Thursday, December 7, 2023

Wenger: We’re working hard to find a defender

Arsene Wenger has outlined where his priorities lie in the January transfer window by revealing all his resources are being directed towards strengthening Arsenal’s defence.

The Gunners will be without Mathieu Debuchy for three months after the Frenchman dislocated his shoulder last weekend and with no orthodox back-up to Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker it’s obvious the club is sorely lacking in depth at the heart of their backline.

Talking ahead of Sunday’s game with Manchester City, Wenger confirmed where his focus lies for the remaining two weeks of the window.

“We are out on the market and we work very hard every day. All our scouts, all our people are working very hard to find a defender.”

Asked about reported interest in Borussia Dortmund’s midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, Wenger retorted: “He’s not a defender. At the moment we are more looking [to strengthen] the defensive department.”

Yesterday the boss was quoted as saying he was on the lookout for one or two players. It’s almost certain that 17-year-old Krystian Bielik will be the first of those with Wenger confirming a fee has been agreed with Legia Warsaw and that the player is undertaking his medical this afternoon.

After a short jog on the treadmill and a few star jumps Bielik will be led by Vic Akers to a backroom where Gary Lewin will begin amputating body parts en masse.

First a new shoulder for Mathieu Debuchy, then an ankle for Jack Wilshere. Nacho Monreal fancies some new teeth, Steve Bould is considering a hair transplant, while Santi Cazorla could be given new tibias in an attempt to make him taller.

Whatever is left will be given to Abou Diaby.

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Fireman Sam

C’mon Arsene, let’s not dick around with our defence – a decent loan to see us finish ahead of Utd please!


Isn’t a decent loan a bit of an oxymoron? Hard enough to find a club willing to part with a good defender for cash!


Manure, have only the prem to play in. Look at Liverpool last season compared to this season with champs league to contend with as well. Liverpool played around a third less games than the rest of the top 4.
I think this season we’ll get 4th as normal. In Feb we’ll also get knocked out of everything and be able to concentrate on the prem lol


Liverpools poor run of form is due to losing Luis Suarez to Barcelona and the Daniel Sturridge injury. They were key last season. A lot of competitions does certainly have an effect, but that is not the reason why they’ve been so shit.

Dick Swiveller

Indeed, and when they lost confidence in their style of play, the fact that it is based so much on quick transitions and great synergy, means they were back to square one.

Having said that though, the amount of energy they put in is a siginificant feature of their play and less rest does have an effect; look at how full of beans and confidenct Kos/Mert are after a weeks rest.

Gus Caesar

Two men don’t make a team. The reasons they’re doing awful this season are that they can’t defend a set piece, they have no legs in midfield and they’re overly-reliant on Sterling and Coutinho for creativity. They’ve p!ssed away much of their Suarez money on sh!te like Can and Lallana. As bad as we’ve been at times, we’re not as hilarious as Liverpool.


Two players dont make a team, but make a huge difference. Until 2 weeks back or so (I haven’t checked since), Liverpool conceded the same amount of goals as they did at the same time last season. They scored much less, though. They were as bad last year at defending as they are now. Steven Gerrard’s legs were as wobbly last season as they are now. If they’re over-reliant on Coutinho and sterling for creativity, its because they miss those exact two players that convert half-chances/fashion chances for themselves with pace or trickery.

#YOLO Toure

Think it shows how good a job Arsene is actually doing for us, keeping us competing across all these different fronts. Its easy to see how hard it actually is when you look at people like Liverpool, Man City’s first couple of seasons in Europe, when Sp*rs got in the CL etc.

Sure he could do better, but he’s not doing bad.

I think Man U are just shite, and they had a lot of average players even under Fergie, he was just amazing at managing them and getting inside all the opposing manager’s heads. And cheating.


Haha, yet another deluded supporter! Yes, Man Utd had a lot of average players under Fergie but he won trophies for them. Good managers wins trophies for their team with pretty ‘average’ sides. While bad managers wins nothing.

Gus Caesar

At least he is a supporter though. Unlike you by the sound of it…


I am a supporter of the arsenal not arsene wenger. Learn the clear difference.




No Fergi is not a as great a manager as he was a bully. It doesn’t matter if it was limited to his team but when the influence extends to match officials, it’s corruption. Man U will never the dominating force they were not because they had the greatest manager ever but because they will never have that kind of influence again – the kind Mourinho craves for. So while I get your sentiment about supporting our team and the manager (which I’m as well on the days the results are poor), you need to stop expecting such a behaviour… Read more »


I think it’s quite a stretch to say that Wenger has kept us “competing” across all these different fronts. We may be in them to his credit, but it’s not as if we are consistently anywhere near the top teams or have a chance to bring home the goods. We haven’t really had a chance to win anything in the last 4/5 years (besides the domestic cups, obviously ). But, given his resources, I absolutely think it’s fair to give him a little bit more time to get this team sorted out now that the shackles are off (or at… Read more »


You have some twisted logic, we’re a top club in London, deeper history than all those scum teams, stop looking down towards the pile of shit and compare ourselves with rag tag teams…We should be looking up and Utd as bad as they are….they won the league in the last 2-3 years, when we haven’t been close for more than 10..some perspective please…


True dat true dat, but wouldn’t be so confident on 4th, it’s depending on Arsene Weiner doing the dirty in window?


