Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Arteta, Debuchy, Wilshere and Diaby feature in friendly

Arsenal have received an injury boost for the final stages of the season as some first team regulars, and one very irregular, featured in a behind closed doors friendly against Brentford.

The Gunners ran out 4-0 winners with Jack Wilshere opening the scoring in the 7th minute. The midfielder hasn’t played since a Paddy McNair tackle left him with ankle ligament damage last November.

He was joined by Mikel Arteta (last appearance: Nov 26th), Mathieu Debuchy (out since January 11th) and Abou Diaby who was last seen in first team action in September when he lasted 67 minutes of the Capital One Cup defeat to Southampton.

Arteta, Wilshere and Diaby played 45 minutes while Debuchy was given an hour. It remains to be seen if any of them will be in contention for this Saturday’s game against Liverpool at the Emirates, but heading into the final few weeks of the season (it really has flown by), the more players we have fit and available the better.

More details on here.

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Kosc' Other Pocket

Now we can gun for the big-ears and the EPL trophy.. COYG


Though does anyone know how well they each played?

(I know it was behind closed doors but somebody must have been there)


First game back after so long, it’s more about match fitness and getting through unscathed really


Read the match report on apparently Diaby bossed it in the first half pretty much creating two goals. I know many will disagree with me but I just really want Diaby to stay and get some game time. The annoying thing is that when I tell other fans that Diaby is actually a good player no one believes me because they’ve barely seen him play. I just want people to at least see how good he can be before he goes. Robbed of a great career due to injuries.


I know it does not matter to most of you fans, but the 3% increase in ticket prices robbing real supporters last season and the £2.8million it generated just about covers a year of his wages for not playing. That’s not including the cost in medical expenses. So if you want him to stay how about you stumping up for his wages and expenses.


How is it possible that someone thinks the 3% increase in ticket prices wouldn’t have happened if not for Diaby?


Is it possible to ban trolls from the site? You can judge that easily enough by thumbs down, rudeness etc. I don’t mind controversial views that make me think but do object to consistently provocative w*nkers. They are mostly likely getting pleasure from winding up true fans.


Boom. Well owned sir, well owned!

chippy's chip



Care to expand on “your shit- head gun” mannion?


Its a gun aimed at shitheads


Also, his current contract was given since his ankle was smashed. What is Arsenal- a charity for veterans? I suppose its immaterial to you what the supporters pay

Rozza the samourai

First time I have seen a fan that mad because a player is returning from injury ! Are you happy if they get injured ? Asking because you don’t want them to return.


Almost definitely not an Arsenal fan, in my opinion. Rude and regularly p*ssing people off is something a Sp*rs fan would do.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

The constant complaining get tiresome. It is the one thing I don’t like about fans in general. Not just arsenal fans, fans of sports in general.


Hey, moron, Diaby hasn’t been accepting his wages while he’s been injured. Like Blogs said, aim your shit-head gun at the right target. Or better yet, don’t aim it at all, just go away and be a troll somewhere else.

Blogs, I’ll go along with what Pedant said above. Can’t we just get rid of obvious trolls like this idiot, Theone1, and others?


Ex Priest Tobin too, though have never seen Seioghe and him in the same (chat) room. Strange that…

david hillier handled my luggage

Do you ever enjoy ANYTHING?


Seems Diaby will not get his contract renewed this summer, but what other club will sign him? I think it would be far better to keep him on on a pay as you play basis; on the rare occasions he is uninjured there is no better in the EPL.

alexis' shorts

I think most of us who have seen Diaby play agree he is a talent, but unfortunately his body just doesn’t seem to be able to hold up for even one full match after that Dan Smith tackle. And now, it would take a lot to become more than a rotation player for us with the current squad, although that extra cover would be nice. It’s really admirable how much effort he has put in to getting back to proper health, but I don’t see this turning out like Rosicky’s recovery. I see no problem having him stay around and… Read more »

ramsey's spirit

I completely agree, i know there are problems though, I’d consider offering him a 2 year deal with a low contract around 30k a week (i say low, still a decent amount to earn in a year) and then throw in a hefty 15-20k appearence fee so hes paid when he actually plays.


As soon as Diaby was fit he was also straight into the French national team.

He had talent, hope for Diaby that he still has it


You can tell me mate how good he is and i will believe it. I wouldnt mind seeing him given a 12 month extension. The guy is quality. Just no luck at all.


