Report: Arsenal 0-1 Swansea


Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Szczesny, Gibbs, Gabriel, Flamini, Wilshere, Rosicky, Walcott

Arsenal’s long unbeaten run came to an end as a late winner provided Swansea with a 1-0 win at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger named an unchanged line-up for the 5th consecutive game, meaning Aaron Ramsey had recovered well enough from his Hull kicking to retain his place on the right.

The Welshman has been in great form and created the first chance of the game in the 4th minute, clipping a nice cross to Olivier Giroud whose header flew just over the bar. At the other end David Ospina had to be alert to stop a shot heading towards his near post, and alert to head away when a long ball almost put Nathan Dyer through on goal.

A Mesut Ozil free kick hit Per Mertesacker after Giroud had been fouled, before the Frenchman lost the ball deep in his own half allowing Shelvey a sight of goal before he was closed down by determined Arsenal defenders.

Swansea were well organised, sitting deep to deny Arsenal space resulting in lots of red and white passes but not much in the way of clear cut chances. It was the epitome of football stalemate, with the visitors content to waste time as much as possible.

There wasn’t much in the way of attacking threat from either team, especially Arsenal who had the lion’s share of possession. John-Jo Shelvey picked up a belated yellow card for a foul on Alexis, and some nice work from Arsene Wenger’s side saw a Cazorla shot blocked in the area,.

Giroud’s 43rd minute effort curled wide but it stood out simply because he had a go, and Aaron Ramsey almost found himself on the end of a looping ball over the top before former teammate Lukasz Fabianski came out to claim the ball. Just before the break, the dangerous looking Montero fired a shot wide, but it remained scoreless at the whistle.

There were no changes to either side as the second period began, and the game settled into much the same pattern with plenty of Arsenal possession – although there was some carelessness to our passing at times.

There was, however, a good opening when Ozil found Giroud and his flick saw Alexis with a sight of goal. His shot from a tight angle hit the side netting with a deflection off the defender but no corner was given.

The game felt a bit more open and Olivier Giroud saw an effort saved by Fabianski after he was set up by Ozil, followed by another shot into the side-netting, this time from Ramsey and it was just outside the post.

The former Arsenal keeper just about held onto a Cazorla shot with Alexis poised to pounce on the rebound, before Arsene Wenger made his first change introducing Jack Wilshere for Francis Coquelin in the 67th minute. It meant Wilshere playing from the right with Ramsey in a more central role, and that was followed by another change with Theo Walcott replacing Giroud in the 69th minute.

Arsenal looked to ramp up the pressure. Cazorla saw a shot deflect wide, Walcott couldn’t quite get enough of a touch on a low Bellerin cross, and Nacho Monreal’s fantastic run was found by an equally fantastic Alexis pass but under pressure his shot was saved.

Ramsey had a pop from distance but again Fabianski was equal to it, before the two best chances of the game fell within seconds. Ramsey clipped the ball into the box, it fell for Alexis but he hit his shot straight at Fabianski, and the rebound came out to Walcott who did exactly the same when he should have scored. The Pole then saved from Cazorla as he looked to have one of those games visiting keepers often do.

Then, wouldn’t you know it, Swansea scored. A Montero cross from the right was headed towards goal by the Swansea striker, Ospina looked to have saved it but replays showed it was behind the line. 0-1.

Arsenal tried to turn the screw in the final few minutes but found Fabianski as safe as houses, in truth though, we never really did anything that was too difficult for him.

So, the unbeaten run comes to a disappointing end and it means we have to picks ourselves back up ahead of the trip to Old Trafford on Sunday.

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Mark Hughes

How did we fuck that up?!

Shere Willpower

Because we got our substitutions wrong!


Does Wenger still think that Walcott is a CF?


If he still has two eyes to see this game with, the answer should be obvious…

Third Plebeian

Yes, approaching the Golden Showers stage of his career.


If we insist on pointlessly pointing fingers, Alexis had by far the most possessions in scoring positions, and played the whole match.

This trash about Walcott is ridiculous when you consider how many Alexis ran straight into a turnover or passed to nobody vs the number of times anyone got anything to Theo.

Mark Hughes

And shooting, mentality, approach… It felt like a ‘turn up and turn them over’ performance rather than the players remembering our form was based on hard work.


