Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Henry on management: “I’m still learning the ropes”

Thierry Henry has again reasserted his desire to one day become Arsenal manager, but admits his short-term focus is on learning the ropes as a coach.

Currently undertaking his UEFA coaching badges, including sessions at the Gunners’ Hale End youth academy, the Frenchman underlined that the road back to the Emirates is a long one.

Speaking four days before his countrymen pay homage to his international career before France’s game with Brazil at the Stade de France, Henry tackled questions about his future.

“I know football, but can I teach someone? I don’t know yet. I am just learning, I don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity.

“I really like Arsenal. Yes I would (like to become Arsenal manager). But I am not there yet.

“If I am in my dreams, I would say “I would like to come back to Arsenal”, but life doesn’t work like that.”

Laurent Koscielny, who is set to feature in Les Bleus friendly with Brazil, was also quizzed on Henry’s influence and reputation in N5.

“At Arsenal, he is God,” noted the centre-back. “He made the club bigger with Wenger. He deserves that statue.”

On the subject of Henry one day being the main man in the Emirates dugout, Koscielny continued: “It is possible, but at the moment Titi needs to learn still. He’s doing that with the youngsters.”


All quotes from @GFFNPressConf, you can read more of their work here –> getfootballnewsfrance.com

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Give him time, only a few ex footballers ever become great managers.

Would love it if Henry did.


Learning from the best though. It would be a dream to see the king in the dugout one day.

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

I love that some really miserable fuckers thumbed this down……..we know, we get it – wenger out and all that shite. These people won’t allow themselves to enjoy the good times!

I’d love nothing more than this fairytale to come true – long live the king!


“I know football” what an understatement

John Titor

He will manage Arsenal from 2020 to 2029. We will win 2 champions league medals and 3 BPL under him. John Titor out.

Mark Hughes

Only 3 league titles? Henry Out!

John Titor

Only bad luck and injuries will stop him from winning another 2-3.


Not sure I could cope with a HMG campaign, would be too painful (though there will be some HKBs I’m sure).

gooner 44

wot no cups? ?


You dont say you breath every seconds either!


I truly hope Wenger stays another 10 years and win 2-3 PL trophies and a CL trophy becoming even greater than he is now. After that, when Wenger retires, we will know if either Bould or Henry are natural overtakers. I do hope for Henry.


Yes, I cannot wait to read about our 75 year old manager having an accident on the bench

Bould's Eyeliner

That’s what you think, but he’ll still be heading footballs on the beach with precise technique well past 80.


Yep, and all of it right next to gorgeous women in string bikinis.


Henry is the only potential manager who, for me, would soften the blow of arsene leaving.

That will be a sad day.


For you maybe


definitely for him, he wrote it in his post!


Do not feed the troll.

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

Cheer up, you could support MK Spuds! At least we’re best team in country of all the non billionaire owned clubs!


I once went unbeaten on Championship manager for three seasons with Arsenal, where’s my statue?
I clearly know Football.
Ihave a proven track record.
I have Arsenal in my veins… and yet there’s no talk of me for the top job when Arsene eventually steps down.




championship manager was easy, do it on football manager and then come back.


Bah.. WBA with no player bought in 1st season can win EPL in FM2015.


jonker will be the next manager methinks…


I take great exception to Koscielny’s statement that “he made the club bigger with Wenger.” He might have made the club richer and the stadium bigger, but Arsenal were one of the most successful clubs in England and in the top 16 clubs in Europe before either of them came, and we still are.


Really? You take great exception to it? So you think that the Football Clubs’s status worldwide now is no more impressive than it was in 1995?

I don’t think there can be any debate that the Wenger years took our club to new levels of success, financial muscle, and reputation

Less rambly Pete

Probably a bit of truth to both comments there. Arsenal were already a big club but Wenger has overseen the development of that in the wider context of the EPLs massive global expansion. Football and football marketing have changed and we’ve been led into a strong position/not been left behind.


henry only joined in 1999. so you should ask whether the club has a greater stature now in comparison to 1999. I would say it does, as much if not more to do with playing so often in the champions league as the trophies we’ve won.

I still dont think we have overtaken our mid thirties peak, mind you the team of the 30’s didnt have the chance to mess up the champions league every year. At that stage we were arguably the top club in world football.

Mark Hughes

We were a club that flirted with European football but weren’t commonly involved. Wenger has ensured we are part of it every year since his arrival. Also, something like the invincibles was only possible because of Wenger and players like Henry. It has allowed us to be far bigger and sign players of Ozil and Sanchez quality.

Dick Swiveller

What metric should we use to measure it? Larger fan base? Probably true. More money? Definitely. More trophies? Not the case, but with extenuating circumstances. Greater prestige? Hard to say, but the Arsenal name probably means more to players outside England than it ever has.

I’d say we’re bigger now.

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

I can’t believe you’ve stuck by us through all of this……..and there’s not even talk of you getting a statue anytime soon….what an outrage!


Why can’t Bergkamp be manager?


If we start playing all our football within a short drive of Emirates he can, otherwise the fear of flying might be an issue.


Because we get Russian teams in UCL every year 😀

All requires flying in an airplanes :p


Mainly because our schedules for long distance away matches mean that he would need to fly, which he doesn’t. But I’d like to see Frank De Boer, Rijkaard or Marco Van Basten as one of our managers. Ruud Gullit would also be a good one but I just don’t like the fact he aint winning so much as a coach. Oh and Jurgen Klinsmann, if he were to take up club management.


Surely you don’t mean Chelsea legend, Ruud Guillet and Tottenham legend, Jurgen Klinsmann?…


Despite their club affiliations, they’re both pretty good at what they do. Klinsmann especially. I would also love to have a Dutch manager, but the only one I’d take won’t fly


Koeman wouldn’t be shit either….


Ya what happened to Rijkaard after that wonderful season at Barcelona?

Gillespie Road

Disappointed in Laurent Koscielny’s comments tbh.

We all know that Bergkamp is God and Henry is Jesus.


Obviously you’re not a Catholic then !


Oh god, last thing we need is Henry managing the Arse. Hopefully clearer heads prevail. Excellent player he was.


I’d love it if he does it any becomes successful. I’m sure this will get slated but I think his punditry is pretty limited. I mean, he’s obviously better than Jamie Shitcrap but compared to Neville, he’s not exceptional. Neville is obviously involved in the England set up so I feel he would be a very good manager for Utd or otherwise. Having said that, management is about more than good punditry (as has been proven) so I’d really love for him to step up and be successful. Everyone bangs on about this class of 92 bollocks as if they’re… Read more »

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