FA Cup final 2015 – Tunnelcam


Via the FA’s YouTube channel, here’s the TunnelCam from yesterday’s 4-0 FA Cup final win over Aston Villa…

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I love these videos! Along with the pitch side cams, it’s the closest thing toto actually being at the match.


Best part of that video? Muset Özil’s little slide with his socks on as he walked into the dressing room, I love doing that as well! He is human afterall!

He looked visibly giddy and happy yesterday when he was walking with the trophy, him coming to the club ushered in a new era, may many more titles be on our horizon…

Up the Arse

Springbank 1962

What’s TunnelCam without Gunnersaurus?

Gunnersaurus IS TunnelCam.


Was Gunnersaurus even there yesterday? All I saw was that gormless unicorn. It’s not an Arsenal victory without a T. rex in an Arsenal shirt jumping up and down on the sidelines.


The players happiness is da best thing to see. And that alexis goal still give me goosebump till now. Can’t stop repeat watching it again & again. Absolute beauty from our little chillean

Thierry Bergkamp

All looked confident while Villa looked nervous from the start


Villa players have been nervous and hacked off ever since David Cameron switched to West Ham.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Haha, Alexis’s mascot is as tall as he is!

What a match. Can’t wait to watch it on repeat all summer. COYG

Aussie Bruce

They look like they’re stepping out for a night on the town together


I also loved the ozil sock slide I wonder who got his boots




brief glimpse of rosicky 🙂

The Angriest Man on Twitter

I love Arsene’s barely-contained glee after the match.


This is so awesome.

An aside, I love how happy Tim Sherwood is to meet the manager of his favourite club.

Ja gunners ja