Please stop saying “dat” 🙂


Poor old Diaby, always get the short straw.


Diaby should be head of the queue

alexis' shorts

there wouldn’t be anything left…
If ever there was a footballer who would sign up to become the bionic man, it’d be Diaby.
“We can rebuild him, make him better, faster, less niggly”

Wait that sounds racist, would “niggle-proof” have been better?

alexis' shorts

I guess sometimes I just shouldn’t hit that “Post Comment” button
You win some, you lose some


OMG he hit the “post”!


Oooooh I love this website…


Nothing for Gibbs ? Well, okay


It really grinds my gears that Toby Alderweireld went to Southampton on loan in the last window we were “working hard” to find a defender. Someone who can cover CB, LB and DM would have been really handy.


Touché. Schneiderlin’s injured atm too, but I would still want him here 🙁


Schneiderlin got injured just thinking about a move to Arsenal – God help Beilik! 🙂


I love the wittiness. Every article is a story on its own.


It’s a wonder we never got our hands on, his entire career has been typical Arsenal-like.


*Phil Jones.


say what??

anthony arsenal

Who thinks Benedikt Howedes would be a good target for us?


He’d be a great target for us, right age and versatile at the back….. but he’s the captain at Schalke, plus they made the next round of the CL as well. Doubt he’d leave mid-season. Aldeweireld would have been great, but as someone pointed out above, he’s injured!

anthony arsenal

Yer so true just wishfull thinking hope he suprises us all with a big name defender


OMJAYPRAKASH PYARELAL HARISHCHAND is a possibly retired Indian defender if the source I got from Yahoo Answers is to be believed. Big name defender, right there!


Long name retired defender, were not that desperate…


everybody leans towards howedes but i’d just as soon take matip if we’re trying to buy from schalke. Younger and has played in midfield as well as defense.

Gus Caesar

Howedes is slow and clumsy. Better than no one though I guess.


Colin, not Gary Lewin right? I sincerely hope that Bielik isn’t ‘one’ of the ‘one or two players’…. luckily we play once a week this month. We’ll need that extra defender(s?) from February onwards.


If all else fails, all seeing Arsenal scouts…im right here 😉

Dale Cooper

Qualifications include being alright at FIFA 15 and once scoring an overhead kick at lunchtime at school.

Rohith J

Alderweireld really should have been an Arsenal player last summer. Sigh. Imagine Chambers on the bench as a 4th choice who could also cover DM. Koscielny could have taken his time to heal. Makes such a difference!

i want to boff chuba and im not even gay

I love it when fans say or managers say a player can play this position, that position, a bit of another position too. Seriously, how many of these ‘versatile’ players are any good at more than one position?? And don’t say what about Sanchez who can play on either flank, he plays all over the shop regardless. Paolo Maldini was a world class full back and centre back but how many others are there?


Alderweireld has played at CB, LB and DM for the club with the best defence in the league, so his versatility isn’t fantasy.


Not LB he played RB , he is naturally a CB but atletico played him RB and Belgium also. I think he never played LB.

gonzalo castro with leverkeusen; juan manuel vargas at fiorentina; adriano at barcalona; on our own team alexis plays across the front line, cazorla has played left, right, and centrally with distinction across his career and so has rosicky; lahm was know for playing fullback on either side before pep moved him to defensive midfield; and that’s just off the top of my head.


and cazorla was in shit form playing on the left…start playing players at their best position, we need one or two utility players but don’t make a whole squad out of them… and certainly don’t expect that utility player to count as two players when you’re short in a certain area of your squad

Gus Caesar

Why not say Sanchez? If he can play in multiple positions why can’t other players? Alderweireld is actually very versatile. My issue with him is that he’s a jack of all trades master of none. The problem for me is people just thinking of defenders out of desperation and then assuming that they must have good character etc and also that we have never enquired about him. I’m no ITK but the rumour I heard is that Alderweireld wanted guarantees of first team football.


That’s fantastic to hear. Whilst most sensible clubs spend the period between September and December identifying targets, Arsenal are scratching their heads playing hide and seek.


How do you know? ….. Who do you suggest would suit the team, slot in right now, is familiar with PL and is available?

AK 57

Last paragraph is worth a read…


Diaby should be given first preference for those body parts


I could join… I have played 2 matches in college at CB… Even scored a goal! But I am at the Twilight of my career and so will probably only get a one year contract.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Two weeks into the january window, we still need to find targets ? Aren’t we supposed to be improving our offers here and there for some of five primary targets or three plan B ?

Dick Swiveller

I suspect it’s some of Wenger’s trademark ‘screw you, I’m not going to tell you anything’ comments in transfer windows. Never believe a word out of his mouth during the window and you’ll enjoy things a little more.


