Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Report: Arsenal 3-0 Stoke (inc goals & highlights)

Arsenal: Ospina, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Cazorla, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Szczesny, Bellerin, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott

Arsenal got their first Premier League win of 2015 with a comfortable, a times hugely impressive, win over a sly and violent Stoke City at the Emirates today.

Arsene Wenger made some positive changes from the team who beat Hull, with Ospina keeping his place and Koscielny and Debuchy coming in to make up a strong looking back four. With starts for Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ozil, Ramsey and Walcott on the bench, we looked to be close to full strength.

Arsenal started brightly and within the first two minutes Alexis produced a fine fingertip save from Begovic as he tried to curl a shot from just inside the edge of the box.

5 minutes in and a great driving run from Rosicky on the right hand side finished with another great save from Begovic. The resulting corner, was, as expected; rubbish, but Alexis picked up the clearance on the left wing and curled in a lovely cross for Koscienly to powerfully head home. 1-0.

Debuchy had to be stretchered off after a sly off the ball barge from Arnautovic left him in a heap by our goal. Bellerin came on to replace him, but the Frenchman suffered a dislocated shoulder in the incident and it’s not yet known how long he’ll be out for.

Oxlade-Chamberlain came close to making it two nil  when he picked up the ball in midfield fired a shot only inches wide of the post.

Arsenal kept up the relentless pressure and should have put ourselves clear with two good chances for Alexis and Giroud, one saved well from Begovic and the other blasted high over the bar when it should have been at least on target.

Stoke looked absolutely toothless in the first half but almost caught Ospina out by surprise when a wayward cross nearly crept in on his near post, but he was alert to the danger. Whelan then blasted well over the bar when, after a free kick, we allowed him a free shot on the edge of area that he should have done better with.

Then after Sanchez jumped on a loose pass from Nzonzi he played a lovely one two with Rosicky on the left hand side, skipping into the area and finishing neatly into the near post. Sexy stuff, 2-0.

As expected the half was peppered with nasty late challenges from Stoke throughout, with Monreal taking an elbow to the face and Mertesacker having a few afters with Crouch. Giroud and Shawcross were involved in a running battle throughout too, but there was no repeat of the QPR nonsense from the Frenchman despite the Head Orc’s attempts to wind him up.

Although in the 5 minutes of first half injury time Stoke had a few half chances we finished the stronger and took the two goal lead into the break.

The second half started brightly with a run from Chamberlain getting brought down on the edge of the box. Alexis stepped up to the resulting free kick and even though he blasted it straight it at the wall the ball deflected off the wall and squirmed through Begovic’s hands in slow motion to creep into the corner. 3-0.

With us three to the good the game looked to be going through the motions, Stoke blasting over from a speculative free kick and Arsenal generally keeping the orcs at arm’s length.

We kept probing though, and the evergreen Alexis made a few probing runs that were causing problems in the Stoke defence.

After some unnecessary showboating from the Ox in our own half Stoke almost pinched one back when a decent cross was headed just wide of Ospina’s near post.

We always looked dangerous though, with Rosicky and Alexis constantly harassing their defence. Oxlade and Carzola combined together beautifully on their right hand side to put Santi through, but at a very tight angle he tried an audacious chip and it clipped the bar and went over.

That was the Ox’s last impact on the game as he was replaced by Walcott on 67th minute.

The game was really stagnating at this point, as both sides seemed content just to play out the game, but the crowd gave a lovely reception to welcome back Mesut Ozil, as he replaced Giroud on the 72nd minute.

Alexis tried a cheeky lob from distance just because he can do whatever he wants these days and Stoke then laughably had a goal disallowed when Cameron chipped over Ospina but was ruled offside from a headed Crouch pass.

We had a great chance to make it even more embarrassing for Stoke when we countered brilliantly with Alexis leading the charge, and when he fed Walcott through for a clean one on one he showed his rustiness again by dragging his shot wide. You sense a goal for Theo would really help his comeback no end.

Cazorla then fed a perfectly weighted pass for Ozil down their right hand side but Ozil lacked composure in his finishing and blasted high and wide.

