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Report: Podolski storms out of training, not in Southampton squad

The Mirror are reporting that Lukas Podolski will not be available for today’s game against Southampton after leaving training in something of a strop.

It’s alleged the German international complained of a groin injury which, reading between the lines, isn’t really an injury at all but more a reaction to life on the bench and Arsenal’s unwillingness to let him leave the club in the January transfer window.

Podolski has complained in recent times that he hasn’t been given enough playing time, but speaking at his press conference this week, Arsene Wenger said he wanted the former Cologne and Bayern Munich man to stay.

Whatever the truth of the situation, not having Podolski today would certainly weaken the squad, and if there’s a refusal to take part then it doesn’t reflect well on him.

However, he might also have hurt his balls or his mickey or his groinal region, so who really knows? We’ll see later on how it impacts us.

In the meantime, happy new year to you all. Why don’t I have any bacon?

Update: Podolski’s response via Instagram #aha #rightofreply #hurtmickey

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remember the invincibles

Happy New Year Poldi.

Arsenal News

He’s on 100K a week and is nowhere near the first team, money could be spent a lot better especially if we sign a world class CB or DM in January (Unlikely) who wants high wages


Wenger’s selection has been based on stupid sentiments and foolish arrogance. I don’t blame Podolski one bit if he refused to play! #Wengerout

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

This is the dumbest comment of the year and it will take an absolutely more ridiculous comment to top this. And we’re only a few hours into 2015. Podolski is not playing because he can’t play alone through the center and he is a defensive liability when he plays on the wing. This team is currently very reliant on the strikers helping defensively from the front. That’s why Sanchez, Welbeck, and Ox have been playing and podolski has not.

If you know football you won’t make such a stupid comment

obvious stater

I know football and I know that Ozil is a defensive liability but gets defended to death on here. Podolski is more productive than Ozil at the other end of the field too.

On here we also love attacking the English media who love players who run arrrrrand a bit but we say we arsenal fans know better. But let’s lambast Podolski cos he doesn’t run arrrrrand like a headless chicken.

I fucking love hypocrites.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Obviously you either don’t watch Ozil or you don’t have an eye for what you’re watching. Ozil does help defensively although he gets brushed off easily and not a very good tackler but he does fall back a lot and at least attempts to defend. You’re just spouting off what you read on Twitter from people who don’t know the game


#moreplayingtime #dontlike10minutecameos #transferwindow #aha

Dale Cooper

Funny, he didn’t seem to have a problem with sitting on the bench at the world cup.

Dale Cooper

After reading his comment on the situation on Twitter, I hereby retract my angry comment. Should probably know better than to believe the shite that journos write for a living.


Instagram. Dunno if it’s kosher but, if it is, very dignified from Poldi and John Cross ought to be blushing: ‘I try not to comment on stories I see in the papers, but when I read something that questions my commitment & love for the club then I must speak up! Here ‘the Mirror’ have tried to make a story out of nothing. I find it incredible that newspapers are allowed to print pure lies to get people’s attention. In order to ‘storm’ off the pitch you have to actually be on the pitch in the first place, I spent… Read more »

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego


he forgot #aha


Exceptional response from Poldi. That dumb fucking cunt Cross should be fired.


Do you expect him to try to force through a transfer to another international team during the next window?…


He wanted a #BreakFromTheBench.


Its a difficult one with him. He has the best strike in our team & we all know that. He can finish when he’s inside the box, but for some reason, we have never seen him scoring against the big matches or consistently. Too often he goes missing. It isnt that Wenger hasnt given him chances. He have had plenty of chances in last 2 seasons both as a left Winger as well as Striker. Its a shame he could not establish himself. I dont think Boss is to blame for that. & then if you have a choice between… Read more »

obvious stater

How has he failed? Has more goals per minute than anyone in the league I believe?
He’s been great when he’s been on as a sub this season and against Galatasary. What more do you want him to do? Apart from run arrrrrand a bit, which of course we don’t like at arsenal.

Cyril Washbrook

He probably only meant to duck out for a toilet break, but once he finished in the bathroom he realised that he couldn’t track back.

Hank Scorpio

Funny that, he never plays but we keep conceding goals on the break because players don’t track back. Yet somehow he gets singled out for not doing that.


thats because he isnt welbz “dozen shots not goal but lol workrate”

Giroud Awakening

We all know the Mirror’s track record for making up bare faced lies. ‘Storming out’ implies that he threw the toys out of the pram, which doesn’t sound like Poldi. Maybe you have to take this injury at face value as actually being an injury. No other paper has reported on him storming out so I wouldn’t take much notice of it.


I hate players who try to force their way out of a team….. In as much as u are still under a contract I don’t see any reason to boycott training not even in the presence of Le Prof. Happy New Year fellow Gunners


Read the truth, they wasted your time.


We always complained of lack of depth…Wenger never really had a selection ‘headache’ for the past 5 years and he needs to realize he needs the rotation, keeping legs fresh and maximizing the return on his squad. Podolski could definitely play more, giving Alexis a breather in weak games…rotation is good for everyone ( 2-3 players max per game, when needed), but rotation only due to injuries won’t ever make us what we used to be …2004….


See Podolski’s latest Instagram post. Legend.


The sun says he has a hamstring problem. I just don’t know who to believe as the papers are just so honest!

Skinny Arse

That artical headline, where is it from? The Mirror tehe

Skinny Arse

That article headline, where is it from? The Mirror tehe


Love Poldi#


Hang on in there pod the f.a.cup starts soon.


I guess you guys need to check his Instagram post before we start making a hue and cry about this mirror story.


‘Pure lies’ per Poldi.

I’d rather not have to read ‘storms in a teacup’ ie made up stuff rebuffed soon after. Best to wait for the official comment or lack thereof.


You need to update this with his response or write another article


And the headline needs updating to save others the bother of reading.


of course Podolski would come up with a # for the malicious rumours #stormgate. Classy response too! Out of sheer morbid curiosity, is there any newspaper at all that prints ‘reports’ and ‘scoops’ that ever turn out to be true?? Anyone have an idea?


No, they’re all glorified bollocks. And not just the sports pages.
I do not understand why people still read this shit.


Extra, Extra! Read all about it!
Tabloid sports article turns out to be complete bollocks, pictures at 11.


I understand the frustration of life on the bench, but if it is true that he left training because of that then I’d be disappointed in him. He is obviously a good guy. So based on his professionalism, I’d guess the Mirror thinks this is a better story than Tony Pulpissssss at West Brom, which is similar to finding out that the Satan of Football has resurrected.

Edu You remember, the 21st night of September?

I was working at a hotel in the Shard last night, and Poldi called down for some room service. I think he just wanted to leave early and get a good seat for the fireworks. #aha

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

My guess is that negociations are advancing with Inter. Coaches do not play somebody who is set to go.

Thabu Nyirongo

hope pod is a good player who deserve to be a first choice player.wenger is just too stabbon,he cant give a chance.wenger is pretending as if he wants him stay but he really wants him sold.i love pod for sure he has always been a threat when going forward but wenger never gave him a credit.wenger has to really go cause this is a sign of old age.please pod tont go,you will have a chance at arsenal when wenger leaves before next season….wenger please go,pod stay,what a great player.


What are you on? I want some….whatever it is. Wenger scouted and brought podolski to the club, not the other way round. As they say: the tail never wags the dog.

Two Smoking Barrels

They’ve got to run with something, now the Chelskum Invincibles story has run dry 🙂

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