Diaby could have been our Vieira replacement. It’s really sad to see what has happened to the guy. I don’t think there’s any doubt he’s absolutely a top quality player when fit. The problem is he’s fit for about 5 days out of each season.

Walcott's left footed curl

OK, so for how long is Diaby out now? Taking for granted that he injured himself in this game.


+1. For your name… Does it exist?!?

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Yes at the Majeski stadium against Reading in the Premier League where we won 5-2. Walcott’s first touch AND his curler were both with his left foot, and both were delightful.

You get one of those per contract signed.

Man Like Ozil

Still not a fan of this humour. It’s a guy’s life and dream we’re joking about. How funny is his hardship, really?


Yeah and the club has been very good to him.
If he’s fit, there really shouldn’t be another contract.


If there is any contract it has to be on a ‘pay as you play’

John C

If he had any self respect he wouldn’t accept a new contract

Man Like Ozil

Yeah, for shame on him for getting injured all the time. How dare he be so unfortunate, right?

John C

Why does everyone on here insist on patronising Diaby? He’s a professional footballer who’s been injured so often he can’t do his job whilst receiving full pay which equates to millions of pounds. He hasn’t lost limb or been struck down with a debilitating or terminal illness, he has the the very definition of a first world problem, he can’t play professional football!! As i said if he had any self respect he wouldn’t even entertain the idea of signing a new contract at Arsenal and at the end of the season he should walk away and start a new… Read more »

Al Gilmore

People equate money with happiness. This is why they say ‘look how much he is getting paid…why should we feel sorry for him?’ Hmmm what about having an incredible talent to play football? What about battling the way to nearing the top of the game and looking like having a stellar career ahead of you and having it effectively taken away? What about battling back from injury on countless occasions only to have another injury straight after? I accept there are people in the world who have it much tougher than Diaby, illness and poverty. But it doesn’t mean we… Read more »

John C

I didn’t equate his happiness with money, i merely pointed out he has earned a lot of it. Whatever injustice that has occurred in Diaby’s career has already taken place no amount of sympathy can change that. At some point somebody has to be man enough a draw a line under it. We’re talking about the after effects of an injury that occurred what, 8-9 years ago, is that not long enough? or is 10 years better? why not make it 20 or 30 years, as according to Wenger logic he’ll still only be 21 in football years?! As i… Read more »

Al Gilmore

I think so many of us ‘defend’ Diaby because so many of us attack for being injured. And also much of u is ill thought out criticism. I have read countless times that AFC should have got rid of Diaby that AW is a fool for keeping him on this last 2-3 seasons. He signed a contract 5yrs ago for 50k/wk. With hindsight it looks like a bad deal of course but then unlike the armchair geniuses on here AW doesn’t get the benefit of hindsight – he would have sought medical advice obviously and this advice must’ve been positive.… Read more »


@Seoighe and John C: His contract is effectively pay as you play RIGHT NOW, because (and how many times must this be said before the idiots pay attention) HE ISN’T ACCEPTING HIS WAGES WHILE HE’S OUT INJURED. Is that clear enough for you yet? Have you been told enough times yet? Does it still need repeating?

Abou Diaby is not just a brilliant footballer, he’s a man of courage, ethics, and morality, none of which are qualities either of you apparently possess.

John C

Show me a link, to a reputable website that has actual quotes confirming he isn’t accepting his wages then i’ll believe you. Otherwise to the best of my knowledge he is accepting his wages and you’re just making that up!


I wanna see you guys being able to do sth really well, e.g. sth work-related or sport or whateva and then being told you can’t do it anymore/longer, coz your body breaks down. You pussies would just give up and man up, if somebody told ya: “hey, your really good at this, let’s give it a go!” And you’d turn around to them: “na mate, don’t need sympathy, nor money. I’m so dignified, I’ll stop doing what I love and know.” fuckin’ hypocrites. Have some empathy or go and support Chelsea. da fuuuuuuuuuuuq?