Ospina then justified his starting place with a few commanding claims in his area and a smart save down low to his right.

As the game petered out Alexis kept up his relentless energy with a driving run but was cut out with a sliding challenge on the edge of their area.

In the end it couldn’t have been more different from the game at the Britannia Stadium in December. Arsenal controlled the game from start to finish and thoroughly deserved the three points.

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Excellent all round today and of course another absolutely fantastic performance from our star man Alexis. Probably the most comfortable I’ve been watching a match all season. Now let’s do the same at the Etihad!

Silent Stan't Content Mustache

3-0 and you are not going home! 🙂


Go on Alexis!!!


At the britania things can be complicated and it will end up being a close game.. But at the emirates.. Its a NO CONTEST! Coyfg(Come on you flying guns)! You’ve got a happy guy here! Next up is man city! And yes i’m lovinq Lee Coq!


Quick recovery debuchy! Bellerin has a massive task next week!




Wenger better not drop TR7 or santi next week. But knowing him…he probably would…damn


Lets not forget Le Coq, He’s also doing well. 🙂

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

It sure feels good when your Coq gets some action, after such a long time being neglected!


Everyone is going to point to the obvious…. Sanchez, Ozil back etc, which is all excellent don’t get me wrong, but what a solid player Monreal has turned out to be. also, there’s a new HFB……… Hector fucking BELLERIN !


That spell playing in the centre really improved Monreal as a defender. Has hardened him up a lot and he’s competing very well. Good competition now for the left back spot


Agreed. He’s been impressive for a while now. Intelligent defender, just felt he wasn’t physical enough to play as a cb.


This injury crisis last few weeks has resulted in the rebirth of our Midfield Mozart Rosicky. We are a different team with him in it.

Also, Özil is big. Those pecs and delts won’t do him any harm in the PL. Gotta love them gains!

Ospina is so good he gets nothing to do. And his chant is hilarious. OOOOOOOOOOOOSPINA!

Scott P

Lee Dixon was the commentator here in the US and was complaining that he was at Arsenal for 15 years and never had a song, and Ospina is making his debut and already has a song lol

Don Cazorleone

remember when Koscielny complained that he wanted his own song?

“He wants his own sooooong”


Has he got a song yet? The man deserves his name sung!!

Freddys Hairdye

I watched the game online and heard him say that as well. He genuinely seemed pretty pissed off!


There was also a point where he was having a good laugh when the announcer in the stadium said the trains to Stoke had been delayed/cancelled.


Positive for Özil was in that first 15 mins back, he already looks sharper (and hungrier) than Walcott.

He’s still not up to speed, but there were already a few touches that remind you of what we were missing — like the outside of the boot clip to Monreal. Stuff in the: ‘Did he really mean to do that?’ category.


Ozil has an other-worldly talent. He possesses the innate ability to conjure plays which confuse defenders…they quite literally cannot imagine what he might do.


Rosicky is life. Seems indispensable to our attacking flow with his passes and touches.

But of course. He’ll be dropped next week v. City by Mr. Wenger and it’ll be back to usual.


Exactly my feeling as well.


jog on!


He’ll be dropped for Ramsey, most likely, who is better. I love our little mozart as much as almost anyone- but I’d keep Ox add Ramsey and Leave ozil on the bench.


Ozil and Ramsey are not match fit. Reckon only change will be Bellerin for Debuchy


No way, are you serious? OK, Rambo has a good engine and is strong but he doesn’t have the experience or ‘football brain’ that TR7 does plus he has become just as injury prone it would seem.


Sanchez and Koscielny must have played the 1-2 with the longest time interval record for that opening goal


Heh. One thing is that where Alexis gets all the credit, how smart it was for Koscielny to peel back in and time a run so he was unopposed when the ball comes in.


Stoke VS Arsenal = Close game!
Arsenal VS Stoke = NO CONTEST!
Its as simple as its always been! I hate stoke so much the only time i actually support them is when the play united! Lol says so much about my likeness for united


Only problem though is they bend over for Man U, atleast as long it that fellow Pul-his or someone was their manager!


