Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ozil eager for comeback to spur comeback

Mesut Ozil says he’s ready to make a first team comeback for both Arsenal and Germany after watching club and country struggle in his absence.

The 26-year-old has been out for three months since suffering knee ligament damage in the Gunners 2-0 defeat at Chelsea in early October and is due to return in January after successful rehabilitation from surgery.

Speaking to homeland publication Bild, Ozil revealed: “I’ve worked hard with Klaus Eder in Donaustauf and with Arsenal, and I finally want to return to the pitch. It’s been a bitter time [watching on the sideline].

“I really want to help my teams to catch up, Arsenal and the national team. In the Premier League things can still happen, we’re still in the Champions League and in the European Championship [with Germany] we’re still qualifying and need to start scoring.

Looking back on 2014, Ozil said he felt satisfied with the way the year had gone, despite two prolonged spells out with injury.

“In my first year at Arsenal we’ve ended a nine-year wait for silverware by winning the FA Cup and in Rio, I’ve become a world champion.”

Arseblog News thinks the above is, for want of a better word, ‘nice’.

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Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

We miss and need you Mesuti…Theo and Alexis need those slicky passes..

German Gunner

Yea, we were winning everything when we had them playing….


The three have never played together.


We need some positivity and Ozil being on the pitch can only be a positive for us!
Hopefully over the next few weeks, we get some players back from injury and some new players signed and go on a massive win streak! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


Probably don’t speak for all fans but he has been a huge miss.


Fans saying that he wasn’t a huge miss knows nothing about football. He is a massive miss. He is our best creator we have in this team, lol.

Great to have Özil back! :3

Finsbury Park Gooner

It’s not that black and white mate. There’s a pretty big middle ground between worshipping Ozil and knowing nothing about football.


Yeah but you don’t have to worship Mesut to say we’ve missed him hugely.


Even though I agree we’ve missed him, I don’t think it’s fair to say that people who disagree “know nothing about football”.


you speak for all fans except those weird ones that thumbed you down!

jack jack jack

It’s not just him though, it’s our whole midfield out. Starting a game with Coquelin and Chambers in midfield is completely incomparable to starting with a midfield of the calibre of Arteta, Ramsey (or Wilshere), and Özil. We’ve basically had a completely different team this season because of injuries. When we get our players back, we’ll see a huge, huge improvement without doubt.


Looks like you do


I love you Özil.

Please come back and make the difference you did to us when you signed.

We f*cking need something…
About 50 less injuries would be useful.


All I want is Ozil and Walcott to be injury free for a whole season. Once this has been completed I shall put on my monocle and twiddle with my moustache and laugh away at all the Chelsea fans.


And top hate, how did I forget the top hat?!
Damn this should be a new marketing plan for the Pringles face


Whenever Ozil don’t play, the team really struggles to create chances. We only realise how important he is, when he isn’t playing.


It’s not like we don’t create chances while Ozil was injured. It’s the fucking finishing that often frustatingly weak.

If only we were more clinical infront of goal, if only we were more dangerous in set pieces (with the abundant of corners and free kicks we got in a match) our defensive frailty would not be too exposed.

But having Ozil back is always a good thing.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Atleast we know he won’t be drifted to the wings..Let’s hope our season will begin quickly Asap..


Oh my goodness i MISS the shit out of this man. Come back and execute precise passes to Sanchez, Ox and co. Please?


Look forward to seeing him on the pitch again but we need a lot more than one player to return from injury and bloody quick n all.

Giroud's 6Pack

Ken Oath.

Hurry up son.


Ozil signifies everything that wrong with this current Arsenal team.
Lightweight and lacking character
I’m sure he’s become s better player through the duration of his injury….
He’s a handful of decent games in 2014 and for the rest he’s been complete garbage


your analysis and understanding of his contribution is complete garbage


Rich Cesc ain’t coming back you may as well get used to it.


I don’t agree either… the only thing they’re missing is fire. It’d be nice to see them come out on the pitch for once with a ‘f*ck you’ face like they’d be rallied to win.

I’ll never be Wenger out because I have more respect. But he does need to kick their arses into winners.

The soft approach isn’t working at the moment.

If Ozil ran into me with fire he’d knock me into last Tuesday.
None of them are lightweight.


