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Rosicky: Tactical tinkering paying dividends

Tomas Rosicky says added emphasis on tactics has given Arsenal a newfound edge in games against their top four rivals this season.

The Gunners head-to-head record against fellow Champions League clubs had been utterly appalling until our 2-0 win at Manchester City in January; a result that has been followed up with further victories against United in the FA Cup and last week’s battering of Liverpool.

With games against Chelsea and Manchester United still left in the run-in, Rosicky underlined that he hopes Arsene Wenger’s men can continue their rich vein of form.

“It’s nice to see that we won [against Liverpool] in a convincing manner,” the veteran told Arsenal Player.

“We know we can beat the big teams so that was nothing new – we wanted to win and the performance was good as well.

“We changed some stuff slightly in our preparation for these games. We’re doing a little more tactical work and we changed some stuff against the big teams.

“I don’t want to go into the details but there were some adjustments and it’s paid off for us. Recently we’ve been successful against the big teams but we still have to play Chelsea and Manchester United, so we would like to carry on like that.

“You can see the confidence is coming out of the players after a good run like we are on at the moment. You can see it on the pitch when you watch us play. We are not finished with this run, we will continue it so we have to continue working and working hard every day in training.”

Rosicky’s positivity is reflected in similar interviews with Mathieu Flamini and Nacho Monreal, both of whom touch on the buoyant atmosphere at London Colney.

“The team have been working very well and the understanding between us is also improving a lot,” the Frenchman told Arsenal Player. 

“Also the fact that everyone is available is very important for the manager and for the team because when we are all available the quality of the team is even better.

“We have a lot of confidence because doing so well until now is a very good point for the confidence of the team. It’s important to not put any limit [on our progress].

“We will play the semi-final of the FA Cup and the objective is very simple – to win it and to continue to do well in the Premier League.”

Monreal added:  “The dynamic around the place is very positive and we have been able to beat teams both at the top and bottom of the table. We are picking up points and playing well. That’s the general dynamic around the place at the moment – one of positivity.

“We had quite a difficult start to the season and those points we lost earlier in the season are proving to be a bit of a problem for us now. We are going through a very good spell now and the team is doing very well.

“We are bursting with confidence, playing very well and I think that is the vein in which we need to continue.

All of which sets us up for an almighty fall against Burnley tomorrow evening…

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Big fan of Monreal this season. He’s turned into a less evil version of Ivanovic for us – tenacious, flexible, adapts to different situations and popped up with a crucial goal too. I’ll happily admit I thought Gibbs would be the undisputed first choice at the beginning of the season.


play this man.


True dat bra. No, can’t even pull that off in writing. That isn’t dope or fresh. I’ll stop…

Arsene Ginger

Here is your coat, cheers

David C

Burnley have been ok at home (4-6-6) so this is not a match we can take lightly.

COYG! Here’s hoping for a big 3 points.

I’d lineup like this:
Bellerin Mert Kos/Gab Monreal
Coq Cazorla
Welbeck Ozil Sanchez

Oh wait, where does Ramsey go? Damn, Wenger does have a tough job!


I think Ramsey will be important in this match for his 3rd man runs, as Burnley will try to suffocate the space around their penalty box.

AK 57

I got a feeling Debuchy would come straight back in due to the fact we need more physical presence specially for set pieces.

If he plays, then I believe Gibbs will play as a left back to restore attack/defence balance for the full backs.


Yeah I like the idea of debuchy for away games I said that on the bellerin article earlier in the week.

Scott P

In FIFA 15, I have my career pro (also a CAM) wear black gloves and it always reminds me of Rosicky. 🙂

The sad part is that after I went to Everton and they sold Lukaku and refused to buy a good replacement, the only English clubs that wanted to buy me were Chelsea, Spurs, and Man City, so I had to settle for Barcelona. I couldn’t even get Liverpool to bite, which would have been marginally acceptable. One day I will make it to the better club, Arsenal.




F you! I always love a good fifa story

Stringer Bell

Very good. Made me smile.

Imua Gunners

There’s nothing more interested to a person, and nothing less interesting to others than how their FIFA Career Mode is going.

But hey, I like the bit about your black glove tribute to T-Rose! Better than going with the Diego Costa blue…


In World of Warcraft I’m a level 90 pyroblast mage with the elven dagger of conducting and always use the black gloves of power even though they are worse than the blue hand warmers of sorcery and it always reminds me of Rosicky.

If I was a mage in real life I would cast fireball on Martin Taylor and Dan Smith.

Third Plebeian

That bit about Everton and those English clubs. That really is the sad part.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Super super Tõmas Rosičky! (Please excuse my random use of funky võwels when spelling his name)

Arsene's Selfie Stick

C is not a vowel.

Romford Pele

If it was down to me, he could stay ’til he’s ready to retire. Love TR7, what a man!


