Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Arsenal 1-3 Monaco – player ratings

Well that was like coming down on Christmas morning expecting to find a new bike but instead you see your mum sucking off Santa Claus but it’s not Santa Claus at all, it’s your dog.

Here’s how the players rated in our opinion.

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Arsene's handkerchief


teddy salad

What I’d like to know, Blogs, is how you got that picture with Martin O’Neil in background dressed up as some hipster Depeche Mode guy. That’s the real question. 12/10 stars to you, sir, if you have any more ‘gaffers’ photobombing a scene as absurd as the one above. Whoateallthepies would do well to get that page going.

Quick, Admiral Ackbar, what are your thoughts?


It’s a trap, that’s what it is!

On a more serious note, we played like that goo that is being ejected from the lad’s mouth 😛

Scott P

At least the goo shooting from that guys mouth did so with some gusto.


I’m sure I remember that photo. Was from DCU rag week in 1995 I think! The less said about that game the better, I just want to forget it!


at least we can concentrate on the 4th place trophy ! keep the open top bus ready !
and what the fuck are we doing persisting with Ozil ? its obvious he couldn’t be arsed . Please stop with this ” he layed a good ball off .. his quality will come through .. time to adapt ..” etc . Its plain to see ,the guy doesn’t want to be here

andre santos

!) Per mertasacker is too slow and this is like the 1000th time we ver been opened like that on the counter against good teams. (so embarrsing to watch) 2) Ospina and schenzny have a propensity do comical stuff every other match ! why didnt wenger go out and buy a keeper like de gea/loris/courtois/neur etc …. if you want to compete with the best you have a buy the best. i mean come on. Lehman, alumunia, fabianski, manone, schezny and and ospine. what do they all have in common ? its not just mistakes but stupid things that make… Read more »

andre santos

And whats the point in qualifying for champions league every year when we are only there to make up the numbers.
Even when we get an easy draw we go and bottle that as well.


Bonus rating – Wenger – 5


Wenger rating for me is 0 because of the first half. He set the team cowardly no to press passing slowly and waiting for monaco to come out and caught them like monaco aws barcelona or bayern munich, in my mind i’m sure if we have a go from the first minute pressing every one because we had the players they could not resist and i.m sure we should score which wold be a different game.


But how can Giroud miss so many chances? Wenger can’t do anything about that, he missed at least 3 sitters and Welbeck and Theo missed that opportunity before the ox goal. I don’t want to hear any more about lessons and mental strength, I’m gona forget about football until sunday and try and ignore all football conversations at work, I just wish were that simple…


Cos Wenger bought the twat. Giroud’s not up to it at that level, how much more proof do you need?


Yeh, 8 goals and 3 assists in 11 games. He’s wank! Put a bullet in him..

Dave Gooner

My 10 year old Gooner son had to go into a class full of jeering Chelsea and ManU fans today. Giroud should have had to go in his place.

Except he’d have missed the front entrance in.

Go Giroud, and go NOW. Put Danny in there instead. He knows where the goal is.


Your comment requires forgetting that with Giroud leading the line Montpellier won Ligue 1. That league included Lyon, PSG, Marseille, and Monaco. He had a shit game. A really shit game at a bad time. His mates were unable to pick him up. It was a shit game but it is one shit game. The sky has not fallen…………yet

Alright Mate

I disagree. Not Wenger’s fault we missed so many chances.if we had scored 1 or 2 of them, most likely we would not have copped counter attack goals for their 2nd and 3rd.



i often feel attackers should share the equal portion of blame for missed chances against defensive mistakes.



