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Hull 1-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers

I used to do this column in the style of Harper’s Index and since Arsenal seem to be going back in time by trying to finish 2nd in the League (which we haven’t done since 2005) and appearing in back-to-back cup finals (which we haven’t done since 2003) I thought I would go back in time too. So, let’s get Old School!

24 – Goals scored by Alexis Sanchez in all competitions this season
26 – Goals scored by Thierry Henry in his first season at Arsenal
5 – Games Alexis has remaining this season to catch Henry
46 – Matches Alexis Sanchez has played for Arsenal this season
1.91 – Games per goal for Alexis
43 – Games Thierry Henry played for Arsenal in his first season
1.65 – Games per goal for Henry
37 – Days remaining before the Copa America kicks off in Alexis’ home nation, Chile. A tournament in which he will almost certainly play, meaning that just like this season, Arsenal will not have him available for training until the season has almost already kicked off! Gotta love these International tournaments!
21 – Number of set piece goals Arsenal have scored this season (Premier League stats only, includes penalties and Leads the League)
6 – Penalties Arsenal have scored (tied with Man City for the most in the League)
7 – Corners Arsenal have scored (5th best in the League)
3 – Direct free kick goals Arsenal have scored (2nd best in the League)
2 – Direct free kick goals Alexis Sanchez has scored this season
0 – Direct free kick goals Arsenal scored last season
73 – Key Passes Alexis has made this season, leading Arsenal and 7th best in the League
3 – Number of Key Passes Alexis had today
104 – Shots Alexis has taken, leading Arsenal, 4th most in the League
8 – Number of shots Alexis took today (led all players)
4 – Number of key passes Cazorla had today (leading all players)
100 –Number of passes Cazorla had today (leading all players)
2 – Number of times Santi Cazorla picked the ball up in midfield and with a twinkle-toed run that wouldn’t leave a footprint in sand, dribbled through the heart of the Hull defence (he was 2/2)
5 – Number of times Alexis dribbled (of 7 attempts, led all players)
2 – Number of times the referee called a foul on Hull for tackling Alexis when he was breaking aaway with the ball
100 – Number of those fouls it seemed like they got away with
2 – Number of those fouls that Jake Livermore did actually get away with
6 – Perfect tackles by Coquelin, he was 6/6 and led all players
3 – Interceptions by Coqeulin, tied with Bellerin to lead all players
9 – Passes Coquelin made in the first 35 minutes (Arsenal scored their second goal
47 – Passes Coquelin made in the final 55 minutes
7 – Total number of misplaced passes by Coquelin
1 – Misplaced pass by Coquelin in the Arsenal final third
1 – Number of times Coquelin was dispossessed
2 – Number of shots Jack Wilshere had
2 – Number of dribbles Jack Wilshere had
1 – Number of minutes Jack Wilshere was on the pitch before the commentator mentioned how Jack likes to “hold on to the ball too long and dribble a bit too much” and then Jack did exactly that. The end result being Jack the victim of the same kind of crunching tackle that Man U’s Paddy McNair gave him which is why he’s been out all season in the first place
4 – Touches by Theo Walcott! 1 shot, three attempted passes, just one pass completed
100 – Stones Tom Huddlestone looks like he weighs these days
1 – Pretty wicked tackle Tom Hundredstone put on poor Aaron Ramsey
20 – Today is the 20th anniversary of St. Totteringham’s day, FIOS.


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Danger Mouse

1. Arsene Wenger. Lets not ever forget that. Happy Totteringhams day.


DangerMouse, have you played world of warcraft under that name by any chance ? haha


DangerMouse, is there a reason why you sound like Del Boy?


1 – the number of managers who’ve been sacked in the Premier League for being boring


If only we had all our players fit for the first half of the season……


I actually read somewhere that Le Boss has an ‘agreement’ with the Chilean manager that Alexis will not be called up. Can’t quite remember th source though.. Anyways, great result.

Up the Gunners.


Only for the FA Cup Final. After that he is free to go for the tournament.

Arsenal's Legend

1000000000000000000000000000000000 – number of times I love Arsenal more than any club in the world.


