Video: Olivier Giroud – Goals & Skills 2014/2015


Here is a video featuring Olivier Giroud, enjoy.

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Great video of the 4th best goalscorer for Arsenal in goals per minute!

Na na na na etc


Of all the stats….. you choose the one where he is 4th best ahaa.


4th place prize, always the Arsenal trophy!

He lost out to Wright and Henry, he must be sh*t. Equivalent to Jimmy Greaves for England.

why not

actual lol

Jon Sno

He’ll score 30 Premier League goals next season. Class player


Ooh la la. Swoon…


I knew this guy was class watching him play in his first few months. He wasn’t scoring but I’m talking about his footballing ability. His touch is Bergkampesque although his vision is not as good as the Dutch master. His interplay is a joy to watch and that is really why Arsene got him. He’s a multi-role type of Striker, a bit of everything a great striker should have but he will ultimately be judged on goals scored which is really harsh. I think in a few years he can be an Ibrahimovic type of player (without the arrogance). Speed… Read more »


I do not see the similarities between him and zlatan. Zlatan is FAR more skillful, can beat players and is faster. People forget zlatan had pace back when he was younger.
They both have a good touch I guess.


Giroud’s not really like anyone else in the top tier of world football at the moment, that’s the interesting thing about him. He’s got a nearly unique combination of vision, technique, physical size and power. It’s very rare you get that particular combination of attributes. He’s not a dribbler or a sprinter and he’s not even really a poacher. Which makes him an odd fit for the modern striker role. But he’s a fabulous player in his own unique way and his results will just continue to improve the longer he plays with this group and the better they get… Read more »

Danger Mouse

Giroud is a typical Wenger buy. Bought cheapish, a bit rough round the edges, people asking ‘who the fuck is this guy and why didn’t we buy…..” ( insert whoever happens to be flavour of the month at that time) Fast forward a year or two and the lad is banging in goals all over the place and most agree we have a fucking good striker that we paid fuck all for. Like the time Koscielny arrived and people rolled their eyes and asked ‘ why the fuck didnt we sign Chris Samba’? … Wenger isnt perfect, who is ?,… Read more »

Danger Mouse

** ‘ round diamond’ I meant. Though ‘tough diamond’ works too! Yeah, fuck it, tough diamond it is.

Danger Mouse

Fuckin predictive text!! Fucking rough diamond is what i meant!! Ah just fucking forget about it. I’m going to the pub.

Me So Hornsey

A tough diamond is what I’d call The Coq.

A round diamond is what I’d call Wayne Rooney.


Quite painful watching THEE miss at the start of that vid, but my gosh does it get the juices going in the end and I didn’t want it to end in the end. Mr Giroud is oh so close to being it! I know it’s a cliché but next season baby yeah!

Cliff Bastin

That Ozil flick though.


That flick sums up a player like ozil. Pure caviar class. So very pleased he plays for the Arsenal. Exciting times to be a gooner!


It could’ve been a much better Giroud video.


I wish i could delete my previous comment..


If he carries on this form for a couple of seasons he goes from Handsome French Bloke to an Arsenal great.


He scores against big teams.
Wenger builds a team around a #10, but this time he’s doing it strangely with a #9 pivot assisting him.
I hope he’s past his “ridiculous misses” days. Will always be wishing him well so that he can contribute massively in continuing The King’s legacy as a striker in our club.

Merlin's Panini

Gotta love Giroud. He really gives his all every game. Things don’t always come off for him but when they do it’s worth it. He wasn’t top scorer in Ligue 1 for no reason and he’s improved every season. He’s always shown the confidence in his ability and now it’s paying off. I vividly remember in his first season he had a shot from a good 35-40 yards out when Ramsey was steaming through the middle and people had a go that he didn’t pass. In some ways it would have been the better decision to pass but it also… Read more »

Hoss Gilenhooley

Teflon brig. Olivier gorin-hildred, he scores when and where he wants


Wow you can tell its the interlull, people are having conversations with themselves lol


See dangermouse above lol and ER1


Oops now I am doing the same!!!

Arsenal's Legend

Giroud is full of zeal and passion as if he is born a gunner. wish him an injury free full season as we will be contending for d PL crown next season. COYG


Good video, but why was half of it spent displaying Giroud’s misses? I think his goals have far outweighed any misses this season.


Ehm why did they have ANYTHING about Monaco in a video about how good be is


Perhaps my favorite gunner. Such a hard-worker and such an intense individual. Has his strengths and limitations, like all players. But he is just great at leading the line. Plus he would kick the absolute shit out of all of Costa, Sturridge, Kane, VP, Aguero, and probably Rooney. He is a beast.