I recommend you watch/listen a song called “Let It Go” by Gunnerblog. It’s on YouTube.


Injured players coming back will obviously benefit us but the cheque book has to come out and quick! Hopefully two players have already been lined up but I’m not holding my breath……

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Off topic. Mourinwhore’s wife:Jose wake up its 6.. The cunt:Have they scored another one?hahaha sorry had to share this one.


Hope we buy 1 tall strong technically gifted defensive midfielder who doesn’t mind putting his body on the line for the team to provide a platform for our magicians to work their magic. Don’t know where we can find one he doesn’t have to be expensive or well known but the old Wenger always could unearth a gem


Kondogbia… That is all.


If we’re dreaming, why not go for Pogba? He’s young, tall, tough, brilliant, and has PL experience.


I don’t think Kondogbia is a dream… Most unlikely until the summer though. Monaco would be tempted to sell for the right price (e.g. Falcao, Rodriguez). A dream Jan transfer window would be him and Schar. But this wouldn’t happen as both would be cup-tied for champs league and both are still involved in the competition with their respective teams.

My guess is a defender will come in this month…only Wenger knows who.

By the way Pogba is a box to box central midfielder like Rambo. He is naturally attack minded and at £60+m very unrealistic.

Ozil's chewingum

One problem with our team is that we are left way short in our aerial duels and our opponents bank on the probability of looping the ball in our 6 yard box and their forwards thumping it in. Just don’t know how that is going to be with our 5ish something high midfield. Is it just me who feels that we were beginning to see the best of Cazorla at 10. Wenger would waste either of them playing on the flanks. That seems a problem with current formation in use when both are fit. But still love to have him… Read more »


Oh yes Rich,Mesut Özil has been utterly garbage last season,I mean what kind of player he think he is?Dosen’t do fancy tricks and passes,and we paying him how much??He is nicking a living indeed,that’s why all the teams surround him not with one,not with two but three defenders,but screw all the pros let’s listen to Neil,Holt and Rich

AK 57

Any dates mentioned? Also, what about Ramsey? We can do with at least one of those two in forthcoming games against Stoke and City.

parker goon fishing

Good news enough said

Ex-Priest Tobin

The fact we bought this guy for 40m summarises everything that is ludicrous about Wenger’s transfer policy. Hugely overrated player.

Little Mozart

When Özil is back we are bound to improve our form in terms of quality and consistency.

It’s been a cruel struggle without our German genius.


Hope to see him as our main central playmaker and not wasted on the wing. and if he need to go to the wing, make it the right wing since he is more comfortable there than out on the left. When Real Madrid used him on the wing, it was primarily on the right side. But his best position will allways be number 10. if on the wing he need an experienced defensive fullback behind him who sits abit deeper to take care of the majority of defending and for the most part leave the final third to Ozil. Ozil… Read more »


Özil flanked by theo and alexis can only be positive


Does anyone know exacty when he is coming back. January is not exactly a precise return date?


The big question is will he be played in his favoured, most effective position? Sadly i think we know the answer.


A massive plus to have him back as soon as possible. I think midfield balance will be better serve when Flamini returns fro whatever spectre injury he is suffering from. That will mean in absence of Jack, Ramsey or indeed even Diaby as link player, we still have Rosicky or Ox (or indeed a more defensive Coquelin) who should be played next to Matthieu. Out wide, we have Walcott coming back into fold should Ox need to take on the more central berth. There is also Alexis. Santi maybe pushed wide or Ozil. Either can rotate as middle lynchpin. We… Read more »


If Ozil returns, it will also afford us opportunity to rest Alexis a bit and Santi. Both Chilean and Spaniard can take turns to get rested.

But first Walcott. We need to get him up to speed quickly and benefit from him. He is nearest in terms of return and more importantly return to form.

Will need a couple more games to effectively get back up to speed.


Play him in his best position with pace ahead of him then we will see the best of Ozil


What about Santi? One of the two, Santi or Ozil, will need to sacrifice the position they play best. Santi has been on fire, hitting his first season form. I’d hope they’d be rotated by Wenger or if played TOGETHER, THEY should fluidly contribute and not cancel each other out.

Ozil will make a difference coming back, no doubt. But I consider Theo, Koscielny and Arteta much more crucial returns that we need to bear fruit ASAP

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