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Frustrated Arteta wants fitness first, then contract extension

Mikel Arteta says his first aim is to get fit and ready for first team action after a season that has been punctuated by injury.

And only when he’s sure that he can perform to the requisite level will he sign the new deal which is on offer from the club.

The Spaniard suffered a series of calf strains which ended up being linked to an ankle problem, and has found full fitness hard to come by this season. In his absence Francis Coquelin has stepped up and made the defensive midfield position his own, but Arsene Wenger is keen to keep Arteta in the squad for next season.

“My only aim is to get back fit and try to perform on the pitch,” he said. “As long as I do that I am sure that I will continue with this club, with the relationship I have with the club and the respect I have from everybody here.

“If I don’t do that then I am not going to be here because I don’t want to be somewhere where I cannot perform at my best and give what I think I can give.

“In May, when everything is fine, we will sit down and talk and it will take five minutes.”

And he’s admitted frustration at missing so much football but says it’s part of the game and something that players have to go through.

“It is obviously very frustrating when you cannot perform,” he continued. “When you cannot be out there, training or any of the basics to contribute to the team on the pitch – it makes it really hard.

“It is part of the job and we have all been there. This season we have probably had more injuries than ever, so sometimes you learn other things when you are out.

“It has been frustrating and I am trying my best to get back to the level I want to be at. Whenever it comes, I will take it.”

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“It will take five minutes”.


Theo should take a leaf out of his book


Why can’t all footballers be like him, a real man!

bims lay

a great captain and a gentleman!


Legend. Ian Wright was the same. He pretty much signed without any negotiations, trusting the club would give him a fair deal. I’d love to have him for another year but will we have another season of our club captain spending the majority of it on the bench? Cos that was weird.


Maybe instead of a player contract he signs a coaching contract. Think Mikel is a really intelligent guy who could offer something else if he doesn’t believe that he is up to playing anymore. Either way I hope he stays here at the club.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Think it’s too early for that. I can envision Arteta getting 35 games next year as a substitute, when we’re defending a 1-0 or 2-0 lead.

His services won’t be needed for the other 25 or so games, when the lead is 3-0 or 4-0.

Mesut O'no

Yeah bring on the slowest midfielder in the league on to help out defensively.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Arteta has such a fantastic mentality.

Gandalf the Gooner

Great username theme you’ve gone with there


Why has the arsenal armband been so cursed? I have so much respect for Arteta but after reading this I can understand what kind of leader he is. Truly is an exemplary character.


What a consummate fucking professional!
Utter respect!

Thierry Bergkamp

Great guy but his injury has been beneficial for the team.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

You’re such an idiot..

chippy's chip

When wengers captain mik is fit wenger will drop a bollock and his coq.


Makes sense, having one of our most reliable and trusted players on extended injury leave is just so awesome.


Alot of people forget what Arteta brings to the team because of Coquelins emergence in the same role. I remember our game against Anderlecht in the champions league where we were very much in cruise control until Arteta was forced off through injury and we promptly imploded and conceded 3 goals. He stabilized the team and is a calm head and an underrated tackler with good reading of the game to make up for his lack of pace. When he comes back from this injury he will be fresher than he has been in a long while considering he is… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

Can you envisage Coq the destroyer with Arteta’s vision and distribution beside him.

I’m drooling at the thought……..


Respect for this chap, it’s not all about the money or just for the sake of having a contract.


I like his commitment much the same way I like Rozza’s. Both contribute a lot to the team. However, I think both should consider other clubs or coaching roles. They will hardly get playing time, all things constant. They are bright stars in our team but I think we have more or less replaced them. As much as I like Arteta, he is not the guy to play back up. He is not just an inspiration, he is a leader. I don’t think he will handle warming the bench too well. At least we have seen Rosicky can, though deep… Read more »


I think it’s so important to try and keep these players actually. Arteta and Rosicky are exactly the type of players we need in our squad, quality, experienced an exemplary professionals. They won’t play every week but for the same reasons Ferguson kept Giggs and Scholes around for so long, we can only benefit from having these guys stay. Hopefully they will be willing to take on this role for this magnificent club but I’ll understand if they want to leave for more minutes elsewhere!


Well, if that’s the logic then I would also keep them. We will benefit from their qualities. I just am not too sure they will benefit as much.