Comfy for Arsenal.

Orc-ward for Hughes.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Nice word play not Alexis nice though..


More like the Arsenal we know. Same performance next week please.

La Défense

Where would the Arse be without Alexis!

Also, Arsene’s Coq had a good game today again.


Almost the best complement you can give for a DM, is when you barely notice they were there. Coquelin just quietly getting on with his job.

Perry S.

I really hate when people say, “where would we be without Alexis.” granted, it’s true in nature, but Arsene bought him for an apparent reason and it’s proving true. same as moronho buying costa, and city buying aguero. all big teams have a star they depend on in clutch situations, but these past few weeks have been team performances. that said, he’s been the buy of the summer without a single effing doubt.


I’m sure Costa and Fabregas could challenge for buy of the summer

Let’s see come the end of the season


As far as importance to the team- especially in recent matches as he has grown to the role, Alexis has them both smoked.


And no cards…great going for him


absolutely lovely that. we need an option against the mancs. however I have my doubts if he will play. remember flamini has scored against them in the not so distant past.


We could see Coquelin and Flamini start against city. Tighten things up a bit and play on the break more


Especially with Debuchy out I think this is probably quite likely.

Silent Stan't Content Mustache

No trains back to Stoke? Get back on your horses you useless cunts. Great win, just goes to show last game was a fluke. Alexis- great. Walcott- rusty, but to be expected. Nice to see Ozil back. Bring on Man Sheikhty.


Words cannot describe how much I love the force that is Alexis and the utter disdain I have for that entire bag of cunts that is Stoke. Every single one of those bastards should go straight to hell. Proud of the entire team today, exactly what we needed….not just 3 points but a convincing display ahead of the trip to Middle Eastlands. The midfield was fluid, fast, aggressive and were supported by a firm Coq. If there was any question of us buying a defender in this window that has been put to bed with Debuchy going down. We may… Read more »

Atletico Islington

Middle Eastlands, class

Scott P

It’s always great to be supported by a firm Coq but it’s ugly scenes when there’s just too much pressure. Hoping I don’t see that next week


Spot on. How are those Stoke tossers allowed to get away with the hideous fouling? So glad we beat them convincingly.


Remember when Charlie Adam attempted to strangle Alexis? More of the same from leg breakers and assholes- great meaningless Cameo from Ireland… Mark Hughes could do nothing. Absolute Shit Bags all of them.


And despite all their atrocities, what still amazes me is how the co-commentator who happens to be Jim Beglin on this side kept defending Stoke’s horrible antics. They couldn’t even count as tackles anymore.

Marko Arnatovic’s shove on Debuchy was just needless and mean, he didn’t even go back to have a look see when Debuchy didn’t get up.

Jim Beglin is a clueless tosser, and Stoke City are going to hell. I can feel it, you can’t be this evil and make heaven. No Sir!


Fuck Stoke, twice!


Good point on Jenkinson. No one wants to see him sold, but is he equal to or better than Debuchy or Bellerin, or Chambers for that matter? We have three good RBs on the senior roster. I could see converting Debuchy into a DM, I suppose, and Chambers is halfway towards becoming a CB, but would Jenko want to return as Bellerin’s understudy? I really doubt it, after his excellent run in the EPL with West Ham. Tough problem. Normally, you’d never want to let a guy like that go, but he has to play.


We really do need a chant for Alexis


Alexis Sanchez. OMG what a player! The lad is gonna become an arsenal legend if he continues like this. Absolutely amazing performance from the entire team as well.


Could get used to more of this stuff.


Cazorla was utterly fantastic. Genuine question, was Sanchez always this good for Barca or is he in the form of his life this season? If he was this good they were mad to let him go. Better than Suarez.

Think Gooner

Both. He was this good at Barcelona but he is also in the form of his life. At Barca, he was a bit part player, had injuries and was left on the bench a lot. Also didn’t help that he played in Messi’s favoured position.


