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Alexis: Santi makes me happy

Alexis Sanchez has played with some pretty ace footballers in his career. He regularly lines up with Juventus’ Arturo Vidal at international level, at Udinese his strike partner was Antonio di Natale, while at Barcelona he shared the Camp Nou turf with Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

In short, Alexis knows talent when he sees it. And he sees it at the Emirates. Particularly in the enchanting little legs of midfield wizard Santi Cazorla.

Speaking to Arsenal Player about the quality he sees in training every day, the Chilean attacker pinpointed his diminutive Spanish colleague as particularly special.

“Santi Cazorla is a spectacular player. You never know whether he will kick the ball with his right or left foot. Also, he moves with short but quick strides, which is a remarkable trademark too.

“Although I knew about his quality, playing alongside him makes me very happy.”

He added: “When I arrived at the club I didn’t know the players that well, but I was really surprised by everyone’s quality.

“I am not saying this just because it’s my obligation to do it as a club player. Every Arsenal footballer has amazing quality. Being part of a team like this makes me very proud. I am willing to win many titles here.”

22 goals in 45 appearances, including the all-important double that helped the Gunners to a second successive FA Cup final, suggests Alexis is very willing indeed.

Elsewhere, Arsene Wenger has given an interesting insight into the way he handles his players on a day-to-day basis at London Colney.

Claiming he likes to see his squad train with the same intensity they’d approach a competitive fixture, the boss explained in the latest Arsenal Magazine:

“The general plan is to play in training like you do in the game, or even harder. Some days you have to ease off completely and not have the intensity because you need to recover after games. But basically you need to give the players the same intensity that they will face in a game.

“Even the day before a game you can think to yourself, ‘That intensity is absolutely amazing, the players are ready to go out tomorrow and perform at that level’.

“The team always gives you a vibe in training, like a weather forecast. Sometimes you think, ‘Yes, that’s right, they are there’.

“Or other times you think, ‘Nope, they have switched off, they’ll have to work on their concentration otherwise they will have a disillusion on Saturday’.

“It’s never set though, you always have to adjust it a little bit because every day you face a different problem. Sometimes its physical, sometimes it’s the concentration levels, sometimes it’s the harmony within the side.

“Sometimes it could be one or two players who are disillusioned. These can all pull the energy levels down so you always have to correct and adjust things to get it right for the next game.”

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

You’re not the only one Alexis!

chippy's chip

And they both make me happy!

bims lay

and me too!….lol


Santi was Pharell’s inspiration.

North Bank Gooner

You have to be dead inside not to love Santi, the guy is mustard, and his smile lights up our team.

Off topic, but Blogs, are you mental??? Tiffany at central defence??? Crazy!! Has to be Grace Jones, no-one would mess with her. Pull up to her bumper and she would fuck you up, I saw View to a Kill!! 😉


Since we are off topic-the Mandrex slogan-“after you peep its time to poop” had me howling. You do create a vivid picture with words, Blogs.

Agree with Grace Jones. I also see Grace Slick as a midfielder in the Paul Gascoigne mold. Inventive, creative, incedible talent and likely to show up in an altered state. Her through balls might be through different dimensions. Hmm, does that make her more like Ozil? Anyway, had a better and longer prime than Gazza.

North Bank Gooner

Tiffany would be a bit lightweight to play CB, and would give away too many fouls with all that ” holding on to one anothers hand ” malarkey.

I think Grace Slick packed in footie, and works in construction, building cities on rock and roll, but I might be wrong 😉


“Arsène knows.”


People praise the likes of moaning morh, because he says all the right things in press. Footballing wise he does the most obvious and pragmatic things, which is much easier to do than people credit him for. While wenger gets slated for not knowing football. Fact is he does a good job of hiding his knowledge. You know empty vessels make more noise. We know what wenger can do with right personnel at his disposal. He does put a good succession plan with his team which so called top manager ( pep and morh) never have to worry about as… Read more »

Özil Gummidge

No it isn’t easy, or more managers would have achieved what he has. However, Mourinho does work with the biggest sides, and then he holds the players’ hands, telling them what to do in every situation. Whereas Wenger let’s the players grow organically which is why when an Arsenal side is on song, the football is beautiful and Chelsea are generally dull to watch with a few good individual moments .

sg gooner

I don’t think I like mourinho as a person. But you definitely have to respect him as a coach/manager.

For all the talks about how sherwood is a great motivator, maureen is miles ahead.


The way he seized last season’s FA Cup final by the scruff off the neck still gives me chills. To score a goal like that on that stage and then re-invent himself to fight for a place in the side – he’s a winner.