Mesut O'no

Okay so how many times is our £42.5m record signing going to be allowed to be a Championship standard player? “He was just as bad as everyone else” – You expect this statement for an 18 year old rookie, not one of the supposed best players in the world. “over the last two seasons he had more assists then anyone else in Europe” – That’s to be expected when your feeding the world’s best player in Ronaldo & two prolific finishers in Benzema & Higiuan, it’s a different story when it’s Giroud, Welbeck & Walcott. At the end of the… Read more »

Ramsey's beard

So you think only Ozil was who underperformed yesterday? He was the only reason of the 3 goals we conceded and the missed chances? I don’t think so. Everybody was quite shit, especially mentally. I think the right players were on the pitch, it’s not Wenger’s fault that they played slowly and without creativity. If I have to name some players, I would say Giroud for the missed chances, and Ospina for the first goal. Okay, the ball was deflected, but not so much, and the ball was not far from him. And if Giroud can finish at least one… Read more »


Why was Ozil not subbed off? My god was he useless today


We were a bag of shite, but credit to Monaco, they played well. But we were so shit.


fuck me


Quite generous blogs

Remember the invincibles

‘With a faster player already behind him, probably had to step forward to try win the ball ahead of their second goal but he had to win it. He didn’t and it was costly, but how the fuck does Berabatov – football’s answer to a glacier – get that much time and space?’ Err what? Have to give it to him, in one fell swoop he somehow almost completely absolved his favourite player of blame, transferred it onto the rest of the team, and defended Mert ‘s decision to leave his man completely. why he didn’t try to intercept. That’s… Read more »


Thank god for Madonna. At least I had something to smile about before bed.


2-1 to Monaco would have been fair, we could have scored 4 or 5 and they pretty much hit every chance they had. That third Monaco goal really was depressing


I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in the last 7 years but Ill say it again. NO FUCKING BALLS. We need competitive, passionate, serious players. The attitude tonight was “finally Monaco, an easy team. Who are we getting next round.” I don’t understand how our players can be this complacent. We’re not Real Madrid or Bayern Munich winning titles every year. Its a disgrace. I don’t care how they end the season or what they do in the FA cup. They need to take responsibility if they don’t find a way to turn this one. Scoring an… Read more »

Wenger's Glasses

True. We should go at them like Palace go at us in the weekend, like it’s the biggest game of the season! I can’t believe we play this sloppy, slow & gutless football in a match like this.


Starts from the top – Wenger


Same shit, diffrent season…… it all feels like an old record going on constant repeat.

sad gunner

I would just like to say, although a lot of people are blaming Wenger, (and I agree with them) it was not entirely Wenger’s fault. On ANY OTHER day giroud would have got the two tap ins (out of about 5 chances) and welbeck would have buried the chance that theo took off the line for them.

Nothing Wenger can do about that, but what he could do was calm the team down after the first goal for us

For fuck sake. Why the hell do we do this!!

Wenger's Bottle

There is something Wenger can do actually, and that is buy a world class striker. You know the player we have wanted him to sign since he sold United RVP( and the title). I know many Arsenal fans love Giroud and excuse Welbeck’s substandard performances because he is English and runs around like a headless chicken. But the reality is if you pay for average substandard garbage, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Red arrow me all you like, perhaps I’m being hysterical and emotional, but I am sick to death of getting knocked out of this stage after… Read more »

wenger's coat zipper

I agree with you 100%. It’s quite simple really. Olivier Torres will never be a great striker and that’s because he can’t use his right foot to save his dick from falling off. All of those who’ll downvote me know I’m telling the truth. It’s simply not enough


Sanchez…? Or will you not be happy until he magics another Henry out of his arse…


Don’t you mean Bendtner to Wolfsburg


Well, I suppose i’ll be the first to comment. Only Giroud would spend the ENTIRE week talking himself up to the media about how he has struggled to find confidence but now has found it, is motivated by the fact that people say Arsenal needs a world class striker, and is just as “good” as Aguero and Costa only to have the worst possible game ever when we need him most. We are also the only team who seems to make a seemingly favorable draw turn into us crumbling in the most ridiculous fashion, again.


