Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Arsenal 4-1 Liverpool: player ratings

Arsenal smashed the Mugsmashers 4-1 at the Emirates today, leaving them 9 points clear of Brendan Rodgers side, and in second place in the table until at least Monday when Man City play.

It was a measure of revenge for the heavy defeat at Anfield last season and for anyone who has ever had a mug smashed. This one was for you brothers and sisters.

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Save all criticisms for another day. We played very, very well today. Credit to all the players for turning up!


10/10 To all the boys. Credit where it’s due.


Great performance from us. After the first 20 minutes and Ramsey’s missed chance I was afraid it might end up like the United game at the Emirates, but we’ve definitely added a cutting edge to our game!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Damn near perfect game.


I agree, well said, but only once they admit they are wrong….

Greg Bush

What a game, what a performance, and what a bunch of mugs the Liverpool players were.


Best home game since the first 5-2 against that lot. This team is finally starting to click. Delicious.


Fantastic performance! We could have been 2-0 up in the first 5 minutes! Well done to the boys! We are seriously challanging Chelsea now!!!!!!


Liverpool’s tin Can was useless compared to our inanimate carbon Rod


nice one! tin can

Tom thumb

Haha brilliant tin can


Özil what a player.


The Coq too.. he was hard and all over the cuntinho today

Mesut O'no

excellent today. Everyone was superb. Bit harsh on Koscielny, I personally think he did better than BFG while he was on the pitch.


Their only chance was created by Koscielny’s crazy positioning though, he looked a little inhibited in the first half, I thought. He was generally fine, but second best in central defence.


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Arsenal score a better collection of goals. You know how the team’s website has the goal of the month competition? All four are legit choices for April and it’s only the 4th of the month. Bellerin was simply outstanding, penalty aside, and I thought MOTM.


What about our home game vs Norwich last year? 4 unbelievable goals.


Yes, I think as a whole the goals today were better than the Norwich game although I think the Norwich game had better team goals and today had better individual efforts. I certainly understand anyone that would pick that set of goals over the ones today.


Oh Toure my love
I used to love you
But darling Man, it’s time to stop playing

How fabulous were we today
Everyone played well
Super splendid awesome Arsenal

Dear Michael Owen
Do shut up man

Crash Fistfight

Thumbs up purely for the last two lines.

David C

to be fair to Toure, he has been pretty good lately for that team we crushed today.

What did Owen say? Luckily, we don’t have to listen to him in Canada.


Wow, so free healthcare AND no Michael Owen? No wonder the whole world is secretly jealous of Canada.

Crash Fistfight

Everything that comes out of Owen’s mouth is bilious nonsense when it’s in relation to Arsenal.

Despite the fact he’s a contemptuous cunt, Piers Morgan has made my day:



Livepool never walk alone but once its with ARSENAL they always run alone


Narrative: Arsenal don’t win big games. Humped Pool. Dominated City and Utd away. Narrative: Wenger doesn’t do tactics. Thumped city tactically, been defensively solid this season, and played mesmerizing football. Narrative: Ozil doesn’t run about and turn up. Well, he thumped that narrative some since injury. Been mesmeric. The shoulder drops and turns – perhaps football Neanderthals like Adrian Durham can’t see it. Narrative: One man team with Sanchez. Well, he’s been great, but you know, so have Giroud, Santi, Bellerin, Coq, Ozil, you know, most of the team. Narrative: Big players won’t come to Arsenal, we’re a selling club.… Read more »

David C

Bonus: The Wenger out crowd have rightfully been silenced! I love the man and hope he continues with us as long as possible.

Bumpy Bear

The Wenger out crowd is silent because finally Wenger does what the Wenger out crowd has asked for all this time. Either get out or start using thought through tactics rather than the usual Gung Ho Fotball that costs us alot of unneccesary points over the years. Alex Ferguson said the same though he did not mention names, but he said some managers get to caught up with a philosophy which he ment would hurt you in the long run. He believed you allways had to adapt in order to be successfull, and playing a certain way regardless of the… Read more »


Yawn. Bumpy bear is bumpy.


