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Wenger: it’s time for Theo to step-up

Theo Walcott  has drawn praise from Arsene Wenger after his goalscoring return to action, but the manager says it’s time for him to really press on in terms of his overall career.

With two goals in his last two starts, the Arsenal manager has extolled the virtues of the England man’s positioning, but also said that injuries have had too big an impact on him over the years.

While he’s never going to be the most skillful ball player you’ll ever see, Wenger says there are other qualities that set the former Southampton man apart.

“Theo’s first attribute is the quality of his reception,” he said. “It is absolutely exceptional, one of the best in the world, with the timing of his movement and where he goes.

“When I say quality of receptions, it’s the area where he will get the ball. In that, he is certainly top, top, top because he has the pace behind it as well.”

After a long spell out, Walcott hasn’t yet found consistency but the Frenchman believes that will come, and when it does he’s at the right age to really kick on in his football career.

“I think he is not completely there yet,” said Wenger. “It’s normal because he’s been out for a year but you can see week after week, he gets better.

“I think just before he was injured, he was the best Theo I have ever seen. He had a good balance between being physical and using his pace – and the quality of his finishing had improved tremendously.

“When he scored the goal on Sunday against Villa, you can see he’s a great finisher now. He had a lot of injuries. I think what he needs is to be a long time without injury. He is 25 now, and it’s the right age for him. It’s now that is decisive for his career.”

Another goal, or two, today against that lot would go some way to making that happen. Fingers crossed.

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happy gunner

Please Theo score against them!!!!


Two nil please!

Man Manny

Great finisher and a constant goal threat. Quite a unique footballer. I love Theo. His absence was the main reason we fell away last season.


10 goals before the end of the season with no injuries and Theo is all set to be our second best top scorer as we sweep the league next season. I have no doubt in my mind about this.

Thierry Walcott

My favourite current Arsenal player. He’s gonna get there Arsene, and when he does… man! COYG!!



Rectum Spectrum

I work with a spurs fan Theo, you don’t need me to tell you what I require of you today for Monday morning. Thanks in advance.

Arsene's zip

Would love him to bang in our second goal then give them the gesture again!


I hope he continues his scoring run today. Arsenal will benefit from it. A victory for Arsenal will be a perfect start to the weekend


Good record against the spuds. Let’s hope it continues.

Big Dave

“Top, top, top”!? That’s some praise. I’d have thought he would have been “top, top”, stretching possibly to “top, top, little bit extra top”.


Agree with Wenger, right before his injury he was near the best he’s ever been. It’s the injuries that have held him back but if he can get over that, he’ll fulfil the promise of 9 years ago. The new system gives him more freedom than before and I can’t wait to see him team up with Alexis

Giroud Awakening

This is going to get thumbed down but I’m going to be honest, I don’t think Theo deserves half the credit he gets. He is lazy, never tracks back and all he does is glory hunt. I think Blogs and Gooner Blog summed up my sentiments on Monday’s Arsecast when they said he is border line going into the same bracket as Podolski. Theo needs to buck up before he is anywhere near getting in my starting XI, I think I would rather have the Ox ahead of him at this point.


I’m glad he clarified about the “reception”. Theo often has a terrible first touch. Saw it again with that pass from Rosicky. A team needs the chances we create, especially in tight games, to be taken. Bungled it completely, and hesitated twice against Villa. This is the difference between winning and losing the big games whether in PL or CL. Not hating, but Theo lost his composure there. He has a great profile, and is a very good young man, but he hides. Even if he added tracking back seriously, for real, to his game, he would become a better… Read more »


Is his development still ahead of Messi at this age? With a few more big performances, I think it could be.

monkey knees

He was on fire before the injury. Fingers crossed he’s on his way back there…


“…the manager says it’s time for him to really press on in terms of his overall career”. I don’t know how you inferred that from the comments Wenger, which are only full of praise for Walcott.


Is Wenger also hinting that at this crucial junction of his career, there is no better place to become a very good player.

Walcott sign that thing!


Still one of the most exciting players in the squad. Come on Theo! COYG!


Game at halftime. Need to replace Cazorla. Having a terrible game. Has been nonexistent. Poor passing too. Maybe needs a rest. Hope AW makes a change.

Cap i normally applaud your more intellectual and honest approach to reporting. However the headline does reflect the sentiment of the interview…by a long stretch. I appreciate that you are not the biggest fans of Theo, which is cool, but please don’t let that influence or tarnish your otherwise honest journalism. Tabloid standard from you I am afraid.


Lol…that should be” does NOT reflect”… Of course. That knocked me off my high horse.

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