Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Arsenal 3-0 West Ham – player ratings

Was this 3-0 win a dress rehearsal for Tuesday night? It’s unlikely, we realise that, but we’re on a post-game (along with a jar of ether) high.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Mesut is the most selfless bastard to ever walk on this earth


Or maybe his decision making is at times a bit shit.


if only all our players had his decision making…


His decision making is normally top class but was not today. He is allowed that


well it was one mistake, the rest of his game was simply brilliant


Yep in reality Ozil was hot n cold all game, lets be honest, still though he can afford to be, but there was certainly more than one moment where he frustrated. Bit harsh on Walcott, don’t see 3 point diff between his and Ozil’s performance, its just that Ozil is a 100 points a better player. For Monreal was complete class, and as good as Kozza was, if he wasn’t there to clean up, Monreal came through with a new found calmness to clear, that for me was his best performance in an Arsenal shirt. Good luck Kieren.


Difference is Sam.. is that it’s Walcott and Arseblog is notorious for giving him a hard time. Ramsey as an example is allowed to play badly indefinitely *until he turns it around which he does* whereas Walcott can’t have one bad game even if he hasn’t played in weeks.

Ozil's Eyes

Really it’s time for Ozil to learn a little bit of selfishness from Alexis after a continuous two hour of goal-scoring kicks from the edge of penalty box intense training for two weeks.


Since Ospina has started playing in the EPL spot, my most common yell at the tv has become “Ozil take the shot.” But he did I at least once and continued working towards his goal to give at least one assist to every Gunner playing, so I can’t complain.

It would be cool, if Arsene had a sub left the next time the Arseanl is up a couple or three, if our striker goes out and Santi comes on and Mesut is forced to make some shots. I like that “what did I just do?” look when scores.


wonderful performance, bring on monaco.coyg! walcott though!!


I appreciate the debate about Theo and Theo’s future is very valid, but you have to say that the two goals he missed today were probably down to confidence more than anything else. And a long, arguably undeserved spell on the bench, plus a manager all but bad mouthing you in a press conference (I know that’s a bit strong, but it’s not far from the truth), are gonna have played a big part of that.

Dick Swiveller

If he wants to play silly buggers he can’t complain about being buggered.


Gotta say i’m kind of glad he missed the chances, as his overall play wasnt very good. If he’d have scored the papers and blogs would be all “now Wenger has a decision to make” … As it is nothing has changed, he’s still good but not good enough 🙁


You should never be happy with any of our players missing chances. At the end of the day it’s about the team winning. Who cares what they say after it!

Unyoke the Ox

Tpyou should never be glad that one of our players misses their chances, irrespective of the situation.


Thats a ridiculous opinion. If Bendtner were still here, i’d want him to actually become TGSTEL and score 22 goals a game – even if he was really annoying.


If Walcott really wants to play he has to force the hands of the manager by his performance on the pitch and training ground instead of the negotiation table. I bet you go on and ask a 100 gooners and none of them would have told u that Theo was undeservedly benched for the games after returning to the squad. In this recent patch following his recovery, every game that he was played he contributed close to nothing in the attack, bar netting a few goals. I don’t believe scoring one goal but only having below 15 touches and making… Read more »

I spin your arse plug

Arsenal 4 Monaco 2
easy 🙂


I know he had a slow start to the season, but it seems bonkers to me that Cazorla’s average rating works out at 6.5 for the season. He’s a magician!

Danger Mouse

Mate, I was thinking exactly the same thing as Iooked at Cazorla’s season’s average. Doesn’t seem to make sense and certainly doesn’t reflect how great he’s been for months.


His performance were not great when he was deployed out wide. His performances have unsurprisingly improved dramatically since he moved back into a central position


I really don’t know why Ramsey is rated higher than Özil. Sure, he got himself a goal. But his passing is off way to often and his flicks and heel passing are really annyoing sometimes. But I see some improvement. So yeah, maybe I just want my Welsh Jesus from last season back. I guess that’s a bit unfair to ask for.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Ozil’s decision making was bad today or his confidence was lower than normal. He should have scored.


How are people so divided? I agree completely. Doesn’t mean I don’t rate him.

Siz C

Did we lose the game??? Good to see the perfectionists have come out to play.