“In my job I don’t know what a plan b is”. – Wenger 2k14

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Striker, you made an accurate statement but that applies to his career though. He doesn’t have going to Monaco, PSG or Stoke as plan B.


Lol, he does not have a plan b gameplan either if his regular predictable style of play doesn’t pay off. It is beautiful to watch but we’ll get so fucked against the top teams, Arsene Wengers style of play is all about the offense.


Striker, I really don’t understand why you don’t have Arsene’s job, you’d obviously be soooooo much better at it than he is?


I am not saying that he is a bad manager. Read again. I think we have been playing some amazing football under arsene wenger from an offensive perspective. But our defense has been incredible weak for too long parts of Wenger’s reign at the club. Which is one of the main reasons why we get humiliated by our league rivals time and time again. The big games are the highlights of the season for other clubs, but at arsenal you’ll go in to them knowing that we won’t do well. I am 100% positive that we’ll go to Manchester on… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

I hear that Jenkinson kid is pretty good…

Gus Caesar

Funny how absence makes the heart grow fonder. Jenkinson has found his level and won’t play another game for Arsenal. And if he wasn’t a Gooner nobody would give a sh!t.


His level being 3 points behind us? You are being too harsh on the Corporal. Still has a few years in front of him before we can truly say what level he will rise to.

anthony arsenal

Arsenal interested in Winston Reid just seen on sky sports news hhmmmmm

Gus Caesar

The bastion of truth…


How about that Danish defender we fancied 3 years ago, Simon Kjaer? He’s big, fast, strong and bit mean. He might be a bit of a headcase, though. Since we coveted him when he toiled for Palermo (with Cavani), Simon has spent a year each at Wolfsburg, Roma, and now he’s at Lille. So, in addition to his physical attributes he’s also likely a French speaker. Thoughts?

Gus Caesar

How about Sebastian Frey too, I know he’s a keeper but he could do a job in defence…


Are we hating the comment or Kjaer?


He will bring back Sol Campbell again

Gus Caesar

Or Stepanovs…


Aymeric Laporte


Not in January. He’d cost way too much and be ineligible for the CL


We are not going to win the Champions League, forget about it.. We’re a million miles away from becoming champions of europe. First we need to be the best team in England, which we are not. We are the 4th best club in England atm.

Chibuzor Amos

I love the last 3 paragraphs. Would anything be left for Diaby? Hope he is released at the end of the season.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Ryan Shawcross might be available. On the other hand, I’d rather leave the squad as it is.

Don’t be so hasty! We could kick the shit out of him in training!


Our priority must be a Cback. Last summer, Wenger brought in Alexis, Ospina, Debuchy, Welbeck. Hardly inactivity or allergy to spending. But he missed out on one critical element which has cost us this first half of season, a Cback. We had 7 defenders starting in Bellerin, Debuchy, Chambers, Koscielny, Per, Gibbs and Monreal. I think Wenger fooled himself into believing he could make do with Monreal, that Gibbs would stay fit and that Chambers was going to be an instant fit at Cback. We have struggled to keep a semblance of continuity at the back line and it comes… Read more »


We do not need a DM.

We need a Cback.

General feeling is wrong.


We need BOTH.


I hate the transfer windows, particularly January. We hope against hope that the perfect player can be bought. We all act like its an EA Sports game or fantasy and not one played with human beings. Chemistry plays a huge role; and who can predict chemistry? The meshing of system and player is another huge issue. Buy a great player, but put him in a system that doesn’t maximize his effectiveness and you get struggle. I don’t expect miracles. I hope for two things: 1. Players like Coquelin take advantage of their opportunities. My suspicion is that he’ll play better… Read more »


Well, Arsene Wenger had the possibility to fix the CB issue in the summer. What he ended up doing was buyig no-one. The current situation are because of arsene wenger failure to comprehend with our needs last summer. If you make a fail at work you do your best to repair that misstake when given opportunity. Which is why it is only realistic to expect that the CB he is bringing in ain’t completly shit.


Stepanovs, Luzhny, Vivas, Sylvinho, Squid, Sylvestre, Santos. I adore Arsene but defenders aren’t his best buys.


Super positive comment! Wenger says he is concentrating on signing a defender (maybe because he has already identified the midfielder he is signing… Brozovic?)

Ex-Priest Tobin

Spiranovic is the answer.


beyond me why we havent snapped up williams from swansea it was so obvious when vermalen left. but sure we can just hope for another 17 year old wonder kid.


Journo! “Is Winston Reid someone your are looking at?”
Wenger: “of course, we are looking to bring in a defender” – no denial from Wenger on Reid!


the one who tripped Cazorla in the penalty box and went nuts when a penalty was awarded.

monkey knees

After today, we are only a couple of points ahead of the terrible Liverpool. 6 or 7 behind the impressive Southampton. We need decent defensive reinforcements to chase Soton down and to not let a team like this season’s Liverpool to overtake us. I won’t even mention ‘them lot in White’!

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