I think we’re just all hurting, Blogs. Just venting his frustration.

wenger's coat zipper

I’ve said it. Whatever you do or say, he’ll never be a great striker. Misses 6 of 7 headers and the less we say about his right foot the better


To single out Giroud is a mistake. He was simply the root cause in a cascading effect. If Giroud was off his game it should have not dragged the whole team down. However, the black hole of crap he did create sucked both Welbeck and Sanchez repeatedly into the middle to try to compensate. Effectively we had little on the flanks and at times had three erstwhile center forwards cluttering the penalty area. This in turn screwed up both Ozil and Cazorla who often had no one in space to pass to. What so galls me is the entire team… Read more »


Whatever I saw bleary eyed at 4 am where I am, I saw Monaco pressing us… and Santi having to drift backwards to between Per and Kos to pick the ball up and us once again unable to send very many good balls into the final third as the Monaco boys were intercepting everything. Agree with nearly everything else you said but hell, Monaco did press and boy, did they press!


No, they really didn’t which is born out by the stats of their tackles and play in our half during the game.

What they did do is form an organized midfield four in front of the four defenders. They essentially stood off us until we got within yards of their penalty area.

I watched the reply twice already and it is truly dreadful to see how we deteriorated without them imposing much of anything on the game. We literally lost composre for no evident explicable reason.


Sorry…watched the replay twice…


Sorry blogs, I wasn’t trying to condemn him for talking to the media. It’s just frustrating to see all these interviews throughout the week highlighting things he says he needs to work on or has worked on etc etc only to see such a poor performance. More bummed about the loss as I was excited at the prospect of having a good chance of going through.


When you’re seeing the same abjectness for years and years in a row you’ve got to stop making excuses. This could have been a performance out of 10-11, bottling the Carling Cup to Birmingham. Four years on and we’ve barely made progress.


Are you a Sp*rs fan or something… Abjectness

wenger's coat zipper

Why? For stating the obvious? Maybe you are the Sp*rs fan since you’re obviously satisfied with how things are going for Arsenal for the past years


No more excuses from Wenger and the board this isn’t good enough. I’ve lost count of how many goals Mertesecker has cost us this year, while Giroud is simple not a top clinical striker, it’s not good enough at the top level!


There is one decision that the stubborn old goat can make immediately to save the remainder of our season from being a complete write-off……… re-install Szczesny to the starting 11.


Pretty much agree, just an awful night for every player starter and sub in my opinion. Too little movement off of the ball, bad decisions on the ball, as many turnovers as I can remember with bad passes and losing it while dribbling (esp when there really wasn’t much pressure on the ball like we’ve faced against EPL teams), defending errors, bad yellow cards, you name it, the list goes on and on. We had two shots on goal really, Chamberlin’s goal at 90 minutes and Walcott’s flick. That’s pathetic for a home match against a team sitting 5th or… Read more »


I voted Ozil 10/10 to combat the idiots who will rate him as a 0.5 or 1. Not a great game by his standards but not the worst player on the pitch, despite what the media will try and tell you.

Crouch End Gooner

Ozil is literally too good for England, playmakers are not appreciated or understood here. That’s why England has never produced a world class number 10.

Crouch End Gooner

Scott Parker is the English mentality’s ideal footballer, 100% effort 0% skill

The Playmaker

That’s not true. Silva, Cesc, Hazard, Mata are all highly rated by the media.


Don’t forget the French love him as well, especially when he his knocking a dead ball 3 yards to their feet


Leave fans’ standards and pundits’ standards out of it – does anyone really believe that Arsenal Football Club spent 42 million just for a player to top the assist charts? There absolutely has to be something more, something that stats can’t measure but is evident to anyone who watched Fabregas with Arsenal and watches Ozil today. The sheer bloody-mindedness to win even out of a bad situation doesn’t seem to be part of Ozil’s make up and really, beyond a point, all transfer fees are ridiculous unless you’re paying for a winner. Someone please get Ozil watching Zidane videos rather… Read more »

Crouch End Gooner

Is this the same Fabregas that was a flop in La Liga whilst Real were chanting Ozil’s name at Bales unveiling…? Spare me.


It’s the same cesc who is leading fucking Chelsea to the title. And let’s remember Jose didn’t want ozil at Chelsea. He didn’t And couldn’t play 90 minutes for real madrid. And real Madrid won champs league after ozil left. With bale. Who scored.