Please don’t go Santi.

David C

I really hope he doesn’t leave, but I’m sure he’d be classy with Wenger in the way that he does. I can understand if he misses Spain, but maybe Wenger will convince the little 2-footed maestro that there is unfinished business at Arsenal!


Jose P

I cannot say how much happiness I get at watching my beloved Arsenal now-a-days. Santi with his magic, Ozil’s touch like the football is a goddess in disguise, Alexis just his sheer determination… reminds me of the day I became an Arsenal fan… Dennis Bergkamp spinning around defenders and with a chip to Freddie …


You just gave me goosebumps!


I was a little worried by blogs saying he reckons Santi could move back to Spain on this mornings blog. I hope that’s not the case. At 30, this has been his best season for us. There’s no reason why he can’t stay for another 2/3 years. I hope he does. There’s nobody like Santi.

Jose P

I love you Arsenal


Arsenal : “We’re not ready for a serious relationship, but you’re welcome to visit whenever you’d like”


Is the intense training perhaps playing a part in our long list of injuries?

Anyway, I hope Santi stays with his cute smiley little face.


What injuries!?

We have Shad and a professor for a manager!

Romford Pele

Alexis to show Hazard how to play football on Sunday


well to be frank, Hazard is the better of the two, atleast judging by this season. I wouldn’t have said that for any other Chelsea player, but the Belgian is actually a likeable fellow. Never dives, cheats or moans. Wish we had got him.

two bullets in the chamber

Couple seasons back he was among the worst divers in the league. I can only assume under mourinho’s Olympic synchronised diving team he’s just gotten much better at hiding it

Gunner From Another Mother

Don’t forget he also enjoys kicking children

Bendtner's Ego

TBH that little ball boy had it coming.

I’d have kicked him a LOT harder in his fat, little gooch for his time wasting. If the kid is going to roll on the floor in agony, make him earn it.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

To have Bendtner’s ego and be as nasty as John Terry must be a big burden to carry in life.


I agree with him on the ball boy being a little twat though.


Better than Sanchez? Never dives? Never cheats? You must be Anthony Taylor or Michael Owen.

Dan Man

Disillusioned you are, definitely.

Titty Twistah

Worst. Comment. Ever.

bims lay

really?……i dont know which chelsea matches you’ve been watching pal!


I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments, but fucking hell, that journalist is pretentious.


I couldn’t read that tripe after a few lines.


Editor must have been on holiday.

In general long-form journalism is more of an opportunity to engage the reader with a more robust mental image that draws them into the story. This seemed to be more about making fancy embellishing sentences and forgets that metaphors are supposed to be vehicles to a larger point- not the point themselves. It distracted from the content and story.

But Anyhow-
Santi, please kick around a bit with us for a while longer! Spain will always be sunny (in some places, on sunny days)!


That felt like looking at a verbal painting with so much meaning than just what meets the eye. Wenger truly is the only one. And watching Arsenal does extend beyond the 2 hours of TV or being in the pubs. The man and his philosophy extend beyond just the game itself and means so much for life.


I’m actually sad that Santi is 30. I wish he gives us 2 more seasons at the same level.


Bilbo Baggins was like 50 when he left on his quest with the dwarves

Hobbits age differently. Santi’s got at least another decade in him

In all seriousness though, I do think the more diminutive athletes have greater longevity, there’s just a lot less strain on the body. Like how smaller dogs have longer lifespans

Rozza the samourai

The quality is there. It is time to win now. Arsenal should enter every competition with the objective of winning it. Losing the opportunity to challlenge for the EPL title so early this season still hurts. The winning mentality must prevail both at players and manager level and all the time. We should enter the Champion League with the objective of reaching semi-finals. We were able to reach the quater-finals of CL a couple of time with the Adebayor, Denilson and Eboue. Now we have Alexis, Ozil, Giroud etc… Let’s trash Chelsea this weekend to show the new mighty Arsenal.

Az Ahmed

Reaching the semi finals is not winning it


With all these superstars now in our team you could be for given calling us the Arselaticiso’s. Wheres my coat?

Mark Hughes

We gave it to a homeless guy who seemed to deserve it more after that.


should have given it to Wenger, the man’s in desperate need of a proper one

Tomas Casus

That was so shit on so many levels it was beautiful.

