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Midfielder extends deal after impressing on loan

Young midfielder Jon Toral has, reportedly, signed a contract extension with the club after impressing Arsene Wenger during his loan spell at Brentford.

He joined the club at the same time as Hector Bellerin but hasn’t quite made the same breakthrough in his time in North London due to injuries and surgery.

However, he joined Brentford on loan this season and has scored 6 goals in 36 appearances for the Championship side, becoming a key part of a team which still has a chance to finish in the play-off places.

Now Jack Pitt-Brooke, who wrote a nice profile piece about him in the Independent back in February, is reporting that Arsenal have taken up the option to extend his contract for a further 12 months.

With midfield departures likely this summer as Abou Diaby, Mathieu Flamini and Tomas Rosicky could all depart, there may just be room for Toral to work his way further into Arsene Wenger’s thinking.

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happy gunner

Good. Oh and more importantly (or not) mourinho is a cunt. Chelshit are also diving cheats.


I think its time to move on from Chelsea now…


I could talk badly about Chelsea for the rest of the year that’s truely what does despicable cunts deserves- Yet again their fans show what a disgrace they are to football. Anyone else saw the way they violated the Chapman statue? Cunts.


As someone posted a few days ago, in reference to the Chels$i team, they are an Olympic diving squad, taught the rigours of synchronized diving by Moan- rinio….. Enough said, other than they are a bunch of cunts managed by the biggest tosser cunt \\EVER. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\end of… lets move on….
Better tings to think about and prepare for. COYG!!!

the only sam is nelson

Would be terribly sad to say goodbye to TR7 this summer, before he gets a testimonial…

although Alexis in the number 7…. that’s properly mouth-watering for traditional old farts who hate numbering abominations such as Gallas at 10, Sagna at 3, etc and so on


Gallas as 10 was a modern day scandal!
I feel TR7 still has another season in him, hasnt looked off the pace at all when he has played


The key to that statement is when 🙁


Santos at 11 fml


Santos with a number fml

the only sam is nelson

BFG with a 4 on his back… nooooo no no


apparently Bacary has SAGNATED at Man Citeh


He’ll be bacary soon

Agent Sagna your job is done!


Sorry but what’s wrong with Sagna at 3?




a right back is traditionally your number 2. Left back is number 3. For the purists among us it cause some angst


I believe number 3 is traditionally a left back’s number which Gibbs now holds, whereas number 2 is the traditional right back’s jersey which Debuchy now holds

David C

you mean DeBuchy is keeping it warm for Bellerin 😉

Just kidding, I love everybody. Don’t thumb me down, it’s been a long day.

ZA Gunner

He was a right back and not a left back.

Traditionally is 2 = RB, 3 = LB

Diaby's hamstring

But being no. 3 helped him look like a proper CB when Wenger needed to improvise. Hah


lol Diabys hamstring .. string.. singular

Sorry that tickled me, like hes got one lonely hamstring in his leg waiting to snap

Remember the invincibles

Tomas cannot leave. It would be awful.


I hope that any new contract, should he sign, comes with a clause which stipulates that he is to have magnets implanted in his forehead to counteract any homing instinct which he might have for Barcelona. I understand that works on pigeons, and the last thing we would want is those Catalan wankers tapping up another Arsenal prodigy.


He’s the one with an English mother (Jon Toral Harper), isn’t he? He might be more ‘resistant’ already.


Yes he is, but you know what they’re like. All that Catalan nationalism, it has a strange effect.


Tiocfaidh ar dios pour favor and shit?


Something like that, although hopefully without the bombs and bullets and dying and such.


He might be feeling somewhat exiled here.. 🙂


more than just cunts…


He has a genetic problem with a lax mensiscus in both kneews which has required 4 surgeries. – was that harper or toral genes? or was it the barca dna being exorcised from the blood stream?


I’m no physician, but I don’t think that’s deoxyribonucleic acid can be removed from the bloodstream. I would humbly suggest that it’s more likely to be a genetic weakness which hopefully has been corrected by surgeries.


Exorcised…. by a priest like.

No physician.. eh?


When we announced his original signing with us, there were nearly fisticuffs in the director’s box between representatives of both clubs over this lad.


Good thing! He seems like having a bright future & can bring us to win the title later. He could shine as bellerin today

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Meant to leave a comment alongside, oops: Really nice bit of skill from him earlier this season against Leeds.


Hey guys, is anybody facing a problem with the android app? On my phone the blog section is not loading.


I even sent a report and left a comment on play store. Still no reply yet. 🙁


It says, Couldn’t get the latest update, are you connected to the internet.
Of course I am connected to the internet through mobile data.
I’m sorry to be posting this issue here, because I have tried the other options already.
Thumbs up or down to make this comment visible to ppl who need to see this. Thanks


Better than Bamford.


TR7 just cant retire. Not yet. He has to stay at Arsenal till his legs can’t carry him again….probably another 20 years.

Jose P

Please …. please TR7, do not leave


There is going to be a lot of competition for places next season, which is good.


The thought of TR7 moving away from Arsenal!! 🙁 shudders. Hope they work something out.


It must be stated that he would be much closer to the first team if it weren’t for his injuries. I know there’s this thing amongst arsenal fans that if a player isn’t in the squad by 19, or is on loan in his early 20s, that he won’t make it, let alone if he’s on loan to the championship in early 20s, he’s not good enough for us. But as we’ve seen, breaking into the squad at an early age is no indicator of future success at arsenal. See the likes of Craig Eastmond in comparison to Coquelin. Also… Read more »

Harish P

Coquelin was a bit lucky though. He had two people in front of him (Arteta and Flamini) and both were out for him to be able to get the nod. Toral is competing with something like 10 players (Özil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ox, as well as arguably Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, and Coquelin – depending on circumstances… I feel as if I’ve missed one or few…) I feel like if Toral can, then have him spend another year with Brentford would as that would be great him (am I right in assuming they’re promoted to the premier league now?) and… Read more »


Never had a chance to see Toral play, but I’ve heard lots of good things about him. Wouldn’t it be great if he turned out to be another Bellerin?


whenever i have watched the football league highlights show he has been a late sub.


It would be sad to see tommy go but seeing him on the bench (or not at all), while he knows he can still play, must be disheartening. Maybe a return to the bundesliga will do him some good. Would love to see the little Mozart smile on the pitch again.


I like tomas rosicky…he is one of our finest. .. He should stay for another year hopefully win the league with us..


TR7 has been one of my favourite players for a while.

Dont go.. Please stay..


This guy scored lots of goals in barcas under aged teams. Left footed too. Been watching him since he signed in 2011. He missed a lot if last season with injury which held him back. Hopefully he will take his chance like bellerin


I see he’s grown a beard. I always think that’s a good sign.

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