Who said Mourinho didn’t want Özil in Chelsea??? Himself or the daily mail?


Yeah, correct me if I am wrong but I thought Mourinho dubbed him the best No 10 in the world.

Singling out any player regarding yesterday is a redundant exercise. No one played well.

If you cannot recognize the whole team playing badly is symptomatic of a deeper problem than Ozil or Giroud having a bad day at the office then you have a too narrow a focus.

George the Gooner

bye bye Ospina and Welbz, hello Theo and Shezza. Oh that was the worse Arsenal match I’ve seen at the Emirates. Piss poor. Rubbish. Awful. Depressing. Disgraceful. Angry.

Theo doffed every chance


‘We played with a little bit handbrake, but overall we created chances’/10.

Crouch End Gooner

Well he’s not wrong, WE DID create chances, just didn’t finish them.

Little Mozart

This was hard to take, but I recall a similar result at Highbury before winning the second leg in thrilling style.

We’re not out yet, but the team look like they need to be told that more than anybody.

wenger's coat zipper

This team has Giroud and Mertesacker. That team had Henry and Campbell. Slight difference?


Referring to the Milan match?


The legendary picture above sums it all up.
By the third goal was scored, l just sniggered, as if l was half expecting it to happen, and was proven correct.


By their third goal, l mean.


Win a few games and we think we are unbeatable. Then a team comes along and brings us back down to Earth. Happens way too often, every bloody season. Pathetic. Every season, we spend so much time battling for a top four spot to qualify for the Champions League, only for the team to come along and spit on our efforts with embarrassing performances year in year out… Perhaps we should give the top four a break. It’s such a pity. We have really become the definition of “that team that never could”


How the hell does mertersacker earn a 4 arseblog?


I think he was indeed worse than those around him.


The first goal?

…and while it’s not exactly his fault, a faster defender might have had a chance for the third too. He might as well not be on the pitch when he’s standing on the half way line like he was there..

Crouch End Gooner

A 3 for Ozil just shows how much people are influenced by pundits like Neville. Just because he’s a Scott Parker type running around everyone throwing himself about doesn’t mean he isn’t bothered. Ozil is now the new litmus test for me, if you appreciate him you know about football and if you think he’s rubbish you know nothing about football.

I leave this here from probably the last great number 10…

Juan Roman Riquelme: “The problem with Özil? That boy has too much class”

Wenger's Bottle

No one wants Ozil to run around like tactically inept English players do, but what most of us do want to see is him justify his £42 million price tag and bail us out with his magic, which he didn’t do today. In fact it’s something he never done in his entire Arsenal career.

Crouch End Gooner

Ozil is not the type like Rooney to nick the ball off his own centrebacks and then try and twine the whole team, he’s NEVER been that player. Sometimes I wonder whether people actually watched him at Real.


I don’t think he can.It is like expecting someone to do something even though he can’t.


If ozil has so much class how come he can’t Kick the ball with his right foot. He’s so easy to defend against because he only uses one foot. It’s not his fault we lost.the entire team was awful. But he’s not good enough to play the Number ten for Germany and he drifts too frequently in and out of matches. And he’s not above criticism.

The Playmaker

Ozil has many great strengths for sure. But he has many weakness too. Just because some people aren’t in denial about those weakness doesn’t mean they “know nothing about football”.
A question : Can you confidently tell me that if Ozil started in the City match, we would have been able to put in the same performance?

Wenger's Bottle

This the reality, Wenger has used the same tactics and starting 11(minus Goalie and Mertesacker) against Boro and Monaco. Now I don’t claim to know a lot about Monaco and their players, but a man who gets paid £7.5 million a year really ought to know you cannot play 2 number 10’s in central midfield. Our cracks that we papered over against Leicester and Palace, two substandard average sides were ruthlessly exposed today. Why did he take so long to make a change? Ozil and Cazorla stank out the place and he waited until 81 mins to take either of… Read more »

John Smith

Bellerin has bags of talent but is still only 19. My biggest gripe is that hes positionning is terrible. Danny Rose exposed HB then and monaco exposed HB now. He does better against midfielders drifting wide rather than true and direct wingers such as Yannick Bolasie and the like. Questioning why Chambers didnt start

Illinois Gooner

Martial was 19 as well yet wrecked havoc in our defense


Would have had a shout in the second leg at 2-1,as we surely couldn’t play that woefully again so soon!?
The eternal optimist in me has left a note saying he’s gone to the pub..don’t wait up.
So many what ifs with arsenal..
Absolutely gutted

Man Manny

What is the point except you wanted to give someone like Mertesacker a negative – he worked against the team today.

