Sunday, May 28, 2023

Report: Arsenal 1-3 Monaco

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Konscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck, Giroud

Subs: Szczesny, Gabriel, Chambers, Monreal, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott

Arsenal put in one of the most dire performances of recent times to go down 3-1 to an injury hit Monaco side. After we failed to capitalise on a bright opening 10 minutes and a poor performance from Giroud who missed a number of clear cut chances, they scored just before and just after the half time whistle to put themselves 2 nil up. After much huffing and puffing the Ox finally pulled one back for us in injury time, only for another Monaco counter attack to kill the game, 3-1.

Pre Game: Kieren Gibbs and Hector Bellerin returned to the side after the weekends game against Palace. From Coquelin forwards we kept the same team, carrying on with Welbeck and Sanchez on the flanks and spearheaded by Giroud.

First Half: Arsenal started the game brightly with an early chance in the first 2 minutes for Welbeck after he turned his man on the edge of the area, but he wasn’t able to find the finish. Within 5 minutes we were passing brightly in and around their final third, and neat work from Cazorla almost played in Giroud and then quickly after almost set up a cross for Welbeck straight after.

A fantastic long range quarter back style pass from Sanchez almost found Ozil, but he couldn’t latch onto it, and with the resulting short corner another Sanchez cross almost found Giroud but was just too high.

After that the game settled down for a bit, Monaco really posing no threat at all but equally with Arsenal finding no rhythm. Then in the 20th minute, after good harrying down their right side, we won a corner that Giroud headed just wide, but really throughout chunks of the half the game our attack seemed to linger without any intent.

After that dreary spell, Ozil found Sanchez on the edge of their box but he tried to chip the keeper when really a direct shot would’ve been more effective. Then after Monaco managed to bundle through Bellerin down our right hand side they found Moutinho with a cross but his acrobatic volley blasted well over.

In the 36 minute our best chance of the half occurred. A great touch from Sanchez gave some space to Cazorla, who fed Bellerin down their right but his cross was met by a poor attempt that went well over.

As is expected now when Arsenal don’t capitalise, the opposition scores. After Welbeck was mugged on the half way line Kondogbia ran towards goal on and his speculative shot deflected off Mertesacker and left Ospina rooted to the spot. 1-0. After that we never looked any more purposeful than we had in the first 10 minutes and went into the break one nil down.

Second Half: Arsenal again started extremely brightly when Sanchez pipped it past their defender on their right in the opening minute but Giroud couldn’t convert his cross.

On the 51st minute Cazorla won a free kick in a dangerous position, and a perfectly executed cross resulted in Giroud heading over when he really should’ve done better. Then, again, when we fail to capitalise, Arsenal concede.

Mertesacker makes a crazy decision to commit way too high up the pitch that results in a 2 against 1, a pass is given to Berbatov, of all people, who converts with a drilled shot past Ospina. 2 nil, and so Arsenal it hurts.

Then on the 56th minute, Giroud compounded his terrible game with the miss of the game. A lovely bit of work from Sanchez meant he gave himself space to drill a stinging shot that rebounded in front of goal to Giroud but he somehow contrived to blast over from 6 yards out. That was his last impact on the game as he was subbed on the 59th minute for Walcott.

Then on the 60th minute we should’ve been 3 nil down as a lovely backheel from Moutinho in our box set up another one on one but Ospina was out smartly to block.

Then another great chance went unconverted as Walcott almost bundled it past the keeper, and then the follow up fell to Welbeck but he blasted straight at Walcott who was lying on the floor and it flew over.

We kept looking extremely nervous at the back though, and more anxious defending from Konscielny almost result in another Monaco chance but they over worked it.

We subbed Coquelin off for the Ox on 69th minute, and his impact was almost immediately felt when he provided a through ball for Walcott but it was just too far for his reach.

More atrocious passing at the back almost resulted in Moutinho getting through on goal but the Ox made a last ditch sliding tackle.