Rosicky is a real role model for our younger players. A player worthy of wearing the legendary number 7 at Arsenal. Mind you, we ve had our share of atrocious number selections ( Gallas and number 10 anyone?!)


coquelin has been the key..
we missed someone like him in the team… love arsenal fc..
hoping for the best..


i fuckin love Rozza. when he decides to retire sanchez must get no:7


all well and good, but it really is a shame that it’s taken until now to start properly preparing tactically for the big games. this has been a consistent problem for arsenal over the years and could’ve been addressed sooner.

love ros. i hope he stays on, but will understand if he wants to leave for one last big pay day before retiring.


Venga must be taking private lessons from Tactics Tim, I mean, just look what he’s doing with Villa, out of the relegation zone! With Cleverley ffs!!


Just what the Wenger out camp has been clamouring for. Some tactical tinkering rather than the same old Gung Ho Arsenal Way. Fortunately Wenger have atlast proven he is capable of adjusting his tactics to counter the opponents strenghts and weaknesses. And im happy for him to stay now. He also seem to have got more of his glow and passion back. More active on the sidelines this season than he has been in a looong time. Great to see. But alot of people says he shut up the Wenger out camp at last, but they fail to understand this… Read more »

chippy's chip

Spot on.

Jim Seifert

Hoping he’ll come to MLS when he’s done at Arsenal. Red Bulls please.




Not the right place to post this but feck it I’m going to do it anyway…

Blogs, great article on DM’s. I’ve never heard anyone come up with as a good an argument as to why we seemingly struggle to find a good one or one that fits the team.

Just wanted to show some appreciation for that post. Cheers

Space between the lines

‘If you love football, you love Tomas Rosicky’ ❤️


I would love to see someone research our player availability for each of our games this season so far to judge how much injuries and suspensions affected our statistical performances. For example squad strength in percentage terms before each match played and the points and goals tally for each of the measures. So squad strenght for the next game if counting only senior players of GKs. Szczesny,Ospina Def. Debuchy,Gibbs,Mertersaker,Bellerin,Koscielny,Monreal, Chambers, Gabriel Mid. Wilshire,Ramsey,OxladeChamberlain,Arteta,Cazorla,Rosicky,Flamini,Coquelin,Ozil,Diaby Strik. Giroud,Alexis,Wellbeck,Walcott So if we assume that only Oxlade Chamberlain is not available, that 1 out of 24, which means around 96% of the squad is available.… Read more »


I think our tactics fit into 3 broad categories in the league:
1. Sit back, counter with pace again Man U, City, Chelsea
2. High line, high press against Liverpool, Spurs
3. Quick passing possession against everyone else

Imua Gunners

What’s amazing is that we’ve reached the point where we can morph between all 3 styles as the situation demands. I love how Wenger is willing to give up control and allow the players to dynamically read the situation and apply the appropriate strategy at any given time. Sure, they will make some mistakes as they learn, but if mastered, it will make us unstoppable. Against Liverpool, the way we chose when to high press (often dictated by Ramsey or Giroud), when to sit off patiently, and when to drain the energy out of the opposition playing possession within a… Read more »

Az Ahmed

You mean adjusting according to the opposition actually works, rather than the gungho style? Who knew eh?
Fans and pundits alike have been saying this for years. Play according to the opposition, we need a CB and DM… Everyone has been saying this for years. When it is implemented, it pays off…


Last season when we lost against Liverpool and Chelsea like we did,everyone blamed it on the high line we maintained in those two games. I think we’ve been doing the tinkering with tactics thing for some time now. Its just started working for us with players in the form of their lives and understanding each other better.


Top Top dude!
I literally pissed my pants when I heard we were getting him from Dortmund.

I’ve met him in person just outside the stadium last February before we won 2-1 against Liverpool in the FA cup.

Cheers Tommy!!!!!!11

Third Plebeian

Hearing about Rosicky made you pee your pants? Dare I ask what happened when you actually met him?



chippy's chip

Who would have believed that changing tactics according to opposition would work.?? WOW didnt see that coming. Wenger you are a tactical genius. Yaay weve found plan b.

TR7 > CR7

Dear Andrew,

Stop moderating Arseblog News comments and get on with the fecking blog.

P.S. Women are bad. Women who like other women are bad. Men who like other men are bad. Finally, here is a list of bad races/nationalities in order of badness:

1) The Irish
2) The Irish
3) The Irish
4) The Irish
5) The Irish
6) The Irish
7) The Irish
8) The Irish

Arsenal's Legend

Are we planning for invincibles season 2? because I can’t see this team losing……… stay injury free guys and show the world we can do it again. COYG


” who let the Coq out?” With a Hook ( the film) war rallying scream “oohoohooohooooooo!!!” Sorry this Arsenal team get me all excited.


Just read the match preview on BBC by Guy Mowbray. He says this is the 100th time the two clubs are meeting and Arsenal lead by 45 wins to Burnleys 33 with 21 draws….thought Blogs said something different. Got me wondering..


=> “Tactical tinkering paying dividends”

That’s what the missus said…

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