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Debuchy: I’m not yet 100 per cent fit

Mathieu Debuchy says he needs to play more games in the coming weeks if he’s to return to full fitness.

The Frenchman played the full 120 minutes of Arsenal’s 2-1 FA Cup semi-final win over Reading on Saturday; his first appearance in 97 days after sustaining a dislocated shoulder against Stoke.

Happy to be back in action, the right-back admitted injuries – he was also out for 88 days with ankle ligament damage between September and December – have made his first season at the Emirates tough.

“I’m so happy because it’s so important to be back on the pitch,” the 29-year-old told “It was a good team performance. It was hard for me after my second surgery this year but now it’s behind me and I’m so happy to play for Arsenal.

“It’s been difficult for me [being out of action]. Two surgeries in the same season is difficult but now I’m okay and I want to play a lot. I want to help the team and I am focused on the end of the season.

“I need to work hard again but I hope to be ready and 100 per cent soon.I need to play some games. I hope to play for the rest of the season. I need to try again, again and again.

“It was hard. It was three months after three months. I am strong in my head now and I’m happy to do my best now.”

Debuchy was selected at the weekend ahead of Hector Bellerin – apparently the Spaniard has been nursing a slight ankle problem – and the Frenchman had warm words for the young pretender’s form during his breakthrough season.

“Hector played very well. He’s a very good player and I’m so happy for him. It’s so important that we have two or three players in each position.”

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Hope he play some games but Hector deserves to play as well. Good problem to have.

Hector for Chelsea in my opinion.


Both excellent players, you could even play both I’d say!

Man Manny

If Bellerin’s ankle needs rest then rest it. Debuchy will be fine. Play Welbeck in front of him for defensive cover.


Like a sprained ankle bellerin nothing to play with…..or what does Drake say?

happy gunner

An unfit debuchy or a the young hector against hazard , whoever’s playing RW better track back


Bellerin at RW?


Might actually work. Will throw off Maureens tactics a bit


Hazard operate predominantly from the left. Might be a good idea to have hector as rw. Unlikely though.probably going to see welbeck or Ramsey there to provide necessary tracking back.


Yeah Hector rw is just an idea I had, it would throw Maureen. Stop Hazard and you stop Chelski like we did with silva. Wenger will have something up his sleeve, Theo could even start.


Let’s not give them too much respect and change too much. It would be a first time for Debuchy and Bellerin playing the right hand side together and that brings it’s own risks. Ramsey or Welbeck will put in the necessary work and give Hazard and Azpiliqueta something to think about in behind too. And Coquelin will be around to cover and chop people down as necessary.

Personally I’d play Bellerin as he’s in form and his pace will help against Hazard. Debuchy needs more time to get back to near his best.


I agree with playing Bellerin ahead of Debuchy on this occassion. I also feel like if we are sticking to playing Ramsey down the right of the midfield, Bellerin’s natural winger instincts better compliment that setup.


This is my worry, Debuchy does NOT have the match fitness to contest Hazard in his current form, Hazard will run rings around him. Hazard also has more experience than Bellerin and I fear that he will be toyed with. However, Wenger can’t send Kos or Paulista (our more agile defenders) to pull out wide and mark Hazard in addition to the RB because Maureen will have already anticipated this (If I have, then he has) and set up the team to take advantage of the extra space in the centre of defence. If Chelsea score, it will be because… Read more »


We do to hazard what they did to alexis. Kick in their ankles as soon as they get the ball.


Coquelin. Enough said


Maverick or Iceman. We should go with Bellerin. Either way fan support come what may. Hazard deserves respect. He could make either look bad on any given night and it’s no ones fault.

Arsenal's Legend

I just hope u will be 98% fit for that match. Debuchi against eden imo


He looks like Freddie.


And he’s sexier than HFB to boot.


I’m finding the homoerotic nature of some posts a little unsettling now. Found them vaguely amusing at first. Now they really creep me out.

Hugh Jarse

I think you’ll find that Arsenal and Arseblog has some female fans….

Unyoke Th Ox

Don’t get carried away mate. There are levels.


Couldn’t disagree more. Did you see Giroud come on as a sub vs Reading? A piece of art.


I am willing to duel anyone who dares besmirch fair Olivier’s good name and question his gloriousness. Pistols or swords, opponent’s choice.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Now he needs red Mohawk. Yes.


