Friday, September 22, 2023

Report: Vieira to depart City this summer?

According to the Telegraph, there’s a chance Patrick Vieira could leave Manchester City when his current contract expires this summer.

The former Arsenal captain wound down his playing career with a single season at the Etihad before being appointed City’s Football Development Executive in 2011.

After two years in the role he became Head of City’s Elite Development Squad; a position he continues to hold.

It’s suggested that City have yet to open talks over an extension and that Bayern Munich – do piss off Guardiola – are pondering a move for the 38-year-old.

Obviously as a legendary Gooner – just the 11 major honours during nine years at Highbury – Arseblog News would love to see Patrick return to the collective Gooner bosom.

We’re not massively fussed what role he’s given. Although we reckon he’d look pretty dope with his feet up in the boardroom, fat Hill-Wood cigar in his mouth, plundering the warchest so that first team coach Thierry Henry can make it rain in the transfer window…

But you know, that’s just us. We’re romantics.

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Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Keown! I’d love them all to be back at the club in some shape or form!


Vieira would never be brought back by Wenger because he is too strong a character. The dictator would see him as a threat.


Out of any of our past legends, Vieira is the one I’d least like to see back.


Zinedine Cygan?


Legend – not Leg end

Thierry Walcott

I say bring back Lord Bendtner. That guy was unstoppable… or unstartable, same thing right?

Springbank 1962


David C

he scored for Wolfsburg yesterday!


While Podolski didn’t even make the squad.

Oor Wullie


Springbank 1962

And perhaps the one I’d MOST want to see back.

You never properly know, but I really wouldn’t mind him taking over from Arsene in 2017.

Dick Swiveller

I’d rather we have someone who has actually managed a team, rather than an ‘elite development squad’, love to see him back but the only former player that seems to be doing alright with his coaching, and therefore the only one I’d take as manager, is the one we can’t really get as he wouldn’t turn up for away games in Europe.

Bould's Eyeliner

I’ve always been suspicious of what that ‘role’ entails. Sounds like a glorified scouting position – when you got Man City’s money, how hard could it be to develop an ‘elite squad.’ I’d imagine the thinking process goes a bit like….

“Who are the best players in each position?”
“What’s our budget”
“Budget? What’s that?”
“Ok I bring you best team.”
“Make sure we poach them from our rivals.”


Nearby Europe isn’t really a problem. You can get to France, Spain and Germany by train on a timetable that works. It’s slower, but not impossible.

But it’s true that he wouldn’t be around for that inevitable champion’s league qualifier in turkey we seem to have to do every year.


It would’ve been nice to see him come back to The Arsenal rather than going to City, as Henry has taken a role maybe it might see the start of something beautiful!


We should buy Schneiderlin and Pogba.


But what about Chris Samba?


Scott Dann. Wenger is simply obsolete if he fails to see our glaring need for Scott Dann.


And Sebastien Frey behind Samba and Dann. Dream team.


Ah wonderful – the Seb Frey rumours are starting – it must be spring.


and in front of them M’villa bossing dm postion.

Merlin's Panini

And we’ll need to add some extra fire power so Kalou is a must.

Dick Swiveller

Not entirely sure why he’s being downvoted, we really should.

Ideally, we’d get Messi too but y’know, we don’t have 200m spare.


Rose cunted glasses to one side, does anyone know if he’s actually any good? Love the idea of having legends around the club, but one only needs to look to the commentary career of Paul Scholes to appreciate how talent as a footballer doesn’t necessarily transfer into other related jobs.

Wenger’s on the record for saying he’s against the idea of just handing out jobs for the boys, unless they have a proper role. I’d be very (pleasantly) surprised if Paddy came back.


This is a very good point. City keep getting flattened in Europe despite spending a hilarious amount of money. That’s obviously not exclusively down to any single individual, but Vieira is most definitely part of it all. Overall, their use of resources is far from impressive.


Hold on. While i respect Vieira and am greatful for all his achievements – he sulked and moaned and bitched his way out of the club. he is not “obviously a legendary gooner” – an “arsenal great” perhaps but he never showed the love that is required to be a gooner. he ended up at man city ffs Gooners have to be dragged kicking and screaming from the club. Ala Bergkamp, ala Wright, Ala Parlour,, Adams, Keown, Bould, Jenkinson, etc I know i’ll get thumbs down for this but i am at an age where each one only stings like… Read more »


Sorry but I will never be able to shake off some of the comments he came out with he used to have his sulks with us. Remember when we signed Gio and Jeffers and he publicly ridiculed them? He had trouble controlling his arrogance and its why I cant put him in that ‘legend’ bracket! On a side note Bergkamp has issued a few “come and get me” pleas to Arsenal so the quicker we can sort this out the better 🙂


Bergkamp is assistant coach at ajax! Ajax has produced many great players, regardless he is very intelligent. I say why not!!!
But can he handle the pressure of to FLIGHT? :p




He’s not just intelligent – he is the greatest player to set foot in our club and an absolute example of perfect application, dedication and execution to show our young players – while thierry henry had more physical advantages, Denis’ worked hard on maximising himself


I think the ideal situation would be to sign Frank de Boer after Wenger leaves. Experienced with Ajax now, and his coaching staff would include a certain non-flying Dutchman that we all love. That’d be brilliant! Dennis teaching the Arsenal tyros about technical stuff and not flying anywhere

Buy me, I'm a CB

Good sir,
Did u just ask if The Iceman could handle pressure??
A zealot.