Man Manny

How on earth does Mert have 40% for that shambolic display? Play Gabriel and Kos on Sunday – he can’t do worse. Give Mert a break to rest his limbs and clear his head…Ozil too; I wonder how one can defend him.Poor, poor display.


Sell Ozil im telling you hes a waste of space… his attitude is stinkin!!

Crouch End Gooner

There you have it ladies and gentleman, the idiot mind of the goal.com reading, Talksport listening, ITV punditry watching moron summed up in one handy bite-size comment.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I haven’t even read the ratings yet but had to say that is probably THE BEST photo ever to accompany a story. And there have been a lot of great ones. Well done!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Giroud is not good enough and I’ve been saying it all along.


I believe that our lads have the “balls” to return the favor in Monaco. I really do. Their play was not what we wanted tonight, but that’s what they did and obviously, we and they have to live with the result. I just hope that they *flex* their “balls” like we know they can in the second leg. Thank God there are two legs, no?!?


Ex-Priest Tobin

Time to lay off the crack.

Crouch End Gooner

I’m not saying we will win the tie, or not concede, but I’d definitely back us to score 3 in Monaco.

Wenger's Bottle

It’s all the same anyway, we get knocked out in a few weeks time and the scramble to qualify in a competition we never want win begins, again.

Gunner in Canada

I agree with you, Euri. The 3rd goal might prove to be a killer, i was almost thinking at 1-2 that we should be cautious, but no, we went at hem, just like we did against Dortmund 2 years ago and we paid for it on the counter. For the return leg, I would play Gabriel and Kos, mainly because I think hat Monaco will be playing to counter, being up 3-1. Therefore, we need a bit more pace at the back. Also, I think we are better off with Szcz, not blaming Ospina, just saying hat Szcz may have… Read more »


Ospina – Should do better at first and third goal. Gibbs – hope that was the last time I saw him in Arsenal shirt. He is the dumbest as you can get. He is liability in attack because he wanna be winger. Arsenal are much more fluid with Nacho. He is better attacker, better defender, better everything. BEcause of Gibbs’s perfect “Intelligence” Coquelin must have covered him at LB and the midfield was empty. Koscielny – isolated Mertesacker – 1. goal unlucky, 2. goal not his fault imo. He decided not to cover the space but press the player but… Read more »

Wenger's Bottle

Yeah, absolutely Rosicky should start ahead of Welbeck so we have a midfield that is compromised by 3 fuckin number 10’s. As if this team wasn’t unbalanced enough already.


It is not about No. 10 it is about attitude. Rosicky would be much more aggresive and as I know Cazorla was playing B2B for quite some time and he was good at it. We just lacked a player who would bring a ball forward. Ozil isn’t that kind of player and Welbeck isn’t playing well atm at attack nor in defense.

Crouch End Gooner

What a bowel movement of a comment…


Small team mentality, flat track bullies…thats what we are.
Just what is the point of qualifying for the ucl when we’ll just get knocked out in the second round.
If we can’t beat a monaco team with 5 first team players, we might as well switch places with liverpool.
All our players know how to do is talk big, appear on social media 24/7 and flop in BIG GAMES.
Disgraceful…4th place trophy as usual.

