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Ramsey: Goal drought is down to injuries

Aaron Ramsey admits injury problems took their toll on his instinctiveness in the penalty box leading to a goal drought that stretched 15 games between August and December.

The Welsh international was prolific last year netting 16 times, including the winner in the FA Cup final, but has only hit the back of the net eight times this season, including just three goals between September and March.

Reflecting on his comparatively meek contribution to the Gunners’ overall tally of 95 goals, the 24-year-old drew attention to the effects of fatigue on his decision making.

“That [forcing the issue] was probably what I was guilty of at the beginning of the season where I got off to a good start and then the goals dried up a bit,” the 24-year-old told Arsenal Player.

“Then I started focusing too much on how to score, putting too much power on the ball when I should have just let it happen naturally. It’s nice when you don’t really think about it too much and just do it.

“Throughout this season I’ve had injuries and it’s taken me a couple of games to get back into it. With my style of play, I like to get up and down the pitch, that’s why it takes me a couple of games to get back into it, to get my fitness up again.

“When I’ve been out for that period of time and getting back into it, it’s quite challenging for me physically and that tires you out in certain things like your decision-making. It’s important for me to get a couple of games in so that I feel I’m ready to go then.”

The Welshmane’s lack of goals is something Wenger touched on the other day. “I expected Aaron Ramsey to be in there as well with 10 or 15,” he noted after the win against Liverpool.

“We need another player who gets 10 or 15 goals but we have a good mentality and good cohesion in the team.”

Luckily for the boss the rest of the squad have been eager to help fill the void. In addition to the Welshman, 14 other players have scored for the first team in the Premier League; more than any other club.

In fact, of those first team players to feature more than ten times in all competitions (keepers aside) only Francis Coquelin has failed to find the net.

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Let your goal scoring happen like your handsomeness, Aaron – naturally. COYG!

Stewart Robson's therapist

I think the beard has had a negative effect on both, to be honest…

Third Plebeian

The beard is fetching. I can’t even begin to relate to you how stridently I hovered over the thumbs down button below your comment, and gently clicked. Your opinion of his beard has made my face look briefly sour.

Stewart Robson's therapist

When he was clean shaven I thought he was better-looking than Giroud.

Third Plebeian

Did you?


Interesting interesting.

Wenger's Wengeance

Surely you can’t mean the welshmane? *see above*


Remember when someone died every time he scored?
I wouldn’t be entirely against that kicking off again

Third Plebeian

Haha, yes, I see what you mean. It’d be cool if people died! You know, just to keep that joke alive that we made one time.


The Gala goal alone is ample for his scoring exploits this season


That one should count as 10-15 goals on its own


@DM if he didnt get injured after that game I believe he wouddve carried that form onwards

Anonymous Kumquat

Definitely been signs recently of Ramsey getting back to his best, let’s hope he can finish this season strongly and have a stonker next season. Also, it has to be said that the depth and quality of the squad is incredible, the fact that we have so many players capable of scoring goals and that we’re no longer reliant on individual players can only be a good thing. Onwards and upwards!


Still wouldn’t bet against an FA Cup Final winner from Aaron.

My name is my name

I dream of that every day. Consecutive FA Cup-wining goals. That’s how a club legend get started.

My name is my name

in the words of mr sheen: *winning

#YOLO Toure

I really like how we’ve got so many players that can score, like even when Thierry was about, you’d probably only consider him, Pires, Bergkamp and maybe Ljungberg as regular scorers, but right now you can expect goals from any of Ramsey, Cazorla, Giroud, Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Welbeck, Rosicky (when he plays) and even the Ox.

I’m enjoying this team I am!


Giroud, sanchez and theo = 20-25 goals
Ramsey and santi = 15 goals
The rest can only score 10 at best(hoping that the Ox improves on that though).


Good for him. Let him just focus, recharge and be fit for next season.


Let your game come naturally.

Man Manny

Not to worry. Get a good rest in the summer and come back stronger. I have tipped you and Ox as the two players to take the league by storm next season culminating in a fourth league title for Arsene.


You mean fifth 😉

Proff Gooner

This season still isn’t one, right?

Remember when people thought was ‘impossible’ for us to make it into third place and now we’re sitting in 2nd… If QPR draw against Chelski and we annihilate them as well as the March, we’ll be right there for etching our name as the PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!