It seemed at this point our main idea for attack was playing a through ball to Walcott to run on to, but they seemed wise to that and kept countering with aplomb.

Around that time their fans began the ‘Ole’ chants, which really stung. On the 80th minute we subbed Cazorla for Rosicky, and soon after Sanchez fluffed his shot off the back of a corner when he usually would’ve done so much better.

After much consternation, a Sanchez corner in the 90th minute fell to the Ox on the outside of the box and he curled a lovely shot into the top corner. 1-2.

Then as is now expected of Arsenal, anything good is quickly followed by something terrible, and a quick counter after lost possession by the Ox resulted in a third goal for Monaco.

The result almost entirely kills our hopes to progress to the next round, after what was one of the easiest draws we’ve had in over 5 years. The same flaws just keep appearing in our team.

Report by @williamwasteman


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Spoiler alert! Player ratings: 0/10 – everyone.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Olivier Torres.

Proff Gooner

What are the odds to take 6 shots with none on target… Oli has the answer! Its a big shame their fans from the off were louder and seemed more intimidating than 55,000 fans. It always pisses me off that Pompey fans can still shout being 4-0 down. We need to stop making stupid excuses and realise from 2 below is always a lose (including 4th). The mentality is just off course and you can see the difference when Henry speaks of never feeling sorry for yourself and seeing yourself on par with the best. We lost but still… Forever… Read more »

Toure Motors

Second biggest choker of the night after Madonna…

Remember the invincibles

Their second goal was a thing of beauty. Mertesacker is just such a lazy man…giroud ands Walcott were missing sitters. The third was really taking the mickey,

Man Manny

Mertsacker and Ozil failed with distinction. The defence was all over the place for their 2nd and 3rd goals. I didn’t expect such a horrific performance from this team. I hope our entire season does not unravel from here. The guys must pick themselves up for Everton on Sunday. The fans deaerve a reaction for this listless display.

Nasri's missing chinbone

I’ve never been one for knee jerk reactions and have always advocated him, but that said Mertesacker was so awful it was beyond tolerating this evening. A genuinely shameful performance from the man wearing the captains armband. Made me sick to watch. Someone get Tony Adams in that fucking dressing room to let this lot know what playing for arsenal is about. That was one of the most naive performances I’ve watched from us in a while. Not convinced by ozil, alexis and santi playing together – we seem to have no balance at all in our midfield and we… Read more »


Naive is a good description. We knew how they would set up and play so to see us repeatedly caught on the break is so frustrating.
A clean sheet should’ve been more of a priority and that doesn’t mean being negative either, its not one or the other.
We were shit plain and simple but still had chances, Girouds over the bar from the rebound was horrendous.
Two very winnable games coming up before Utd in the cup so let’s hope the lads get their act together, quickly. COYG.

David C

I wonder where we would have been if we had Berbatov instead of Giroud up front…

The saddest miss of the night belongs to Welbeck when he hit Walcott and missed the open net. That one really stung more than Giroud’s multiple misses.


Chamberlain was supposed to be the exception there, played so well and even grabbed a goal. And then…


Just imagine though if he had come on for Ozil instead of Coq. Surely, Wenger thought it was a risk worth taking. Bad idea in my opinion to chase one home goal and risk exposing ourselves to an away goal concession, specially when ozil was performing poorly anyways. Not like he had to take a great performer or a DM off to put someone on.

David C

COQ had to come off. He was lucky not to see a second yellow.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

No chance, two games later beating Everton and QPR with 160 million wage bill and those positive boys here (I call them negative boys as they are happy with 4th) will come to tell us those players the best in the world in each position, we have the best manager in the world and how we are going to win the EPL and CL the year after.

Lets get the CL and FA out of the way and get ready for next year fight for top four, AGAIN.


Thierry is probably having the toughest job he had since his handball “scandal”. Takes some self control for someone as passionate as him not to start smashing things up in that skysports studio.


He’s in a bit of an invidious position: he knows that his friend and mentor Wenger totally got it wrong but can’t say so publicly. Maybe Sky should have kept him away from this game.

