Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Hull City 1-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Despite Hull scoring a goal in the second half, and Sky’s laughable attempts to make people think it was then a contest, it was a professional, polished performance and a well deserved 3-1 win.

Here’s how the players rated.

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That’s the Arsenal we know and love. Brilliant football. Some of the combos between Ozil and Alexis, between Giroud and Ramsey, and between Santi and anyone were breathtaking. It could easily have been 6 or 7. I agree Hull weren’t great, but it’s not easy to show up at the home of a club in a relegation battle and just take the game away by halftime. Ask Liverpool. Many great performances, but I’ll go with Santi for MOTM. Nice cameo from Jack, and it’s a shame he was denied his goal by a handball. And that Ozil flick? Excuse me,… Read more »


3-4 moments of splooge worthy material in that game. Better than porn.


Shiny reference there.

So many flicks it’d compete with Netflix.
I’m sorry.


The two people thumbing your comment down should be checked for abnormal preferences.

The bunk should be filled.


Elmouhamedy: rabbit-in-the-headlights/10 for this ridiculous piece of behaviour blob:https%3A//vine.co/a913afda-b5df-4f74-95d1-10fb2c5d69e6

Tom thumb

happy St totteringhams day,it’s funny that the cause of first goal was 3 ex spuds, huddlestone lost the ball Livermore made the foul and the Dawson deflected it in

David C

not sure how Hull didn’t have 3 yellows in the first half as well. Those were some cynical fouls to break up play. If you do it at the end of the game (like Arsenal vs. chelski) then everyone gets a yellow, but when it’s in the first half the ref leaves the card in the pocket. I’ll never understand that.

Great game by all. Is Bellerin a forward or a RB? I was confused at times. Boy oh boy, he was impressive.

Dick Swiveller

Dawson’s foul on Wilshere was late on in the game, still no yellow, I don’t think it is when it was in the game but the shirt they werre wearing.


Well at that point the ref pretty clearly felt sorry for them. I think he figured losing 1-3 at home and looking like you’re going to get relegated is probably punishment enough.


And to think the bloke who scored it only cost slightly more than Soldado :’)


Masterclass. Wengerball.


Footballistically brilliant, one may say.

Gunnersaurus's Lover

Özil is just a dream to watch, soiled my pants when he did that incredible flick!

like a red head Ljungberg

a cover for coq (someone more like kondogbia rather than schneitherlin) and maybe a striker if walcott goes (id love lacazette) and we wont only talk about bright future next term this time.

Third Plebeian

Ozil is ridiculous good. Just ridiculous.

General Franco Merida

Bellerin should never leave this team! What a player. Great performance. Can’t wait to win the cup.


Jack was brilliant the few minutes he was on for! looks promising indeed


All that talk of how he’s not going to get into the team looked a little bit silly when he came on and looked back to his best. We got a glimpse of how good he can be when he’s fit again. He might be understudy to Ozil and Santi next season but that’s a very good problem to have if you AW


Interesting that when replacing Ramsey at RW he went with Wilshere instead of Walcott. Glad Wilshere got some game time and he did well for the first time out, but what does that say about Walcott’s in Wenger’s plans?

Dick Swiveller

I think the issue is Sanchez playing on the right, for a while now we seem to prefer having a midfielder on one wing and a striker on the other, for a long time it was Theo on the right but now that side is the one with the midfielder so he’s not going to get much joy there. However, he’s coming on to play in central positions, in preference to Welbeck now as well, so I think he’s geting a tryout for a more central role and maybe it shows that his contract situatoion is close to resolution.


jack could’ve passed the ball instead of running into that tackle. same old jack.


He passed it before he was tackled.

Dick Swiveller

Yes, and the other times he held onto it he forced a dangerous freekick position and caused real issues by getting to the byline.


He did ok – he did typically lose the ball at least twice with his short passes to Giroud off the mark (saw so much of that in the season’s first half)..

But more importantly, is he a complete fool? Or blind? His sure goal was stopped by a handball on its way in and did you see his reaction? Hands on your head? WTF? Only Bellerin was even appealing!!! THAT is a red card and a penalty irrespective of the situation. But not even a protest! What naïveté!


Judges haven’t been giving penalties for handballs all season long.


Ozil is my MOTM


It is hard to believe that there are talks about Santi leaving us.
His vision on the pitch is phenomenal.
Today he was as good as any player and his assist was out of this world.

canizares's targarian locks

Mr Blogs has just pulled the notion that Santi could return to Spain out or his Arse. Theres only one team, Atleticio, he could feasible join. Not gonna happen

Andy Mack

It’s only the ‘press’ that are suggesting it. No one seriously believes them though.