A Young Lenny Henry



Required viewing for every gooner:

Anonymous Physicist

I was interested to hear that blogs wouldn’t be surprised if Cazorla left this summer (see today’s main blog post). Personally, I would be surprised if he left already, and I really hope he stays. I do wonder what his role will be at the start of next season though. I would be very surprised if he stays in his current deeper role. He’s playing very well, but he ended up there by accident, and while Wenger currently clearly doesn’t want to mess with what’s working, I’d be surprised if he didn’t want to move Ramsey (or even Wilshere?) to… Read more »


I would be extremely disappointed / disheartened to see Santi leave this summer.
Please dont let him leave for another two-three years atleast.
Amazing player to say the least


Still can’t believe that he was from Malaga. How did such a talent stayed with non elite clubs from Spain is quite baffling. Glad to know Arsenal is home now!


Well, didn’t he play for the Villarreal side that we beat in the CL semi final? And if I remember correctly, Malaga was Spain’s Man City at the time he played there, before the Arabs fucked off and we got him on a cheap.

Saffa Gooner

“enchanting little legs”: exactly!


Several months ago I thought to myself what a shame we can’t have Ozil and Santi together out on the park,both centrally. Within no time Arsene pulled his Magic Hat on and Hey Presto they were there and we look brilliant. I’m actually wishing my life away as I can’t wait for next season to start.

offbeat madoda

“have a disillusion”… i love Wengerisms. Besides sounding so awesome, they offer such a good insight into non-native tongue speakers’ formulation of English sentences.

Mark Hughes

It’s interesting hearing Arsene talk about training sessions as it was something raised in the Invincibles documentary. The players then said that they played training games like an actual match as you didn’t want to be on the losing side, such was the respect and competitiveness of that group.


“Being part of a team like this makes me very proud. I am willing to win many titles here.”

Something you never heard $amir Na$ri say. I wonder why.


Sorry, my fingers are fat. That was down voted accidentally.


To order a special dialling wand, please mash the keypad with your palm.

Zip watcher

That made me chuckle

Mark Hughes

Imagine if he was unwilling to win trophies though….


I’ll be gutted if Santi leaves at the end of the season.

Sure, we have players who can play in that position but none of them can do it like he can.

Is there a more gifted two-footed footballer in the Premier League? Not in my book.


Why do I get the feeling some people are using different names just to post the same message in different words


Because you’re a silly billy.

Like-baiting is for teenage girls and Chelski fans, not Gooners.


Trust me, people fish ALOT for likes on here. They’ll say “john terry is a cunt” or “nananana giroud” just so they could get likes.


John Terry is a cunt.


Nananana Giroud.


People here say that John Terry is a cunt when John Terry is a cunt.
It’s hardly their fault that John Terry is always a cunt.


“Alexis sanchez baby. Alexis sanchez ohhhh ohhh” i watched the interview video. Trust me, he’s really a down to earth type & whatever came out from his mouth, it came out from bottom of his heart.


Wow, just imagine if TGSTEL was still with us. Would’ve literally blown Sanchez’s mind.



Mark Hughes

But who would have cleaned up the mess?


I was listening to the Arsecast from last Friday when this topic popped up, and my first thought was “Oh Santi must have made sandwich for Alexis at 3 o’clock in the morning…”


Santi has made me happy since day 1 at Stoke or Sunderland…can’t actually recall but its one of the 2.

Cannons Blazing

A Rosicky-esque player.. Playing better and better with age He aint exactly Pires, but his footwork makes me swoon..

kal the gooner

Someone above just commented that Hazard never dives or moans. That blew my mind.


We will keep Santi for at least two more seasons. Set to leave likely Arteta (age), Rosicky, Diaby maybe Walcott (contract). I think we will be looking to reinforce in two key areas this summer. 1) A midfielder who can provide cover for Coquelin and Flamini (in interim whilst Bielik develops) but who can also provide some of the physical height and drive of Diaby with added durability. IMO Khedira would be great for experience but someone like Kongdogbia (who owned Coquelin when he played against us) would be fantastic. 2) A wide player who can also playmaker if necessary… Read more »


Its quotes like those (on top of his superhuman engine) that makes me love Electric Sanchez. May he be a Gunner for a very, very long time. #COYG


I fucking love Santi, we all do, “no”? 🙂


I see what you did there.




I remember an FA cup game where Arsene fielded a largely B-team as is his custom, first half and we were trailing by 2 nil, 2nd half saw the introduction of santi and rozza, they practically were mesmerizing and mostly having the ball just to themselves…. what a match…! won at the end o the day… Really would love to see both on the pitch again!


My lasting impression of Santi will always be his little jig after the goal earlier in the season.


Santi has been instrumental for us in moving the ball, under pressure, from bad defensive positions to good offensive ones. The two most surprising aspects of his play this year have been his success defensively and how hard it is to get the ball from him.

This year’s Santi has been a new signing.

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