Hate to say it, but Walcott is currently just a waste of space. Can’t hold up the ball, doesn’t make any runs, no aerial presence or strength, doesn’t get in front or behind defenders and generally doesn’t seem to offer anything. I feel that today was more of a move by Wenger for him to sign a new contract rather than for him to make any real impact in the match. Terrible choice to bring Giroud off, especially as we were getting into the flow of things.


People are slagging off Walcott,but what did Giroud do for an hour?His purple patch is now in the rear view mirror,and he’s again starting to disappear in games.Also Wenger needs to stop this Walcott-striker bullshit everytime he’s contract starts winding down.


When Giroud “dissappears” in games, he at least puts forth 100 times the effort Walcott does when Walcott’s “trying hard”. He also offers at least 10 times the threat Walcott does, if for nothing other than his aerial ability and his ability/willingness to get involved in the play with the other attackers.

Walcott offers none of the latter qualities. Hasn’t offered them since Day One at Arsenal. And something tells me he never will.


You misunderstood me,I think Walcott should be out this summer.But Giroud isn’t good enough either.Finishing needs to be improved throughout the team.


Almost forgot the feeling of what it feels like to loose a game. How much we could have used a certain Oxlade tonight..


walcott the 2o min sub is suddenly cause for all our problems. morons

Crash Fistfight

Not the cause, but neither is he the solution.


have a go at giroud coz neither is he.


Given that our attack pretty much had nothing at the end of it (which was Walcott’s MAIN purpose for being in this game, if nothing else), I’d say yes, the dude is a BIG cause as to why Arsenal lost tonight.

Joe Smith

Where do you get that from?
Nobody said he is the cause of all our problems.
But he does seem to be an impact sub with zero impact.


He did not bring himself on,nor did he talk of playing as a striker.It was Wenger.So your ire is misdirected.

Nasri's missing chinbone

I don’t think that was the reason. Wenger actually changed it with 2 subs that we were crying out for in the first half, pretty early on in the second. (Admittedly we couldn’t bring on Walcott on the right where he would have been more effective as that would have left bellerin exposed to montero). Apart from Swansea channelling their inner Chelsea, I actually think you have to say hats off to Gary monk tonight. Came with a game plan, executed it perfectly, his players worked their socks off for him and were very disciplined and they got the 3… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Swansea had a game plan, but it was largely a failure outside of the result. They allowed a crazy number of shots from amazing scoring positions. I wouldn’t say the game plan saved them. More like our charity. We shot pretty much straight at Fabianski for 90 minutes.


when will wenger understand the Ramsey is not a winger and has no idea how to stretch the back line. Then he thinks if we move Ramsey inside and put a left footer on the right wing will solve the issue. He should have put Walcott on the wing and left Giroud on the pitch. This just proves that Wenger does not know how to change the team in the middle of the match. Ozil was very lazy again and Alexis had one of his worse games in an Arsenal shirt. Just goes to show how badly we need at… Read more »


You watched a different game? Ozil worked his socks off.


When they are so deep that there is no space to run behind them, why bring on Walcott.
Giroud wasn’t having a great game but would have stood a better chance of putting away the opportunities that fell to Walcott. Why take Coquelin off, might not have got the ball through for their goal, if he had still been on. What does Rosicky have to do to get a chance, I would have put him on and given Ramsey a breather. He would have made more impact than Theo in those particular circumstances.


Gary Monk pulled a smart one on us.
Park a bus,wait for the break and we played right into his hands by pulling out Coquelin and Giroud
Replacing Dyer with that dreadlock guy was the killer move.


See the reply above, the game plan was, result aside, a failure as if any of our forwards had their shooting boots on it would have been 4-5 nil. Ramsey, Alexis, Walcott and OG all missed sitters. You can’t say it’s good management to give away those chances.

Third Plebeian

Undone by Garry Mourinho and the Fabianski Challenge. How many times did we hit the goalkeeper? What hi-jinks.


We seem to create chances that Giroud would usually put away as soon as Giroud is taken off. 🙁

bims lay

Terribly terribly dissapointed…for me, the substitutions weakened the team…..prior to that, we looked rock solid…..walcott who is not confident yet came on and weakened our attacking prowess…..and cocquelin who has this knack, as all good DMs of being at the right at place at the right time defensively, was taking off, and this wekened our defence, so when both of them was substituted. we just didnt look the same any more! We know that wenger is an attack minded coach, so he did what we all know he would do in such situations…….when it works, he is genius…..when it dosent?……we… Read more »

Ghostbusters 3: Almost But Not Quite

If you agree that 0-0 is a better result, I think I know how. For all the talk about our impotent attack and wenger’s substitutions, the lead up to their goal had the one moment where I truly thought ”WTF was that?!”. For the cross from the right (before the assist), both Koscielny and Monreal ran to the ball, nearly bumping into each other, remember? That one second gave me a sickening sense of nostalgia , of seasons past such mistakes from us were punished regularly. I’m not blaming either of the players individually, but for that moment did we… Read more »

Smoking Cheddar

Ospina: And I would’ve got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling refs!

