Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa – player ratings


I’m on a bus back from Wembley. Here’s some player ratings after what was an awesome performance and a day out.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Tens for everybody! Elevens even!

Arseblog Username

No, eleven is odd. And you’re missing an apostrophe.


They all deserve it.
It’s funny, while this link was opening, I was thinking exactly ‘You could have saved yourself the trouble and given everyone 10s, blogs’

James Buck

Still think it’s harsh on Ospina

Don Cazorleone

Why don’t you just make ten louder?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

… these go to 11

Johnny Gooner

There’s a 12 pun inhere somewhere, but I can’t quite get a hold of it.


Coq makes a huge difference.


This can’t be stressed enough. Coq is so much more than a ‘enforcer’ or ‘policeman’. He was so graceful on the ball today, not many DMs have technical ability like that.

Jack's Right Foot

The commentators kept banging on about how Coq wasn’t in the game cos he had nothing to do, bullshit! He got the ball every time, got swarmed and skilled himself out of tight situations and played the right ball every time. He’s our metronome, I fucking love him. Viva la Coq, viva arsenal!


I agree, he blocked most of the Villa attacks and turned it quickly. He simply made our CBs lives much easier!


Loads of talk this year about Delph being a high quality DM and sought after by big clubs. Not a patch on Coq today…


I just realised after watching him in this match, he can still improve as he is still young. He may even be as good as Gilberto or even Pirlo!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Not only does he make the defenders’m job easier, his presence behind them seems to be helping the forwards in their defensive duties. They can go ahead and make a tackle if they want, without worrying that if they miss it there’s only Per and Kos between the ball and the goal. Coq’s stiffening of the defence also helps when Walcott goes into “wander back slowly mode” which means Wenger can actually afford to play Walcott without worrying that it weakens our defense in depth.

I love Coq.

Thierry Bergkamp

These “I love Coq”, “hard Coq”, “massive Coq” puns, etc etc, never were cool and are less so now. Grow up you morons and take your gay comments to an appropriate site

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I’ve never noticed party poopers being al that popular either. Tell you what though. I’ll become more PC, and you can keep your hands off of…. no, OK, I’ll relent and let you be the winner of the internet this time.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

By the way, don’t go discriminating against people on the basis of what you guess that their sexuality might be. You’ll usually be wrong and you’ll always look like a bigot.

Be happy and try to enjoy the FA Cup win with ALL of the Arsenal fans.


The size of the Coq does not matter.

John C

Massive, it makes you wonder why the manager took so long to actually play a dedicated defensive midfielder, who actually enjoys what he’s doing.

I also think you can’t underestimate how important Cazorla playing close to him is in doing his job.

Me So Hornsey

Arse log FA Cup Player Rating:



I also enjoy a good arse log.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That’s lucky then, I just happen to have a spare one hanging around somewhere.

Cliff Bastin

I think these ratings are fair.

Third Plebeian

Yeah, except for that Walcott score. Typical Arseblog.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I must admit I only gave them 9.5 each, but that’s only because we need wiggle room to up their scores when we bring the Emirates FA Cup back to The Emirates Stadium next May.

I’ve just finished watching a rerun of the game and I felt about the same level of stress today about whether we would win as I felt yesterday watching it live. Bugger All.

I only just noticed Alexis snuck a Chilean flag onto the balcony to wave when they were handed the Cup. Is he the first Chilean to win an FA Cup?

Don Cazorleone

No, but interestingly he is only the second Chilean to score in an FA Cup final, after George Robledo scored in 1952 for Newcastle to win 1-0 against us.

James Reihill

Funny just as game was finishing I was thinking this was a tens all round performance. What a way to win the cup. Dominant. So many painful days watching football…enjoy your evening my friends. COYG!!oneards and upwards.


“I just went and warmed up. He didn’t ask me to” – Alex

Love this team!

trophy drought

Well done lads!


I’m just going to assume that any reader ratings lower than 10 are due to people having as much difficulty as I just did in hitting the correct place in that tenth star to fill it.


Excellent FA Cup win! 10s for everyone with special mentions going to Ozil, Carzola and the Coq!

Thierry Bergkamp

It’s “Cazorla” ffs! Not “Carzorla”. How many years has he been at Arsenal?

John C

I quite like the Merse pronunciation


Mesut Ozil went to Hogwarts.


..And became the Wizard of Oz :}


10 to everybody.