We Will beat Monaco by 4-1 come Tuesday night! COYG!!!


Apologies for the downvote, but I am overly superstitious and believe that my voting on arseblog has an impact on our performances. Just trying not to jinx us!!

teddy salad

I down voted your down vote. Not sure if that nullifies your vote or reinforces it. I blame beer. and the rain.


Haha beer may also be to blame for my superstition

Ozil's Eyes

I’d rather deduct one goal from each side to make it 3-0 for us at monaco.

dick law

Does that mean Gibbs will start in Tuesday?



Thierry Walcott

No one starts in tuesday mate, how is that done?


Good all round performance. Wenger really knows.


10/10 for Koscielny. He was immense today. Nothing and no one passed him. Hi pockets were full today

Over the Mars

Left me damn chuffed to hear the commentators finally give Kos some love when appropriate. He’s not had the easiest of times this season, a relative nadir I guess, but if anyone on this team deserves recognition, it’s him.


Walcott really is not helping his contract tussle. So quick on the run but too slow to shoot.
He really needs to work harder to earn even his current £ 90 to 100,000 a week wages.

Yorkshire gunner

How long until arsene offers the £100,000 + £1 a week contract? 😉

East Gooner

Theo is really an enigma isn’t he…. on the one hand he has 2-3 fantastic chances to score whilst on the other hand he does nothing else – 2 passes in 25 2nd half mins is just not good enough. On the plus side though Ramsey, Giroud and Koscielny were amazing. Many think that Giroud is not good enough for Arsenal – Those people are WRONG. 14 goals in 24 appearances – In context the much vaunted Diego Costa has 17 in 32. Also Ramsey was great – Hope that he goes into his ‘Jesus’ mode for the rest of… Read more »


I would love to see Ozil get some training on his right foot. While it was selfless to pass the ball I feel it was predominantly a result of the fact that his right foot is so poor – for a player of his stature he really needs to be able to pass or shoot with his right foot if need be. If he had been more confident on his right I’m sure we would have seen him slot it into the far corner today. His transformation for tracking back and winning the ball and his ability to now muscle… Read more »


Agree totally. You’d have to think that with the passing angles completely opened up on either side that he’d almost become unplayable when on song. Off topic – heard the game over the radio, just seen the Giroud goal – almost cried it was so beautifully worked!

alexis' shorts

I must agree Ozil’s defensive effort the past two games has been wonderful. If that chip to Walcott had been a bit further forward, I’m sure Walcott would have taken it well, but regardless, I’m of the thought that you take the shot when in that position rather than pass.

Also, I think Wenger should be commended for the substitutions he made. He did not wait for a second goal, he got Sanchez a little more rest, and his 2 final changes combined for the 3rd goal. Cheers prof!

Dick Swiveller

I think it’s the muscles making the most difference, he would often try to do something against an attacker and just bounce off them, now he’s bouncing off defenders, makes a nice change.


He played one excellent reverse through ball to Welbeck using his right foot, but he could use it more. Not everyone can be as magical as Santi though.


What bothers me about Walcott is that he won’t play defense. Alexis loses the ball quite a bit trying to penetrate and score, but he tears back and does his best to win the ball back. Theo usually just waits in a forward position for someone to notice his run and feed him the ball. Chambers got caught out repeatedly, and part of the reason was he never got any help from the right side winger. Walcott will get his scoring touch back and will start connecting on passes, but his lack of work ethic seems permanent.


If Walcott plays around this time then his agent is blind. We are a much stronger team now and with money to replace him. If we sell him, it has to be overseas though. Inject him with some Barca DNA if it bumps the price up

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Barcelona have a transfer embargo.

Don Cazorleone

Send him to Wolfsburg to become TGWTEL


Theo needs to pick up his form or a new improved contract just won’t happen. When he wasn’t signing last time we needed him as we had few options up front and I was his biggest defender but now the situation is completely different and we have the options up front.
Theo is worth keeping but not at any price. Those days have gone now thankfully.