HFB made some good off the ball movements. Lets not think about selling Cazorla unless someone pays crazy money (>25)
Congrats to Kos for his 200th game.
I just wonder had Mertesacker not appealed for the foul when the ball was in play, the goal could’ve been prevented.

Andy Mack

Lets not think about Cazorla leaving, full stop.

Dick Swiveller

Aye, possibly. I think we were pretty damn sure it would be given though, not sure why given our previous experience with ‘refereeing’.

Arsenal's Legend

why did the game ends so soon….. Ozil is just fucking good. with OZIL football is made easy.


Bonus 10/10 for Wenger’s new do, it has taken years off him.

I think he has a cheeky shock transfer under his sleeve too, there’s something about that wry smile. If his cards were any closer to his chest they’d be tattooed on him.

As for the game, that last 20 minutes of the first half was a delicious dismantling of the utmost delectability. If I watched a video compilation of our flicks I think my genitals would explode.



Sanchez, carzola and ozil the three wise men. perfect performance… next season is already promising and will be interesting!!

Danger Mouse

Bellerin, Ozil and Cazorla’s season average score seem peculiarly low considering how flipping great they’ve been for months.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe you get a 0 rating for each game you didn’t play in. That would drag the average score down.


Sterling is hahahahahaha…better than hahahahahhahahahaha…Ozil….hahahahaha hahahaha haha. Ah man, classic Owen.


I assume you have inhaled the same gas that Sterling does.

Terry Henry



Really really impressed with Jack when he came on. Commentator mentioned how he must have been keeping sharp and I had to agree because boy oh boy did he not look like someone who had just been out 5 months. Really hope he’s got the injuries to bed because his ability to drive us forward is something we’ll desperately need in games I’d nearly say he’s our best at it

Ramsey's Spirit

thats what makes it so hard to pick a position for him i mean he’d be a great number 10, but also a great centre mid, the good headaches

Dick Swiveller

Unless refs start sprinking some yellow cards around when they’re deserved, I suspect defenders will keep going in as hard as they can.

Merlin's Panini

Happy St Totteringhams Day one and all! I love it when it comes early


To be fair to Giroud, NBC Sports was pointing how his run helped draw away defenders and create the space for Alexis to run and get the third goal. Not something that will show up in the stat sheet, but vital nonetheless. Great effort tonight.


All of our French players were great. I tend to watch Giroud more than many of his critics because I appreciate his work, and his movement is brilliant. If people do not understand the game DO NOT COMMENT, and leave the guy alone. This commenter, Brent, is one of the few people who understands the game


Lame reasoning…he was poor….simple as that.


Who is better, Alexis or Freddy?


Freddy, Freddy Ljunberg, “it’s fucking excellent”, you know him,


Why does one have to be better than the other? Freddy played a much more different game to Sanchez, as an out and out winger feeding delicious balls to a two man attack, with Pires operating on the other side.

Sanchez doesn’t really fire balls in for our lone striker, he cuts inside to drive the ball towards goal, a bit like how Bobby sometimes did and Henry often did. Different teams, different generations, both are great and both wear the red and white.


Theo Does-fuck-all-cott 🙁


Theo How-am-i-meant-to-make-an-impact-with-5mins-game-time-Cott

Stop the silly comments, expect him to score a hatty or something in the time he was given

Tomas Casus

People really wind me up knocking Theo. It was the same thing with Ramsey and Jack. A bad injury and a bit of poor form and suddenly they’re shit! Do you not understand injuries and form? He’s been out for ages with a serious injury. His confidence is obviously not gonna be 100%, and Wenger is clearly easing him in, the way he should, because we now have the squad depth to allow this. Theo is a quality winger/wide forward that will get us 20+ goals a season. We need to get behind him, not call for him to be… Read more »


Give me an underrated brilliant Ozil all day long

Getso gunner

Not boring Arsenal, hope you will disposses sonething very special from Mr. Boring, next season

Az Ahmed

Lol gaylords

Az Ahmed

Theo Walcott is a magician. So much so he is able to tweet using just his mind. We must do everything to keep players with such psychokinetic abilities


We were unbelievable in the first half…don’t care what anyone says but mesut ozil is the best number 10 in the world. He’s the true definition of elegance mixed with intelligence. The fluency between ozil, alexis and ramsey was a joy to behold. Jack looked super sharp, though he did overrun the ball when he got the free kick. Giroud was invisible(3 games in a row now) but nice run for the second goal. Alexis sanchez…what more is there to be said?? 24 goals in his first season PLAYING OUT WIDE. He definitely will beat henry’s tally of 26 in… Read more »


Good points.

