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Wenger’s Alexis rest conundrum

Arsene Wenger says that hot-shot Alexis Sanchez could do with a rest, but that the importance of upcoming games makes it a difficult decision to make.

The Chilean has just scored just once in his last 11 games and his performances have been as hard-working as ever, but clearly affected by legs which aren’t as sharp as they were in the first half of the season.

The Frenchman is keen to give him some rest, but also aware that any game without one of your best players becomes more of a challenge.

“He’s a bit fatigued,” he said. “Also, because he is in a position where he has scored less, he wants to force his game and then he is more included in physical battles.

“Maybe goalscoring is on his mind so he wants to do too much and he wants to force his game.”

And on the delicate question of leaving him out of the staring line-up, he admitted, “I’m tempted at some stage, I have been for a long time. It’s not that he won’t let me, I will decide that!

“It’s just that every game now is so important, you always have a hesitation to do it.”

If we had to put money on it, we’d back the former Barcelona man to start tomorrow’s game against Newcastle on the bench, but it remains to be seen if the Arsenal manager has enough faith in the other options available to him right now.

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Daft Aider

We know this, the players know this, the Manager knows this, everyone knows this.

Someone needs to say “Arsene, would it be best not to state this publicly?, if he tears a hamstring you do realise this may come back to haunt you, again”

Welbeck's hi-top fade

Hope he rests him. We should have enough without him, and his contribution is lessened if he’s knackered anyway. Also with the players we have, we can’t use Alexis being rested as an excuse for if we don’t do a job on the toon.


That’s the thing Wenger, you always say this. Last Christmas, it was that he needed a rest, but the Christmas fixture was too important. Before that it was that we needed to build momentum in the beginning of the season.

All on their own seem reasonable, but altogether? You simple can’t keep running players to the ground. They WILL get injured or lose form, if not this season, then the next one.

NZ Gooner

Needs a game or two off when the ox is back to fitness to reignite the fire in him and have him barking mad to get back on the score sheet me thinks.


No shame in giving him a rest. If things don’t turn out as planned, call him from the bench.


Yeah, he can always be brought on at 60 minutes if required.


Er, 70 minutes surely.
You can usually set your watch by Wenger’s unforced substitutions.
This is one of my very few criticisms of his management style, his sub strategy is often predictable and feels like he formed it before the game.


Just put theo in and let him get his form back. Dont know why everone hating on him. Last season he showed what he can do, plus he showed he improved his work rate defensively when he got questioned. Welbz giroud theo front three, Against Newcastle is more than enough to get some goals today. Hoping to see some more of akpom if possible before end of season.


Rest him. Bigger fish to fry. He’s had an incredible first season. If this is his settling in period, can you imagine the next one?!?


He still a human wenger,human need rest.If you not satified with the other option,buy new player!


We have plenty of quality players to cover for him. Rosicky should be more than enough for Newcastle. There’s also someone called Walcottorsomethingorother (Oi, you lot at the back pipe down!).


Rosicky deserves a game and will be chomping at the bit.


Rosicky is fucking amazing, he would never push his manager to play him even though he knows and we know, he is fucking brilliant at football. One of the most selfless footballers ever witnessed!


I think its sensible to rest him and bring him on. The squad is in such good shape we can rotate positions and still put out a world class side. Sanchez back on form for the last few games could be critical. Espicially witht he russian roubles coming up!

Man Manny

We beat Newcastle five times in a row without Alexis. In the first game this season, a Giroud and Cazorla double did the job.
Please Arsene; give the young man a rest. We have enough to get the job done.

Man Manny

I’d say, leave him at home and negotiate with the Chilean coach for 45mins maximum against Brazil – there is nothing new to know about him.
We will need him firing on all cylinders when Liverpool come calling.


I imagine lots of Gooners will have bought tickets for Brazil-Chile on the basis of Alexis but, since I haven’t, I’d rather he didn’t play at all.


