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Mancini: Podolski wants Arsenal return

It’s fair to say that Lukas Podolski has had a tough time in Serie A since moving to Inter Milan. The World Cup winner, who arrived at the San Siro to a hero’s welcome in January, has started only eight games for Roberto Mancini’s Nerazzurri and is still to find the back of the net.

Unsurprisingly, the fickle Italian press have been quick to turn on the German. Indeed, last month the pages of La Gazetta dello Sport lamented: “Turnovers and zero shots: With him [Podolski], Inter are playing with ten men.”

Last night though, Poldi finally delivered the goods. Albeit off the bench…and not a goal. But some goods all the same.

Coming on with four minutes remaining against Roma, the German picked up the ball on the right wing, drove inside and sliced open his opponents with an eye-of-the-needle pass that teammate Mauro Icardi despatched to seal a 2-1 win. The 88th minute winner keeps Inter’s vague hopes of European qualification alive, but it doesn’t look like our madcap German is intending on prolonging his stay in Italy.

Speaking after the game, manager Roberto Mancini confirmed that Podolski is angling for one last shot at Arsenal with a final year left of his career.

“In Italy, we have a habit of not being able to wait,” said the ex-City manager in reference to both the German and fellow January signing Xherdan Shaqiri.

“Not everything can be done quickly, especially when moving from one country to another, from one club to another.

“The same applies to Podolski who I consider a great player and a great professional.

“That situation is a little different though, because he is on loan and wants to return to Arsenal.”

Last week the Daily Mail ran quotes from Podolski where he outlined why he moved and why he’s also keen to return to the Emirates.

“When I go back (to Arsenal) I think I have the chance to play there. I have one year left so well will see what happens. I feel very well at the club and with my teammates as well. I had a great two and a half years; I scored a lot of goals there and had a lot of assists.

“The first six months of the season were not easy, that’s why I changed clubs. But now I’m ready.”

Arseblog News suspects that Arsene will be looking to cash in on Lukas this summer with the German a long way down the attacking pecking order at the Emirates.

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batman's agent

In unrelated news, henry is fast turning into an Owen!


Even kings have bad days. Have to descend a hell of a long way to turn into an owen!

Canon Fodder

Henry is paid to be a pundit and not an apologist for Arsenal. He has to see the game from as neutral a point as possible. Yesterday our arsenal (forgive the pun) could not penetrate the Chelsea fortified wall. We needed another approach, a player in the Hazard mould to glide through the defense. That was not on show yesterday. To win the title nowadays, teams need world class options in every area. After Coq we have Flamini, not exactly life for like in terms of midfield quality. Wellbeck is good but not prolific and yes, we could do with… Read more »


A hazard type player who couldnt glide through our defense? but we needed him to glide through theres?

Thierry Bergkamp

Yeah, that’s right. Judge a player by one game


Of course you’re right, there’s no comparison between us and Chel$ea. After Coquelin we have the utterly rubbish Arteta and Flamini, whereas after Matic, Chel$ea have the totally awesome Mikel, or they play with five defenders in Zouma. After Costa, the totally rad Remy and Drogba. Lolz, even Hazard>>>Sanchez, just look at how Hazard cut up our rubbish defence. How on earth did that rubbish manager Wenger get all those rubbish players into second place and the FA Cup final?


1. Mikel IS better than both Arteta and Flamini AS A DM(if you would actually take your blinkers up for one second).
2. Terry, Cahill, Zouma have been better than Kos, per and chambers(won’t add Gabriel as he came jan) this season.
3. Sanchez has been awesome this season, best transfer this season, but hazard HAS had a BETTER season(sad to say).

Now despite making these points, does it make me less of a gooner than you are…NO.


stop digging your grave already

all defenders look good when you have 7 defenders around you

steve morrow looked good for us because we had 7 defenders around him too

and we were the original bus parkers. we drove our bus all the way to Copenhagen and accidentally knocked asprilla, zola and brolin down.


LOOOOL so in other words you’re trying to say we have a better defence than chelsea??
If yes, then you must be clearly deluded. I bet you’re one of the people who think coq is better than matic and giroud is the best striker in the league because he’s having a purple patch??
Fact of the matter is chelshit are us defensively…both individually and collectively. thumb me down all you like…it’s the truth. some people need to stop living in lala land.