He was always this good, but in the 2 big spanish clubs there’s only one player that “can shine” (messi and ronaldo), so he wasnt such a focus for the team as he is for us now


Great to see some of the injured players back.

Now time for AW to buy the bloody defensive reinforcements!

Big Chief from Antarctica

I won’t let those rampaging Orcs ruin the fact I’ve seen Arsenal get stuck in against them and kept playing their beautiful passing game to an old fashioned victory. Marvelous to see. Get well Debuchy!


Pissed all over the Orcs


If sanchez ever needs a kidney he’s welcome to mine


He already has my heart.


And my axe!


Alexis can have my wife.



Perry S.

he’s got a lovely coq in the squad too.


One piece of shite Crouch shot at our goal…I’ll take that


Rosicky & Cazorla combination is magic….wish we found it earlier in the season…both of them remind me of modric…it’s like we have 2 modrics in the middle…ramsey and wilshere be damned


also I believe Coq had his best game so far, the back 2 behind him and the front two in front of him were so comfortable…

A Yank

I don’t pull for people to get hurt, but Stoke are not people. So happy for the 3 points but a little sad no Stoke players were carted off.




That was so comfortable I nearly fell asleep… More please!!!


For contrast, I was ecstatic the whole game. Either way, COYG !


Very good performance..The team put on a show for Messrs Henry and Pires…What a glorious sight it is whenever legends pop by the emirates.


Only paddy Viera was missing, my three legends after Liam Brady…..


Sadly, Paddy has been seduced by the dark-side.

We can only hope it is only temporary.


This is what we are capable of. Its a shame that we are this far behind when we are as good as the others who are on top at the moment. Injuries are killing us and its not the fact that Wenger didnt get a fourth centre back. He did get Sanchez and he is a Superstar of Theiry Henry calibre and now they need to make sure he retires from football with Arsenal in a decades time.


I was worried after Debuchy got stretchered off but thankfully Bellerin was fantastic after coming on. He made some great tackles.


I was not worried about the game after debychy injury i knew we would destroy them, i’m worried about debuchy and the what injury he had i hope he is all right and nothing serious he would be unluckiest man if he suffer another lengthily spell on the sidelines.


The Coq was well positioned for 90mins…Great stamina and workrate..Provides Hard steel down the middle.

Perry S.

he was making some really great touch passes too. really love that he’s growing with each match.


The Coq has nailed that spot in the middle.


Hes definitely found his spot..Like a G

Scott P

I could watch that Alexis goal at the near post forever

Victor Kimuyu

Alexis is clearly EPL transfer if the season and on course to be player of the season. Walcottt need to shake off the cobwebs really. Rosicky got good chemistry with Le Coq. Otherwise though we had a less eventful second half, i think there was something regal about our play. Now lets take same confidence and the Alexis work ethic to to next game.

happy gunner

That is by far the best we have played this season. Unbelievable. I had a really really shit day yday and this morning, but that has really put a smile on my face, not because we beat the orc’s but because of the manner we did it in. I just hope Wenger gets that centre back, and le coq continues to play so well. I don’t think Wenger will sign a cdm this window, and if coq can play this well to the end of the season, we can concentrate on a cdm at the end of the season. Thank… Read more »


Hopefully the Orc blood went down smooth with a nice polished finish…



That Alexis finish at the near post sure was nicely polished


Stop signing NC at the end of every god damn comment. Idiot.


Yeah, seems really annoying.



I’m going to start doing this just to piss off Moonie.



Was thinking the same about CDM. It feels like if Coquelin can keep playing as well as he can, the three guys we have can see us through to the summer, and maybe then pick up a long-term replacement. With Debuchy today (hope its not half as bad as it looked), it just adds highlights the need for a central defender or 2 as our main priority this month. By the way, what’s the odds that Arnautovic’s push on Debuchy is whitewashed out of any media reports on the game, when the guy should be banned for it. — He… Read more »

obvious stater

Banned for a push? Ohhhh kayyyyy, there wouldn’t be anyone left to play ever.


Yes, Debuchy was off his feet, it was deliberate and really dangerous, as proved by the fact our player suffered a serious injury.