Wenger has always been so stubborn when it comes to resting key players. Alexis hasn’t been at his best for some time now and watching him play has become really frustrating as it’s clear that he’s FUCKING KNACKERED! C’mon Arsene, give the lad a rest…


Do you remember in January when you were all so happy over the fact Wenger was playing Alexis through injury and was even being overruled by Alexis when it came to team selection. I was taking a differing view. How it seemed daft to not rest Alexis for matches against the likes of Hull and Brighton. Well i was right. It was ridiculous for Wenger to run our star man into the ground. Then in the huge matches against Monaco he was useless. I’d like an apology. It’s a shame Arsenal have a manager and fans that can’t see beyond… Read more »


HK1, I don’t recall anyone saying “I’m so happy that Wenger is playing Alexis through an injury.” I don’t even recall anyone alluding to it. Every fan on Arseblog is painfully aware of our ongoing injury crisis, so to publicly will Wenger on to risk a world class player into sustaining a long-term injury would be plain daft. Whilst I agree he was far from effective against Monaco this week, I don’t think Wenger will be able to hear your demand for an apology considering how high up you are atop that horse of yours. As for your opinion that… Read more »


I do remember many idiots falling over themselves to say Wenger was right to constantly play Alexis even after coming of injured against Leicester. Or after Wenger said in early December that Alexis was in the red zone. People still believe that after all these years our injury problems are just bad luck. They obviously can’t have anything to do with the deity overplaying players. I’ve no clue what you’re on about in your final paragraph. My only advice for everyone is the watch Monaco’s 2nd and 3rd goals in the first leg. Gibbs isn’t even in the frame when… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Given we have a problem with that as a team, it’s a strange thing to criticise him for; Gibbs ain’t perfect, he ain’t even the best LB we’ve got but he certainly isn’t crap.


No, many did not and I for one thought there were ample signs he had been bought back to early and had not fully recovered – I believe this led to loss of form and then confidence.


Do you need picking up in the morning pal?


I’m Voting you down ‘cos of the Gibbs Comment….Just ‘cos Monreal has had a great season doesn’t suddenly make Gibbs Crap…Come On..! i don’t remember feeling like hell whenever he comes of the bench.. He is still Great..
We’ve Got two Amazing Left Full backs & that’s some thing i wish we had in all positions.. Don’t you.?


Just bring in Ramsey and push Cazorla further forward. Rambo is coming back in form and is a great compliment to Coquelin in his style of play.

AK 57

Think we can afford to rest him for tomorrow’s game. He is quite important for the team and bit of rest will help us make a push in April/May.


HK1 What are on mate?


He will be needed for bigger games to come. I’d rest him but it’s hard with chambo injured.


Why is Wenger hesitating to rest Sanchez? Wenger does not know how to manage a big squad or know how to rotate players properly and he’s been flogging his besy players for years. I first noticed Wenger’s stupidity to overplay players when he continued to play Vieira whilst Vierra was hampered with a knee problem, Gilberto and Edu could of covered for Vierra but it didn’t happen. Wenger flogged Henry then Fabregas and in recent times, he flogged Giroud (last season) and Ramsey (last season).


In a situation where the player replacing the first choice player is significantly less effective, those are chances you might, as a manager, want to take. Like Fabregas coming on for 14 minutes against Villa/West Ham to lead the team to three goals before getting knackered again and being taken off.

Dick Swiveller

In modern times, it was down to the lack of investment, pure and simple. Worth remembering the team that is going to win the league also tends to not rotate, it’s a balance that needs to be struck rather than an evil that must be avoided.


I’d say get Alexis on a leash and bring in Tr7….. totally deserved!


Panther logically if he plays Vieira whilst Vierra was hampered with injury is rotation. In fact I didn’t even know there was a Vieira and a Vierra at the club.

Alexis! The Beast Of London (TBOL)

I think we shuld rest alexis and just play ramsey with ozil opening up 4 carzola in the middle. Would also love to see rosicky play but I guess I would just have to settle for him coming on as a sub.

Arsene's zip

He should definitely be on the bench today. Chile are playing Brazil next week, he won’t get a rest for that.

Any one got tickets for that?


Use him as a super sub for the next few games.

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