Julian gooner

HEY, LOOK WHO’S BACK! oh yea, we just lost, nice to see you again


Another “positive fan” above me
Go on…start making excuses.


You hit the nail on the head.
They’ll also tell us how our squad is better than city and man u and how world class giroud missed those chances because he had the wrong hairstyle and what not.
Santori will tell us how per is really underrated and is as fast as flash.
Then giroud will score another meaningless goal and fanboys will call him “King HFB”.
It’s all about qualifying for the ucl. 19 years and no meaninful impact.

Bould's Eyeliner

Sometimes I just wonder how this happens. It’s as if we’ve covered up the ‘self-destruct’ button on our Arseship with black styrofoam and just pretended it was never there. And then collectively 15 players just all trip and smash through the glass and act like nothing happened.

What the actual fuck was that abject as shit performance.

Diabys ligaments

That was a painful experience. I’m still stunned. WTF ….WTF …..WTF


Queue another “we will learn from this” type comment by the manager. Except, we never learn, do we?

gooner for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

fuck me and fuck arsenal


Maybe follow your username? Direct the swearing at the performance not the club.


You’re right, it’s just the odd game or two. Not like we keep bottling big games. We should just forget this one.


Not even what I suggested. And quite frankly I don’t get the downvotes either. My point is simple, not saying we should be happy or accept this in anyway but why swear at ARSENAL? Why swear at the club? smh


Because right now, the club is making us feel like a bunch of mugs! Look at our CL ventures these last few years and compare it to the story they keep selling us about how ‘we’re competitive’ blah blah…

Norwegian gunner

Because we’re all mad as fuck due to this poor performance and now anyone trying to be anything else than as mad as us makes us even angrier. It’s just the way the whole thing works.


Regardless of the result, fuck Gary Neville, fuck him right in the eye.


Why? Because he says it like it is?


Gary Neville was the worst thing about tonight for me. Why do we need commentators in football anyway?


He actually called the deficiencies right. Regardless of what you think of him the performance was poor, he did his job and commented on it


They really should get a fair commentator analysing each game. One that doesn’t have any hatred at all for both the sides would be nice


Have to agree. The only thing more negative than our performance was his commentating…It felt like the players could actually hear him & were feeding off of it.

We should have just accepted a 2 – 1 loss & taken it to the second game rather than play direly the whole match & go for glory with minutes left to play.

God I miss CL football when it is not on…But I don’t this feeling. No sirey…not one bit.

gooner for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

well I’ve said fuck myself too, would you care to elaborate? to which entity am I directing to?


Oh, who cares? Does it hurt Arsenal’s feelings when faceless dudes on the internet curse them?

Shere Willpower

We did under estimate them.. Big time !

Thierry Bergkamp

But really, what have Arsenal done or who have they beaten recently to underestimate anybody?


Remember Milan, we can score more….

Ah who am I kidding lol..

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

the funny thing is, we will win away by one or two goals, but that won’t be enough as per usual we fucked it up in the first leg. The manager will come out with all those mental strength stuff again.

Two more year Two more years of this shit and I hope this nightmare will end.

gundog paul

If only it was only two more years, unfortunately I think we are stuck with that useless antiquated cunt for life

wenger's coat zipper

I’m with you. Let’s just turn to alcohol. It passes the time and numbs the feeling I have in my gut right now…


Succesfully did that last night.
Now it hurts.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Gundog Paul. Silly. Why not let’s blame the manager for players missing open goals. That’s his fault. While we’re at it let’s blame him for what’s happening in Syria too.

A Yank

At 1-2 thought we’d go to Monaco and win.

Fucking terrible.

A Yank

Also fucking terrible? Welbeck. It’s like SAF is still taking us down, this time from the inside.


what about giroud missing sitters ?

A Yank

The Giroud header to level at 1-1 is the one that really annoyed me. But at least he was active in the box and looking like he was trying to score (even if he failed miserably). Welbeck pissed away the first decent chance of the game then barely looked like he cared if he got anything near the goal or not.