Beat me to it. It was deliberate, off the ball, and on a player traveling at speed off the pitch.

Arnautovic might not have predicted he’d cause Debuchy to go down and collide with the advertising boards, but in the end Its not about intent; simply consequences.

Arnautovic laid hands on another player, who suffered a serious injury because of it. As a comparison, remember what Giroud did to earn a 3 match ban recently.

Victor Kimuyu

I was actually peeved by how the commentator kept on about how he never meant any harm. Same case for the Crotchman and his clumsy cuntsy self. The game stalled at least twice on account of the Crotchman challenge on our players. Monreal and the Coq all felt the heat of the Crotch. Not pleasant and worse so when the officials dont give a fuck!

obvious stater

If you say so as long as you are happy for arsenal players to be banned too for pushes.

This site seems to be really over reactive.


A push in the middle of the pitch is quite different from one out of play where every one of those supposed professionals knows there are dangerous obstructions. You could see by the expression on his face and movement he had no innocence.

It just so happens this is an Arsenal focused blog, in case you couldn’t deduce that. What do you expect? Leniency for a bunch of dirty cheating cunts that injure our players every time we match up? Ha.

Scott P

Approximately 75.34% of statistics are made up half the time

Andy Mack

Does that mean 24.66% are made up all the time or?????

Victor Kimuyu

Naa. Just the other half of the time. Two unequal halves baby!!! The other half must be the Fergie half! But I blubber.


I fucking Love this! Amazing!

AK 57

Rosicky, Cazrola, Alexis all combine very well. They seem to be on same wavelength. I won’t changed this until returning players are upto speed. I loved all the defensive work done by Rosicky as well. Helps back 4 and coqueline immensely. Everyone done their bit today, no negatives except Debuchy’s injury. I really hope he is back soon.


What a dirty bunch Stoke are. I’m glad we finally gave those apes the stuffing they deserve!

YouTube Graduate



‘Stoked’ but with class… COYG, roll on…..

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Sadly for the Orcs Rugby is banned by the Emirates..Sanchez best thing since sliced white bread??


Excellent performance and a clean sheet.
What is Sanchez doing defensive dribbles along our goal line to dispossess an Orc? Amazing. Then in the 71st minute he collects the ball practically inside our area and drives up field to the edge of their area to create a chance. An assist and two goals. A complete performance
A notably good defensive contribution from Cazorla too.

gooner bank

Too easy almost hoping that stoke would give us something

Man Manny

Second half of the season, here we come!
Our fully fit squad is a joy to behold.


I think barring Giroud and koscielny at certain times the players we played today weren’t really injured for most of the season. It’s just a matter of selection and playing the right players at the right position


Of the players we played today … Ospina was injured most of the season. Debuchy was injured most of the season. Mertesacker has been injured this season. Koscielny was injured most of the season. Monreal has been injured this season. Rosicky was injured most of the season. Cazorla has been injured this season. Oxlade-Chamberlain has been injured this season. Giroud was injured most of the season. Ozil was injured most of the season. Walcott was injured for all of the season. In terms of selection, the other three (two, really, since Coquelin’s been away on loan) kind of pick themselves,… Read more »


Great performance and win! Can’t ask for anything more from the team.

Also fuck Marko Arnautović!!! Hope Debuchy get better quickly.


I think Giroud might have made his full debut against Stoke, and if there’s one thing I’ve really liked about Ollie since day one it’s the way he holds his own against cunts like Shawcross. That slap to the mouth was beautiful.



The Chief Orc doing a man-marking job on him also meant that he tied down their best (? — can you call him that) defender, making it harder for them to deal with all of our other threats.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Is it only me or does Arnoutivic look like a clit…

obvious stater

Are you saying you’d like to lick him?

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

I’d prefer spitting out of disgust..

True Red

All cunts have a clit


Same team against City next week, changes not necessary at the moment. Cannot see were Ramsey would fit in if everyone is fit


I’m sure Debuchy will be fit by then.


