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Bellerin thanks teammates for progress

Hector Bellerin has paid tribute to his senior teammates who, he says, have helped him make such fantastic progress this season.

In the summer he would have been considered fourth choice for the position behind Mathieu Debuchy, the yet to depart Carl Jenkinson and the recently arrived Calum Chambers, but such is the development in his game that there’s now a discussion if he should hang onto the position when former Newcastle man Debuchy is fully fit again.

Much of that is down to the level of his performances, but the young Spaniard says some credit has to go to the players who have helped him integrate so well into the squad.

“The back-up of the players we have makes you look good as well,” he said. “They have helped me since the beginning and are my family.

“They have been young players as well so they help you in everything they can. They make you feel like one more in the dressing room. We are lucky in this club, we young players get the opportunities and it is important when you get them that you need to take them.”

Speaking about the competition with Debuchy, he continued, “Now we are going to have Debuchy back and I am happy for him, but when you get your chance, you need to do the best you can. I have done my best to take this opportunity.

“I am happy that now, after not so good performances in the beginning, the coach has still put confidence in me and given me minutes.”

Those confidence has been rewarded by stand-out runs at right-back and two goals this season which are a tip of the hat to his formative years when he was a more attacking player, hugging the wings for the Barcelona youth teams.

Bellerin also spoke about the fact he’d beaten Theo Walcott’s sprint record over 40 yards and says the England man is determined to regain his crown.

“We were just having a test and then they told me I was the fastest at the club. I did not beat it by that much. There was a bit of banter and he is trying to beat me now.”

The Spanish U21 international signed a new deal with the club back in 2013, but last week we reported that a new four year deal had been agreed.

Good news indeed for the best Hector we know.

Hector, Bellerin'

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Great player. Let’s keep him for the next 10 years.

bims lay

I agree. With an attitude like this and his undeniable talent…..this boy is definitely going places!


No, he isn’t he is staying at The Arsenal.

David C

haha, agreed. I’m not even sure Wenger will throw Debuchy right into the starting 11. Hector has done nothing to lose his place.

A great problem to have!

bims lay

lol…..well played!


I love the attitude of ‘keep him for 10 years’ we have whenever a very young player makes a breakthrough, but I’ve always wondered how often this happens. I know the player longest on our books is Feo. When was the last time we kept a player for the majority of his career, was in Tony Adams? It’s so rare these days it seems, the only big names that I can recall off the top of my head are Stevie G and the ManU lot


Just hope he doesn’t get swayed by the whole Barcelona DNA thing. But this Barcelona is no longer the all-conquering one under Guardiola, and we can offer good money and opportunities. Let’s hope he stays for a long time.

The Ox is a Fox

Barcunts are selling Danni Alves. They are going to tap him up soon.


Avoid the troll, they love thumbs down…


He said Barca will tap him up, which obviously they will. He never said Bellerin is going to leave.


“The back-up of the players we have makes you look good as well,” he said. “They have helped me since the beginning and are my family.’

He loves it here and is signed up til 2019. That’s the truth.

Why try to make us fans fear Barca unless you are a troll? Did he think it was going to make people feel good (and how does he know, it sounds made up as I haven’t heard anything from elsewhere)? I suspect he loves thumbs down.


Yeah just like we were “made to fear” when cesc was with us?? Did cesc not end up leaving?? Didn’t cesc say “once a gunner, always a gunner” and yet is wearing the blue jersey of chelshit?
If you think Barca isn’t going to tap him up, then you must be living in la la land.
If we don’t win the title in 2-4 years, Bellerin MIGHT listen to barca and their DNA theory.


At the risk of being thought a ‘positive fan’ I don’t see what there is to gain from this sort of speculation. It’s something we hope doesn’t happen, that may never happen, he may well have learnt from the Cesc situation, he may have a great winning future at Arsenal, he may see Barca drop and not win anything. Lots of mays… The initial post (‘they are going to tap him up soon’) – shows that we have a negative reaction to it. You have said ‘might listen’ ‘in 2-4 years’. Quite a difference. ‘They are’ is definitive and ‘soon’… Read more »


Who are going to be the chosen 6 on the bench? Wow its a toughie for Wenger.
Gibbs & Debuchy&Gaby? Wilshire, Rosicky, Walcott, Wellbeck? Sz thats 8 Wow you choose because I cannot.


7 on the bench.


you forgot about the ox and our captain, flamini and chambers as well. Oh and I’ve heard Diaby is running again.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

He’s running? Someone tell him to stop before he hurts himself.