This isn’t just about tonight. Welbeck has been totally underwhelming all season.

wenger's coat zipper

What the actual f*ck are you on about? Did you see Giroud missing an open goal? Do I need to say his right foot is completely and utterly useless which he proved twice today? While we’re on the subject, you know who else is useless? He’s big and he’s German. He didn’t give them two, he gave them 4 (FOUR, IV) but they only took two. Although I didn’t really watch the third.

A Yank

The actual fuck I’m going on about is, yes, I saw Giroud miss an open goal and I saw Sanchez miss an open goal, right after a shot that Walcott probably should have buried. I also saw Giroud miss a header he should have buried to make it 1-1. Instead about 30 seconds later Mert gave the ball away and we were down 2-0. That was all fucking terrible. But Welbeck was barely even active or causing defensive pressure tonight and he’s been pretty underwhelming all season. Giroud has 8 goals in 15 league appearances, Welbeck has 4 in 16… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Who played well, though?

Giroud was just as woeful.

It was an off day for most of our players. Don’t forget Welbeck has been really effective for us the last couple of games. As has Giroud.

wenger's coat zipper

So what if they were effective? We needed them to be effective tonight way more than with fucking Leicester City! But hey, I’m being a pessimist. Maybe a string of poor results will finally rid us of the stubborn old man and finally get someone with grit, attitude, hunger for success and most importantly – BALLS! Someone who after a performance like this, would charge into the dressing room and show his tonsil power at the useless idiots, who made us, the fans, look like right mugs tonight! And before you ask “who’ll replace him”, here’s a thought: Diego Simeone!

H. P. Arsecraft

Welbeck is poor.


You’re a highly deluded yank. Welbeck offers much more with ball at feet than walcott ever did. If we give him a run of games at CF in the cups, we’ll see more in terms of goal-scoring too. He hit the target last game too with a good hard low shot, and the parry was turned in by sanchez(or someone else) . Don’t just blindly rage because we lost.

A Yank

Stated explicitly that I’m not blindly raging and that my opinion of Welbeck is based on his entire production for Arsenal over the course of the season. Again, four league goals in 16 appearances is not too impressive.

As I rage less, I’m baffled that we only managed to score once with a handful of good shots from around the six. So offensively we weren’t dire. But man, our defending it comical. Two bad mistakes, both punished. The deflection? That kind of shit always seems to happen to us in big moments.

But Welbeck, I’m not a fan.


There really is no difference between welbeck and giroud. Both are very average strikers, however, one happens to be in a good run of form and the other is just coming back from injuries


This is going to get ugly….

A Yank

The ugly already happened. We gave up 3 in one game (away, no less) to a team that managed to score only 4 in their 6 group stage matches combined.


I’m not Wenger out but I can’t defend the man anymore.


well, that was just disgusting. The whole team was really poor, but I think the goal keeper might have done better for the second and third goals.
Giroud… Oh to be an arsenal fan


Giroud had a shocker, but there’s no sense getting worked up when he doesn’t deliver in big matches because he has pretty much never delivered in big matches. I’m happy to have him around as a squad player but I honestly believed that Welbeck would seize the role. I hope he does between now and summer, else we’re back in the market for a first team striker.


Forgotten Manchester City away already have you? The game where he held the ball up oh so well? Or Manchester United *spit* at home where he came on and scored a beauty against a keeper that had single-handedly kept the other Arsenal players out? He had a ridiculously poor game yesterday, and there’s no doubting that. Never seen him miss 3-5 glorious chances that you’d normally expect him to eat up with glee. Saying he’s never delivered in big matches is rather short-sighted. Or the Manchester games weren’t big games to you. This reminds me of that ridiculous Manchester United… Read more »

Tommy Gunner

Like they discussed in the podcast yesterday, Ospina isn’t going to make the extraordinary saves that win you matches. I actually think a world class keeper would have done better on the first, if anything. It wasn’t a horrendous deflection by any means.