John C

two things, 1, Diaby isn’t very good, even when fit he didn’t play central midfield at the expense of Denilson and Song, let alone Fabregas and spent most of his time on the left wing where he was terrible most of the time. 2. Diaby has hardly been fit for 8 years, not 2 weeks. His body cannot withstand playing professional football and his contract runs out in the summer. That is the time to say good bye, if he still wants to pursue a career as a footballer then he should do it somewhere else, it clearly hasn’t worked… Read more »


“1. Diaby isn’t very good…”

I stopped reading right there.

chippy's chip

And wages

chippy's chip

Wenger loves him and will play him saturday and he will last 5 mins.


Great return, but they will have to fight the Kraken for their place now.


As much as his injury situation has become a source of many jokes, I would love to see Abou get some farewell minutes before the end of the season!

David C

agreed, probably the end of the line for Abou at Arsenal!

andre santos

this interlull is boring.
its a shame we re out of champ league. no more midweek matches till next season. sigh


Sunderland home, Wednesday May 20th.


I think the only boring thing about it is the repetitive use of the word interlull. There has been some cracking games on and great footballers to watch almost every day since last Wednesday. It makes me wonder if any of you using the word actually like football as a sport

Dial Square Charity XI

You’re really in a bad mood today!

Chairman Meow

I agree, if you’re really a fan of football you’d like internationals too.


But by and large they are shit and cause you to cheer for cunts you hate like Wayne Rooney, Robbie Keane, Gareth Bale, Jock Mcwhothefuck

once every 2 years (or 8 years for irish / scottish fans, or never for wales fans) you can just about suspend your hate in the spirit of rolling bandwagons, national fervour and sunshine/beer/crying dutch/brazilian girls


You’re a cheap, disrespectful troll Soggy. That’s the easy, lazy thing to do. Takes no cleverness at all. Anyone with enough emptiness in their heart to choose to slate Diaby, who gave his career both to and for the Arsenal is nothing but. I don’t give a fuck about your 3% whinges, mate. If the only reason you’re here is to farm disapproval, cheers. You’re a rock star. I’m glad it satisfies you so. I hope it does, because in the short while I’ve noticed your posts, that’s all they’ve been. That’s the last I have to say on it.… Read more »


YEAH, what he said – Soggy bottom! 🙂


Now we know what it feels like to be Man U. lol


Diaby? What a time to resurrect; Easter is days away. Happy for him. If he can stay fit for the rest of the season, I’ll say give him a new one year contract and see what happens…I just love him. Glad for Wilshere et al also.
We have a really strong squad.

Less rambly Pete

I’ve find memories of him smashing it (no pun intended)against the mugsmashers a few seasons back. It would be quite lovely to see that again in the FA cup final against the same team.


Wow I had no idea Rovers were also called the Mugsmashers


Share thesame contract view point which can be earn as you play for Diaby




I would like to hear this chant again at the Emirates, and get too excited about his return and performances. Then boom. Diaby is out.


Somehow I expected the words ‘Boreham Wood’ to be in this article when I saw that we played a friendly…

Moves like Yeager

Has anyone noticed how Boreham Wood sounds a bit like Boredom Hood? just saying


Am I dreaming or is this Shad F.’s magic? Props.

Now let’s renew the cells in henry’s body and have him back along with the rest of the Invincibles! #COYG


Was going to thumb you up, but then you said “props” 🙁


As much as his injury situation has become the source of many jokes, I would love to see Abou get some farewell minutes before the end of the season!


Let’s go lock up 2nd with games to spare and make this happen!

Of course I would be more than happy to sacrifice that moment if we somehow got into position to challenge Mou’s Little Pony for top spot.


Good to see them ALL back without any reservations. Lets hope that they can all contribute between now and the end of the season and we pick up some silverware too. Up The Arse!

peter wachira

Ooohhh poor Diaby time to say goodbye man what apity also for the rest good to have them back


Full squad available? What a time to be alive.


No Ox 🙁


Ahh forgot the Ox, wish he come back as strong as ever


Is Alive!!? Diaby is Alive??

Anonymous Physicist

It would be great to see Diaby in action a couple of times over the rest of the season. Also, I would be in favour of offering him a pay-as-you-play deal for next year. I don’t see how he’s going to find a new club on any other sort of deal, so it might as well be with us, and we’ll probably have one or two free spots in the 25 man squad anyway. I know I shouldn’t count on him ever being available, but it would be so great if we do get a couple of 20+ game seasons… Read more »

Si in Galway

though it hasn’t been a good plan for a while. I guess Wenger simply can’t bear to let him go given just how great he could be. And this is exactly the kind of timing which keeps him on the books: out all seasons, comes back for the last 7 games, plays a blinder in a few, “unplayable” MOTM in one, new contract, injured 1st minute of next season.

