dirtiest team in all the top divisions of this world.

I read a rumour of Shawcunt coming to us. Who makes up this shit? He’s the worst of all the orchs in Mordor. The only reason for us to buy him would be to get him away from football and use him as sharkbait. But I doub’t they eat shit so he will be hard to get rid of.


Just when the squad was starting to take shape, this FUCKEN MORON Arnautović ruins everything.
I hope he dislocated his own fucking shoulders…bloody asshole.
I’m so pissed off at the moment.


So unfair we have to play them twice minimum each season. They SHOULD be relegated one season I will be over the moon.

Yankee Gooner

It took me a while to realize that Debuchy’s left hand in the photo was not some gnarled, destroyed shoulder jutting out of his shirt.


As I’ve posted before, we see these type of injuries because there is not downside for the opposing player/team. The ref doesn’t ever give a card for them, especially when they happen early in them game (like when Milner took him out against City), and no on our team will retaliate against the defending player. Had that guy pushed a Chelsea guy like that, he would have been digging someone’s studs out of his leg before halftime. Against us he prances around the field for the rest of the game with the only impediment is our fans booing every time… Read more »

Black Hei

Don’t be stupid. Only Arsenal players get red cards, don’t you know we are supposedly a violent team according to the Orcs?


To add to my previous post, hopefully with improved typing, don’t blame Stoke–they are just playing their game. Blame our guys, and our manager, for not establishing a price for cheap shots that injure our players.

Clock End Mike

It’ll be interesting to see whether the incident even gets a mention on MOTD2 tonight…

Clock End Mike

It’ll be interesting to see whether the incident even gets a mention on MOTD2 tonight.

So many commentators/pundits seem to be of the opinion that it’s Arsenal’s fault if Stoke foul them too often. Or at all.


It will be ignored and the press is already sweeping it under the rug:

A stadium-wide belief that Stoke set out to maim Arsenal players was added to when Marko Arnautovic bundled into Mathieu Debuchy and the French full-back smashed into the advertising hoardings. At first it looked malicious from the Austrian, but replays suggested that he had not seen the Arsenal man and that this was probably an unfortunate accident.

Black Hei

Disappointing from ESPN.

Crouch did not see and Arnautovic did not see anything either. While Ronaldinho does a no look pass, the orcs practices no look fouls.


You are kidding, right? Intentional, malicious deliberate, sly and dirty SHOVE. Straight red…. Come on FA, do your job. Who was that fat blind ref? What a tosser….

Skinny Arse

I hate the way Stoke play, classless bunch of bullies whose moto is to stop Arsenal playing anyway they can. Stoke Shitty FC, no skills no class no brains.


Who are Stoke playing next? Whoever the goon in their opponent is, I beg of you, please lay Arnautovic right the fuck out. Studs, elbows, knees, teeth, anything that hurts and creates maximum damage!


It shouldn’t matter who they are playing because one of our guys (Coq) should have made it so he was unavailable for that game.


I thought that’s what we have Flamini for?


I feel you homie I really do, but that would be asking our players to behave like them orcs?
Plus the ref would just red card us as always and we still lose. Better to play the right way, get three points and move on. We won’t see them again this season

Top Lad

I am not condoning violence, but none of our players tend to go running after that stupid cunt for a tough talking to. We need to start standing up for each other. I miss Wilshere on this occasion, despite his size he doesn’t allow himself to be bullied at all.


One final post on this subject: there is a reason we have given up more points from winning positions than any team in the league this year–we lack toughness–both from a mental and physical perspective. Moreover, they go hand in hand. One reason that I like Coq in the middle so much (a phrase I never thought I would type for a couple of reasons) is that he has a physical presence, even if he doesn’t have the experience. I hope Flamini has taken him aside after this game and explained to him that the next time something like this… Read more »

Black Hei

In the EPL, referees consistently reward rough play by not issuing cards or fouls. But they consistently punish retaliation.

That does not mean we should take the initiative to become orcs. It is still wrong. Breaking legs, cutting foreheads and dislocating shoulders are part of MMA, not football. It does not help that if you retaliate to “protect”, the ref will just red card you out of the picture and you not only have a teammate out, you get carded out, orcs win the match and then play the victim. Don’t fall for that shite.


Yet again match of the day fail to castigate this clearly deliberate and cowardly attempt to injure an arsenal player


I watched on NBC (pity those few intelligent Americans (all Arsenal fans) who have to put up with the ridiculously dumbed down advertising)
The co commentator was Lee Dixon and both of them said it was a nasty foul that could have at least warranted a yellow card.

Lloyd Townsend

Credit to Debuchy, showed a lot of courage running blindly with the flight of the ball. Unlucky bastard, he is. Disgrace of a shove.


I was watching from 15 yards away. 100% it was malicious but he clearly didn’t think he would break his should. Never the less. He should be banned. If you did t that on the street your looking at Gbh which is 3-5 years .. Madness poor debuchy poor arsenal makes me sick. Bring back Jenko ffs

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