I can’t help but feel that this punishment of Szchezny has gone on long enough. Hopefully he gets the point now, but Ospina just isn’t as good


Get rid of both of them and buy a top class keeper


This. And also, even tho he actually coudl’ve done better for the goal, he is the least at fault for what happened today, if we gonna point fingers, lets point them at Arsene or that awful defense, or to the midfielders who got mauled by Kondogbia and Moutinho, or how we were poor upfront


Indeed. Like, aside from the history lesson, which argument can people use to defend him? Honestly?!


exactly, it seems we will never win a big tournament again under him and more often than not we’re playing awful, even with a stronger squad than past seasons (and lets get real, i can count with my hand fingers how many good matches i’ve seen arsenal play this season). whats the next excuse? no money? referee’s fault? pitch fault? teams keep outsmarting us and outplaying us. If we cant beat bloody monaco at home, what the hell we doing im UCL? embarrasing ourselves?


I honestly believed that if Wenger had more resources to assemble a proper team, we would be great again. But look at this: Ozil+Alexis+Giroud+Welbeck – 100 million pounds worth of attacking talent and we couldn’t create a shot on target until after two thirds of the game had passed! Declaring Monaco a defensive team is just sad and pathetic because they created more clear-cut chances than us! At our home turf!


I think a lot of us did and a lot of us wanted to see Arsene win something big again and we thought that if given the money he could assemble a winning team again, and this year seemed a good year (in paper), we got money, we won the FA cup last season, we drew one of the weakest sides on the UCL which made us think we could’ve gone further this season, but except the screw up in Monaco as we screwed up the game today, is yet another year in which we’re just in UCL to get… Read more »


Don’t know why we expect any different. For years now we squeek into qualifying via the imfamous 4th place finish…We continually fluff the group stage finishing second…We then balls up the first game in the knock-out round, but always put in a stellar performance in the second.

Time & time again too little to late. It’s like we’re following a damn script.

Remember the invincibles

Yes. Wenger out

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Two more years or maybe more if he renew his contract as uncle Stan love the cash and this man will not let 8 million a year slip by.


I’m really looking forward to Arsene’s book – 101 Ways To Underestimate Opponents And Guarantee Embarrassing Losses.


What are you then!?


Surely Wenger was at fault for putting two very attacking fullbacks in the defense leaving Merte vulnerable. They weren’t even good on the attack

H. P. Arsecraft

Mert is always vulnerable.

I don't comment here often

It’s not just the fullbacks. The whole team was balls-to-the-wall attacking. We’ve lined up in the Champions League knockout stages with essentially a 4-2-4 (let’s face it Özil is a forward in this team), two fullbacks who push high up the pitch, and one of our central midfielders is Santi Cazorla. That’s more attacking than the team that Wenger fielded against Boro or the team that was inches away from throwing it away against Palace. That is bananas. There’s trying to play the game your way and there’s rank negligence. It pains me to say it but I think we… Read more »

H. P. Arsecraft

“The same flaws just keep appearing in our team.”


You don’t have to be part of a ‘Brigade’ in order to see that the pattern of failure over the last 10 years is down to him.

We will not win the Champions League or the League under him again. There are better managers with more tactical nous who have now surpassed him.

For a lot of Gooners we have allowed sentimentally to get in the way of logic. Not one person can genuinely believe that they didn’t see this happening.


Shit sandwich


Don’t mind if I do!

….it’ll take the taste of this game away at least.


Trademark last 16 first leg performance. I look forward to the plucky 2-0 win in the away leg.


1st one in the first 5-10 minutes, the other in the 94th… because that’s what we do best.

Third Plebeian

Nailed it.


We’re the omni-shambles. Manager has just sealed his titanic collapse into pathos with that performance and result tonight. He has to go.