Crash Fistfight

Or if you hadn’t dived behind the goal line.

Tommy Gunner

I will be livid if we end up finishing fourth again!

A Yank

It’s like it’s written in the stars. Fuck me.

Crash Fistfight

I think if we win the last two games we get third.

I made a comment last week that people were being presumptuous, saying we were going to get 2nd. I got a load of down-votes and no ups. Couldn’t understand why.


because we think positive. its our job…as wenger would say

I don't comment here often

Well you’ve made up for it like gangbusters.


Finishing third will be a disappointment. We just can’t drop anymore points. City might only get 3 or 4 of their last 6 possible points. Seems like we really weren’t as hungry for 2nd place as I thought. What a let down. This can’t be a choke year. We started off poorly, we have to keep up the good form. Let’s go boys!!! COYG!

Third Plebeian

3rd will not be a disappointment. It, like 2nd, means we don’t play that CL qualifier in the summer. Honestly, that’s all I care about. That high-pressure game in the summer totally fucks up preparation and transfer plans.


Well, keep your fingers crossed Swans play like this against City too and take all 3 points, then it’s no harm done really…


Well that was just like our loss to Manchester United all over again. Completely controlling the game but putting ball after ball straight at the keeper. Absolutely dreadful.


Utterly gobsmacked. I really felt that as a team we had turned a corner but this defeat shows there is still a long way to go. I expected us to turn up like the Hull game but we started so slowly. We played right into Swansea’s hands. I ve really had enough of shit players scoring winners against us and opposition keepers playing out of their skins. And what a cruel twist of fate that we would be defeated by a goal keeping error when our former keeper is playing a worldy for the team. Next up long ball van… Read more »


This season we seemed to have a definite game plan going into the so-called ‘big’ games, but if we are to challenge for the title next year, I feel that we also need a gameplan against the 4S’s.. Swansea, Southampton, Stoke (away) and, like it or not, Sp*rs. They always seem to get something from us.


I wouldn’t say the totts ‘ always ‘ get something from us .
We beat the bastards three times last season

Bumpy Bear

We are going to end up even further behind 1st place this season than last. Last season we we’re 7 points behind the title winners end of season, atm we are a massive 14 points behind the winners with 2 games to go, currently doubling the distance up to the top. And then there is talk of a quiet summer window because the manager is satisfied with the team he got. Meanwhile United are looking to spend bazillions of pounds, and we know Mourinho will spend because that is what he does. In the last decade no other manager has… Read more »



Remember the invincibles

Wenger being ‘out-tacticed’ by Gary Monk . Gary Monk in, Wenger out. Lolz.


that’s why we won’t win the league without 1-2 big signings
striker and right winger
+a cover for Coquelin

Tommy Gunner

And a keeper. Ospina will make saves expected of him but won’t win you points



Surrey Gooner

I think you’ll find that’s 3 signings!


Sell szesney, theo, flamini, podolski, Campbell

Get Reus , Cech, hummels and schneiderlin .

Jon done 🙂

Bould's Eyeliner

You know nothing, Jon Done.


Helluva poet, but I don’t see how he’ll help us progress.


We need to work on our finishing. We should have scored about 4 or 5 clear-cut chances in the box. esp the two that fell to Santi and Theo respectively. Wasteful. Pissed off. We need a different type of goal scorer, but as i’ve said before, I really don’t know who’s available.


Bad substitutions. No way Coquelin should of gone off and theo should of been employed wide where he is dangerous to supply Girroud

Wenger's Glasses

Really really bad substitutions. Took out the wrong players.

So frustrating. Ugh. 🙁


This is the second time Arsene’s made subs like this. Last time we got away with it but you could see this one coming. Is it coincidence that every time start going on about vigorous training our players come out looking completely knackered before they start? And what the hell is going on with Rosicky, he would have been a much better bet than Walcott.