And how many times have we seen mou play zouma in the midfield? because he did it against spurs and manure people are making it seem like he did it throughout the whole season…like that was the reason why they were brushing aside teams earlier in the season.
People need to stop making excuses…like seriously.
Chelsea are a better team than we are…they also have better individuals as well.
end of story.


Final sentence says it all. Now we know what colour shirt Trez wears. Not really that odd Trez would say Chel$hit are better individuals, he’s exactly the type of individual Chel$hit have as manager.


If Henry is going to turn into another whiney pundit with nothing good to say then fuck him.


Exactly…he’s paid to be as objective as possible…not to pander to people’s feelings or whatever.
I personally feel he was wrong with the ozil comment and buying cesc instead of alexis, but he’s entitled to his opinion and I understand that.


Are you saying what he said was not accurate?


Basically he said we need a completely new spine to challenge for the title, i.e. a new starting GK, CB, DM and ST. Well, with the quality of the current team, if he truly believes we can’t go anywhere, without spending millions to build pretty much a new team, I’m afraid he might be the one who doesn’t have the spine to one day manage this club. I wonder what he would’ve said about the quality of that Juventus winger we signed in 1999.

Thierry Bergkamp

That Juve winger who signed at the age of 21 was it? Who had time one his side to improve? How many years later did a title come?


Or who had also won the world cup and scored 7 goals for Monaco in the champions league or who HAD THE ABILITY TO GET SIGNED BY A BIG TEAM LIKE JUVE AT THAT TIME?

alexis' shorts

Yikes, that actually hurt more because it has some truth. I hope it is just an off weekend for him.

alexis' shorts

To clarify, I was referring to the relation to Owen, not to the truth (read, headline pushing) behind Henry’s words


I wouldn’t even draw the comparision. Owen talks badly about us because he fucking hates us. Henry is talking about his personal opinion as a fan. I’d agree that Giroud has done a fantastic job but he is not really at the level of for instance a Suarez, Agüero who creates chances by themselves everytime you give them the ball. He is definetly reliant on other players as we saw in the Chelsea game, when he gets opportunities he’ll sooner or later score. Don’t get me wrong, he is a fantastic footballer but having said that you cannot neglect the… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

Arsenal fans are so sensitive.. or just thick.

Thierry Bergkamp

This was a reply to the first comment. About Henry

Thierry Bergkamp

Scrap that last comment. I change that to, it could be to a majority of what I’ve read

Rozza the samourai

Let’s calm down a bit here. Henry would be an awful pundit if he was only there to praise and defend Arsenal. I totally agree with him that in some goals the player who provided the assist has the biggest contribution. Sometimes, 95% of the contribution is from the assist and only 5% the kick into goal. We cannot judge Henry each time we disagree with things he said especially in his current capacity as he is there to have opinions. His employer probably loved that the entire world was commenting his stance on assists in football. Henry picked Welbeck… Read more »

alexis' shorts

Well if he was there to praise and defend, he would be Paul Scholes. There’s barely room for one ginger in the studio.
I’m not saying he isn’t allowed to criticize the Arsenal, I’d rather it was done in a more intelligent manner coming from him but of course, you gotta be polarizing to be considered worth air time.


I guess the difference between a pundit and manager is that the pundit buys a collective of talents with infinite funds, while the manager builds a team with real money. Wait no, United did the former!


No no no, Henry is nothing like Owen, resembling him to Fat Gooner though…


Let’s get something straight here. Everybody says something outrageous sometime and even a legend can come out with a quote you don’t agree with but Please don’t put TH and Owen in the same category.


We should sell him. I can’t believe so many were upset when we loaned him out!


He is good at social media, enjoying himself on the bench and scoring the odd goal in the last 5 minutes he is on the pitch #aha

Just can’t see him even making the bench now though.


48 goals in 123 full internationals. He must be a rubbish professional…or just v v lucky.


He got limited amount of chances during last season and not a lot of game time yet he managed to score 12 for us. He scored more goals for us during his first season than Giroud. I think he is a fantastic finisher but that’s about it..


While I don’t think he has an Arsenal future, I’ll always be uncomfortable saying we should sell a player who wants to stay and play for us. Maybe it’s just because the losses of Cesc, Nasri and RVP are still fresh in my mind but I will always appreciate it when someone actually wants to play for Arsenal.


Lu Lu Lu, Lukas Podolski!


no thanks


It’s been said on here that you can only have one ‘ limited specialist’ in your squad. We had two in Poldi and Theo.