I appreciate that Wenger support has been high in recent weeks most notably after the away win against City, but that new dawn has been short-lived. Our last two premier league wins have been woeful performances against lower league opposition. If you cast your mind back across the season, how many exceptional performances can you recall? Some Wenger Outers point to our record for the last ten years or so, but imo we couldn’t have had a more perfect manager to guide us through the stadium move transition. His CL qualification record given the circumstances was outstanding. But that doesn’t… Read more »


Well, no. Who are these young and hungry managers? Anyone can defeat Arsenal in one match, it’s not a big deal (sadly), but who can lead the team higher? Last year it was rodgers and klopp, the so-much-better managers, in the summer lvg was the jesus’s second coming, this year it’s simeone and (perhaps) the bloke who’s managing spurs. But how long will simeone’s magic last. Can you actually imagine the shitstorm if arsenal would be in the table where bvb is? Maybe pellegrini or ancelloti, if given enough time. But just maybe. And don’t take me wrong, while I’m… Read more »


Well said, WizardOfOzil.

I do not get the impression most posting are even surpised this could have happened.

Nobody wishes it, but it simply underlines there is a fundamental flaw and weakness that permeates the club.



gooner stuck in cornwall

Crock of fucking shite.

Easy tiger

Well that was very Wenger like and that is why this summer must be his last. That 3-1 goal has wenger written all over it.

Tommy Gunner

That final goal was criminal, there is no way we are winning 3-0 in Monaco 🙁

Podolski Sklep

False dawn, as always.




Just so so so so disappointing.

Sheffield Goon

Well done lads, now go and enjoy your big cars, big houses and pretty wives. Oh, and thanks for putting me in a bad mood for the rest of the week.

Wankers, you don’t know you’re fucking born.


That fucking sums it up for me too. What a load of fucking bullshit.


Exactly! Somewhere, a doctor can barely support his family while these ingrates don’t even bother to turn up for a game. Imagine, it’s a sport you love, playing in the best football competition in the World for the highest of honors, yet you can’t be bothered to give your best for 90 minutes.



I dashed out the office at 7 15 to make the match. Now going home in a filthy mood to do the work I couldn’t finish. Rather have stayed in the office


Let’s face it, we’ve become the European bitch that everyone can just smack around. I’m sorry guys, I had my hopes up for this one too!

20th times the charm?

who the fuck thumbed this down?? I’ll take some of what your smoking please


Shame. Terrible performance. Monaco well played.

Third Plebeian

Sure, they get some credit, but ‘well played’? On this occasion, I’m putting this defeat down as wholly self-inflicted. Missed chances, abject in possession, and terrible defending. We handed this game to them.

Javanese Gooner

this is so bad, we cannot defend, loose ball, not concentrate, lets focus on league & FA CUP


Im 18, that’s worst home performance I’ve ever seen. Now to go to Monaco and play well and win 2-0 and go out

Sheffield Goon

I’m 46 and its not far off the worst I’ve ever seen.

chippy's chip

Nearly 50 and second THAT.


I’m 50 and lived through the don Howe years. We have been worse but at least then we had zero expectations of doing well. What really annoys me is the comment by mourinho that we have the players to be challenging on all fronts is right. Whether you like AW or not (and I really do) there has to be a point when change is considered. Win at Man Utd, win the FA cup and finish 3rd and I’ll be happy. But whatever this season brings we MUST be top 2 next season and quarter final CL minimum


We lost 0-3 to Inter Milan once. They had Obafemi Martins in attack. We had The Invincibles. It only feels like the worst because it is recent.


Olivier Giroud – ? World class striker/forward – I think not.

Podolski Sklep

Yeah that miss in the second half was criminal. Let’s not be too reactive- he’s a great option overall, but a cut below the striker a club of our stature needs.


There is a difference between good striker like giroud and lethal one which berbatov prove that, i don’t say world class striker, i say lethal .

aussie gooner

Seems ozil has got a free pass at this club from the manager and the fans alike. A couple of bad games and per is “ too old and slow”. Giroud misses a few chanes and he’s a rubbish striker. Walcott gets grilled on here for not contributing enough. But ozil strolls around every game not giving a shit about the red shirt he’s wearing or the fans and you all never stop worshipping him. Same goes with the manager, giroud was the only one who looked like scoring today, yet he was taken off, ozil hardly got a meaningful… Read more »

A Yank

“giroud was the only one who looked like scoring today”

Uh, he should have buried the header to even it at 1 and he also missed an open goal by skying a Zamora. Sure he was active in the box, but he was about as lethal a glass of ice water.