I miss Freddie. 🙁


Tough decision for sure as you can justify both selections. Do you take current form and raw athleticism of Bellerin vs so much more experience (esp in big games) of Debuchy who is not quite 100% and a bit rusty? One thing to consider is if you have Bellerin in there it could really add to the attack and push Hazard back a bit on defense.


Let Wenger handle that headache.


120 mins? Not bad for a guy not a hundred percent fit. Well done Debuchy. #COYG


‘He’s a very good player and I’m so happy for him. It’s so important that we have two or three players in each position.’

The current Arsenal team in a nutshell. Debuchy’s excellent, Bellerin’s excellent, and there are plenty of games for both.

On a less happy note:

I hope the club takes action against those involved. They’re the ones who would have been throwing bananas on to the pitch until they were shamed into inaction.


Bellerin’s been nowhere near as good as Arsenal fans have said he’s been. His goals have covered his lack of positional awareness. At 20 this can been forgiven and since he’s quick he can over it an awful lot of the time. He was dreadful in the derby and against Monaco at home. Against Liverpool he gave away an unbelievable bad penalty diving in for no reason.


Hector can be trusted against Chelsea I reckon, Sterling hardly got a kick against him.
If Debuchy is 100% fit then Wenger has a selection problem but being totally fit after so long out seems a tall order.
Ballerina for me.


Well, he did give away a penalty to Sterling. And Sterling isn’t even in the same league as Hazard. Having said that, Bellerin should start considering Debuchy isn’t completely match fit yet. The right winger will have a real job on his hand. I’m banking on Danny boy to get it done.


Bellerin……what happened there for Ballerina to come up ?

Parisian Weetabix

For what it’s worth I thought it was a pretty apt nickname.


Hazard is a great player but bellerin has proven (for me anyway) that he can defend quick dribbly players. I would back him against robben in a 1v1. I say let him have hazard


There’s going to be a whole lot of 1v1’s between them. It would be madness to ‘let him have hazard’. Right winger should be back and helping.

sg gooner

Hmmmm………I assume wenger only said bellerin is nursing an ankle injury for the sake of giving Debuchy game time to boost his morale. Now, Debuchy had come out and give wenger the perfect reason to start bellerin……..


It’s great to have a choice in this position. Both better than Sagna? It’s a tough one, Bac was always ready to do battle.

Wonder how he feels watching us now potentially finish above him in the table,especially after the emotional pleas from fans for him to stay.

sg gooner

He just need to look at his payslip. I am not blaming him. I am actively on the lookout for new job with better pay too.


If Bellerin is a doubt with the ankle, then certainly he should be rested – if it aggravates an injury and puts him out for a long time it will inevitably disrupt is development which this season as been astounding. If both are fit, choosing Bellerin and attacking that side, pushing Hazard back on the occasion might be a way to deal with him. If he has an awful game and we lose because of him (I think its unlikely) he will learn from it like he did against Dortmund (not that he was entirely to blame at all in… Read more »


Exactly right. I can’t believe people would rate Debuchy lower than Gibbs against Reading. Just plays to the fact that there is an inbuilt narrative people prefer to adhere to however incorrect. Same Metersecker who has been outstanding for us and more so the reason (in concert with Koscielny) why we are infinitely more secure second half of season than Coquelin’s emergence , taking nothing away from Le Coq. I even saw some chatter about how we were more secure against Reading when Gabriel came on which was rubbish cos Gabriel almost cost us with a breakaway and this does… Read more »


Regardless of who plays, I’m more concerned with Hazard’s diving.

Juxta Position

I’m a heterosexual male but I think Debuchy is 100% fit. He’s a badass right back


evil morino is evaluating every weakness and strength for his tactical plans. hopefully our players man up to whatever they throw at us.
dont be surprised to see his team attack us. or perhaps its another bus park masterclass.

sub plot judas van cesc hugging every one of our players before kick off.

FO morino FO morino aaaand john terry aaannd john terry


It’ll be the same as ever from Mou. They’ll attack – physically – all the while parking the bus. Cahill, Ivanovich, and Ramirez will be kicking Ozil, Santi, and Alexis all over the pitch. I’m guessing Ramires will play for this very reason. Mou chooses and trains players to be nasty. Costa is another perfect Mou player. If (when) they do, and I know this is not a good thing to think and it is definitely not consistent with how I believe the game should be played, but I may long for the days of letting the opposition know that… Read more »

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