Monday, November 28, 2022

Hector happy to follow in Cesc’s footsteps

Hector Bellerin says the success of Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal helped convince him that he could follow a similar career path when he swapped Barcelona for North London as a 16 year old.

Despite the fact that the former skipper has entered a rather distasteful blue phase in his career, he was an outstanding player for the Gunners, and when the chance came for the young right back to move to a new country and a new league, he used that as inspiration.

“There are so many people who have moved and they haven’t been successful,” he told Sky Sports. “At the same time I thought, if Cesc did it, why can’t I do it?

“It was a big change and a hard decision to make. I was at Barcelona for half of my life so it was obviously a big step.

“Coming to a new country, a new league and a new club was a challenge I really wanted to take. A lot of people called me crazy asking why I left the best club in the world.

“I was really happy when Arsenal told me they wanted to sign me. It’s been a big opportunity to grow up as a person.”

And having established himself a genuine member of the first team squad this season, he admits it wasn’t what he was expecting.

“I’ve been playing two seasons professionally, but this one has been really good,” he said.

“It was unexpected with regards to the game time I’ve been getting. I’m really happy and grateful for the minutes and I’ve just been trying to push myself.”

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Scariest thing is Wenger leaving Arsenal. I hope by then we’ll be having an AI that is Wenger in and out. Like a Cyborg Wenger managing Arsenal forever and ever.


Hope he doesn’t go through a blue phase


Hope he doesn’t discover hidden Barca DNA.


It’s the ‘blaugrana’ phase I’m more worried about. Hope he doesn’t follow Cesc’s steps to Barcelona the moment he becomes hot sh*t


He’s a happy old Hector and we are happy to have him!


Scared me (and a few others, I imagine) with that headline, Blogs…I’ll just assume the headline’s a parody of the press these days.

alexis' shorts

Yes, I almost threw up when I read the title. Hopefully he just follows the first Decision and ignores the shitty sequels Decision Dos and Decision Threlski


I hope those steps dont take him back to Barca and then to Chelsea


Agent Hector on a mission to tempt more young and talented Barca youth to join us. Talk about a feeder club. Heh.

Mongolian Gooner

Oh arseblog news, are you playing with my nerves?

Springbank 1962

I suppose the title’s interpretation comes down to whether you’re a Cesc-half-empty or a Cesc-half-full type of a person. Damn and revealing.


I’m a Cesc-half-empty kinda dude so I guess this headline scared me more than it should have.


That title is top notch trolling. Adrian Durham would be proud.

Man Manny

There is something about him that is reassuringly different from Cesc. He seems settled in London. In his earlier comments, he is not particular about where he finds success. In other words, there will be no DNA issue with him.


I will damn kill him if he follow cesc’s step to barca then to that shit chelsea


He has been incredible this season. I don’t mind pulling out stats of a world class RB and comparing it with Ivanovic. Hector is the WC out here. Everything fine, we love him. He loves this club. But he is going back to Barca some day. I know, I have read his interview.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I also had an odd heart in mouth moment when I read the article’s title, but come on. Cesc left a team containing a perma-crocked Van Judas, Song and Denilson/Gallas playing around him. Hector has Santi, Özil, Sanchez and Ramsey with him… surely the temptation to leave will be easier to resist (not to mention our eagerness to sell).

Arsenal's Legend

Am sure he is well aware of what happen to cesc when he moves back at the wrong time. my advice – watch before you leap


Who’s this Cesc he mentioned?


Oh nobody, just an ex. A really good ex.


A German magician with Turkish heritage I think.


I think that’s a very good point re Cesc and Bellers. Hector has Sanchez here who also left Barca.
Alexis won’t be returning there and it’s things like that that help players realise what they have and the potential to build something special. Sure Bellerin will eventually go back – I mean Barca are hardly averse to the whole bring home a successful prodigal prodigy and make things right with the DNA universe Hollywood ending are they? – we just have to hope he’ll do it later in his career than Fabregas who left in his prime.

chippy's chip

Thats the cesc that will probably pick up a prem league winners medal. OUCH!!

Santi Claws

Yeah na Barcelona are shit now so no worries. Well not shit, but you know. Remember, Cesc left to join a) his boyhood club, but b) probably also the greatest club side in modern history (bar the Invincibles). Certainly one of the most dominant. That doesn’t make it any easier to take for us, but Barcelona are fuck all compared to what they once were, and if they keep making stupid purchases like Neymar and Bitey McCuntsford when their defence and midfield need revamping they probably won’t reach those heights again. I don’t think you can overestimate what a massive… Read more »


Let’s hope Hector grows old with Arsenal & becomes a wheelchair-wielding, bell-ringing mascot of ours rather than fully following Cesc’s footsteps!


My best friend is a Chelsea fan and he couldn’t believe it when they signed Fabregas… I had spent 6 years telling him how good Cesc was… I’ve kinda just wiped from my memory that he plays for them. like Chelsea “winning” the UCL in 2012.

Hope Hector stays at Arsenal and I think he will. We actually have a good squad capable for challenging unlike 5 years ago.


Your BEST FRIEND is a CHELSEA fan?!!

Little Mozart

You’ll always be treated right here, Hector. You’ve no need to leave.


Unless you have a dip in form. In which case we will relentlessly criticise you and wenger for playing you. Until you inevitably prove us wrong and redeem yourself.

You’ll always be treated right here as long as you’re in good form might be more accurate.


Keeps his rapid rise through next season. We are going to have to put up with all the Barca players expressing there love and desire to play about with him during the entire euro 2018 championship.


Isn’t the Euro in 2016 and the World Cup in 2018?


Let’s trust in his gooner dNa


I will always happy to see you stay as gooners forever Belle Boy.

Loaded Cannon

He’ll be gone if they come knocking. Not a doubt in my mind.

Chibuzor Amos

Hope Bellerin doesn’t follow all of Cesc’s footsteps.


Despite the similarities between them ‘Ektor and cesc are in very different places. Cesc was the prodigal talent that was meant to replace a club legend and lead the club to success dispite financial restraints. Bellerin is in a squad that is jam packed with talent and experience and all the right qualities to go on and win titles. Basically arsenal then were on a downwards trajectory where as now we are very much on the up and up. He doesn’t have to follow in cescs footsteps, he has the chance to be part of a team that will go… Read more »


excellent point

Fabregas bald head

oh..i’m not the only Nigerian here..Chibuzor!!..whats up..? what am i saying, we Nigerians are everywhere…


The good news is… he is not dating a woman double his age to take him back to Spain.


All the best Hector bellarin I want you to be what you want to be…..i love this boy getting strong nice..


Got to wonder where this leaves jenko, not many people id like to see become a regular in this arsenal side but bellerin has been an absolute gem for us this season and even in the youth team before hand, what do you all think ?

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