Friday, February 3, 2023

Ox hails Alexis, Walcott wants Wenger headache

Having watched Alexis Sanchez plunder two goals and an assist in yesterday’s 3-0 win over Stoke, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has hailed the performance of his Chilean teammate.

The former Barcelona man ran riot over Mark Hughes’ side and could have ended up with even better stats had finishes from Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott been more convincing.

Speaking after the game, the Ox said, “He’s amazing. He shows it week-in, week-out and I think that’s the most important thing for top players to do. It’s about consistency and it’s not good enough to just be good one week.

“Everybody wants to see you great every week and I think Alexis has done that all the way through this season. He was brilliant again, scoring two good goals and setting Laurent’s goal up as well.

“Hopefully it continues for him because he’s having a great season, he’s brimming with confidence and obviously it helps the team as well so it was another great performance from him.

“There were a lot of good performances out there but obviously with the two goals and the assist, he’s the star of the show.”

Meanwhile, Theo Walcott says he’s hoping to give the manager a selection headache despite his feeble miss in the 80th minute. Played in, he could only screw a shot wide with just the keeper to beat, but he says it’s down to rustiness after s long out.

“I’m not quite sharp enough yet but that will come,” he said.

“It gives a boost to the whole squad when players who’ve been out long-term are coming back. It lifts everyone’s spirt.

“Going into one of the busiest periods of the season, you want all your players fit and I think the boss will have a selection headache soon.”

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Thierry Walcott

He already has a defensive cover headache, right?


alex is like the english alexis for me.

he has managed to use his speed, dribbling skills and body strength to great effect this season.

the only sam is nelson

“Thierry Henry, he would have scored that” as the north bank serenaded poor Theo after his miss. Swiftly followed by a big Theo, Theo, Theo….

Although the biggest cheer of the afternoon was for the news that Euston was shut and literally dozens of travelling Orcs would have their journey home royally fucked. Haaaaahahahahahaha!!

Arsene's broken zipper

3-0 and you can’t get home, 3-0 and you can’t get home, 3-0 and you can’t get home

Fireman Sam

“3 nil, and you can’t get home” sung by tens of thousands of Londoners at their northern leg breaking opponents. Classy? No, but fun 🙂


haha, didn’t hear that on TV. Thanks for sharing.


TV commentary described it as “Chant of the season”.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

That miss has to do with the rustiness and his confidence is down due to obvious reasons…If it was the same Theo who scored a brace against big sames west ham last season he would’ve scored..


why is it that wenger just brings back injured players from the bench, why does he not get them involved in reserve team games to build upto the first team squad surely this intergration would be more benefitial to the squad #thoughts

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Integration through reserve team was done when he first returned. He will not do that every time he gets injured training with national team.


Do you seriously think injured players first game play action coming back from injury is from the first team bench? Of course it’s not they play for the reserves then barring any recurrence of the injury they had they’re introduced to the first team usually from the bench. Jeez

kampala gooner

If only he had someone like yourself to tell him that. Ummm


“Going into one of the busiest periods of the season, you want all your players fit and I think the boss will have a selection headache soon.”

Well with a miss like that, it’s not likely that you’d be contributing to the headache.


If Walcott dicks around with his contract again, I want him gone.

He ain’t worth GBP100k per week.

the only sam is nelson

I think the contract saga with Theo was less about the player and more about the line in the sand it represented – that Arsenal were moving away from financing the new stadium through player sales/profit and back towards investing in on-pitch talent. So if for nothing other than that, I’m pleased that Theo is still at the club. I think he’s the longest serving first teamer, after Abou Diaby, as well… is that right?



Loony goon


Loony goon



no. he just wanted loads of dosh.


Walcott wanted an chance to play as a striker as well if I don’t remember wrong.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Usually Walcott knows where the goal is. Arsenal needs players who can score like Ramsey and him. Alexis is a machine but he will get injured at one point during his career at Arsenal. If that happens and I pray it doesn’t, Walcott must start on right side to compensate. After the last couple of games, it is difficult to view Walcott as a goal scorer but he has even been our top scorer in the past.

Fireman Sam

When Walcott was at the height of his form, before getting injured, he was very very good.

He’ll get there again.

He might not be able to conjure solo goals out of thin air like Alexis though – that guy is incredible!!




In case Alexis got injured we would still have Giroud and Welbeck who both can score goals. Supported by Santi and TR7 and returning Ozil and Ramsey. More concerned about the defence..


Remind me when you last played a full season uninjured.


Oh shush!

happy gunner

On another note, I just watched nacho’s interview after the game. His English was outstanding and my oh my his voice. Sounded like the god father.

What a boss


I almost expected him to shrug off his injury and go “ehh, it’s just part of the job no?” Smooth guy.

AK 57

I don’t know about Wenger but I am wondering how we are going to integrate all of returning stars in the midfield buzzing with confident players.


I’d say do it based on merit. Shit game for Ozil? Here comes Santi! Giroud trying to clobber the old bloke in Row Z instead of scoring? Bring on Dat Guy! And so on. I think having less game time and also having that game time more spaced out due to rotation should help cut down on injuries too.