Please let this cycle NOT continue.

Anonymous Physicist

The difference is that I’m suggesting we don’t account for him in our plans and we only pay him for games played.

Of course if another club can offer him a better deal he should go, but if no one does we wouldn’t lose much by keeping him around in this manner.

Rozza the samourai

No worry, a healthy and fit Diaby will get into Arsenal and french national team in a short term. He eliminates many opposition players across the field without you noticing. Born to be a dominant figure in midfield. Unfortunately, born to get injured too. Another Ledley King in terms of injuries and getting into the side right away after injury (sorry we don’t normally talk about that buncn retired or not). Hope he has a better fate.


One of the reasons why i follow this club is because it gives the impression of having sensible employers, it feels they care first and foremost for the human side of the persons that make part of the team, for good or for bad. With this said, i think the most sensible thing to do with Diaby, and the most humanitarian thing to do is to give the guy a payement per played game to the guy, i dont think that would hurt us financially, and will give the lad a chance to play here and stay “in family”, Diaby… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

This is what makes Arsenal, they have more class than other teams, and loyalty to their players. Whether Diaby gets another contract or not, the bottom line is that he injured himself representing Arsenal Football club. He has tried to get back from injury to and put his body, perhaps even his future health, on the line to get back to play for the club. Yes he gets paid hansomely but this was the contract he was given. if he leaves at the end if the season, i feel he should get a good send off from the club. He… Read more »

Saffa Gooner

Is this some kind of early April Fool’s Day thing?! Don’t break my heart blogs!

Tomáš Rosický's taste in music

Diaby is back! Now that is literally like a new signing!!!


Great to know Diaby is fit again.


Good to Diaby in an Arsenal shirt.
He has been to hell and back with his injuries.
Fingers crossed he can stay fit…………


Good to see

Tenzo (No longer Theo's lover)

Abou Diaby is the only footballer I’ve genuinely cried for because of his injuries. I don’t often cry for people I don’t know, but Abou has had me wrecked emotionally and reaching for Kleenex tissues – and not for the good reason one reaches for tissues. I hope he bosses the final weeks of the season and scores a million goals, if only to lull Arsene into a false sense of security about his injuries and earn another contract.

Diaby's body

I’m back bitches!!!


Thanks for that lol!


sorry I mean’t I laughed out loud!

Stringer Bell

I wonder how Dan Smith feels about ruining a players career. A shocking tackle in the last game of season if memory serves me well. Absolutely no need for it. Should have been banned from football for good and charged with assault and flogged in the streets for good measure.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Oh, but his manager at the time said, “he’s an honest English lad, he’s not that kind of player. He’s caught Diaby a fraction late, Dan was really upset.”


His own career pretty much died that day

he now is 28 and plays for Holland Park Hawks – after a career that would embarrass Gus Caesar

the cunt


Holland Park Hawks. Ok lads, let’s find him and flogg him.

Dave Gooner

Just watched it again. It really is a terrible tackle, and fully meant.

The cunt.


Not to mention that the ball was out of play and I think Diaby was outside the field of play as well.

RoyKeane's Beard

An Arteta-Coq midfield would be hella hard to break! I wish we get to see that combo,and it actually works.

Rozza the samourai

Who would warm the bench then ? Just asking ?


A Diaby-Coq midfield would be even better.


Great to hear Diaby got some minutes. Obviously it is very unlikely he will get a new deal at Arsenal but I’d love nothing more than for him to get a few minutes going into the end of the season to wish him farewell and all the best in the future. I’d love it to bits if he scored a goal. Great on his day and such a shame for the lad that his career has been so adversely affected by injuries.


We’ll probably release him and he’ll stay fit for a whole season. Maybe a straight swap for Schneiderlin :-O

Dirty Sanchez

Glad to see just about the whole squad is fit again and giving each other some competition. We will start by giving Liverpool a thrashing this weekend and then show the others top four teams we mean business till the end of the season. Watch out Chelsea it’s your turn soon. COYG


He knocked out John Terry… What more do you want?!?


He damn near beheaded the man. Admirable effort.

Andy Mack

Surprised Hayden didn’t play.
Any idea why?

