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Ramsey returns for QPR as Flamini suffers setback

Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of tomorrow night’s game with QPR and there’s mixed news on the injury front.

Aaron Ramsey returns to the squad after his hamstring strain, but having come back into full training Mathieu Flamini will miss out having suffered a setback in his recovery from a groin problem.

It has yet to be decided if Francis Coquelin will take part having had his nose smashed on Sunday, but he’s not been ruled out completely.

“He will certainly need a protective mask if he plays,” said Wenger. We’ve mocked up how it might look below:


Jack Wilshere is still out having undergone a small ankle procedure last week, but there appear to be no post-Everton casualties which is good news.

Arsenal will be looking for their 7th win from the last 8 Premier League games at Loftus Road tomorrow night.

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Honestly would rather see Cazorla deployed in defensive midfield than Flamini so can’t say I’m too broken up over this news


You’d rather see our inform creative midfielder deployed in defensive midfield? What.

Big Mad Andy

I think Alex is using that extreme to express his thoughts on Flamini. I very much doubt he thinks Santi should be DM.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Yeah, Flamini has never been put forward by media as a big name, right ? He has to be put down all the time then. His age has been felt on the field this year but he was still massive in many of our games.


Why would we ever play the BFG over Paulista?

Younger, faster, stronger…

Hater of Terry, The Scum, the Spuds and the Mug smashers

(In Harvey Spector’s voice) You don’t know shit!


Work it, make it, do it, makes us..


Play Per against teams like Barca and Bayern when we are under huge pressure in a defensive mode. Play Gabby in games where we are playing a very intensive attacking mode so we have pace at the back when hit on the break especially the Monaco 2nd leg! However, I really do hope Per brings back last season’s form when he had a brilliant defensive discipline.


I would play Ramsey in the Coq role if he misses tomorrow instead of Chambers. What do you guys think?

Big Dave

I like big butts and I just cannot lie.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

How about Ramsey AND Chambers together in front of the back four as a ‘pivot’, similar to the days of Viera / Petit?

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

Sounds about right to me. I think we looked more solid when Ramsey, despite him not being in dazzling form, was playing along side our Coq. Only problem with that is that we’re back to the ‘who do you drop’ question again, Ozil or Carzola? It’s difficult to pick a balanced side with the attacking talent we have….ah, luxury problems eh….


Calm your tits lad.

Dick Swiveller

That’s the way it works normally though, right? Petit would hang back a little more, whilst Vieira would maraud more, but both could get back and be solid, much like the way Rambo works with anyone else (Arteta/Flamini and presumably Coquelin) in the team at the moment.


The mockup of the protective mask made my morning


Yeah Vivek, ask for an opinion and it begins with a thumb down. I think chambers should get another go, Ramsey shouldn’t be risked. If chambers is going to play there, he’s going to have to show he can handle the defensive pressure in an away game. That said, coquelin might play


I love suggesting a line up, getting thumbed down to buggery but having no replies of an alternative 🙂 God bless the internet


I think Wenger will get his Coq out again, even if it is a little bruised.


As long as our coq wears some protection.

Kenyan Gooner

NO!there are boundaries!!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’re on the “Internet” you silly man…


Nacho de Montreal is tasty

You are as creative with your comments as Man U midfield is on the pitch.

Alexis Alexis

I’m glad to have Ramsey back even though he’s not been at his best this season. A midfield of RamCoq would suit me fine. Think Theo would do good if started, and then maybe switch the Ox to the other side of the pitch whilst giving Alexis a break. 3 points please!


knowing wenger i Think it will be the same formation from everton win with walcott coming instead of giroud and deploying alexis as a striker, i’m sure coq would play. I have little doubt about per and gabriel who will start but i will go with per because qpr had tall guys in attack especially that Austin dude.


So so so pleased to have Aaron back. Fucking Welsh Wizard.


I would like to see coq rested. Man utd is a bigger game. So rest the key players today and hope we have enough in the tank to beat QPR.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Gambling with a potential 3 points. That’s a drop of 2 places at least.


Can’t wait to see Le Coq with a mask on.

Springbank 1962

It’s always good to get our players fit after injury.

It’s also good to have as many options as we can.

Maybe this second half of the season really is the opposite of the first.


Le coq should always be why have I fallen into the damn coq jokes??? I am depressed!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

you didn’t.

Daft Aider

‘ere, what’s that picture of Bendtner doing at the bottom of the page?


I’d have Monreal as a defensive mid, rather than Ramsey just back from injury. It wasn’t like Ramsey was playing well before his injury anyway….
Got to play Rosicky, Welbeck and Walcott instead of Ozil, Giroud and Alexis. We’ve got to speed our game up. Our play has been slow and ponderous for weeks. Let’s get some pace in there.

Ramsey's Spirit

i do wonder how much of this is Ramsey is fit and ready, and so plays, and how much is he isn’t ready at all but in a midst of unready players has stood up and said ‘i’ll cope boss’
Wouldn’t be the first time players have played through niggles and genuine injuries, with mixed results. that said, qpr should be a fairly comfortable scoreline if not a comfortable game for the players. (100% concentration required). I’d like to see chambers brought on the minute it looks like coq or ramsey are starting to struggle.

andre santos

how did flamini get injured when he hasnt played for weeks now


Maybe he fell off the couch while waiting for his first team chance…


If you hadn’t notice he was coming on as a sub almost every game.

andre santos

so he played for a few minutes and got injured ? GREAT ! -_-

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That often leads to niggling injuries.


Often times players will train prior to football matched. This activity, particularly when recovering, leaves them susceptible to repeat or further injury. Unfortunately, training is necessary to be considered fit to play.


Welsh Wizard is back yay!

I think Coq deserves a rest after his heroics on Sunday. That mock-up pic resembles Mr. Potato Head, without his glasses imho!

Cliff Bastin

Obviously we should play Alexis as our DM. Imagine him flying into tackles. Yes.


I definitely think the opposition will submit to a coqram combo.


I have it from a reliable source that Flamini was out clubbing at 4am Saturday night. No surprise he’s nowhere near returning.


You must work for the Daily Mirror..


I have it from a reliable source, that your reliable source is reliably unreliable. qed.


Sorry guys, I know how it sounds. But when a friend who I go to games with says he saw him himself then I count it as reliable. I’m an arsenal fan posting on an arsenal blog not a tabloid, I’m not a wum or a hack. if you choose not to believe it no probs, but in light of the extended “injury” and his rank in the pecking order it’s not exactly an unbelievable scenario.


In which case I appreciate the original comment, but when someone quotes ‘a reliable source’ in the same manner as most tabloids do, it immediately raises a deep sense of suspicion (and my hackles).


I think you’ve Coq-ed up the mock up blogs!


Arteta went full Diaby. You should never go full Diaby


I can’t see risking Ramsey so soon after he has just returned to training. He really needs to ease back into action and be able to make sure he is 100% and not going to get injured again. If Coquelin can’t go the options would be Chambers or Chamberlin for him. Chambers would be the likely choice in my opinion, but wouldn’t be surprised to see Chamberlin brought in against QPR. Wenger did that one time last year I think in an FA Cup match where we didn’t play with a true DM and had Chamberlin come in. Obviously we’d… Read more »


Alright lads just moved to London and don’t have a ticket for tonight’s game but wanted to watch it somewhere near the emirates. Any idea what pubs will be showing it on a foreign channel nearby?

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