I must be the only one who ddint have any issues with the subs (when they were initially made).. taking Coq out for Jack was the very correct move .. One can argue about taking of O.G especially in hindsight . but he wasnt very effective and in the second half Swansea crept up a bit but we didn’t have enough pace to counterstrike .. Enter Walcott .. Who did fuck all bu didn’t really get any proper chances.


Walcott DID have a “proper chance” (more than one, really, but at LEAST this one indisputably). He had the type of chance that is meat and potatoes to any center-forward’s goal tally. A chance that just about any striker worth more than a grain of salt would be burying in the back of the net, on that rebound.

And he did fuck-all with it. Just like he did with everything else tonight, and every night since he’s come back.


What did Alexis do with his chances?

TR7 > CR7

Fuck off. They had one chance. Lucky pricks.

And only 4 minutes of injury time? Go fuck yourself. Why do the officials always reward time-wasting. Cunts.


That’s 6 points dropped against Swansea this season, I wouldn’t call it luck. They made all the right subs, and when their chance came, they took it.


The ref was pathetic, but we had nine shots straight at Fabianski. We had over 20 shots and all the ones on target went straight at the goalkeeper. They weren’t lucky, they knew exactly what Arsene would do, and as soon as he took of Le Coq and Ollie they brought on a guy who took advantage of the one chance they got. He didn’t shoot straight at our goalkeeper, he hit it hard and put it in the bottom corner. As soon as Arsene made his subs I was afraid the game was lost, you could see it coming.… Read more »


Disappointing finishing. And let’s be honest – theo just isn’t the answer as striker right now. We really missed the physical aspect in the end if the game.
Shouldn’t have been 0-0 in the 80th minute anyway…


Ayo, I’m tired of using technology…

Crash Fistfight

What the hell does that song title even mean?

Die Hard Gunner

Holy Shit!


Those who think Giroud or Walcot are the WC Forwards that can take us places are misguided


Another forgettable crap season. So much from finishing on a high note.

Crouch End Gooner

‘Crap season’, lol, so spoilt.

chippy's chip

If we win the FA cup the season will finish in a high note i reckon.


Can’t blame ospina really. We should have put them to bed with the chances we created before then. Not clinical enough today and far too slow to get going. That’s definitely something we need to change before man u.

Crash Fistfight

That doesn’t excuse him from doing his job – I would guess that the opposition’s goalkeeper would’ve saved that one, for example (well, actually, if he’d been playing for us, probably not).

Agree with the other points though.


Monreal did not do enough to challenge for that cross–Kos either. Walcott should have been back to shut down the guy who retrieved the overhit cross and put it back in. Ospina can’t cover the entire goal on a free header off a free cross. Wilshere was a good substitute; we didn’t need Coquelin at that point. Taking Giroud off for Walcott was just stupid. We had several gilt-edged opportunities and kicked them straight at the keeper. The corners were poor, free kicks worse. The problem wasn’t effort; we hustled and harried and retrieved the ball again and again. It… Read more »


Exactly. How many of our corners came in at chest height to the near post? How many times did we pass the bal to the opposition? How many shots were straight at Fabianski? Spunk just watched Mourinho bore everyone to death the other week and pressed repeat. Didn’t attack the ball until it came into their half so compressed the game into a small area. And with no width we were forced to play through a ridiculously busy central area. Problem is, having seen this, more managers will look to play this depressing anti football so Wenger needs to find… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I don’t even know what to complain about after that. The only thing I can come up with is the substitutions didn’t make sense – Wilshere was ineffective and Walcott had no chance. Why not just put Walcott on out wide instead, or is that too obvious?


I was dearly hoping that when Kos made that bombing run from defence into their penalty area that he was going to one-two the ball off some other player and totally Tony Adams it into the net on the volley …


Snatched and fucking Grabbed…With the same fucking goal that won with last time.

bims lay

lol…..yep!, and thats what really hurts….fucking swansea?….raiding us twice?


Not usually one to bash players, but what on earth was Walcott doing? The guy received a cross into the 6 yard area, and instead of turning to shoot, he ran away from the goal! Pretty shocking considering he wants to be known as a central striker!


He was completely surrounded, what he was doing was not wasting possession. Pretty disappointed in Walcott’s tame shot at the keeper- but not when he turned away from goal


Correct. Swansea had bodies around him. Walcotts chances were perfecty placed for Giroud but he was off the pitch. …wenger mistake.

Walcott is no CF despite his head telling him otherwise. The buck stops with Wenger for playing him there.