Giroud now moves into second place in the league in minutes per goal/assist among all big-name regulars. At one every 83 minutes, he’s now second ONLY to Aguero. He’s better than all of Costa, Kane, Hazard, Sanchez, Ozil, Silva, Rooney, Sterling, Sturridge, Fabregas, Oscar, Henderson, and all the others. And ask yourself if any one of those other names contributes as much as Giroud does in terms of total defense and ball retention. By this season’s numbers (which is an important caveat), he is colossally underrated. He has contributed as much in his time on the pitch as anyone else… Read more »

Ryan Griffiths

What is it about Giroud, though? Why does no one think he is as good as his mins/goal show? I mean this genuinely. I really like him, but wages aside, would you trade him for Costa/Bony/Sturridge etc? I think I would, but I don’t know why.

Dick Swiveller

The only reason I wouldn’t trade him for Costa is because Costa is Costa, if you see what I mean. Giroud is better than the others you mentioned, although if City offered Aguero it might be a different matter…


Speed over the ground is why you’d think of trading him.

But he is quick of thought and has quick feet. And is strong in the air and of body.


And handsome.

Don Cazorleone

Giroud’s defensive work alone is enough to not swap him with Bony/Sturridge and co.
Let alone his hold up play, passing, and now his handsome French finishing.

Ozil's Eyes

Giroud should get rid of his emotional facial expression and body language whenever things not happening right for him or his team-mates. He should sit alone in the corner and watch clips from the archive the likes of bergkamp, henry, pires to emulate how those personalities carried themselves on the field. Then perhaps his rating will drastically improve.

Dick Swiveller

Does it matter? At all? He’s cut out some of the most obvious pitch thumping and extravagant shows of frustration but we aren’t going to turn our players into robots. Unless it would make them impervious to injury, so maybe cyborgs then.


I’m not disagreeing with Walcott’s score, but regarding the good: His pace (not surprisingly), but when he skinned that guy on the right hand side, and just left him for dead. Was awesome to see.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

0/10 Sam Allardyce for being the ugliest manager in the league.

andre santos

nah. thats LVG


Nope. Its Maureen. Physically and spiritually. Satan.

Not necessary.

No mate that’s pellegrini. After each defeat ge looks like he can be an extra on the Walking Dead set (without any make up)

Springbank 1962

Mourinho … more inside rather than out.


just curious but could anyone tell me the lyrics to the arsenal song? the one sound like ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENE AND THE…


Hum it us


*to us

Damn words

Dick Swiveller

I read it to the tune of Entrance of the Toreadors if that’s any help.

I didn’t think so.


Good grief, an hour and a half gone by and no-one’s put this poor guy out of his misery? The words are:

We’re by far the greatest team
The world has ever seen

Lots of other teams’ fans sing it about their teams too, but it sounds shit when they do it.


thanks a lot


My gosh, is that what it was?? I kept coming back to find out about some new chant I hadn’t seen.

This is quite impressive about Coquelin incidentally..


David Hillier Handled My Luggage

that last line made me piss – Fair play!


If Mesut gets in that position at 0-2 at Monaco and attempts to dink to Theo rather than shoot… :-/.

He better not try that shit! :'(


Really good game. No heart attack in the last 5 minutes.


Orgasm maybe?


Yeah, when Ramsey scored that second goal the bar I was in looked like a helicopter hit a glue factory.


I love that we’re getting the kind of healthy competition in most positions that players have to perform or they’ll be keeping the bench warm. HFB gets the nod for me in Monaco. It’s a shame Ox is out – not sure I’d risk starting a terribly undercooked Theo. I think Özil might play on the right to fit Ramsey in the lineup after that performance. I’d prefer to see us with two proper wide men and Özil through the middle but you can understand wanting to have Özil, Santi, and a disciplined Rambo all on the pitch. I reckon… Read more »


I think you’re right. Ramsey will prob start and Theo will be on bench. The only thing you can say for Theo is he does get chances. He gets in more positions to score than the Ox or Danny when they are playing on the right and in a game like this we need to make chances. He just doesnt look sharp enough to take them right now. Also with Monaco likely to play deep, it often doesn’t suit Theo when space is hard to come by. So an energetic Ramsey making his late runs into the box sounds like… Read more »


Agree completely. Reaaaaalllyyyy want to see us turn this one around!!!