I think he should be tested on the right wing position with Debuchy behind him. He is quick and will get back to help and he is also comfortable with the ball. We also know that he has goals in him. If we want to play a defensive counter attacking game against Chelsea and Manu this would be ideal to try.

bims lay

Interesting proposition which in my opinion just might work!

his attacking intincts when overlapping is as good as any natural winger on our books, when you add his pace, and equally good defensive instincts, and put Debuchy, who also has similar qualities, and more experience behind him?….you might end up with a partnership that might be almost unplayable by oppositions

….definitely worth a try sometimes i.m.o, injuries permitting.


An upgrade on speed and defending compared to Theo, interesting…


Didn’t he come through the ranks initially as a right winger sorta like Kieran Gibbs on the other side?


He did…even when he was at barca. i was very surprised when he was pushed back to rb.


I hope hector will be the next legend of the Arsenal club. Love the attitude & respect he is showing now


Look at me, Hector!


Bellerin’s quality is indisputable. The progress he has made within a few weeks is immense as his confidence has grown. I love his attitude and work rate, he is a class addition to our team.


Off topic, there is a good article about Giroud –

It’s not only young players like Bellarin & Le Coq stepping up this year, Giroud and Ozil also have taken it up a notch since their return from injury this season.

Rosicky's Little Toe

And Cazorla!

Mr. White

Really love the player but his experience will show against Chelsea so I hope Wenger gets debuchy ready for that game


“We are lucky in this club, we young players get the opportunities…” This is my favourite part of his quotes. Some young players with great potential weren’t that lucky a la Sinclair, Rodwell, (Man City), McEachran, Kakuta, Romeu (Chelsea), Zaha, Januzaj (Man Utd). This is why we are The ARSENAL, the best place in the world to be for any up and coming youngster.


you didn’t mention pogba what a jewel ferguson released and what a beast players had become, that is stating that even the best manager in engilsh era red nose don’t givev a chance to his promising young talents like wenger does 😀


I think Hector’s rise has had as great an effect on Theo Walcott as anything else in the past few months. Wheras in times gone by Walcott had a more traditional full back behind him (Sagna, Debuchy) whose main priority was solidity, which allowed Walcott to be pretty much all out attack all game, wheras on the left hand side Gibbs – as first choice LB – was more attack minded and quicker to offer an overlap for whoever was playing LW. This led to Podolski’s downfall, as he had to do more tracking back on the left hand side… Read more »


That’s a really interesting point and leading off on it, do you think when Debuchy returns we will see a return of Gibbs?


Maybe, but I think Monreal is nigh on undroppable given the form he’s been in

Rozza the samourai

I think lot of fans are dropping Walcott too easily. At the beginning of the season, everybody was asking that Cazorla be dropped. Players regain form especially those who just returned from injury. Bellerin is a great, up and coming RB but I would play Walcott as a right winger if he regains form. By the time, he regains form, I would play the ox (if fit) and always give Walcott necessary game time to improve form.

Man Manny

Still a young player and will certainly have the blips here and there; hope we still back him through those times. I remember some fans making life difficult for Ramsey 2 seasons ago when Arsene was trying to nurse him back to form. See how last season turned out.


Dear Hector,



My name is my name

How is Bellerin and Debuchy in the same picture? Did Bellerin play LB in some game?

My name is my name

Ah nevermind, just remembered Debuchy played CB for two games or something, probably from that.


Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs


Walcott Aterta Wishere Rosicky


Will still have Flamini,Gnabry on the bench with the Ox to come back too. When did we arrive with this. This team will give the current 11 or any team problems anyday


That’s got to be pretty much the best second XI in the world.


Practically all internationals…

Juxta Position

Not arteta


Awesome player, would probably make an even better player if he learns to keep in his position.


Hector, my man!
Wenger’s midas touch will turn you into international footballer one day. Give it your best shot. We love you!

Arsenal's Legend

i can’t just believe these guys age when I watch them play Bellerin, chambers, Le coq, Ox etc. what will happen when they hit 26. Arsenal will dominate the PL in the years to come. COYG. The future is just too bright needs a sun shade please

Gooners & Roses

If i were Wenger, i’m tempted to put Debuchy at RB and Bellerin at RW. I actually really think its going to work!

Juxta Position

Another good thing about Bellerin’s goal is that opposing defenders will be aware of that now, which means they’ll be worried about him going to either side of them. That kinda fear sometimes makes it even easier for our players, because now they’ll have to defend against him going either side of them.


I remember many years ago in 2001 when we played two left backs in Cole and Sylvinho at Old Trafford. We conceeded 6 ! Mind you ,Grimandi and Stepanovs were also playing !


Bellerin is my boy..since his first start with Dortmund,the boy didn’t stop to on showing us his best performance..he is good in passing,speed and accuracy also still very young so that he could have more seasons to enjoy at worry is where debouchy would be into getting in first eleven team due to Hector performance..good luck Hector!

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