Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Burnley 0-1 Arsenal – one word player ratings

Eight wins on the trot for Arsenal, a 1-0 win over a dogged Burnley side. It wasn’t the most fluent or dynamic performance of the season, but it was all about three points and that’s what we got.

Here’s how the players rated in a return to our one word ratings (coz I have to go out this evening and I’m really pressed for time).


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Greg Bush

Best arseblog ratings I’ve seen


8 wins on the trot it can’t get much better! Although personally, I’m hoping we can bring in Spaceghost in the summer transfer window…i think hed be excellent in attack with those wrist blasters, super strength, and the ability to fly. Plus Arsene Wenger could allow him to do all the pre and post game interviews.


How about a one word rating for the Burnley players?? Rumbunctious is my suggestion.

raron aamsey

Think Coquelin’s performance today a bit over-rated. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been fantastic for us since coming back from loan. But I think a game like today would’ve been a little easier with a Schneiderlin type, who can distribute well as well as win the duels. Far too many of Coquelin’s passes went back to Mertesacker, and I know Burnley pressed very well today, but I think he could have done a bit better. It’s quite a minor gripe, I know, but I think people are in danger of getting a bit too carried away. Happy with the win,… Read more »


What did he do wrong? His role isn’t to distribute it is to break up and disrupt opposition attacks. He took the best option…instead of forcing a pass we retain possession. If you want Hollywood balls then I hear Alex Song is available….

We had Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis and Cazorla all more than capable of distributing the ball. The team has now won 8 games in a row using the same system.


Well, seeing how he won the ball in midfield and passed it to alexis which led to the goal I thought he was good enough today with both distribution and ball winning. Also clean sheet


I was actually really happy with his ball distribution. He distributed them all over the pitch, so everyone got a bit of his balls.


It’s all well and good saying that but if there isn’t anyone to pass to what can he do? Per and Kos had the same problem, pass to each other, Ospina or hoof it long.

Just hope Moureen wasn’t watching..

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

C’mon QPR!

Hope all the players shoot stem cells into their veins tomorrow morning. Smash those fucking Chelsea rent boys tomorrow.


Must say I thought coq was our best player. I cant think of many defensive midfielders that would have more effective today.

As for getting carried away, we won, enjoy, end of.


Hiya Mate
At what point in the season do you concede he’s a star men for the Arsenal?

No one is getting carried away with his play ( not the sensible folks anyway) but today against Burnley he was THE MAN

Give him the Love


I think Messi is a bit over-rated. I mean it’s all good and well scoring 50, 60 goals a season but he just doesn’t score enough with his head and he doesn’t run around as much as Boyd. Personally I think he could improve a lot, and Barca would be better off with someone like Andy Carroll.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Your TV must be broken, change it.


I think raron aamsey raised a fair point, he’s getting too much stick for that. In my opinion Coquelin was great today and a contender for man of the match (though i’d give it to the BFG), but it is true that if he has two or three options he always seems to chose the safer one. Now it is open to debate if that is a good or bad thing. On the one hand that is a position where you need stability and security, making a mistake there can be very costly. We suffered often from how Song interpreted… Read more »

Springbank 1962

You said it yourself … Burnley pressed well. I’ve not seen the stats, but a lesser player might easily have been caught out to our detriment. That Coquelin (who’s always looking to pass forward if he can) had the maturity to not do anything risky is the point here. They say we have only one way of playing. That we can’t adapt to on-field tactics. That we have no ‘plan B’. Well, if Man City (away) demonstrated a plan B, then today was our plan C. Namely, how to deal with an impossibly-energetic high-pressing opposition while still playing within ourselves.… Read more »


Here is your coat buddy,and this is the way to White Hart Lane for you

Crash Fistfight

There’s such a thing as constructive criticism, ‘constructive’ being the operative word. If you don’t identify areas for improvement it’s unlikely you’ll improve.

I don’t think rarron aamsey was being critical just to find fault.

I would say I thought Coquelin was near perfect yesterday though.

Personally I didn’t think the team did well enough at giving the player on the ball an option to pass out from the back. I think Coquelin could’ve taken up the space immediately in front and between the Burnley strikers more, but I also thought Cazorla should’ve dropped deeper to give an extra option.


Tis such a fair Sunday that there is no place for criticism in my schedule.Another win and the huge possibility of Manure and Man$ity dropping points has put a large cheesy grin on my face. T’was a hard fought match with slight heart attacks here and there but on the whole 3 points and another fixture bites the dust. IMO the whole team did the business.



Mesut O'no

Ozil – Anonymous


Hei Neil,get out of the bidding buddy

emir of emirates

Simple a dogged ‘ SPORTACULAR’ performance..


Coquelin – omnipotent.

Shedding a tear for the end of OG’s scoring streak, he grafted hard though.


Saving his tank for his first EPL hattrick, maybe? 😮

Ex-Priest Tobin

When Coq first returned from loan I was very suspicous that he was just playing for a new contract but he’s proved his commitment to me. Very happy we have him.


