Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ramsey and Giroud not giving up on title

Just like German pop-rock supremos Freiheit, Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey are keeping the dream alive.

And that dream is the Premier League title. Having won 6 in a row since losing to Sp*rs at the beginning of February, the Gunners now sit just 7 points behind leaders Chelsea, although Jose Mourinho’s side do have a game in a hand.

It’s obviously a very long shot, but one the players aren’t prepared to give up on just yet.

“There’s still eight games to play and first we need to win every single one of those,” said Giroud.

“We need to focus on our games and step by step we’re going to see. We want to finish really strongly, and if we can win our games, then we will see if City or Chelsea miss one of their steps.

“You never know, you have to believe in football”.

While Welshman Ramsey said, “We’ll try to win every game we have left and see where that takes us.

“Strange things happen in the Premier League, the kind of upset where City went to Burnley and lost.

“We’ve got to be switched on and make sure that kind of result doesn’t happen to us – but at the same time believe the teams around us will be on the end of upsets.”

It’s too much of a stretch to think things will go our way to the point where we might win the league, but if we finish strongly then we can certainly finish above last season’s fourth place and avoid the Champions League qualifier in the early part of next season.

Now, everybody sing along!

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We can all hope! Come on Gunners! Focus, work hard! More games like the second Monaco one and we have a really good shot.


Let’s hope, but wait until the end of April to see where we are, even if we win everything.

Chelsea have only the league to focus on and potentially 10 points in front (their extra game is Leicester…) with 8 games to go. I need a better case for our success before I get excited.


Leicester is no walk over, they gave us a tough time..


wait for it, Chelsea will beat them probably 5-0. Not saying that we suck, but usually those kind of teams always seem to switch on when they play us, but not Chelsea or City.


Well, I am just happy the team stabilizing it terms of personnel count and balance and ofcourse quality wise.

And happy enough if we can manage third place this time around, as it would resemble progress compared to last season. Though we have to aim higher next seasonr to make it really count.

chippy's chip

2nd AND the FA cup will be an improvement very slightly.


Can’t fault their attitude, let’s just concentrate one game at a time. I don’t think second place is beyond the realm of possibility, and throw in a successful FA Cup defense and it’s a pretty damn good season. COYG!


Chelsea looked a team off it, against Hull.
Leads me to believe…


I didn’t watch the Chelsh*t game but didn’t we also look a team off it in that second half against Newcastle.
Chelsh*t are getting the 3 points, just like us and that’s all that matters this late into a season.

Captain bleeding obvious out.

Anonymous Physicist

Not having to play a CL qualifier would be great. That would give some extra preparation time, and make it easier to do our transfer business in a timely manner. I don’t see the title happening, but you never know. I’m genuinely excited for the big games coming up, rather than mildly apprehensive. Liverpool looked very beatable yesterday, and I really hope we beat Chelsea, as Mourinho’s unbeaten record against us needs to be stopped. The game against United looks like it will be a big one as well. Here’s to a strong end to the season, and a statement… Read more »



positive man

Thank God Chel$hit are vsing Stoke


Please go on an unbeaten run till the end of the season, really need to see us tear yanited and chelsea a new one.


Ok so. –


Most Gooners are happy with the result of Liverpool – United last night but it got me slightly worried. They seem to be picking up some kind of form and sit 1 point behind us. We still have to play them away and Liverpool/Chelsea home so let’s hope we can win those 3 games and pray Man United lose or draw at City or else I can seriously see them finishing in second, City third and us fourth.

yusuph msawano

your right moo, even my self I expected them to draw or liver to win but it gone against t and I’m so worry of Manchester but let’s wait coz they still have a touph game like us, our league is very hot. our best way is only to beat them.


English much ?


Obviously not. And so what? Look at his name, then ask yourself how well you can speak his first language.


Chelsea have not been playing well in the last month or so, but still managed to only dropp 4 points with draws against Burnley and Southampton. But if their poor form persists throughout the season, then anything can happen.

But it is abit like clutching at straws though.

Double, Double, Double....

If only all of the lads had this ambition and hunger at the start of the season it could of been so different, ah well onwards and upwards! Keep it up boys, up the Arsenal

Anonymous Physicist

I think our squad was just not ready for the start of the season. No matter how much the players wanted to do well, they were unprepared physically and in terms of squad depth. We started playing only a month after the world cup, and immediately had to play twice a week in August, with the midweek fixtures being must-win. Too many players were just not ready for that kind of schedule, and we had a clear gaping hole in terms of cover at CB. Then we rapidly lost one player after another to injury, losing key players who were… Read more »


We’ve got no chance of winning the Premier League – and we don’t deserve the title. If you look at the nine games which Chelsea have remaining, can you see them losing three and maybe drawing another two? Me neither. That’s what it would take for us to overhaul the Chavs. Sorry, but it ain’t gonna happen. The frustrating thing is that we would have had a chance had we not started so badly: in the first half of the season we were pants. Those draws at home to Hull and Spurs, and the defeats away to Swansea and Stoke,… Read more »

Springbank 1962

1. Of course we’ve a chance of winning the title … just not a very big one.
2. If we did win the title from here … I rather think we’d more-than-deserve to win it.
3. WWWWWWLWWWLWWWWWLWWDWW (our last 20-odd matches) seems pretty consistent to me.
4. Any fabricated reason to ask for a new manager only the terminally deranged could expect to get.

Moan when we’re doing badly, moan when we’re doing well. Now that’s consistency. Though not necessarily to be admired.

chippy's chip

Yeah, what fats said. Sick of it every feckin season.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Stranger things have happened. Chelsea still has Arsenal, United, and Liverpool to go. They can drop all 9 points in those games. It is not as decided as people are suggesting


We have Chelshit, Manure and Pool. It’s not as straightforward as you think. I’ll be happy if we get 5 out of 9 points from that.

Stringer Bell

Don’t think Chelsea will let the league slip this year, but we can certainly end the season strongly:

Finish 2nd, win FA Cup, get Wenger’s first victory over Mourinho and win at Old Trafford in the league again!


I thought you were dead.

Stringer Bell

Well, get on it with it motherf


I’m not counting us out yet, BUT…
Even if we did pull off the unlikely, Arsenal still wouldn’t get any credit, as the entire media narrative would focus on Chelsea’s collapse instead of our success.


So? I’m perfectly happy to slide by under the radar. Let everyone fawn over Chel$ki and Moronho The Cuntly. Less attention, less pressure.

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