So if Theo is sold may be the German has a chance.


sell them both


I’d take the player who wants to play 90 minutes for us in whatever role he can get over the one who wants a shitload of cash and to dictate where on the pitch he plays any day.

the only sam is nelson

i suppose it’s good to see a positive statement of intent, but since the arrival of alexis, the standard has jumped for everyone at the club – brilliant for us, not so good for lukas…


Love Poldi as a person but he is a terrible professional.

If we can offload him for around £5m I’d be happy.

True Red

Can you give one example to back up this ridiculous statement? World cup winner, one hundred German caps? Yes… Bad professional? No


Yes I can, he moves to Inter on loan then slates Wenger. From August til January he’s been quoted as saying he wants more game time and blah, blah, blah. That was every time he linked up with the national team. For me the best way would’ve been to shut up and train his hardest. If he’s upset about not getting into the first 11 at Inter than fair enough but at Arsenal you can’t honestly say that he deserves to be starting over Alexis/Welbeck/Ox on the wing. Maybe I’m different to all other supporters but I think that tracking… Read more »

True Red

That’s it? An interview where his words may have been taken out of context. I actually agree that his tracking back in games wasn’t the best but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad professional


It’s just my opinion mate.

I’m just saying I would rather have a squad full of Artetas (in my opinion a true professional) than a squad full of Podolskis.


Good on social media… not so good on the football pitch


Still love Poldi


I thought Arsene disrespected him?

Third Plebeian

An excellent finisher, and he’s underrated as an assister.

The problem has always been the other stuff. Can be a passenger in games, not unlike Theo, and we’re much more effective when playing a high-intensity pressing game from the front.


‘Unsurprisingly, the fickle Italian press have been quick to turn on the German’

Has been appallingly shit to be fair. More right than fickle here.


And we want Podolksi! #BringBackPoldi


A player that everyone loves because people could imagine having him as a mate. I like many others had high hopes for Podolski when he arrived but unfortunately he just hasn’t cut it. No malice towards the bloke but I just don’t think he is good enough to push out who is currently in the squad.

Costa Gooner

Love his madcapness but he’s not gonna make the bench. Wish him all the best.


From what I’ve seen of Theo lately, I’d rather have Poldi coming on late. At least he can finish.


Well there has been games where I felt we could do with him in it like say the chelsea and monaco ones where his thor like left boot would come in handy. He was too impatient imho…but then again, when you have yaya sanogo playing ahead of you….


He can help us finish fourth next season.


You cant be serious.


ie drag us down from where we are now?


I think that’s sarcasm……..


Ased on his photo skills on Instagram…the club photographer might suit him.

On a serious note, he seems to have learnt something about himself at Inter and wants to impose himself at the Arsenal….ah who am i kiddin


I love poldi. Not because he is funny. He is a great footballer. He was the first one to be signed post Van persie era. I wish he stays at arsenal until the end of his contract. He has a great left foot and is underrated. To win the league next season we need Poldi, Theo, Arteta, Rosicky and co. As Arsenal fans we should not write off any Arsenal player. I also think we should get Jenkinson and Sanogo back and push Chambers to CB. The players i don’t mind giving away is campbell or wellington. Maybe they should… Read more »


I agree, I’d like to keep all those players, but as it is we already have too many midfielders, just look at how little game time someone as good as Rosicky is getting, despite Campbell, Poldi and Wellington (and Ryo) being on loan, despite the current or recent injuries to Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby, The Ox, Gnabry and Walcott. Our midfield is just packed at the moment, which unfortunately means some people will have to go.


The only player who i would say is a good riddance is Flamini and Diaby( If not capable of being fit). Rosciky would have wasted his career if he left the club now. Afterall i would like to think that despite the playing time he gets he wants to stay and win the PL/CL with us before he moves on. With the possibility of not having Sanchez early next season because of copa-america and injuries we need to keep a huge squad from pre-season until December. I am no Arsene. But, winning the league is all about keeping players fresh… Read more »


Heck i don’t care if we play Rosicky/Arteta/Diaby in the U-21’s from time to time to keep them fit next season. The likes of Beilik, Akpom, Zelalem, Crowley and Gnabry can wait for a while before getting into first team. We need to focus on winning the PL with the current crop more than anything. We know what we are capable of on our day. Let’s just focus on being consistent and bringing the best out of everyone. Let’s challenge on all fronts next season.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Think the final nail in Poldi’s coffin was the Southampton CO Cup match. He was totally anonymous and had he put in a shift there, it was early enough in the season to maybe force his way into Arsene’s mind…


I, like most Gooners, really like him but hasn’t quite done enough for me. With the squad the way it is at the moment he’d struggle to warm the bench.