Al the Gooner

We have come close to overturning some big results in the past few years and I do think we are capable of doing it this year. Fingers crossed. Nice to see Ramsey put in a decent performance but Theo was disappointing. I wonder if we will see him leave this summer, he had a great opportunity today and totally blew it. With both Welbeck and Ox ahead of him for the right wing I think he may decide to leave rather than fight for it. Jack is another one who I think is going to find games hard to come… Read more »


Wonderful performance, happy to see Ramsey back in business! A quick one about Walcott: As one of the players who has been at Arsenal the longest in this team, I really want him to do well and for him to contribute as much as possible as it will benefit him and the team more than anything else. However, I genuinely lost a lot of respect for him when took advantage of Arsenal FC at a time when we really needed him. I remember a statement he made after him signing the contract, that it had been a really hard and… Read more »


To me, the guy has a right to be negotiate for his contract. The club has been around for nearly 130 years and will be around for many many more; Theo’s career will last until he’s 35 if he’s lucky. I can’t get mad at him for getting the best wage he can get, especially since the club is one of the most profitable in the world.


He is a speedster, and nothing else.. 35 is pushing it.. Even Henry slowed down at 30 already.. but Henry got other things going for him.


I think his point is that, while he does have the right to fight for his contract, he should also be realistic. He’s got to put in the performances of a player who deserves to be paid above 100k a week. On his current form it’s not like he can just walk into any top four side in England at the moment anyway so threatening to leave is not something Arsenal FC should be afraid of. Basically he’s ‘not that special’

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

The statement about Walcott talking advantage of Arsenal to fix his knee is unbecoming for Arsenal fans to make. Was he playing for Spurs when he got injured ?


Exactly! I don’t know when we became so collectively precious that anyone trying to negotiate a contract (which all players have to do!) was seen as a sign of treachery. A lot has been made of Walcott getting a good contract last time round and the club should be celebrated for that, for not letting one our best players go. How that has been twisted into Walcott somehow strong-arming/blackmailing us, as if players (hell, any job really) don’t always try to get the best contract for themselves, I’ll never know. But it’s pathetic, and some people are in serious need… Read more »


Come on blogs, Walcott was definitely better than a 4. Good movement and positioning, but he was just let down by his finishing. Which is understandable when you consider his match rustiness.


Let’s face it, Blogs simply doesn’t rate him


See, this is just preposterously untrue. He gave him a 4 right up there!

German Gunner

True, he was flying before his injury, blogs just hates him, Ozil misses a sitter, not a word, Walcott misses the rebound, gets hammered. Just saying..

Gooner Inside the Beltway

Or Blogs recognizes that there are better options currently available and it is important to put your best 11 on the pitch. He will always be our worst, and most unwilling defender, his passing and assist stats are woeful and he has yet to find his shooting boots since returning from admittedly debilitating injury. This will sound like heresy to those already beating the drum for Theo, but not sure that Chuba shouldn’t be given a chance ahead of him just as I argued earlier this season that Bellerin deserved a shot ahead of Chambers. None of this is to… Read more »

David C

surprised at Chambers rating. I thought he looked pretty good considering his lack of game time. Some of his runs forward and interplay with his teammates were exceptional.

Bring on Monaco!

David C

…and Burnley take the lead!!!


And won the game for us. Wonderful indeed.


Ramsey hinted he was on the way back with his cameo vs United, and he confirmed it today. Crucially for the team, Cazorla and especially Ozil LOVE to play off him. The triangle magic that led to the 2nd goal is a trait of that Ramsey/Ozil chemistry that we’ve seen so rarely this season. Fuckin’ excellent to have him back at the business end.


Couldn’t agree more! And couldn’t be happier about it!


Giroud was subtly brilliant today. Use that same technical suave against monaco to redeem yourself.

David C

in hindsight, I think he was almost trying too hard in the first game against Monaco because he’s facing an old French rival. I like your comment, he is better when he is more relaxed!


Easily the best game Ramsey has had all season


I think Walcott had a better performance than he had in his previous games. I thought Kos was the MOTM for keeping the score at 0-0 and then 1-0. Really good defending.
That said, I really wish THIS was the game that blogs was there. I can only imagine what would have been said when foy came off. Refereeeeeeee!


Get your spelling right mate. It’s ‘ref-ah-ree!!’