Totally with you on this one. I was shocked to see Cazorla being taken off for Rozza towards the end. What does Ozil need to do to be subbed off is beyond me! I get that running around like a headless chicken is not his style of play but to be jogging around when you are 2-0 down is outright insulting to the players who are trying to get something out of the game.


Agree totally. Why didn’t Wenger play Rozza yet again? He and Santi are the form players in midfield right now so he should play them together.


Rozza had almost as many minutes as Chamberlain, he did nothing of note. I like the man, but it’s not like he’s the solution everytime we lose a match. For all of Walcott’s “movement”, he wasn’t the answer either. They all played badly.


TR7 was only on for 10 minutes and he replaced Santi when it should have been Ozil!


Yes, Giroud should have stayed on, he’s the fulcrum in attack. You go two down and bring on Walcott who cannot jump for a header so how do we play directly now? Bad move. Wenger’s major error I thought from the off was simply adjusting his team to add more pace to the backline. We needed Monreal’s combination play with the offensive players – Gibbs was, again, woefully, inexcusably poor in offensive positions. In the end though it’s Mertesacker with appalling play giving them half the pitch to run in for the 2nd and simply not athletic or sharp enough… Read more »

Tommy Gunner

Because as soon as you dare criticise Ozil on here, people reel out the tedious ‘run arraaaand a bit’ gag. He has one good game after five poor ones and people say ‘where are the Ozil haters now aye?’ Like you, I can live with him taking ages to make a pass and then fucking it up completely, but his demeanour when he does so is fucking infuriating!


Not bothered thumbing either way but in truth can you tell me one player that played well and earned his corn tonight? Thought not but when we lose lets bang on about Ozil. Why? Because Gary Neville says so? I don’t want to defend Ozil after tonights performance it was garbage but it was garbage from all of them!!!!

A real top quality defensive midfield performance against us tonight by the way. Just saying!

Aussie gooner

Nah mate, nothing to do with gary neville. I explained myself pretty well. The reason I pick ozil out isn’t because he performed worse than anyone, I pick him out because he never shows any desire


Don’t think he EVER has. It’s just the way he’s designed his style of play has NEVER changed. He’s always been a very laid back player.

It’s funny really as I really didn’t see Alexis in the first twenty minutes. Not his usual Duracell battery powered performance. Very much an off game. Yet he’s been awesome this season.


Aussie Gooner – you make some valid points appart from “giroud was the only one who looked like scoring today”. For the record Giroud never looked like scoring today.

Aussie gooner

He was the only one that got into scoring positions . We couldn’t create anything after he went off

Arsene's Apologist

Just awful. We’ve got to do better in the back.. and the midfield… and some finishing would be nice.


We’ve got to be better at football

Alexis you Alexis

Shitting horsecock Blogs, no other way to describe it.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

We have rather underestimated Monaco it seems. The simple truth is that they are much better than we are. We deserve nothing from this tie.

They are much better only if you think that their defending for the first 15 minutes was on purpose to get Arsenal’s players in the ‘WTF. Seriously?’ mood, distract them, and then score. Any decent team, or Arsenal on many other days, would be 3-0 up after 20 mins.

2 bullets in the chamber

I feel bad for the guy who on here earlier telling us he was going to his first game with his brother. Oh to be a gooner (sigh)


Wenger is clueless as usual.

Viva Vivas

An easy game for Monaco. Very poor from the whole team.


Just. Cunts. Glad our shower of shit is out.

Julian gooner

is there another team on this planet that can win away at bayern and lose at home to monaco? what is arsenal


We should of signed Harry Kane

… Ha ha ha only adding to frustration.

Seriously what the fuck Ozil Mertasacker Giroud???