Why did Wenger take Giroud off? Walcott is not the type of striker who can play up top on his own. I mean I know why, perhaps he thought it would give the midfield more space if the Swansea defence dropped off to cope with Walcott’s pace and maybe it did, and then there’s the impending contract saga, but I mean really why?! We needed a proper striker there. Surely Giroud would have finished one of those umpteen inviting crosses that came in from the left. I’ve been missing Walcott, because I like seeming him in that wing/forward, but that… Read more »


The cruel irony of wanting more technology implemented in the game..

That was the exact same fucking goal he scored against us at their ground too, as soon as I saw that cross go in I was sure it was a goal, actually fist-pumped because I thought we’d gotten away with it.


Agent Fabianski forgot his mission.

bims lay

well, lets hope he fucking remembers it next week against city………..more of the same please!!

2 bullets in the chamber

Another chance squandered for Walcott to make his mark. As I said before, Wenger is giving him chances, but its taking way too long to have a place in a team trying to finish second


We should never have taken out Giroud, our attack becomes too one dimensional with no one to aim for in the box.

If we are having title aspirations next season we need to do something about situations like these as a lot of teams are going to sit back and wait for us to break them down and hope to nick a goal somehow. This has happened a lot in the past and we need to avoid this in future.

And my week is ruined.


After taking Giroud off, BAM! We get a fuckload of corners with no obvious target in the box, and we start crossing like crazy from open play. Strange, considering how Walcott tends to hide behind defenders.


On the hindsight, had that double chance fallen to Giroud he probably would’ve scored. Haven’t seen him miss sitters like those recently.
But again we’ll never know.

BC Tatta

As much as it pains me to say this, I think this game typifies why we’ll go very close to the title next season but won’t win it. Our style is fairly easy to defend against as long you block off all passing lanes and our inability to finish off the chances that we do create always comes back to haunt us. As much as I love Giroud, what we need for games like these is mobility up front. Welbeck would have been a good option but he’s just not clinical enough and does not have enough of an all… Read more »


Bollocks. Well played Fabianski – genuine modesty in the post-match interview too. Fair play to the lad. Repeat performance by Swansea against Man City on Sunday please…


Well said. Let’s just say well-played and accept defeat as graciously as we did all those victories. Leave the sniping to fans of less classy clubs. We didn’t cross the ball well enough, several big chances went wide or were saved, our two full-backs were caught out by accurate passing for the goal. Yes Gomis is turd but he can head a ball and that’s all a team needs if we don’t put our chances away. With the run we’ve been on we’ve earned the right to not be stressed by one bad result so… let’s not get stressed by… Read more »


Hopes for second place finish have truly gone now. We should play for a draw next week and try to secure third place atleast.


In a more level headed analysis, sometimes you just get games like that. We had so many clear chances to score and failed to take any of them. Wenger would be entitled to think that we’d put at least one of them in the back of the net.


At least there’ll be some things on talk about on the arsecast tomorrow.

Dick Law

this is why we don’t win the league..68% possession…what’s the point…


Wenger is not that happy with Giroud obviously. The vibes were there following the Monaco debacle. Ollie is good ,but not good enough to be our number one striker. Nor is Walcott so the cheque will be out in July.


We had you today, didnt we? But did we need you? NO, FUCKING NO!!! :'(


Thumb down all you want want but lets face it: Theo sucks at this point. When was the last meaningful impact he had on a game. Every match he makes an appearance its, well Walcott really should have scores there. You’re not a striker Theo. Accept it or be gone.
So frustrating to watch these types of games. Its like we are incapable of a finish above third.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

That escalated quickly…clearly taking coq and the HFB off so early cost us, Swanseas game plan worked and fair play to them…Anyone else realized that we offloaded the wrong Pole keeper..Fabianski was man of the match of what swansea made boring…

Wenger out

Oh no! we are complete shit again after being so fantastic for a while.


I sorrowfully find the humor in this.


Take coq off when gomis is still on the bench? Quality.

Walcott is a winger and should stay a winger, far more productive.

Overall, just a big streak of shit smeared over the hard work for the last few months!