We could easily play a different midfield each week if everyone’s high on confidence. It’d be beautiful.


Glad Theo is back. Shame about the miss but he’s been out for a year, of course he’ll be rusty. A few games under his belt, then we’ll be talking


It’s certainly lifted my spirt.

My spirt is as lifted as it’s ever been in fact.

the gunner

Easily the best player weve had in the last decade just too bad we dont have any other player the same calibre. I fear he will have an even better season next season when fully settled and will realise the hierachy at the club are content with a 4th place ‘trophy’ causing him to get pinched by those that want real trophies.

David Roberts

Midfield should have Rosicky every time that he’s fit – he’s not only an excellent passer, he runs after his opposite number just as Alexis does, plus he’s able to dribble/drive at goal. He should start every game. Same for Santi Cazorla – has the best passing touch on the team, and he’s picked up energy defensively after watching Alexis and Rosicky attack their men. Walcott should stay on the bench unless everyone else is injured or unavailable. He’s never been a competent goal scorer, although he definitely has other positive aspects to his game. Just don’t put him in… Read more »


Sorry, but this just sounds like “Wenger should play my favorite players!!”


Go home ‘the gunner’, you’re drunk.


Give it a rest

kampala gooner

Please restrain yourself from sitting on your thumb


off topic but: did Özil gain some muscles during his time off the pitch? Did anybody else notice that he looked way stronger yesterday?

Gandalf the Gooner

He’s been looking like he’s made all kiiiiiinds of gainz.

I jest with my lifting speak obviously… Sometimes i dream about an Alexis goal assisted by Özil, i cannot wait for the rest of this season


Yeah, he spent a lot of time in the gym working on upper body strength apparently while he was off with the knee injury, since he couldn’t do anything else to keep fit.


I imagine he’d did some strength work in the gym. Walcott and Ramsey have done that when they’ve been out for long spells as well. Can imagine Jack is on the weights too.


I don’t see Wenger replacing Carzola or Chamberlin in the lineup for a while with how they’ve been playing, but do see him potentially bringing Ozil in soon (maybe not vs City, but the next match) for Rosicky. All agree Ozil is much more effective in the middle and with Sanchez, Chamberlin, Walcott and Welbeck all nearly healthy that gives plenty of options on the wing so best spot to play Ozil is with Carzola in the middle (though I wish there were more opportunities for Rosicky). I think Wenger needs to stick with Rosicky vs Ciyt on the road… Read more »




Great performance by all. Made them look like the pile of shit that they obviously are. Shouldve been 6.0. And even though we won stoke are up there with the spuds chavs and mancs as one of my most hated teams. Rugby teams are less dirty. Cunts.


Anyone else a bit surprised we didn’t move for Nastasic?


Man City does not sell to rivals, we have had a shameful policy in the past where we’ve sold our players to whoever puts forth money on the table. It does not mean that other teams will do the same thing. Clubs does not normally sell good players to rivals. And yes, I do realise it had to do with financial restrictions.


It’s a loan, isn’t it? As a rule Arsene he hates loaning (in, not out) young players.

There is a buy option, but it’s apparently pretty high, plus they’re paying a pretty big loan fee.

Arsene is definitely in the “buy, don’t rent” camp in general. I can see why he didn’t think this was good value for money, and no matter what we think about it, value for money is something very important to him.


He also wouldn’t be champions league eligible for us (which is true for Schalke too, but I guess not a big deal to them). The the extent that a new CB is meant to be defensive cover he’s not much use if he can’t cover in the most important games of all should he need to.

Mr Brain Is a Gunner4life!

Nastasic is a very decent defender. But I reckoned he won’t wanna face the same situation at Arsenal as he is facing at city right now. That will obviously be the case if he eventually signed for us.

steveafc forever

Virgil van djick from Celtic will sign soon I can see it in the tea leaves


Its great the way Van Gaal has turned it around up at Old Trafford.

Sorry people, I just couldnt help myself there!


Same points as Moyes after same number of games. Seems like a good use of £140m or whatever it was!

kampala gooner

@ ger its a storm in a tea cup kind of sitution. But they would like to believe different.


Sorry for the off-topic post..
is the Debuchy incident not punishable retrospectivly given the referee did not spot it. It was clearly an unwarranted push…
Just reasing news about the extent of his injuries..poor chap…

Man Manny

Ramsey, Carzola, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ozil, Ox, Walcott, Alexis, Welbeck and Giroud in one team? That’s an insane amount of midfield and attacking talent to have in one team.
That team shouldn’t be struggling with teams like United(on current form), Spurs, Liverpool and Soton in the league.
Injuries and dodgy defending has been our bane.
The one is clearing and I hope Arsene fixes the other.
We can have a team capable of the premier league title again in the next two seasons.


I don’t understand why some think Theo will be a prolific goal scorer.
Flog him off to Man City if he messes around with contract talks IMO

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