For fucks sake. That was disgusting
From our keeper to our cbs we were terrible at playing out from the back today
Monaco aren’t as impenetrable as our finishing would have you believe but jeez man..
Ozil probably should have been pulled at 50th minute for rosicky and get Cazorla at CAM he was having a shocker in cm and ozil was having one at 10.
I’m appalled
Alexis tried his socks off poor cunt


It was as if we had decided to execute Monaco’s gameplan perfectly. Concede early, don’t press at all, commit everyone forward and concede again. The only thing that didn’t go as per our plan was our goal towards the end. But boy, how did we make up for that!!


Wengers tactics got completely molested by their midfield. Another reason why we need a strong midfielder!


Kondogbia was immense. Moutinho too
What a beautiful catastrophe we are


And they were so good as a combination. Wallace and Abdennour were hellbent on not conceding too. Those four were good enough today that we couldn’t beat them down attacking down the center. So the game became an examination of our ability to stretch a team from wide positions, get to the byline and execute accurate crosses. For all the squad has made, we have never mastered this aspect of the game. And today we paid for it.


*For all the progress the squad has made, we have never mastered this aspect of the game. And today we paid for it.




No words.


Well usually after a defeat it’s good to stay calm and give some constructive criticism. But this time I think Arsenal deserve a big F*CK YOU.

Ex-Priest Tobin

It’s time we faced a hard truth: Ozil has been almost a total waste of money. I don’t mean to make him a scapegoat, as the rest of the team was poor, but I can’t believe how much we paid for him considering the return so far.

I do have to give some credit to Monaco, they played a tactically excellent match.



Man Manny

Speechless! This was not Bayern or Barca or Real; this was Monaco for God’s sake. Giroud, Welbeck blew glitz edged chances in the 2nd half. The tie is over. Can’t see us scoring 3 unreplied goals. Sad, sad day for the whole Arsenal family.


Comment:oh fuck off! I stayed up late for this ish!


how do we manage to fuck up every year. Were we shooting for an ither documentary to be played after the invincible. Horrible . Gotta stop being amateur cud have gone to monaco with one goal deficit. Truly ridiculous. Masters of top four and qualifying of group stages thats what we are.


Stayed up until 6 am to watch this shit repeat again. I swear I could have smashed the tc for that 1st half performance alone.


After the first 30 minutes, all I could think of was this:

“In the last four years we always came out frustrated because three times we conceded a goal at home in the first 30 minutes,” said Arsene Wenger.

“That goal knocked us out. It was really tight. We have learnt from that and we can show that on Wednesday.”

Guess we haven’t learned too much, have we?


Wow. We really cannoy handle any form of pressure can we? Come on. This was our chance to progress easily. Such a pity. Whats the point of qualifying for a competition you cannot progress in? It really is only financial gain for us. Come on boys… pull your socks up for the next leg!!


I don’t blame Arsene Wenger… the players are fully responsible for me and I don’t care what anyone thinks im not a fan of Ozil his performance and attitude today was shocking…. hes had time to settle in now its simple not good enough.. but overall most of the players were terrible tonight..


What’s the excuse?
1. Bad referee – No.
2. They parked the bus- No
3. They kicked us off the field- No

Fair game and we played like only we can.
Wrote a big paragraph criticizing the players but erased it. Fuck it. Who gives a shit.
I can’t believe I stayed up at this ungodly hour for this shit.


its 5.53 am over here and I cant get back to sleep, expletives bombarding my mind once my eyes are closed.

Julian gooner

i had the match playing under the table during a biochemistry exam today and i rushed to finish the test so i could watch the second half more comfortably. there was nothing comfortable about it though.


Whelp looks like another year another fight for 4th place to qualify for a competition that will dump us out again as soon as it gets tough.


What the tits ass was that? Ugh fucking hell… Same flaws every single time every single season. How is it possible that we put in a performance like that? I just cannot fathom any possible rational conclusion


And also, Welbeck is not technical enough to be a winger. Should have started with chamberlain.

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