Humpty tw*t




I think one of the interesting things about this tactical renaissance is that, after the city game, wenger spoke about how it was the players that wanted to line up more defensively, and had organised themselves accordingly. I think Mert suggests as much the other day speaking about dressing room arguments. That isn’t to take take credit away from the manager however. Wenger remains an absolute football idealist, and one facet of his teams is that he wants them to be democracies rather than dictatorships, with the players taking initiative in how they play collectively and individually. For whatever reason,… Read more »


Just waiting for Owen and Scholes to criticize Ozil for being lazy and not scoring until the 40th minute

Atletico Islington

Anyone else noticed that as you hover over the stars it gives you the exact rating you’re on, right down to the smallest decimal? Bit of Arseblog trivia there

Gooner smurf

Ozil is deceptively skillful.


That must have been what Rodgers was writing in his little notebook. What a muppet.


I detest showy “pen and notepad” managers. What a dunce!

Andy Mack

He was making notes for his next discussion with Sterling.
He wrote “what the fuck makes you think you’d even make the arsenal bench”!

Stringer Bell

Ozil is simply sublime. I love watching him play the game of football.


“Everything is Shiite!!” #AngriestManonTwitter


*IF* we were to keep exactly the same players next season (no ins or outs) will we win the league?

Thumbs up for yes, down for no.

David C

love the question, but can’t we still win it this year too? 😉


Keeping my hopes low. Logic says that Chelsea will win, there is only 7 matches left and they might be up to 10 points, effectively, given their game in hand is versus Leicester, in front after the Stoke match.

Let’s see where we are after the Chelsea game.

Man Like Ozil

We’ll need additions. Not that we haven’t already seen the talent of this squad, but the elephant in the room is starting to appear – Santi, Kosc, Mert and Nacho are all pushing 30. Bring in players like Cech and Subotic, maybe Sterling too for the laugh of it, and we’re right in the mix.

Petit's Handbag

Cech is second choice at Chelsea for a reason, Subotic is not very good and Sterling…..bitch please.
What we need is stability, one or two signings in the right positions is all we need.
Mourinho ya dirty pup, we’re coming for ya

Man Like Ozil

Cech is still World Class and would represent a marked improvement on what Scz/Ospina have to offer without question. As for Subotic not being very good, what are you talking about? BVB have all struggled this year, but that doesn’t mean he’s not very good. He’s been consistently excellent for them previously alongside Hummels. My general reference was more to the point we’ll need to strengthen in those two areas anyway – GK/Defence – if we want to pursue a sustained title challenge. In almost every other area, we’re good. The only relative issues I’m worried about is Coq’s back… Read more »


Let’s let Arsene decide, he is f*kin’ good at this sort of shit!

AWOB up yr Arse! COYG!

Jack Jumblies

If you think Wenger would ever consider throwing caution to the wind when it comes to player transfers, then must be mistaking him for Rodgers (let’s take a flyer on Balotelli) or Levy (mad dash with Bale cash). Since Jeffers, none of Wenger’s misses have been too costly.


We need a top class goalkeeper


Asmir Begovic ?? I wonder why he is at Stoke, i think he’s quiet right to be in top club


To be fair to Rodgers though, if arsenal hadn’t have scored 4 Liverpool would have won 1-0

Perry S.

we could, it’s possible, but why not improve the squad when there is an ability to do so? our rivals all will, so we must as well. still think it would do us good to get a top class keeper, another CB, walcott upgrade (if he goes), and another strike partner (different type) for Giroud to help him.


Fine, though impossible to pose a question based on those uncertainties, what is needed, who would come in. Can consider again at the end of the transfer window…



George the Gooner

Great result and performance today. Well done Arsenal. Oil stand out player for me today. That Sanchez finish tho

Mertesacker's Per

You’ve got oil
You’ve got oil
You’ve got oil
We’ve got ozil

Can sing it to the tune of ‘I think I’m dumb’ by nirvana.


Every time we play $chitty and Chel$ki.

George the Gooner

Ozil stand out player!! Bloody auto correct!

Well. ??