Sunderland after Swansea and Man U though.

Ramsey's Spirit

Jack did well on his appearance, should have had at least 1 penalty too; how their goal stood is beyond me.


With Wilshere back now and Debuchy, Welbeck and Chamberlin back soon Wenger is going to have some tough decisions in the run in with selecting who the substitutes are. I do hope that he will give Rosicky a chance to start one of the remaining home games and allow him to be subbed off to a fitting ovation after all that he has meant to the club.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If he does start him then we’ll know for sure he’s going 🙁


We were so good. We looked strong and exciting(the flicks and runs). The substitutes looked sharp and dangerous (Wilshere especially). We scored 3 goals. We were not boring. I can’t take this anymore! #WengerOut


Giroo not good enough last few games. Henry was right but shouldn’t say it in press get in giroo’s head he don’t need that. Only thing ozil cant do well is corners


As I said previously, “if you don’t understand the game, DON”T COMMENT”.


i feel giroud rating of 6.5 is undeserving.. the 2nd and 3rd goal was due to his positioning and pulling of dawson away from the center which allow ramsey and sanchez to flourish in the middle..

well, overall the game is soothingly smooth, except some santi slips here and there. attacks are entertaining to watch.. especially when jack came in.. his dribbles definitely kill..


He had a relatively poor first half. i’d. imagine that weighed in on the 6.5 rating more than anything.

Dick Swiveller

Well, if you consider 5 to be ‘average’ then Giroud is rated pretty well. He improved second half, but struggled to get into it first half, whilst still doing some good work, and that’s entirely why he is under-rated; he still gives us something even when he’s struggling, a lot of the mooted options to replace him wouldn’t do that imo.


Comparing Santi Cazorla to penny stocks… Well played?


Parisian Weetabix

I wasn’t the only one!


Feel like Henry broke Giroud’s heart a bit. Sad.


I really find it odd how the press n some fans keep.saying we need a new DM and a new keeper. Coquelin has honestly been as good as any DM I have seen in a while and i’m being objective here.

As for the keepers, how many available goalies are miles.ahead of the two we’ve got?

Ideally I’d say we need an experienced DM for options and possibly a new (world class) striker anyone short of this shouldn’t be bought. Happy with our forward line as it is


I love my Asranal and will always do. Even with a gun to my head I’ll still shout Gunners!!!! The boys were excellent. Get me that second place and the FA cup trophy and I’ll say we’ve had a very good season. There’s no stopping us next season…..we’ll cruise to premier league glory and reach champions league final.


I think this game just shows how vital it is for us to have that back four playing together. Monreal compliments the two central defenders extremely well, and Bellerin shows the composure of a much more experienced player than he really is.

Only negative comment from me is that Giroud failed at everything he normally is so perfect at. The build-up play, winning headers, and protecting the ball. Part of it seems to be due to Hull’s three central defenders, who actually handled him fantastically. Unfortunately for them, we had Alexis, Ozil, and Ramsay by his side 🙂

Arsenal's Legend

I Love Arsenal***

Anthony Akers

This Arsenal team is nearly there all we need now is a Striker Girourd is good at what he does holds the ball up well and lays it off well but he is not an out and out striker like Suares or Benzema if we had on of them to play alongside Girourd we would be untouchable we don’t need to buy anyone else but a striker is priority I am betting on us to win the Premership next season without a dought Come on you Reds I have been supporting Arsenal now for 74 years Am now 82 and… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Maybe we’ll see someone good playing for Chile in the Copa America over the summer that we can snap up, I hear they have some livewire forwards.


Seriously, what is up with Walcott. We know he’s adding nothing but he also shows zero emotion. Which he used to show plenty of…

Arteta Fan

My takes on our situation: Wenger has shown he can build a balanced cohesive deep team Ozil has shown that rare combination of world class with his team oriented and magical play, not just selfish and glory seeking Bellerin can freakin shoot and has that knack a world class defender needs today I trust Wenger if he thinks Coquelin is the answer…That is one calm Coq on the ball Giroud’s injury loss earlier this season and his impact now, even when not scoring, are underestimated in value to this squad Ramsey, Coq, Giroud, Ozil,Per,Kos,Bellerin,Monreal,Cazorla….everyone single one of them have the… Read more »


A couple of signings in kondongbia and lacazette. We can mount a serious challenge on all fronts next season

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