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Arsenal reveal latest financial results

Arsenal have confirmed the financial results for the the six months up to November 30, 2014.

Reflecting on the results, chairman Sir Chips Keswick highlighted that record outgoings on player acquisition and wages had been balanced well by increased commercial revenue.

“Our commitment to investment in the squad was evidenced by a record level of expenditure on players joining the club.

“Crucially, this investment remains at a level which is consistent with our principle of affordability and which is financially sustainable in accordance with the applicable regulatory regimes.”

In light of this week’s humbling at the hands of Monaco, Keswick also touched on the form of Arsene Wenger’s squad calling for more consistency in the final third of the season.

“On the field, the team has produced some strong results and the squad is looking fit and better balanced. However, we need to find our best form on a more consistent basis as we approach, what I hope will be, an exciting end to the season.”

The key points, which firmly underline our adherance to FFP requirements, are below:

  • Turnover from football, predominantly thanks to the commercial deal with Puma, increased to £148.5 million, up from £135.9 million in 2013.
  • A record level of expenditure on player acquisitions (£93.7 million) which in turn means higher amortisation and higher wage costs in the profit and loss account.
  • Profit on sale of player registrations amounted to £26.7 million, increased from £6.1 million in 2013.
  • Arsenal Holdings plc recorded an overall profit before tax of £11.1 million compared to a loss of £2.2 million at the same time last year.
  • Cash reserves stand at £138.8 million.


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keeping all these financial statement aside,will i ever see arsenal win the champions champions League ? How long do we all have to wait..the heart feels so Heavy right now !


Record expenditure on players. This will continue, £50m budget for the summer per the Telegraph this morning. We buy at good value (not at the top of the market) and have a good squad already.

This will help us win things, we used to have £50m of sales of players, this now has turned around.

chippy's chip

Weve always had cash reserves. Bankers like it in the vault.


Bankers do not have cash, there is no cash in the banks. Don’t believe criminal bullshit (from bankers)


Please use this money to employ a manager


And have two?


Yes, one capable of preparing the team and Arsene


Yes, one capable of managing the team and Arsene just for old times sake

Runcorn Gooner

Be careful what you wish for


I am kinda asking myself when we will see an arsenal team go on and win the league. Because I certainly cannot see it under Mr. Wenger..

Mesut's Kisses

Not the week to be explaining how balanced our books are!! Lets at least beat Everton first.




I see our crazy ticket prices are well justified. I reckon we could do with another 3% increase before next season. We barely have 139 million in cash reserves after all.

Talk about takin the piss out of your supporters.


We need a Swiss Ramble on this.


Arsenal football club .
Troll level = Fucking expert

big black clock

it’s like they sat around a table and said ‘how can we say fuck u to our fans this week’


booking flights on short notice for an entire squad for champions league away games is not going to be a cheap and efficient use of arsenal cash. i applaud the clubs recent decision to shun such playboy-esque behaviour and withdraw from the competition.

the only sam is nelson

“He amortises when he waaants, he amortises when he waaa-aaa-aaaaants, SIR CHIPS KESWICK! he amortises when he waaants”

I can hear it already this Sunday… that’ll show those bluenose Scouse bastards what real support’s all about.


But Cash Reserves still isn’t registered to play in the league 🙁

Merlin's Panini

That’s because he plays in the reserves… obviously.


With so much cash, about time we had some refs on our payroll like other top clubs do.


If that is what it takes to win things then no, thank you very much.


People shouldn’t read to much into “cash reserves” we have to keep around £50-60m in cash as part of the loan agreement over the stadium, and much of the other cash is allocated but not spend at the time the accounts are taken.


It’s ‘allocated’ alright ! With a certain gentleman in Colarado having his beady eye on it.

October’s annual accounts should make interesting reading and specifically to see if Kronke Sports Enterprises, have managed to get their hands on anything. Given the fresh injection of PL cash – which won’t show now but will in years to come – I fear the worst.

henley gooner

Sorry, completely off topic, but has anyone got any idea when the FA Cup replay would be held (no, don’t laugh). The w/c 16 March is Monaco, w/c 23 March and 30 March is an interlull – would it really be on the 6 or 7th April?

Just Saying

I think, they ll postpone one of our league matches from March-end to April if we have to play a FA-Cup rematch


Its replay

True Red

Would you rather hear the club are in a shit position financially and will have sell the best players?

Third Plebeian

I agree. I’m not sure why people think this is bad timing on the club’s part. Surely after a defeat, outside of all the other news that filters in, it might be a nice thing to hear that the club is healthy financially, such that we might continue the development of the squad?

I mean, it’s better than hearing about a hike in ticket prices close on the heels of a shit show!


I think both situations is awful. No money at all is obviously worse but if you don’t use the money you have then what is the point for a football club to just have a positive bank account but a shitty & unbalanced team? You cannot say that you the ambitions to be among the best which was said by Mr. Gazidis and then show so little ambition in the transfer market. Everyone can see that some of our players are far from good enough for a club like this.


I am not to sure this habit of us signing expensive marquee players is getting us anywhere at the moment.

I am beginning to think all we keep doing is adding expensive layers to poorly baked cake.

We need a few positions strengthened for sure but I’d prefer to see astute scouting for undervalued players until we sort out our erratic form – period.


Everytime we discuss money when talking about the arse instead of footy another little piece of me dies


So Sir Chips, whats going to happen if we dont find our best form on a more consistent basis?
Extend the managers contract and give him a pay rise probably.



I want to boff Sanogo and I'm not even gay

Would it matter if we were making profit or not? We finished 4th when we didn’t have money and finish 4th now we have shit loads of it. I don’t see what difference it makes? I’m leaving this at that before I say something anti wenger and fail to make it out of moderation

chippy's chip

Absolute bunch of bankers.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Tomorrow they’ll prob announce another dividend.



Dan the Arsenal Fan

138.8 million?… Keep saving Sir Chips, you almost have enough to buy a ticket to watch your own club.


Good. Now go buy another captain


Great to hear we are far away from the fate of Blackburn, Portsmouth, Glasgow Rangers, FC Malaga and in the years to come Chelsea and man citeh

Jap's Eye

Could be worse, could be Tottenham with all the shit they have bought…. shit stadium and scum supporters…


I don’t care about financial results I want to see results on the pitch and trophies

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Sick of fucking fickle fans! Recently everyone saying how Wenger is a genius and second place looms! Now telling him to fuck off. All of you fuck off. took Real Madrid over TEN YEARS to win it for the tenth time with a STUPENDOUS outlay. Who called the Monaco result when they saw the team sheet? NOBODY. But now with hindsight railing on Wenger. You make me sick. I support Wenger and welcome these well managed financial results.


Ticket prices aside, I think the club is doing great off the pitch. I’ve no doubt we’ll win the champions league within the next 10 years or so and it will be done with a blend of home grown players and world class signings. That’s something to be proud of. Look at the man city model as a comparison… you could take the bottom team in the league, spend the same amount city have and win the title… where’s the achievement in that? The fact they are shit in the champions league is the real sign of their under achievement.… Read more »


Why such bad timing always?


Are they ever going to extend the emirates? There are 40000 on the waiting list. It would be one way to close the gap with Chelsea city and utd.

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