Did anyone notice the bonus rating ? What are you insinuating blogs ? Do you know something that we don’t? 😉


Only got to see the first half today, and based on that I feel the home support deserves some credit. Heard them loud and clear through the tv, and they seemed to lift the team out of the 15 minute pre goal slump


Kudos to Arsene, He got a bit lucky with Coq emergin to fill in an obvious gap in the squad (honestly no pan intended) but otherwise this has been one of his best seasons in ages. Helped young players like Bellerin, Coq and the Ox make huge strides, got both Ozil and Alexis playing excellent football, all his signings came good and he showed that he can be as pragmatic and efficient as the best of them in the games with City and ManU. If he can eliminate hick-ups like Monaco then this team can bring him the glorious finish… Read more »

Well. ??

Did anyone notice the bonus rating ? What are you insinuating blogs?

Fly Like a G6 I'm in B6

Coquelin is so underrated wins nearly every duel he’s in and reads the game exceptionally well. Apart from no Diaby it was a near perfect game. Damn homie diaby is such a good player I can’t help but shed a tear when I think about what if.

Bonus rating wenger 10/10 prowling the touch line like a Bengal tiger in the Sundarban wilderness, great to see passion from le prof !!

Anyway I’m off to lay down a quick spitfire session for jdz media check it out I will post the link soon, COYG !!!!

kevin whitcher

This is a disaster. Wenger gets manager of the month, we beat Liverpool convincingly and move into the top 2. What if we go on and win the league? We’ll never get the change we so desperately need.

Bergkamp's Chips

I think we can all agree that the mugsmashers got school-ed in the Home of Football.

glad I didn’t have to see BR celebrating in his one-hand-in-pocket-one-hand-pump-the-air style.

Crash Fistfight

That’s right up there with Bale’s heart hand symbol for vomit inducing celebrations.

What’s most annoying about it is it’s as if he’s had any effect on the goal himself – you can see he’s worked with Mourinho in the past.

Chairman Meow

Was saying that exact say thing to my mates. Hes such a twat haha


The only reason we conceded today was to remind us all Arsenal is still a team made up of humans. We were excellent. So happy for Bellerin even though everyone was top class today.

happy gunner

I think Wenger was a bit shit. Did everything right but how dare he not zip his coat?

Wenger out

Tanzanian Gooner

10/10 for Ozil proving Michael Owen is a c*nt.
And does Raheem worth Arsenal’s sterling?Not yet for me.#COYG


To be fair, I was impressed by Sterling for outpacing Bellerin couple of times and then getting the penalty from Hector.

Though if he comes to Arsenal, there is no guarantee he will be starter everyweek though, as we have so many excellent player.


I don’t see us getting him. £50 million for a player that we don’t need, who isn’t as good as Ozil or Sanchez or maybe even Ox? We’ve got Gnabry and Akpom coming through, and are trying to tie down Walcott with a new deal. I expect City or maybe even Chelsea to come in for him

sg gooner

A keeper’s main job is to be solid between the poles when the ball is coming. I think ospina is great in that area. It have been a long time since seaman retired that I feel we finally have a calming presence in front of goal. Lehmann was good but crazy, similar to szczesny.

Nevertheless, we need to see how ospina fares next season in order to truly aassess his capabilities. A lot of players do suffer that second season syndrome whereby their performance drop.


Lehman was an invincible and helped us to Wenger’s only champ league final??!! Very underrated keeper. If Kahn weren’t about would have a million Germany caps too. Can’t compare him to our current crop.

sg gooner

He was sent off for that final. Though it was to be debated whether he should committed that foul. Not to take anything away from him though, but that loss was one of the most hear-wrecking moment in my life.

Nevertheless he was still voted the best GK for that champion league season. This goes to prove my point, good but crazy.


Didn’t we get to that final without conceding a goal through the entire ECL campaign?


No. In the semi-final, we won 1-0 at home, lost 0-1 away, and went through on penalties. We may have conceded in other matches as well, I can’t remember, but for sure we lost the away leg of the semi.

Giroud's abs

Watched this game in a pub with 4 Liverpool fans and 2 Gooners. They were quiet the entire match. Lovely game of football by the team. Bellerin was superb bar the penalty. Ozil’s freekick was sublime. I am one happy Gooner and it’s gone 2:30am here! GOYG


Where does Sterling think he would play at Arsenal, and how often? Who would you bench for him right now?