I was more comfortable than usual given the score was only 1-0.


3 poin




The referee: fair (for the first fucking time ever)


He let them manhandle our boys around a bit too much early on but lucky they wore themselves out running around fouling us so in the second half it was more reasonable.


Michael Oliver would like a word.


Giroud was geogeous today! He was bossing in the air and when he went off we had some problems there. I think he deserves a better raiting and I really don’t get it how Welbeck was better (by fans raitings) eventhough he had not have many chances.


It’s obvious English is not your first language, but geogeous must be my new favorite mis-spelling of gorgeous!

you deserve top raitings

Juxta Position

Who cares if he’s gorgeous? He didn’t dominate aerially and he was anonymous otherwise. He’s been on a good run but no reason to be so blinkered, he was quiet today.

Kenyan Gooner

Mike Dean 8.

Mesut O'no

He was shocking, yet again but this time for both teams.

It saddens me that incompetent officials decide multi million pound situations.


Agree with your rating of Mike Dean. Must be at least double his previous high in an Arsenal match, as he normally hates us. Perhaps he thought Burnley were wearing yellow?

Someone's Something

We controlled the game so well I found myself going through my phone during the last 5 mins.

Job well done!

Ramsey's Spirit

Think Coquelin had another storming game, agreed with the welbeck sub, shame it wasn’t comfortable enough to give theo a run out


We sometimes forget the simple things

Praise them


Full Metal Gooner

Bellerin actually worried me defensively today. Couple of errors and kept attacking and leaving us exposed. Might’ve cost us against better opponents. I’m a big fan but today showed he still needs work. But hey, 3 points in the bag and COYQPR!



John Titor

I knew it would be a 1-0 victory. Do not underestimate the power of John Titor.


So what’s gonna happen against Chelsea?


I was glad to see Bellerin kept his place, how can you drop him after opening the scoring against Liverpoop?

I also thought he was one of the few players who provided an outlet when Burnley were pressing, he and Ramsey linked up nicely.


True but his weakness was exposed today.”momentary lapse in concentration “he is young and learning but imo Debuchy should start soon as he is match fit

David C

agreed, he looked too eager today. Either way, we are good at RB especially with Chambers as the third option as well.


Was it just me or was Mike Dean not a huge bag of literal wank?

Coquelins Coq

I was solid and hard as a rock today.

Canuck Gunner

We’ve had some nail biting one goal victories, but today was not one of them. That was a wonderful display on how to close out a close game. We kept possession well and ran down the clock without ever being under any real pressure. The result was never in doubt – solid 3 points!


Enty? What does it mean?

Chopper Harris

I just don’t have any issues right now!

kevin whitcher

Eight wins in a row. I don’t know whether to cry or cry.




Teams like this have given us problems in the past, but though Burnley is an awkward side to play against, we did not lose our heads or try to force the issue. I think it’s a sign of a growing maturity in this version of Arsenal. Well done lads!


Seems to be a bit of maturity coming into our game. I think everyone had a good game today. Lots of solid possession did the trick and the coq hard as usual.

chris b

I could get VERY used to this ‘winning every week’ thing.

Ozil's Eyes

Not our usual game but still maintaining the sexiness. It’s obvious that the lads were playing to the boss’ instructions.
An extra point for everyone for giving me a piece of mind even with a goal margin.

Ozil's Eyes

Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I only wish for a peace of mind…

Arsenal's Legend

what else can I say than thank you Arsenal for making me proud. I went to all footballing site just to read everything that is available on Arsenal. Arseblog you deserve an end of the year award for your consistent and ever intriguing update. No club like Arsenal.


I thought Ozil was motm, hard to pick one really but individually he stepped up for me, best defensive performance he’s put in thus far. Didn’t get bullied and bullied the bullies with a bullish german grit.


I’ve been seeing a lot fewer Wenger detractors recently…


For such a ‘shit’ player though… teams really do a whole lot not to let him play football… They kick him up and down the turf. But he’s ‘shit’ though so why bother?

OZIl OZIL OZIL OZIL! Our midfield has me saying Cesc who?


Ospina is making a big difference. Earlier any breakaway against Arsenal usually ended up in either a red card, a penalty, both or an injury ….. This match, he smothered one breakaway, kept away a free kick, caught a bicycle kick ..and punched clear a few potential dangers…… This is a great example of how a mature no-nonsense keeper can steady the team…and assure us points.


The ratings are ridiculous. Against Burnley, Coquelin made one good tackle around 70 minute mark, one telling interception which pushed us toward the goal and won a free kick holding off a Burnley player. Otherwise he made a number of easy safe passes (which had it been Flamini) would have been said to be negative), gave away a dangerous free kick and had a deflection almost go into a dangerous area of our box. Nothing you would not get from Arteta or Flamini. Had it been Flamini, we would be told the game passed him by. Yet being flavour of… Read more »

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