It’s almost like players returning from injury imporove our team…further research is still required

obvious stater

I think Rosicky and Coq have been where and how our team has improved over the last few weeks both of whom weren’t injured

Andy Mack

Rosicky has been injured this season!


Not Koscielny at all, or Giroud huh?

Dale Cooper

I hope Bellerin starts next Sunday, I really like watching him. Great prospect.


In a way I agree, because he is that good, but that is most likely going to happen because Debuchy’s confirmed with a dislocated shoulder, so leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Dale Cooper

Yeah, I mean over Chambers, who is also a great prospect, but definitely seems better at CB with Kos beside him than at RB.


No arguments with that.

To be honest, at this point its a shame we cannot recall Jenks, and use Chambers as CB cover (where he will probably end up).


Chambers is Cback cover.

He will probably end up in midfield which is what Wenger has mentioned 3 times now.

Forget Jenkinson, we will have Bellerin who is a more technical player


Considering Debuchy is 29, while Jenks is 22 and Belerin 19, I’d want both of the younger guys in our squad.

If Jenkinson can make himself first choice RB at the Spammers in 3 months, we really should want him back.


Well deserved win and one of the best performances from the team this season. Coq again impressive. What I really like about Coq is that he is always looking to pass the ball forward. Hardly any passes to the back or sideways.


Was worried when debucy had to be taken off but boy did bellerin put in a very commendable shift,both offensive and defensively,also seems to have built some upper pdg strength,did very well against a physically much bigger arnautovic, le coq,you are the answer to the dm connondrum! Agree with one of the comments above,the same team against citeh will be great!


That Bojan was sh*t


Alexis wow he just gets better. Would be awesome if he tears Nasri and co apart next week!!!!


I’d love to see it and I believe that we might. Sadly Sanchez scoring 1 or 2 goals would help little as our defense is really really weak. If we go away from there without losing it will be a miracle. That’s how bad our defense is..


With Toure missing and Aguero and Kompany just coming back and a little rusty we have a good chance next week.


A “rusty” Kompany is preferable above a Mertesacker. And Agüero is one of the best strikers in the league in my honest opinion. I rate Koscielny as a good defender, but for Mertesacker? He is average at best. Kompany and Agüero will if anything be hungry to get back out there after their periods out. The offensive aspect of arsenal is second to none in the league, but our defense is really struggling.


I never get used to people describing a world-cup winner with over 100 caps for Germany and their first choice for a decade as average.

He has limitations, partly due to his age and height, but that is what Koscielny is for. The way the two play off each others’ weaknesses is why it works.


Fuck off…. Striker…. you are not an Arsenal supporter….

Victor Kimuyu

Tis kinda hard to imagine him better than he is. Yet he does make us adjust that attitude time and again. What a consummate player!


I’m just glad Rosicky is finally getting major playing time. Had that one moment in the first half where he just burst into their box and took a shot , magical little chap !

Good three points , more of the same please.


Absolutely amazing stuff from the boys today! Our midfield bossed the game for the full 90 and I just loved Girouds karate chop in the first half to the cunt prince Orc (thankfully not seen by the ref)!! Givin some back for the choke hold on Alexis a month back. Rosicky is so quick still, the man looks 24 out there and him alongside Alexis close down so quickly, loved seeing them play together!

Well it is a well deserved points! But how soon do we forget what AW has made us pass through? Let us recall Jenkinson and buy Carvalho. We shall be home and dry with that. Let us conquer Ethihad…Nasri,Sagna and Glitchy.


Goals change games, Alexis has it in him to change what you think you saw!


Great team chemistry today, and good supporting roles played by Coquelin and Monreal. The Sanchez-Cazorla-Ozil trident MUST be allowed to flourish. Apologies to Wilshere, Ramsey and others but those three are our best chance right now. And I say Fook Hughes and his minions like Arnautovic , but I will refrain from insulting the good name of Stoke today because, as he reminded today with his absolutely brilliant and very funny co-commentary on NBC, they did give him his chance in football and eventually transferred us one of our legends. Such a relief to listen to non-offensive commentary on an… Read more »


Er, you forgot Rozza!

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