AK 57

He would wait for his chance whole season. Sterling wouldnt add much value. No pun intended.


But, but, he’s better than Ozil …


Looks like the boys took the left footed football joke seriously


Watching Toure today reminded me of how shaky we use to be with him in the centre of defence (after 2004)…

Also, very harsh on Ospina. He’s done good with minimal drama


what happened to szcesny?????


He disappeared in a cloud of smoke

Andy Mack

‘Rib’ injury.
Could have been BBQ smoked ribs!

2 bullets in the chamber

Looks like this is Arsenal’s Easter as well seeing as the Welsh Jesus was well and truly resurrected today.


Did you notice how the ref wasn’t poo?

Andy Mack

Buy he wasn’t great either.


The ref was poo. The worst kind. Runny and stuff


http://untold-arsenal.com/archives/42273 he was better than expected – see this article.

But still rubbish at times eg when Welbeck was getting away and Henderson was pretending to be hurt by Toure.

ZA Gooner

In the words of a commentator in RSA…”Click Click Bang Bang!!!” Take that you mugs.

You don’t score sumptuous Goals like that if you are not a special lot.

What a team these boys are. The spirit in the camp must be amazing. I am saving some cash to come to the Emirates to enjoy the Beautiful Game!

Crash Fistfight

According to all the gimboids on BT Sport they do.

It’s a good job so many teams play badly against us, otherwise we’d probably be in the relegation zone. Either that or all the pundits on that poxy channel haven’t got a clue between them (and Wrighty doesn’t want to be the odd one out).


I think double agent Toure had a good game helping his former club, despite that he missed a good chance to deflect a shot for an own goal. He must work on his finishing.

More seriously, I was impressed with Coq’s work, making several interceptions and breaking their play completely.


Bellerin is richer by a Sterling today. Had him in his pocket all day.


Debuchy and Arteta i must say have got à big task working their way into the first team right now considering the performances of Bellerin and le Coq. its good for the team though

David C

you can add Wilshere and Walcott to that list.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Walcott certainly – I’m fed up with him at the moment anyway – but I’d be intrigued to see how Coquelin would play with Wilshere. They’ve known each other since the academy and Coquelin’s style of play would give Wilshere more freedom than when he plays with Arteta. Jack’s game still needs to be refined though, in terms of releasing the ball more quickly.


Agreed, hopefully the competition will help them raise their game! Wilshere in particular can learn a lot from Cazorla, and Walcott needs to rediscover his pre-injury form. Was shocked by how much stronger our bench was than Liverpool’s, even though they had the Suarez money to spend in the summer. Just goes to show how well Wenger has done, selling our best players over the years yet keeping us in the top 4


Michael Owen on BT……..Every chance to put The Arsenal down, he took it…….How Fuckin predictable!!
I actually thought he might give man of the match to a LVP player.

Also let me introduce you to DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a fuck?
Reports say RVP may not be fit to play in the Manchester Derby……………………………DILLIGAF.

2 bullets in the chamber

I just noticed…Arsenal is tied for most number of goals in the league with city. We need a world class striker, they said. One man team, they said.

Real Romford Pele

Come on Stoke!

(feels dirty)


Took to watching the game with no sound today rather than listen to numpty fuck fuck Michael Owen and he still annoyed me
Well done today


Man, I love this team.
I love this manager.


Thank goodness we didn’t get to see that sturridge’s riddiculous dance

Stewart Robson's therapist

Come on Mark Hughes, give us a miracle.

My Free Kick

Move of the match was Bellerin’s little delay before shooting. As the chance opened up, I screamed shoot! His delay to let Joe Allen run by was sublime vision. And the finish wasn’t too shabby either. Well done lads!

Mikel Artekkers

I just wanted to say I thought Kolo Toure had a great game for us today, one of his finest for Arsenal.


“Coutinho better than Ozil” some “journalists” said. Sterling better than Ozil some cunt said. lol


Mesut has worked hard since injury and it shows, he just gets on with the job and lets his football do the talking. Long may it continue.

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