0 – Direct free kick goals Arsenal scored last season. Isn’t there one in the cup final that counts?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

It says stats are for the Premier League only.

Outside of the league, Alexis also has a third directly from a free kick, in the League Cup against Southampton. And then there was the awesome goal against Galatasaray I think where he took a free kick from the edge of the box, it rebounded off the wall to the exact same spot and he put it in at the second opportunity, that was a pretty fun goal.


^ Against Anderlecht I think, felt like he was intentional to do it!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yep you’re right, it was Anderlecht. I guess it’s just more fun to think it was in a thumping of Galatasaray than in a night to forget against Anderlecht.

Getso gunner

I hope Alexis will help Chile to win copa america after helping Arsenal win the FA cup


Any Ramsey stats 7amkickoff? I know you’re not a fan of him judging from your posts this season on this blog and yours but I thought he did quite well this game, and has been doing quietly been doing well for some time now. I would hasten a guess that the stats back this but I wouldn’t know as well as you.


I hope chile get knocked out at the group stage and he’s fit for the community shield.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Remeber what happened to Arshavin after his national team had a shitty time? Never the bloody same again. I’d rather Alexis comes back with his second medal of the summer. He’d have so much belief in himself. he’d be awesome.


But then you risk running into the problem BFG had. Ahh who am I kidding, Alexis would never have problems with his motivation.


6 – Perfect tackles by Coquelin, he was 6/6 and led all players

There was one moment where he went to tackle a Hull player along with Kos, he don’t get the ball and it broke down their right hand side right on the edge of our box. How is that a successful tackle?

He was immense again today, I hope Arsene is now happy to concede one ‘passer’ in midfield in order to play a ‘destroyer’ like Coq. He’s improved our balance of attack / defend markedly.

Cliff Bastin

2 – number of times sp*rs have won the league at shite hart lane.
2 – number of times Arsenal have won the league at that shithole.


Actually tiny totts have only won the league once at shite hart lane (the other time was away).
Not many people can remember though as it was over half a century ago.

Happy St Totteringhams Day to one and all!

Woolwich Peripatetic

0 – number of times “North London’s original club” have won the league as a proper London club.


Santis assist was with his left his freaking left!
That maverick!.


Hull’s Alexis bitch


200 – Number of Koscielnys Arsensl appearance.

Harish P

Awesome as alway!

What’s “FIOS”?


Forever in our shadow.

Fat Fingers

Didn’t mean to downvote!


Hey is it still St Totteringham’s Day today? Does the ‘Day’ last 24 hours?


It’s been going on straight for 20 years now. I don’t think it ends until it ends, it just gets reconfirmed each year.


Tom Hundredstone, hehehe, thanks for that little nugget.

Arsenal's Legend

it last till next season when we will b celebrating it with a treble.


I’d rather Alexis comes back for a late August/September start after a nice long holiday, can’t have him suffer from fatigue!


I agree with Tim on the Wilshere point and disagree with Blogs. Yes, Wilshere should get more protection from the referee, yes the tacklers should be penalized more but it is obvious these things are not happening. Wilshere has been injured multiple times now when going in to mistimed challenges and it is costing him dearly.

My suggestion would be to adapt. If it is obvious you are not getting protection from blind refs as neanderthal tackles fly in, then you have to change. If people are bringing guns to a sword fight, you show up with a fucking bazooka.

post-ball touching smasheroonies

Gutted Sanchez is away for the off-season and pre-season. Fingers crossed we’re flying then and can give him a month off.

post-ball touching smasheroonies

I like my new name on here.

Also gutted Sanchez is away for so long. Hopefully by the time he gets back we’ll be flying in the league and can give him a month off.


I don’t like your name…it has Roonie (sic) in it

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Even worse it has roonies (plural). One is bad enough.


Telling stats about Sanchez. Worrying fact he comes back knackered from Chiles participation. Get extra rest before season kicks off. We fail to score a goal.. All hell breaks loose. Lets hope our chilean is fit an healthy wherever he plays.

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