Forever COYG!!!

Stewart Robson's therapist

Rambo is still my favourite! He’ll be scoring again before long. Coming away from Liverpool with two assists is hardly a bad return for a midfielder, despite what the likes of Piers Moron might think.

…and we all know the Coquelin story. Coq to score the FA Cup winner.


It’ll come, Coq.


Dont tempt him.. We dont need another Song. I’d take 2nd invisible wall anytime of the day then another song 😮

David C

Rambo, you had me with hello.


Shocking stats! Coq out!



Mine’s out.

Fancy Pants

Yep, yep. Uh huh

chippy's chip

Ryan shawcross is a massive cunt. Rambo will rise again and again.

Third Plebeian

That’s why he’s known as the Welsh Jesus.

chippy's chip

Oh, really? Thanks for that.

bims lay

Arise! you welsh Jesus. we your disciples are waiting!


I love the HWB!


Shouldnt it be HWJ?

Third Plebeian

Huge Welsh Jobbie?


Handsome Welsh Jesus.

Third Plebeian

Oh, really?


Coquelin has been within 25 yards shooting positions a few times but he’s passed it forward instead. Far from a bad thing of course but I’d love to see him put his foot through one and add his name to this season’s ever-growing goalscorer list. As for Aaron I’m glad he’s letting the goals come naturally instead of trying too hard. This I think goes hand in hand with his insistence early in the season to flick every ball instead of pass. Everyone’s coming into their own and reaching a group rhythm that’s becoming increasingly more pleasing to witness. Keep… Read more »


Without getting too carried away. At the same age, Ronaldo was also very stop start. Always over dribbling, losing the ball or sending a cross toward the corner flag. Several so called experts were convinced he just wasn’t good enough. Sounds mad but it was true at that time. Ramsay will come good again. We already know he has it in him. We just need to hope he rediscovers again it sooner rather than later. Off topic. Michael Owen saying sterling is better than Ozil. Utterly laughable and from someone whom had forgotten how to play the game as soon… Read more »


Bitch better have my money ‘Rambo to RVP at Old Trafford in the coming weeks


I feel it was also down to the increased expectations. He was the star of the team at the beginning of the season and everyone was expecting him to bang goals in every match from day 1. Maybe it pressurized him to make rash decisions a little. Now that Giroud and Sanchez are sharing that burden and eyes are there on cazorla and ozil as well, I think he will slowly sneak inside the box and score comfortably once again.


You’re right rohit, but I also got the feeling the hype of his goalscoring had got to him a little bit. He started trying to only produce the highlight moments. Wenger rarely says anything about his players in public, but he did come out and say a good midfielder first and foremost wins the ball and passes to his teammates in reference to Ramsey. Remember Bergkamp, he wasn’t laying on assists and scoring goals all the time, nobody can. He completely made the team function no matter where you found him with the ball. Ozil does the same and this… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

Time to get the coq in.


All I want is that he simplifies his game, as he is showing signs of doing again. Everything happened for Ramsey because he played like the complete midfielder. People talk about the need for a box-to-box player, I think Ramsey is it. Only thing is, he should always prioritize our own box before the opponent’s box. Once he secures us in our half of the pitch, our solidity as a team improves dramatically. This in turn changes the opponent’s expectation of him, not expecting him to run in at all times, and that makes it easier for him to arrive… Read more »


With Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, and Ox all 100% fit next year (all players who’ve been criticized at one time or another this year), Arsenal will rain goals.

Prateek kashyap

Its gonna be a huge headache although a happy one for wenger


All i ask is one full season from Ramsey, Wilshere and Diaby to aid the new found brilliance of Coquelin and Cazorla


It’s a lot to ask for, but why not? The asking is free; the reward, priceless!


Especially Diaby. He’s been through so much and worked so hard at it, he deserves one more chance to shine.


with coq’s focus on protection our defence has become impregnable but make no mistake about it, he’ll score


yea, let it come naturally

Prateek kashyap

I just wish coq scores in the FA cup final…and Ramsey brings home the winner…back to back cups are what we need to shut the haters..and if by some miracle we edge Chelsea in the title race..I would die a happy man!


Still Rambo managed to do something no other man has managed to do past present or future this season. Made me Cream my pants with that CL goal.

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