Arsenal don’t want Podolski return.


If he’s prepared to be a squad player with the occasional cameo off the bench and a starter in the league cup squad, then why not?


His wage is too high to be a backup striker in my opinion

Juxta Position

1) because of his wages, 2) because he runs to the media too often, 3) because he’s not shown enough at arsenal, 4) because he’s gonna be in the last year of his contract so he should be sold and funds used elsewhere


His wage demands? That’s why not. We could get someone else with far more to offer for less… (money).


I loved Poldi throughout his Arsenal career but was disappointed in the manner he behaved just before and as he was going out on loan to Inter.

Rozza the samourai

I agree. Wenger does not like problematic players otherwise if Wenger is convinced Poldi wants to put in hard work on the pitch, he will give regular game time. So many players are so much of bad shooter that you don’t want to give up on one of the finest snipers in football.

Mboya Vanda Fat

If we must do goodwill, how about we bring back Poldi and release Diaby? Win-win-win


I’d still want him at the club, diversity is a good thing, and with him, giroud and welbeck we have different type of attackers, besides can always use him when chasing a result (he can score unlike welbz) and can use welbz when need to defend a result and still have chances on the break

Man Manny

He is a good man and a good character to have in the dressing room; but unfortunately, offers too little on the pitch. I don’t see him in the emerging Arsenal.
According to Alexis, the players have a strong desire to win the league next season and if we hit the ground running, I would not bet against us lasting the distance. We will not have room for limited players like Podolski; we need all hands to be on deck.


his career at arsenal is over. it’s baffling that some think or want otherwise.

Red Ed

I didn’t watch the post match blah yesterday but I think we do need a GK, DM and a top drawer CF, but the latter costs a lot of money which we just don’t have if we are to strengthen in those other areas.

I love Welbz and would like to have seen him on earlier yesterday as he gives us pace, which is one thing that those thundercunts in chelski’s back four can’t handle, especially through the middle.


I dont think he can deliver the goods now. Needs to leave for me.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

The issue isn’t just with Henry.

I’ve said it before on here but for some reason our beloved club is the worst for ex-players hammering us.

Alan Smith’s commentary on Sunday was a sick, biased joke. Literally any decision that was 50/50 he sided with the ref or chelski and that’s standard for him.


no thanks , we need better player, podolski was usefull player when we lost RVP , we are far better now that when we bought him , send him back to germany ,i m sure Koln would take him back for around 5M


I wouldnt be against him returning to the fold. I think he would of been far more effecient with nacho monreal behind him doing the defensive duties, but the majority of his 2.5 years he was always playing with gibbs on the left who bombs forward alot.

Either way, if stays then great, but if he goes we need to replace him. Serge Gnabry needs a full season out on loan in the top flight. Im sure either bournemouth or watford would chomp at the bit to take him too.


His transfer fee alone would probably be more than Bournemouth’s entire operating costs this year.


Woops! My reading comprehension is quite poor today. Thought you were talking about Poldi, not Serge.


I think Podolski should replace Gunnersaurus….that would so work.
How can Henry say our teams spine needs replacing, then turn up at our training ground for a bit of coaching, doing his badges on our time…then look at our lads in the eye. Henry is talking out of his arse.


Thing is it is easy to say in fact piers morgan said exact same thing recenntly also. For guarenteed wotld class eg NEUER HUMMELS VIDAL SUAREZ Improved keeper will cost £30m to force a move. Cb £30/40. Dmf £30. Striker £30-90million. IS well over£130m in one tranfer window plus large wages. which I fon’t think even real madrid can pay in one window with ffp. It is just easy to say pundit comment. Not thimking about ffp. Unless henry knows more of our transfer back pocket or wenger brings in another load of bargains


I have a strong feeling that Ox can be as big as Hazard. he has all the attribute, he just need to work on his timing, and ability to “slow down” with an opponent and transit to to speed . and a lot of self belief its a gut feeling that do you guys think? let see him being injury free for one year and you will see my point

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