Really shocked at the Walcott rating (even though Blogs obviously has it in for him!), thought he got himself involved and made clever runs and passes, a constant threat throughout the first half and should have won a penalty. Combined really well with Giroud as usual, and he even tracked back and pressed. Just shows the blatant bias really: when Walcott misses a chance, he should do better but when Ozil doesn’t take a chance, “that’s why we love him!”. Hmmm… Anyway, really impressed with Ramsey today just like when he came on at OT. Thought he bossed the midfield… Read more »


Ozil missed one chance when he was through on goal. The one blogs was talking about was a chip to Walcott which was the right decision from Ozil because he knew he could not score with his right foot, so rather than shoot and likely miss, he passed it to Walcott who is a better finisher. Didn’t go as planned, but yet even then it resulted in a Ramsey shot skimming just wide.


That’s even worse, he had two chances to score, didn’t and gets a pat on the back. Which is fine, but to slaughter Walcott for the same criteria, and basically blaming him for not getting a penalty, is blatant bias. The funny thing about it is that the move for the Ozil chance was started by Walcott. He nutmegged a West ham player on the turning, torched him for pace, and then found an excellent pass inside. When Ozil chipped it to him, he intelligently set up Ramsey rather than go for goal himself. Oddly, that didn’t get a mention…


One good game for Ramsey out of the whole season and hes back,,some of you aint got a deacon blue.


Hey rch, don’t know you but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t think he’s back after a solid goal scoring performance coming on the back of yet another injury layoff, then by all means give us an argument why eh?

if you’re just here to say other people don’t have a “deacon blue”… then “get the fuck outta here”.*

*That’s rhyming slang for – GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE NUMPTY.


Some sloppy passes, but that was Rambo’s best game for a while now.


Really worried for Theo at the moment. I expect the rust as he has been out for a while..But he has been at Arsenal since he was 16… His progress and ability haven’t grown as much as they should have..Not to say he isn’t valuable but with the emergence of The Ox and the signings of Welbeck and Sanchez negates the only thing that Theo brings to the table which is pace. He also has Chuba and Gnabry coming up behind him as well as the competition with the first teamers. I always felt Theo should grow into a player… Read more »


Let’s hope we can crack the code before its too late.


Remember Arsene ‘found’ Hazard when he was only 17 (I think it was Grimandi who first spotted him). But then he arsed around about paying less the 20 million euros for him at the time (think it was 17 mil). Following season his price had gone up 50% ! But that was back when we did have any money… ah I remember it well.


Ozil,Ramsey and Giroud were all superb today
a pleasure to watch them


Are people really jumping on Walcott for his performance today? He wasn’t a liability or anything, made some good penetrating runs (although you can tell his instincts may have dulled a bit).

It was a comfortable and pleasant win, we don’t need to shit on anyone.

Dick Swiveller

Actually contributed defensively too, it wasn’t a one man flank performance like we’ve seen from Bellerin lately, but I thought he was more involved than he has been recently. Step in the right direction imo.


Yeah agreed guys. Feel like anyone who isn’t starting can see the ghost of their Arsenal future because everybody seems to be putting in a shift now. That’s why we can give Theo a pass for today, he was active, he tracked back better than usual and his instinct to get into a goal-scoring position seems unaffected by being benched. Got a standing O when he came off! The hard workers in the squad have set a pretty standard now, bodes well for the team’s evolution.



Xavi's DNA

No, we are coming for first – we just won’t quite make it.


How long will it take before everyone is convinced of Giroud’s quality? He’s no Thierry Henry, but neither is Costa / RVP / Cavani / Higuain. Forwards who can create magic, play well in any kind of match are like rare unicorns. What Giroud is is a striker who is one of the best in playing with his back against goal. He does best in games where we dominate play, have numbers in attack. He struggles in games where we play the ball into space and rely on counterattacks as the only attacking option. And that’s why he was rather… Read more »


Just watched Man City lost to Burnley leaving us just a point behind them with their having a tough run in as well. We will surely expand our lead on other teams tomorrow (hopefully Spurs and Man U tie) and really have a great shot at 2nd. Good solid performance today after we settled down a bit defensively and cleaned things up on the right side of defense. Some great displays by Ozil, Ramsey, Giround, Koscielny, Monreal, etc.. Walcott’s play is a real worry, I can’t see him getting many more starts for a while (esp after Chamberlin comes back).… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I think Coquelin was better at it today though, or maybe having rambo next to him helps ease the issue.