Dick Law

we did not shoot ourselves in the foot. Monaco had a plan and it worked. congrats to them. as much as i like arsene, i think he should have left last year. he is a good enough coach and tactician. wonder what someone like simeone can do with this team…


Dreadful match today, hands down. Why do we always seem to throw it away the first match after group stages… Going for 1st place in the group, ending 2nd, facing a though side and losing horribly in the first and play an excellent 2nd game… Why does this keep happening?
Monaco should get creds though, but Arsenal played without spirit today. Tempo was low, lost the ball way to much. Sigh.
I’m trying to look at it from the bright side, but can’t find any. Now we probably win 0-2 away and we’re out.


Another bad day.IN my opinion the manager was tactically defeated.
I cant belive Giroud missed that chance and Ozil i dont think
he is a player that can lift a team when we need someting special
from him.He didnt even have any stand out moment in the world cup.
And lastly what was the manager thinking taking off our only defensive
midfield player.


Sickening performance, the whole team was out of sorts. We’re the only team in the world that can play relatively alright one game and completely sh*t the bed the next. Wenger should just go real old-school with eight forwards across the front for the return leg, maybe then we’ll actually score when it counts. Thought Ospina was hard-done-by with the deflection on the first, but he should’ve done better at least with the third. Per had a shocker, Kos didn’t look to be providing a lot of cover, the fullbacks pushed too far up and didn’t get back (why the… Read more »


Craig ”Hurl The Shite” Burley is also an Arse hater on ESPN … we were dickless and witless today but could have been 3-2 winners with luck …

Demba Ba should have scored for Besitkas at Emirates in qualifier way back and spared us this pain. Could see it coming after Leisceter and Charlton though. We need more class up front and OZIL sale can finance that. He is gone.


Fucktards! For a bunch of highly technical players, keeping the ball seems to be a problem.


I hate Özil,but only for today..All the players failed us,especially Mr.wenger…they(players)don’t have any excuss to not beat MONACO,do they?!


Groundhog Day is here!


I’ve been saying that about Ozil since Dec 2013, Great talent but when things are going bad he’s not the man to dig you out of a whole, I keep getting thumbs down, but it’s an accurate analysis.
I’m not sure why people are so sure we’ll get into the top four? Our performances really aren’t that good.

Man Like Ozil

“Great talent but when things are going bad he’s not the man to dig you out of a whole”
1) Hole*
2) He is very talented but what player specifically would of dug us out of that hole today?
3) His performance is largely dictated by those around him. He was no worse than Sanchez, Santi or Welbeck today, and was still much better than Mert – he needs support to thrive.

Yankee Gooner

1) would HAVE

Man Like Ozil

The only positive I can take from this is that Oxlade scored a cracker. He’s needed that, and he whole-heartidily deserved it. Hopefully this helps him push on because god knows he’s talented and I’m excited for him. As for the rest, fucking hell… It’s beyond apathy, I just laughed at it tonight as I tried to take in exactly what was happening. There has to be a monumental change in how we play from now on. I’ll excuse some of them because Ozil, Alexis, Santi and Giroud have been strong as of late and today was uncharacteristic from them… Read more »


”Wasteful on the ball too often, including one daft pass across goal which could have been seriously costly.”
COULD have been costly ? :-))


Giroud was the difference.


Playing with ozil is like playing with 10 men sometimes. He just dosen’t do enough for the team when we are up against it.


Surely 5s and 4s is too generous?

Top mark should be a 3 at most.


This result has been coming, We were lucky against Leicester and Palace and blown off the pitch by Spurs, but it was a night that made me think that perhaps I tend to overrate a lot of the players in our current squad. Wenger needs to do some serious thinking to turn the team around. Personally I think he needs to choose one of Ozil and Santi and put a more defensively minded Midfielder in alongside Coq, I think he should reinstate Monreal and bring back the big pole in goal (who has a greater presence) We won’t turn the… Read more »

Silent stan

I want to dance with Koscielny

Crouch End Gooner

I like your style Stan, keep the spirits us.

…I wanna feel the heat with Koscielny!

teddy salad

With Kosielny who loves me!


I cant understand this team’s tendency to mentally switch off in such crucial games! We barely merit the complacency with our record! If one or two players underperfom its one thing – but the whole team?!!


Why did you bother to do the ratings?

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