Again not taking away from his achievements but there is a distinction between Gooner, Gunner and Arsenal Player. A gooner is arsenal on and off the pitch and stays one forever. Graham was paying the players 10 p on the pound compared to other clubs – but he sold Keown as he wasnt required at the time – this was pre bosman and if graham wanted to keep him he would never have gone. Vieira agitated for 2 years prior to 2003/2004 to leave at the height of his glory – his behaviour as captain set a trend that would… Read more »


Truly agree. Vieira did great things for us and I will always admire him for that but the truth is that Arsenal loves Vieira more than Vieira loves Arsenal. At least that’s what I think. Just listen to the way Henry talks about Arsenal and you’ll know what I mean.

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

I thought Viera was sold? He dithered, done his best rendition of the Free, to stay or go when the Madrids etc came courting the previous couple of seasons…. then, the first summer in a couple of years where he actually seemed settled, Wenger told him they’d had an offer/s and would he like to speak to the club/s in question….ie – sold. I’m happy to be corrected, as I’m happy to accept every man has his and is entitled to his own opinion, although I do regard him as an absolute hero and a legend. Good luck to him,… Read more »

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

Never forget that we also has by far his best years and Wenger was canny, yet again, in his transfer dealings, ie sold at the right time.

Bendtner's Ego

Vieira can cock-off for all the things he’s said about the club while he was at City, both as a player and advisor.

He’s burned any bridges back as far as I’m concerned.


it was not him that wanted to leave Wenger told him he was up for sale he wanted to finish his career with us and Wenger sold him 3 years to early i dont care who he had lined up to take his place. if youremember Vierira could have left the year before but did not as he loved the arsenal


In the Keane & Vieira documentary, he was quite adamant he had been pushed out the club.

I’m sure he said that he saw himself retiring at Arsenal and when the board accepted Juve’s offer he was shocked.


Had to be done, just so we could play them in the CL and see PV taken out by “Chopper” Pires.
Still makes me smile to think of it.


So in the narrow context of what one man feels, he is somewhat inclined to remember events in a positive light. I remember that 2 summers in a row we had Vieira to Real sagas that exhausted us, It was inevitable that he was going and wenger was lining up fabregas and a new philosophy of possession based football to replace the power and pace approach of vieira’s 442. He had spent 2 years buying players to compliment fabregas – Reyes, Hleb, rvp, rosicky. When Juventus knocked – wenger sold him immediately so as to avoid a saga and effect… Read more »

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

Don’t forget the huge role the media plays in these, so called, sagas and crisis that recycle and resurface every other week.


I need to leave because I want to win more trophies and I just cannot see that happening at Arsenal. Certainly not over the next few years, anyway. Comparing Arsenal to the big clubs in Europe this season is going to be quite ridiculous. I do not honestly see Arsenal finishing in the top five in the league – and you can forget the Champions League. When I told Arsene Wenger I was leaving, he said to me, ‘I have £25million to spend on a few players’. My answer was, ‘Obviously, Mr Wenger, you are not shopping in Harrods. That… Read more »


and despite him leaving we made the Champions League final in 2006 and have been in the draw every year since that statement was made. Says a lot about his judgement, n’est-ce pas?


While I agree with the general sentiment here and agree that Vieira isn’t all that compared to others of the TH, DB10, Pires, Wright, Keown-Adams-Dixon-Winterburn etc. mould, did he *really* say that quote? Would like to see the link myself if you would be so kind?


Please please Please bring him back to Arsenal.

He’s a legend. Captain of arguably our most successful side. His knowledge, character, enormous presence would be such a big boost to the club in all departments whether Youth development, boardroom, 1st team, commercial ambitions, or even ambassadorial duties.

PLEASE bring him back in any capcity.


Just have him around would make Coq an even better player… or that young polish lad.


Much as I liked Viera as a player, name a single player that $hiteh have continued to develop once they spent a gazillion petro dollars buying them…


great player doesn’t always mean a great coach
There is no need to bring him back to Arsenal just for nostalgia sake!


Diaby on the medical staff, bentner in charge of social media policy and Ray parlours divorce lawer as chief transfer negotiator


Bendtner and poldi would actually nicely complement each other.


Id much rather have Denis back in the fold. With his abilitys hed be much better to show our starlets how to improve their game. Now that man was a true fuckin legend.


Vieira is no doubt a great Leader, a Alpha Man, and we should hire him to do team talks 😛 Especially when we are getting crapped at by Monaco at home, then im Sure Vieira could promply pull the players heads out of their ass and inspire a comeback.


He joined the other mercenaries like $agna na$try cli$hy. Oh! Flash news! They are taking all of them to car boot sale as they are no longer needed. So Walcott watch out. You don’t leave this club and do better. Never happened before will never happen COYG

Dick Swiveller

I think it’s anathema to the mindset of a professional sportman to think that they are NOT good enough to do anything, it’s why the horde of young players going to City/Chelsea will never stop, they just think ‘sure it happened to Scott Sinclair but I’m better than him so it won’t happen to me’.

That’s what agents and advisors should be there for, telling players what would be best for their long term career, rather than their current role of taking as much money as they can get in the short-term.

Jay Song

Come back home!!! Legend!!

Mick Mahoney

Someone above’s stated Wright had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the club. I can recall him sulking massively when, whilst going for the first double under Wenger, Benfica made an enquiry that was knocked back. Wright’s an amusing individual and he scored a tremendous amount of goals for the club but I’d not really count him as an Arsenal man.


Ludicrous analysis.


Will move to Bayern. A team with our ambition will never be in contention…


whilst Vieira may have left in disappointing circumstances and is far from the most loyal gooner the guy was still an inspirational captain while he was here, some of the performances he put in that centre mid role are some of the most complete you will see he really was the definition of a complete box to box mid. The way he always stuck it to that vile cunt keane as well will always be appreciated


Good analysis.


Best comments today

Mick Mahoney

Keene had it over him.



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