Also, we don’t do too badly on the break, I’m thinking it’s going to be slower to work out though as we rarely get that kind of space to practice, but it’s promising.

Bhartiya Gunner

City lost …1 fucking point now!!! I smell 2nd place and a fantastic Champions league performance in the near future!! COYG!


is that a cheeky fear and loathing reference i spy? really good performance today in potentially a banana skin game with one eye on the champs league midweek… obviously mesut shouldve shot but ive been really impressed with him recently he looks like hes starting to adapt to the rigours of the league more and with his undeniable talent its looking exciting for the future 🙂


It’s been a hell of a week. We beat manure, got to laugh at chelsea and put on a strong showing against west ham. If we can finish second and keep our cup then wenger will have turned a potential disaster into one of our better post invincibles seasons. COYG


After Burnley beating City, i say YES WE CAN !

Gooner Rises

a point behind second place, 3 clean goals away from champions league quaterfinal and two wins away from retaining fa cup. Improvement or ……..?


The battle for the second place is on boys. Well done Burnley (again)


All we need now to make the weekend perfect is for Southampton to tonk Chel$ki and for Man Ure and the Spurms to draw. Fuck, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket too.


Thought Walcott played pretty well personally. We won comfortably so no need to worry too much about the misses, I reckon he will be important for us for the rest of the season. Chelsea don’t look great at the mo and we’ve got them at home so let’s reel the fuckers in!

Stringer Bell

Giroud, Coq, kos outstanding today. The spine is looking good. Roll on Tuesday. Coyg.

igor stepanovs

Amazing the difference a couple of years makes for Theo. He was unfortunate to get injured when he did, particularly at a time when he finally threatened to begin to fulfill his potential. Right now, however, it’s hard to see how we will offer him an improved contract. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him at a club like Liverpool next season. And the weird thing is, that doesn’t particularly scare me…


Giroud – I don’t care what anybody says, he’s world class! Ozil -I don’t care what the media says, he makes a massive difference! Flamini – I don’t care what you say, he’s still a bloody decent footballer Chambers – I don’t care what they say about the technically limited jenkinson, we have a well composed and technical Chambers (oh and Bellerin and Debuchy…so we should be in the market for a RB according to the trades) Ramsey – I don’t care what the Commentators are saying, MOTM performance. Just the right time to get back into form and scoring… Read more »


I think welbeck did really well after coming on. His touches/control were/was ridiculous.


I’m in Amsterdam for the weekend and slightly out of my head on other peoples spliff shmoke but fuck it, we’ll go through against Monaco and we’ll finish 2nd in PL at least….. For shuuuure!


Why does this guy worry about Ospinas Kicks and yet he said nothing about szczesny on Monday who though he was playing for united

Zaharaddeen Getso

CHECK THIS OUT: 2014/15: Oliver Giroud: Games = 24.. Goals = 14 Diego Costa: Games = 32.. Goals =17……….And they say Giroud is a flop? Because he us playing for gunners? Honestly I like flop like Giroud..


We were so dangerous all day, finally having that attacking unit of Alexis, Ozil, Theo and Giroud out there. Fantastic mix of guile, strength and pace. Just works so well with Coquelin willing to do the defensive shift and Ramsey freed to link up with Ozil again. Of course Theo will always be shit on here, regardless of the fact he is light years ahead of Welbeck in that right side role. Not the place for a sensible discussion about him. He scores goals and isn’t as involved which gets the same old criticism for his last few appearances, then… Read more »


Agreed, it does seem like there is a little witchhunt against Theo at the moment. All that has been said is: 1. It takes some time for Walcott [and his representatives] to commit to a deal 2. Theo wants to focus on his game and playing as much as possible before discussing his contract in the summer. From Wenger’s POV he has made it clear that: 1. At Arsenal or any big club it is down to a player to fight for his place, and 2. That Theo is competing with Alexis, Welbeck and [probably] Chamberlain for a starting place… Read more »


Goodbye, Feo.

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