Positive reaction to the game: Swansea had 1 chance all game and scored..We missed loads of chances and the decision making around the box was awful..No one played badly we were completely unlucky..We have been in great form, sometimes this happens in football. It just wasn’t our day today.. Negative reaction to the game: Alot of slow and useless build up..Mostly because Giroud has been wank for a couple of games now. Combinations around the box not coming off and players getting in each others way..Ozil was probably the pick of the bunch..Cazorla has superb technique striking the ball until… Read more »

George Martin

Not what I needed going into a geography exam tomorrow.. 🙁


That Walcott chance feels like the final nail in a £100,000 a week coffin


Putting things into perspective: – 3rd is still pretty much assured since we need a draw and a win against West Brom and Sunderland, even if we lose against Utd. – We can make 2nd if we win our remaining 3 fixtures, and City at least draw against Swansea or Southampton. Remember both the swans and saints are playing for Europa. On the other hand laws of probability are against us since we already won against Utd at their ground. (Lightning doesn’t strike twice, etc., etc.) – We can also make 2nd if we win something like 6-0 all our… Read more »


Just stop it.


Well that was a load of shit. We always have a performance like this round the corner don’t we? Fabianski barely had to move for around 10 shots, that’s not good enough. You can see why Thierry Henry and most other pundits can see why we always fall short. We DO need a proper keeper. Ospina has done ok, but he’s never under much pressure, because we seem more solid in the middle of the park. He seems to react quite slowly though, although I partly blame Monreal for not even bothering to jump to challenge Gomis. But hell we… Read more »

The Angriest Man on Twitter


He's got no hair but we don't care...

We just cannot break down teams who play that dull and defensive bank of 5 across the midfield.

On the rare occasions where we get an early goal, we’ll turn that team over, if not it’s just painful.


That was the most Arsenal performance of all time. 64 touches in the opposition area to their 6 and we lose 1-0. For. Fuck. Sake.


If that game doesn’t convince people that Theo Walcott has no place or purpose on this team anymore, nothing will. No tracking back, no pressing, no link-up play with the other attackers, no involvement with the play or movement off the ball, no overall effort, nothing. And to top it all off, he can’t even be bothered to battle defenders to get on the end of a pass, or hit a shot at goal with any power or placement, when it’s easier to score. Basically, he’s utterly useless at doing anything other than waiting for a ball to come in… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more…he’s been at Arsenal for 10+ years now and you would think that by now he should be doing more, looked completely uninterested when he came on, misses a clear cut chance and doesn’t even react.


We were unlucky… Fab was Fab… ospina not good enough… Walcott shit… Crazy subs… Not too much damage done… We’ll finish third after beating United on Sunday… We never do it the easy way…


fab was not fab we made him that way not with our kicking the ball straight down his throat.


Not unlucky at all. Incredibly poor finishing was the problem.

Crash Fistfight

I think Fatgooner gets down votes just for being him. His post is actually positive!

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, I guess.


Thank you for a proper comment (and not a negative one) Fats!


Definitely need a new striker (trouble is there are not many out there) …Was Henry’s comments a few weeks ago that far off.

Giroud looks spent, his game is based around his back to goal play and he works very hard so im not surprised. Hopefully Man city implode for no reason and we can steal Aguero lol.

Back from injury, year out etc, etc…Walcott has failed in every audition since his return to fitness. His performances have been embarrassing.


Walcott scored goals when he first came back, three I think, then Wenger benched him to negotiate down Walcott’s salary. When he comes on he gets about 10-15 minutes to play. Not much he can do. Ps. Nobody did anything offensively tonight so why the hatred towards Theo. PPS. Monreal was tackled in the box. We should’ve had a pk.


Walcotts goals and assists (stats/numbers) have always blinded people to the fact that he is actually a pretty shit footballer.


You guys can bash me all you want but what’s a keeper to do…he fucking dove for the ball and got there he tried to saved the header and it went in, he did his job!!! Why are we not looking at Mertesacker, Koscielny, and Monreal (I think) that basically didn’t challenge Gomis? or what about our pathetic non-existent front line that didn’t produce anything at all during the first half? or in the second half that everything was just shot directly at Fabianski as if he were still playing for us? Giroud- let’s face it, when the going gets… Read more »


Lol please, one defeat & you guys are starting to say “wenger out” “we’re shit” & whatever unnecessary words. The lads played well imo, they just didn’t have a good finishing & thats what AW has to recover in the summer by buying top class player. This second game was way better than our 1st game at their home. Support the lads through thick & thin please. Unending support from a true fans is the 12th player of the team & thats what the team needed from the fans.


I bet villa will use similar tactics in the final. I hope we learn from the mistakes in this game and show more urgency in passing in the first half.