Thursday, June 1, 2023

Arsenal’s 2015/16 shirts leaked

It’s a truth universally known that men (and women) who have absolutely no interest in fashion will, for a period of two months in the sping/summer, find themselves absolutely apoplectic with rage at the design of their club’s new football kit.

Go-faster stripes, lime trim, floral appliqués, unnecessary epaulets, crocheted sleeves, knife pleat shorts, herringbone garters, seersucker sleeves, yoke collars…they all provoke a tut-tutting from the average football fan that sees them out-bitch the front row of Paris Fashion Week.

Anyway, it’s with that in mind that we present a few leaked images of what could well be next year’s offerings from Puma.

For what it’s worth we think they look a bit rank…a review we expect Vogue to carry in next month’s issue. [Disclaimer – we’re sure Alexis will make them look sexy]

Anyway, apparently we’re wearing red and white at home again. Jeez, boring!



And for the third kit, some kind of blue with microsoft paint blocks of meh…



Images courtesy of @ArsenalEdits@AFC_Followers and If they happen to originate from somewhere else, let us know…it’s hard telling who has ripped who off these days.

Turns out it was @DannyIsDatGuy so credit to him.


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Am I the only one that thinks that these ‘leaks’ are intentional so they can see how the fans feel about the kits before they release them?


– your daily conspiracy dose.


I hope so Gargoyle because that home kit is fucking horrid, they need to bin it off and start again



I dunno, kinda reminds me of the late eighties, early nineties JVC home kits. Something nostalgic about it. Could see Parlour sporting it for sure!

Thierry Bergkamp

Was gonna say the same thing. I saw one of the old kits immediately. I think it’s 80’s and definitely JVC


I was just thinking that ‘JVC’ was missing on that shirt


The away kit is shite, too.


That away kit is shocking! And I don’t normally give a toss!


Since the fans bitch and moan about the kits every summer and they never change, I doubt it.

Edmund Hill

I’ve always had that suspicion as well. It makes loads of business sense: why risk putting out a design that might not sell when you can ‘leak’ it and get a general idea of what the customers think about it? These companies have designated social media departments (or outsourced service providers) that can trawl Twitter, Facebook etc. to gather information that can essentially be used as a proxy of a research survey.

David C

wow, that dark blue shirt is nasty. It sort of reminds me of a paint chip or something.


Fans don’t get a choice. No it’s to mislead the counterfeiters.


That makes more sense than all the conspiracy theories in the world.

Although to be fair, we all thought that velvet bumblebee outfit from a few years ago couldn’t possibly be true, and it was.


I’m seriously hoping they were testing color blocks on that third kit. It’s shite. It looks like a sample patches when you’re painting your flat. If it’s real, kiss those sales goodbye.


The away stripes look awful. Would prefer the shirt without.


3rd kit is a colour tester, its just checking how the colours look against the others, those colours will be used just not in those places or that much.


Thank f*ck for that!


I think they deliberately did that. So puma can get a ultra bulk discount on red/white colours and don’t worry about any other shades


That half-collar looks stupid, either make it full or get rid of.

David Hillier

God those are awful. If I found those in some luggage at Heathrow even I’d return it to the lost and found.


They’re fake.

Me mum said so.


Who cares about the stupid shirts when we will win the league ?


Back to the important point!

Le Jim

Gotta look good in all the adverts featuring us holding all those trophies!



Another reason why Arsene’s time is up!



I’m not convinced Wenger has much to do with kit design…

And Wenger out for who exactly? We’re on our best run for years

Arsene's Zip

I’m not convinced Sam has much to with sarcasm.

David C

or the 41 people who thumbed this down, haha


DR you are deluded if you think that Arsené designs the kit… Secondly you need to get his name spelt correctly and lastly we are second in the league after the worst start in the Premiership years which means we are close to being a great team. How many other managers have delivered Champions League football consistently without breaking the bank… #DROUT find another club…


Banter levels are not strong with theese ones


Hi Bob.

Please search the word “Sarcasm” on google.

You are welcome



“Google,” sheesh. Back in my day we had a little thing called a dictionary. Kids today.


Top tip for kids.
In order to understand the last post you can look up “dictionary” on Google!


Bob, oh dear!


You can’t fuck up red and white too badly so home kit gets a pass. But that blue kit with those 3 bars are very meh. I really hope this is a late April Fools joke. Even Giroud wouldn’t even be able to save the blue kit!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I’d say those 3 bars are a cunning plan by Wenger to make opposition defenders dizzy.

Mongolian Gooner

The away kit. What the actual hell?


the 3 stripes on the away kit looks like a skirt


Hmm. Not a fan! :/


Imo its absolute bollocks theyre now changing the home strip every year. At 50 a time, its ridiculous.


It is. More gooners will give up trying to buy them all each season.

At least we don’t have to worry so much about what name to get now, cos that RvP shirt I have in my wardrobe is still pissing me off! It is the yellow away strip from 2012-2013… need to sort that out.


Rubbing alcohol and tweezers will sort those shirts out for you. I had to remove an RVP and a Nasri from a couple of shirts. Left the numbers on and they look pretty cool that way.


Please tell us who you plan to feature next, so we can prepare ourselves for the departure! 🙂


Cos its Big Business….. don’t fall for it!


You lost me at floral appliqués… now you’re making me wonder if you actually know these fashion terms Blogs? Heheh..


Nice bar chart!


Presumably the white, blue and gold lines indicate Alexis, Giroud and Welbecks goals scored next aseason with the blanks in between being Costa and Rooney languishing somewhere behind.


It seems like they’re determined to redesign shirts from previous seasons.

North Bank Gooner

Just when you thought it was impossible to out shite Nike on away kit design…….