Özil's left foot

Özil still can’t believe we signed him, his going to be our bergkamp and Alexis is going to be be our Thierry Henry, just watch.

brain is a Gooner4Life

Our Coq was huge today… MOTM for me.

Rozza the samourai

In October, nobody believed we would win anything. Wenger said to critics: Wait till the end of season before you judge and he was right. He knew the quality of his squad, the wise man.


I did


Arsene Wenger, OBE. Record FA Cup winner, 10

Thierry Bergkamp

Wenger doesn’t need an OBE from that old leech to be certified

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I*f it wasn’t for that “old leech” we wouldn’t have had the joy of watching a Villa fan having to hand the FA Cup to us. In fact we’d probably have had some corrupt bastard from FIFA up there (refusing to hand it over because it might be worth a bob or two).

inside tip

Many deserved tenners were given on this glorious day!


Perfect 10

Pakistani Gunner

When I saw the ratings I was a bit sad because I thought Blogs wasn’t being serious at all.

Then I realized these ratings are completely accurate. Everybody deserves a 10.

10/10 to everybody. What a happy day.

AN other

Bonus rating Wenger and Fans – 10/10


Last year was my first real experience of Arsenal winning a trophy, today is the second time. Let’s make it three in a row next year and win the league at sh*te hart lane!



I’d love to give everyone 10s, but somehow the most I can manage is a 9.95 or so… I guess that’s why the readers’ ratings for half the squad shows as 9.5
The most successful team in the oldest cup competition in the world!


How good Ozil was today imo Motm and I so wanted him to score but it just didn’t happen. And today I think we would had massive problems if Ospina would be in goal as he wouldn’t got those crosses Szcz did. So… what now to do till the next season starts? Missing Arsenal already :/


I so want Szczesny back as #1 goalie. His height helped to take away Benteke with header attempts. I really worry AW will make a huge mistake and let Szczesny go and give the starting position to Ospina. Huge mistake if he does.Absolutely thrilled with the team today. We have such potential for next year!


I think he won’t cause when the next season starts ospina would still be hung with copa america and scz would probably start the games. If he could retain his spot then I don’t think Wenger will change it again.


Clearly underrated.


Sensational performance, completely blew them away! Especially happy for Walcott; and to think some “fans” prefer Sterling!!!


Yes Theo yes! Glad he proved the doubters wrong. That first goal was crucial after the early misses. Best performance by Ozil in an arsenal shirt AND in a big game. Love the fact that when the subs come on, they have a point to prove and Jack was superb and giroud scored with his trademark brilliance. Surely now we get to keep Aston Villa now we’ve beaten them thrice.


Wilshere also came in for some unnecessary stick, “fans” even blaming him for getting injured!! He’s Arsenal through and through, a fantastic talent and just came through an injury nightmare; we ought to show the same loyalty to the players that we demand from them.


I don’t think anyone prefers Sterling any more, after he threw the fit in his pram – and just as importantly his performances went to crap. He’s definitely not Arsenal material. Doesn’t have the right mentality.

A swap deal between him and Theo is starting to look like Liverpool would be getting decidedly the better end of the bargain.


Exactly! 50 million for a player that has never scored 20 goals in a season (Theo has!), never scored a hattrick (Theo has 5!) and never scored in a cup final (Theo has scored in 2!!!!). What the hell are they smoking in Anfield???

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Everyone played so well, I honestly think the hardest thing about this game was choosing a MOTM. Every single player on that pitch had a phenomenal game, what a performance. More like this next season please, COYG!


LOL Media would deem to play the narrative that Villa did not ‘show up’. How about simply OUTCLASSED. All this gibberish about young Grelish, young Bellerin had him in his pocket. No contest. We were simply better in every department. Giroud even scored which takes his season goals per minutes played average to the same as Benzema (or if you like Benteke who was outscored by sloooow Metersecker) We could have had more but Arsenal don’t score enough apparently because we don’t have ‘world class’ forwards never mind 106 goals from 21 different players this season and yes, Alexis Sanchez.… Read more »

Mr Gooner

Just waiting on Mesuts shoulder to drop the next fire mixtape.
Brilliant performance, words can’t really describe it…I’ll leave that to blogs. Great day and till next season.

James Reihill

I love Szcz ….however ideally I would like sign Cech, send him on loan to Southampton (for now) to cover for Forster, and get a good deal on scheiderlein. Wishful thinking perhaps……


10 for everyone, but 11 for Ozil

Kentish Gooner

I think the word everyone is looking for is ‘faultless’. What a bloody good win!