Sideshow David

I still remember when he smashed the fuck outta the mugsmashers. He was channeling Paddy V in that game and then some. He made their entire midfield and attack want to be substituted. You could tell they didn’t even want to get close to the Diablo.

Save 75 cents

Diaby has declined to accept any payment for his recent spate of injuries…please stop chastising the man for staying on with us. He has sacrificed in equal measure to our commitment to him….


I was so happy to read diaby’s name! It’s probably too much to believe he can put his injuries behind him and return to the senior squad and the top level of football but fuck if I don’t hope for him and back him all the way, whatever the outcome. I don’t know many, or indeed any, other club that would have stuck by diaby like we have done and in spite of what it may have cost us, financially or otherwise, I’m so glad we have.


Isn’t Hayden on loan?

Andy Mack

He’s still named in the squad on the AFC site but all silent since October………


I remember I saw Diaby and Cesc playing together just after they had both had their 1st team debuts. I really thought Diaby looked the better player, but I also thought that we were going to have the best midfield duo in the World.

Also I am sure I heard somewhere that during his previous injury he wasn’t taking his full wage (or even the whole wage) from the club until he had proved his fitness again.


Didny knew about this.only if this article would have been posted tomorrow. 🙂

barry wickings

Its a real shame how things work out in football you have Diaby who’s one of the most decent guys around no one can question his achievement to keep getting back on track after each injury lesser men would of give up ages ago, his devoutness to his religion and his family are second to none, its unfortunate but life goes on and hopefully he can stay at AFC in some sort of roll fingers crossed, legs crossed and if he has big balls cross them too “good luck Diaby”


Yeah, you have Diaby, a good, humble, and strong character, constantly beset by injuries, and then you see a cunt like John Terry last forever. It’s just not fair. Why couldn’t Dan Smith have snapped his leg in half instead of Diaby’s? The whole world would be a better place.

Emperor Wenger

You poor fools. Now witness the power of this fully-fit Abou Diaby.

It's Bugzy Malone

If fa cup success this season tastes like coca cola, then I’ll have a large coke and amaretto!!!!!


Here’s the question – If Diaby is offered a good ‘pay as you play’ contract with us, with no guarantee that he’ll stay fit or be in the 11 on form, does he take it? What if another team offer him a 1 year contract on better money? That’s the acid test. I love Diaby, I want him to stay but as has been mentioned time and time again, it’s all about the money? What offer would he take? What offer would you take?

Roman Reigns

It was amazing to see diaby again I can’t help but think if only with him… Could have put yaya toure’s mockery of a ‘box to box’ role to shame. Leonardo da Vinci once stated ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and I think this quote sums up why I rate Diaby so much eerily well. He can tackle, pass and run with the ball, the simple core elements of football very well and i really miss him.

On another note has anyone heard the relegation riddim by Bugzy Malone, boy it was fire, I was not expecting that haha !!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I feel weird that all our players are healthy. This is a strange feeling. Is this just me?


Ox, Ramsey, Welbeck?


Something happen to Ramsey with Wales?

gooner 4life

if diaby plays before the end of the season I can see him getting injured again for another year. or two! but it really is a shame some animal ended his career. he woulda been orsum. apparently the bloke who did his ankle is now working in a call centre!

gooner 4life

also when is the FAcup semi final?

My Free Kick

The first goal I ever saw live at The Arsenal was a Diaby curler from the left side of the box into the top right corner. It was a peach of strike and my angle (East stand near North bank) was the best viewpoint in the stadium. I could see it all the way from his foot to the back of the onion bag. We went on to beat Derby Co 5-1 that sunny day in Sept 09… And for that, he will always have a special place in my Arsenal memories!

Tim Stott

Always been a Diaby fan, would like to see him partner Coq. Think he hid when he played with Fabregas, but shone when Fab not there…


thought this was an April Fools


A fit diaby would get into our first 11 over Ramsey and Wilshere.
Deep down i keep hoping that he’ll do a rosicky or van rapist like turnaround.
Think about it, we’d be saving 25m needed to get a dm and he can also fit in as a b2b.
He’d be our yaya toure; only more skillful.


I think he will turn out good. He shoulda taken his time on the sidelines to build some muscles though. I may be wrong but muscle does seem to prevent some injuries, like the more you work out the stronger the muscles and cruciates, and the less the risk of muscle tear.

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