Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Bellerin was set for departure before first team breakthrough

Hector Bellerin has revealed that he was set to leave the club on loan before circumstances saw him make his breakthrough into the first team on a regular basis.

Starting the season as third choice for the right-back spot behind Mathieu Debuchy and Calum Chambers, a spell elsewhere to develop his game seemed the sensible option, but the Frenchman picked up the first of his serious injuries meaning he was required as cover.

When Chambers’ form dipped, Arsene Wenger gave the young Spaniard his chance and he’s been one of the success stories of the season – even if there have been signs of his inexperience from time to time.

“I was really close to leaving on loan again,” he told the official site. “I was talking to the coaches about where to go next season, but it turned out way differently.

“I knew that I was going to work hard wherever I was, fight for a spot wherever I was, and that’s what I did. I got my chance and I think I took it.

“If someone would have told me that this was a position I would do well in this season, I wouldn’t have believed them.

“We’re still fighting for the second spot and we’re in the FA Cup final. Everything has been a surprise to me and I’m really, really enjoying it.”

It’s another illustration of how important timing and circumstance can be in a player’s career. It will be interesting to see if he keeps his spot for the FA Cup final.

Debuchy is reportedly back in training and if fit would probably be the manager’s choice, but we’ll see how it goes.

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Likely to be Hector for the final, though he needs to work on stopping people getting around him to cross, as seen yesterday and last week. It’s not a pace issue.


Yeah. Wenger trust his players. And its not like Bellerin has been giving below par performances lately. Unless its a fitness or fatigue problem, or bellerin makes crucial in-game errors before the cup final, i think he’ll start.


Are there stats for cross blocking? Seems to me he’s been a bit unlucky that the ones he hasn’t blocked have provided goals. Is there a fullback out there that can block all crosses?


Yes his names Christopher Crossblocker, he’s a German Defender who specialises in stopping crosses.
His brother Kristoph Cockblocker is not the type of guy you want as your wing-man on a night out, I was once cracking on with Miranda Kerr and he came along and told her I have genital herpes… Which I do but was hoping she would find out until it was too late…. Damn you Kristoph Cockblocker why do you always do this to me!


Would Cockblocker make a good wing-back though?


I think we just found our back up Coq.


This Kristoph Cockblocker guy sounds still more likable than fellaini (not bothered to look up if that is how to spell this elbowy, cheating

Andre santos

How do 2 brothers share different surnames?

Kristoph Cockblocker

There are a number of different ways this is possible but in my case, I have a different father.



Hope Toral makes his breakthrough next season so we can properly stick it to the Catalans.

Red Cannon

…in the final of the Champions League.


Tides in football turn very quickly. Just imagine that year ago someone would tell than our main right back would be Bellerin, Gibbs would be sitting on the bench, Coquelin would be rock solid in midfield and Giroud would score more goals than van Cunt


Also, Van WankerFace starting on the bench whilst Mr 4 goals a season Falcao starts. Brilliant stuff


I hope wenger gives toral a chance next year. There will be a few spaces up for grabs in the squad. Plus he’s half English

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Got thumbed down for tipping this lad to being a regular for our club earlier during the season…Glad most of you are tasting the humble pie I ordered…


Tbh you’re prob one of those guys who writes the line up of the first team as being made up of half of our youngsters.
No prizes for people who just go, omg front line of Afobe and Akpom, zelalem and Crowley running midfield, Naitland-Miles on the wings with the Ox. Hayden bossing the back….
Then crowing when you got one right…

Law of averages

Mark Hughes

You sound kind of whiny, like everyone should have listened to you make a random guess that player A may or may not make it. I’m guessing a few people are now thumbing you down for acting like an arse.

Rohith J

Bellerin’s inexperience showed in yesterday’s performance. Let’s not get hasty about handing the RB reins over to him. Ease him in. He’s got time.


The man/boy let a cross get through. Let’s not get too hard on him. I would reckon every full back lets a cross past them in every game they play.


Not so much this but more the times he got rinsed by Young. Obviously position etc will come with experience but we definitely have one hell of a player on our hands, the fact he’s slotted so easily into our start XI when he’s only just turned 20 years old says all you need to know about his ability, not to mention that he’s a defender as well, usually it’s young attackers you see coming through the ranks in the prem.


Do you guys think Debuchy and Sagna always got it right trying to prevent opposition crosses ?


Gibbs has probably been the least mentioned player both at blogs and other them tabloids since the turn of the year.

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