I think we should guarantee them substitute minutes, capital one cup minutes and a career beyond their playing days. If a club like Arsenal helps you with your coaching career, I’m sure your coaching resume would looking amazing.

Anonymous Physicist

This seems weird to me. Is he saying he will only sign a new contract if he can be useful to the team in the remainder of this season? That doesn’t make much sense, as whether or not he signs for next year should depend on whether he can be useful next year, no? And he can’t possibly believe that he doesn’t deserve to stay for another season if he doesn’t contribute much this season – he’s been unlucky this season, but he has been very valuable before this season.. It almost sounds as if he has reason to doubt… Read more »


I think he is saying he will assess the level of his game and see if he is at par or thereabouts with the other options in MF before deciding what to do. If he falls short, he may opt to play elsewhere, or start earning his coaching badges.

Anonymous Physicist

I guess that makes some sense. Seems strange that he would feel its up to him to assess his level rather than up to Wenger, who has apparently already offered him a new deal. But maybe he only wants to stay if he has a chance of making the first 11 when everyone is fit, and not if he just becomes a depth player.

Stringer Bell

Hope he gets fit and stays. He can still do a job in games at the emerates against the likes of west brom, Sunderland, spurs etc, small clubs. And in the big games we get out our coq.


He can’t help that his hair is perfecto. Now if only his calf and ankle could follow suit.

Clearly a great professional and a bloody good guy to boot. Pun possibly intended.


Cool as a breeze.


See. Not all of them are money grabbing 20 years olds. There are few decent guys amongst them. He is one.


I don’t know which role he will end up at this club, but to have such a professional staying with us can only be a good thing.


His time’s up, I’m afraid. He’s been a loyal servant and a good captain but there are better players around him now. I can’t see how he can justify a new contract for himself. Maybe a coaching or back room job, but not playing.

His wages should be spent on somebody like Milner, who would be a good free transfer.

Stringer Bell

Medication time!!

bergkamp's hooped sock

Fatspud, you really are the best troll around. And I mean that as a compliment.


He’s not a troll just a bit misguided! 🙂

Mesut O'no

Milner, wow, you really are delusional

Mesut O'no

might as well get Joey Barton while we’re on the subject.

Nationality ? a gooner

Milner. lol


Perfect attitude. Massive respect.


That’s a lovely thing to say about Fats! 😉


I think we need a better backup to Coq than Arteta if we want to challenge for the title.

Mesut O'no

No we need a better player in front of Coq if we REALLY want to win the title.

monkey knees

Definitely worth an extension if he is still at, or near, to his top level! No two ways about it!


Why is it that once a player gets to the age of 30, he is considered to have lost his ability to play at the highest level? I look at Pirlo and he has similar attributes to Arteta and he is older, slower and rarely sprints. There is more to football than speed and being aggressive. Look what Thiago Motta did to chelsea with a ten men PSG. I believe Arteta will find a way to contribute to the team in someway, maybe even in a similar way that Pirlo rejuvenated Juventus. I’m hoping he does because playing the way… Read more »

Juxta Position

There’s one small (large) problem with your logic: arteta is not pirlo, not even close.


I want him to stay, he might not be first choice anymore, and even if we get another DM, he is by no means a bad player and we know our injuries history, and he alongside Rosicky is a professional role model and thats good enough for me, someone whom the young gunners can look onto and learn from


Stark contrast between Arteta, in charge of his own career and the likes of Walcott and Sterling who leave it up to an agent to do their bidding.


The following don’t want to read this article:
Na$ri, Adebayor, Van-Skunk,
who else….???

We love you Arteta…especially your hair!

chippy's chip

Great pro. Can do a job. Not at the top level tho.


Fatgooner sorry mate I was meant to tick thumb down. Accidentally ticked thumb up. Bloody smart phones.


Ok. I’ll thumb you down to make up for it.


Fats who does one get a picture on here?




There’s an avatar website. Arseblog will tell you which one.


Try this one:


Thanks Fats!


Predicted score for today Fats?


3-1 to the Gooners!

i want to boff chuba and im not even gay

GREAT signing was Mikel. Love the guy to pieces.

Arteta Fan

Team Captain, Came in and saved our season and perhaps extended our managers career. Makes everyone around him better, does whatever the team needs and gets the absolute most from his abilities… leadership! I chose my handle for a reason and believe he has another really good season in him at arsenal

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