Fancy Pants

It’s blue and black, no it’s white and gold. Fuck it let’s mix them all.


The badges and decal things all look a bit wonky, I think its fake but don’t really mind either way I’ve bought my shirt already and I’ll last for another 5 years or so.


Is there no room to play around with the shade of red on the home kit? Blood red for example or other shades othet than plain red.

I’l be getting back to work now.


I like the Arsenal-crest, tho. 10/10


Did you like it when the badge was changed in 2002 ? I admit I didnt, I hated it but its grown on me.

Peanut Seller

When the shirts are rubbish don’t buy them. Football fans will apparently buy anything associated with their team, no matter how hideous looking it is. Some big firms would kill for that kind of brand loyalty.

Johnny Cockshank

This is what i do! I haven’t bought a shirt since 1997!
(First Nike kits)

I actually think they look good

looks like we’re back in the 90s. another decade and we’ll have a few more titles and another unbeaten season.

Arsene's Zip

They need to get JVC back on the front of the shirt.


Yes! Then I can wear my one again. (Oh blx, forgot about my new beer gut!)

Al Gilmore

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always considered blue an unlucky colour for us. I struggle to remember one good performances barring 2 fa cup tie wins at OT in blue. Even when we were all – conquering we didn’t win the league when we had blue as a second kit.

Now the gold away kit…that’s another matter….


Like that 2006 yellow kit in France when Lehmann was sent off early while the referee should’ve played advantage, Pires got subbed, Hleb played for us, Dennis watched his last match from the bench, and Almunia was beaten twice at his post? The luck was absolutely pouring down.


I think the third kit will look much better when it will be worn. I was surprised because the 3 bars remind me of adidas.


Oh I don’t know about that- big blocky stripes highlighting my lower abdomen silhouette chiseled out over years of week ends (and mid weeks) sitting on my arse watching football and drinking beer? Yikes.

No white or gold there please!! If they darken that middle blue- or better yet eliminate all of them- I’m back in business..


Could we not change our home colours to purple to tap into the UKIP ‘massive racists’ market?? It would make Vincent Tan look like David Dein.

Ditch the Blue

my God, that blue kit is terrible


Really? This is the best kit they can design for the 15/16 league winner?


I really wouldn’t mind if we kept our current home jersey for the next season. Can hardly find one that I like as much post-Highbury!


Poor design… Hope they’re not the real ones.


If you scroll down to half of that third kit, It looks really nice…..then the stripes appear and it looks bollocks.


3rd one looks like a bastard baby between Newcastle and Barcelona that lost some DNA in the process

Boris the Mustache

And the Fly Emirates thing from the sponsors is realy bad. O2 was my favourite one.


The third kit is really the equivalent of the “what color is the dress” question. It was designed to confuse the opposition and throw them into such a fit of disagreement in their locker rooms, that they can’t focus on pre-game discussions with the manager and perform so poorly that anytime we wear that kit, the club psychiatrist has to schedule couples counseling for the entire staff. Pretty devious if you ask me.

just telling it like it is

Marco Reus would look good in all of them

marvin ochung'

Comment: i feel like this new jersey looks a lot similar like the Dreamcast one…personally i wouldn’t buy it


I reckon the blue one with the bar chart is a training kit


Why couldn’t we have got an experienced kit designer who doesn’t need training?


A few years under Arsene’s tutelage and they’ll be world-class.


The third kit looks fake. The placement of the badge is off and it looks distorted.

I don’t mind the home kit to much, especially when our players win the league wearing it next season.


I can live with the 3rd one when Sanogo is going to lift the second Premier League title in a row.Yes I see what I did there

Dumisani Tony Mfipa

The jersey is good. The beautiful game thrives on the pitch NOT what players put on. COYG


Classy, as in don’t fuck with us next season!!

Harish P

Seems alright. Not great but not as bad as people exaggerate the home kit being.

Skeptical the third kit is final, doubt we’ll see much of it either tbf.

Gooners & Roses

I thought we can do with current home kit for next year or two. Looking sexay.

Ramsey's Spirit

Jesus, how hard is it to design a bloody shirt?


I like that home shirt. Very retro, reminds me of the late addidas kits.


The blue one somehow reminds me of the type of crap Newcastle would normally wear. Absolute pans


The Newcastle home one looks like a correst. Terrible shirt


I would possibly agree if I knew what a “correst” is??


I like the third kit. Seriously.


Pretty underwhelming. Not sure what creative process could have culminated in that blue abomination…


The pain The Arsenal put me through every season I wouldn’t be surprised if the new home shirt contains fifty shades of red.


That’d be one shade for each match we’re going to win next year, then.


Puma, pay attention okay bro. Don’t mess up the home shirt,okay?!. Its super sacred. That 3rd kit is so awful I feel as if you violate me. The current 2014/2015 home shirt is awesome, tho. Make the new one better than the current. You feel me, Puma? Alright, I’m out.


For me, I get excited when I see the new shirts. I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid. I have 45 out of the last 48. I don’t like the new deal that sees Arsenal changing every season but there is a massive history of Arsenal having shockingly bad away/third jerseys. A lot of them look better in real life but I have to say I think the blue one above looks more like a training shirt than an actual game jersey. The red one is fairly bog standard. Very like the 04-05 or 06-08 ones


The (likely) home shirt, collar aside, has too much white on it for my liking. The white up the under arms, when combined with the white on the shoulders, is simply too much- it looks like a white shirt with red bits, rather than a red shirt with white sleeves (like its supposed to). The blue shirt looks like a training top, not a third kit. It does, however, look like they’ve just stuck swatches of proposed color on the shirt as a sort of working palette, like you might do when deciding on what color to paint the living… Read more »

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