Thursday, August 18, 2022

Video: Hector Bellerin – The Thunderbolt 2015

Enjoy Bellerin! Our future!

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You’ve been thunderstruck! Great season for Bellerin.. Him and Le Coq have been my favourite players this season.


V quick (though Jenks is one of the fastest in the league as well I gather today) and v skilful.

Arsenal right back for many years I hope.


It’d be bad if we sold Jenks this summer, whenever I’ve seen him he’s looked really impressive at West Ham

Love Bellerin though, and looks good enough technically as an option on the right wing for me.

Cliff Bastin

Jenks has had a better season than Chambers in my opinion but it’s gonna be tough to keep all 4 right backs happy.

#YOLO Toure

I see Chambers as more of a CB to be honest, he just seems a bit too gangly to be a full back. Although that being said, Jenks has a bit of gangly-ness about him…or it might just be that hunched look he always has haha!

Hopefully Bellerin keeps at it and wins young player of the season next year.


Just yesterday I was telling a friend that two of our most infuencial players this season are player who nobody would have imagined they will be this influential; Hector and Our very own pope Francis.

The future is bright, the future is red and white


Amen to that, padre.

alexis' shorts

Your vision knows no bounds. You are truly blessed father 🙂


Guess that makes him our present too, in addition to our future that is. And also a gift this season.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Pope Francis, love it!





bims lay




As much as I loved Sagna, this guy will be on a different level




More goals than Balotelli, faster than Theo, youth on his side, more intelligent than John Terry.


i’d dare to say that even if someone lost 95% of the brain someway, would still be more inteligent than Terry

Bould's Eyeliner

the remaining 5% is comprised of bits of Ivanovic’s wife and any other woman who has slept with him. no self respect there…

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

So, who is more intelligent, John Terry or Adebayor?


Or a rock, or dryer lint?

Someone's Something

The entire right flank of ours has got his name written all over it and hopefully will have it for a very very long time!

alexis' shorts

He fits the type of fullback Wenger’s style craves. Ridiculous amounts of pace, technique like a winger, and able to make a tackle. Positional awareness will come with time, but that will mean less of those fun to watch runs he’s made this season. Once Gibbs is back on form, it’ll be on both flanks. He’ll definitely have a hard time with Nacho not wanting to share his cheese though. Similar to the case of Woj vs Ospina, Gibbs has the greater skillset, but does not see/react to the game as well as his counterpart. Really great stuff from the… Read more »


Whats with all these ads in the update?


Welcome to Arsenal. Song? #GenericYouTubecomments


What a great compilation – cannot put Debuchy back in the team at the moment, this boy is first class.


Seriously love this little fella. I’m starting to be convinced that he trumps actually trumps Debuchy.

Actually, when is a player old enough, on average, to be used every match?


Yeah trumps actually trumps he does.


Debuchy and Hector to fight for first spot, while jenks going into loan spells until we sell debuchy (due to age) or he retires, and Chambers as CB

Less rambly Pete

I did wonder if a swap of Jenks for bellerin might be right next year. Debuchy to have a strong season injury free, have Jenks (who’s also had a decent season in reserve) and allow Hector a year on the road for regular football.
I see the counter argument for keeping Hector next year though. Perhaps it should be the aging Frenchman we let go, but I do think he’s due us a good year.
I do have a soft spot for Jenks so would be keen on a scenario that allows his return (at some point)



I think we should allow Jenks another full year out and keep the team as it is, there’s plenty of time on his contract too.

Less Rambly Pete

fair call. I had in mind that Jenks had only another year to go, but Google tells me 2018, so all is well. Bellerin has been superb this season.


Goosebumps! I love Hector Bellerin!


This is the real deal.Exciting football, bring on Hull.


Anyone can be made to look good in a youtube clip video.

Its been downhill in the right back position since Justin Hoyte left.

Bendtner's Ego

I still think he’s a winger in the making. Too much speed and skill on the ball to just play FB.

Plus, he sure knows how to track back.


Can we ever get these videos without the absolute worst excuse for semi euphoric “beats” ever composed. it spoils the nice football porn.

bims lay

Lol……I agree, but, ……cant look a gift horse in the mouth, i guess!


Mute button?


Should’ve bought serge aurier vengaaa!


Is that you, Angriest Man on Twitter?

Springbank 1962

I wonder at what point Bacary Sagna (like Hleb, among others) is going to start wistfully looking back on his time with us.

But if he hadn’t gone we probably wouldn’t have bought Debuchy. And if Debuchy (and Chambers) hadn’t got injured we might never have seen just what a force Bellerin could be for us.

Two young players: Bellerin and Coquelin, without costing us an extra penny, well on their way to stardom.


Sagna is starting to look like a bit of a curse, actually. Not that he’s been anything but professional himself. But as soon as he goes to City they collapse and we look as strong as we have for a long long time.


The Boy Wonder!

Cliff Bastin

Bellerin is my wife’s new all time favourite player. Obviously because of his mad football skills and not his boyish charm, cute smile and smouldering eyes.


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