Rad Carrot

Jesus Blogs, don’t be so stingy!



but gg to all, was beautiful


Special mention for monreal as well.. He might not be flashy but he has played so well this season. Love this team!!


True. He was never troubled. Never. Amazing.


He was bought because he was the most consistent LB in La Liga, available at a pittance because Malaga had to sell. It took him a while to fully adjust but he’s now been the most consistent LB in the Premier League too. Arsene knows how to pick em.


I knew we were due a performance at Wembley, even put £5 on 4-0 so just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better Giroud netted me £100! Such a great bunch of players, and Alexis’s thunderbastard was a sight to behold.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

Although everyone was a 10, Walcott was incredible and Wilshere on that dribble late on, unbelievable.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

PS Santi completing 74/79 passes, and apparently winning all of his headers. Good on Caz


I still remember his reaction when he scored against Reading with his head… pure joy.

Sylent Syd

I have to say, I don’t miss Podolski on the pitch as much as I miss him for these type of celebrations. Can we hire him as a designated team photobomber?

All kidding aside though, that was the most exciting of the six finals that Arsene managed. I watch it on telly at home, but very rarely sat down. Pure style and dominance.

“Wenger out?” Sure, out to the pub to celebrate with the rest of the team !


Coq blocked all over the pitch ! Mr Sanchez take A bow

little gretel

I’d even give Wenger ten today!


Come On You Tenners!


My iPad doesn’t want to let me give ten to more than one player, so I will just ten out of ten for everybody: AW, players, coaching staff and the fans, who were brilliant today.

Everybody was great, but I thought Özil was superb today. There was one moment when he played a ball from within a crowd of players that was just astonishing. He just had so much time.

And Sanchez’s goal – what can you say? Sheer brilliance.



Defense Woj – Impressive after so long out. Not much to do but came for the ball well and helped the defense deal with Bemteke.. Made one mistake but we still love him..Hope he Works hard and can prove people wrong. Bellerin His growth this season has been impressive. Really good progression and he was excellent today, Got forward well, defended well next to Mertesacker and kept the Grealish kid in his pocket whenever he was on that side, Mertersacker Flawess today..One everything against Benteke and got a goal..Not much else to say. Poor start to the season but like… Read more »

Johnny 99

Ozil. Two years, two trophies. That is all.

Johnny 99

We win nothing for 9 years, sign Ozil and win two in two. That is all.

Gooner Rises

who is giving ratings less than 10

Less Rambly Pete

probably all of us thanks to some quirk of Aresblog rating system, which seems to rate to 15 decimal places, but not quite 10.000000000000000!
Of course this is not normally a problem, indeed I’m sure we’ve all spent a few moments wondering if a players performance merited a few femtostars more or less…

p.s. Bonus 10/10 for Santi’s post match interview, no?


Every player today was awesome, 10s all round including Le Prof

Just telling it like it is

developing a knack for trophies now


Arseblog blatantly laid out what was on my mind with these perfect ratings. Thanks sir for making the season and especially today enjoyable.

Arsenal's Legend

i can’t believe you didn’t copy that. anyway keep it up….. tenners for a dozen F.A Cup. Wenger has won more F.A than Chelsea….. COYG


To me this was one of Coquelin’s best games. Intercepted everything and I think the biggest compliment to his growth this season is that he no longer looks like the weakest one technically out there and looks like all the rest, very confident on the ball and is doing a great job dribbling out of pressure and retaining possession. That was the biggest thing missing with him and the improvement from when he first got in the lineup to now in that area has been about as big as I’ve seen at the professional level. Hard to pick one MOTM… Read more »


Hmmm…last time we won two consecutive Fa cups we went the following season….


Undefeated, baby!


How lucky are we to have witnessed Ozil gliding around the pitch and placing passes as he did today? Looked like no one could touch or bother him. Wizard.

How magnificent was Sanchez’s strike?

How great has it been to watch Koscielny and Mertesacker mesh as they have over the last three years?

How good is Giroud getting at that backspin flick off the outside of his boot at the near post?

How smooth is Ramsey’s hair?

True North Gooner

The answers to your questions, friend:

So lucky!
So magnificent!
So great!
So good!
So smooth!


Answers to your questions friend:

Less rambly Pete

I thought Ramsay’s hair looked just very slightly less than perfect in post match interview, so deducted 3 femtostars from his rating. Just 9.999999999999997 today.