Sunday, January 16, 2022

Report: Arsenal 4-1 West Brom (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Coquelin, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ozil, Alexis, Walcott

Subs: Szczesny, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud

Arsenal’s Premier League campaign ended with Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere shining in a comprehensive 4-1 win over West Brom at the Emirates this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger made a couple of changes to the team that drew with Sunderland, bringing in Theo Walcott in place of Olivier Giroud, Francis Coquelin for Aaron Ramsey and Gabriel for Laurent Koscielny.

Jack Wilshere began on the right hand side with Theo Walcott up front, and the latter had the first shot on goal in the opening minute but saw his effort well blocked. However, his next attempt put the Gunners ahead.

Arsenal’s build up was patient, the ball came into Walcott in the area, he let it run across him and thumped it onto the top corner. It was a fantastic strike to break the recent little goal drought the team has experienced. 1-0.

Alexis was next to test the West Brom keeper with a low shot after some intricate build-up but he found Myhill equal to it, but the lead was doubled in the 15th minute when Walcott bagged his second of the game. The move began with Wilshere and Ozil making space in their box, the ball was nicked away from Ozil but Walcott picked it up and toe-poked it into the bottom right hand corner. 2-0.

He celebrated by going to hug one of the physios, and moments later Jack Wilshere got in on the action with a tremendous strike to extend the lead even further. An Arsenal corner was cleared, Gabriel kept it alive, touched over a defender to Jack Wilshere who thumped it on the volley into the top corner. A genuinely cracking goal. 3-0 – and he went to hug the same physio.

The W-Pair were enjoying themselves out there with Walcott seeing a good chance saved by Myhill before Wilshere combined beautifully with Alexis before shooting right at the West Brom stopper.

Per Mertesacker was next to have a go as he used the blinding pace he’s famed for to get to the near post from an Ozil free kick but again Myhill got down to make the stop. A 32nd minute Santi Cazorla shot deflected just wide, Walcott set up Alexis whose shot was blocked and the England man got another attempt on target but couldn’t get enough power on it for it to be dangerous.

It was all Arsenal and when the next goal arrived the Ws were involved again. It all began with Wilshere driving forward, he combined with Alexis, clipped it to Cazorla whose left footed shot skidded across goal and Walcott was there at the back post to tap in for his hat-trick. 4-0.

At the other end a deflected free kick caused some very momentary panic before Ospina claimed the ball, Myhill made another fine save from Walcott and the Gunners took the four goal lead into the break.

There were no changes from either side at the break but an early yellow card for Hector Bellerin when he was booked for a foul deep in Arsenal territory. West Brom then made a couple of changes taking off centre-half Jonas Olsson to put on striker Victor Anichebe, and Craig Gardener replaced Calum McManaman.

The visiting keeper was still the busier though, saving a Cazorla curler well, but in the 57th minute Tony Pulis’ team pulled one back. After a strange looking save from Ospina gave West Brom a corner, the Colombian totally misjudged the set-piece. He came for the ball, got nowhere near it and Gareth McAuley had a simple job to just nod the ball into an empty net. 4-1.

Mesut Ozil’s dummy and cross deserved more than Walcott not quite being decisive enough in front of goal, but as the game entered the final half an hour it took an a real end-of-season season feel. Arsene Wenger made his first changes in the 69th minute when Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud came on for Coquelin and hat-trick hero Walcott.

There was a final change a few minutes later when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain made his first appearance since March 9th when he replaced Jack Wilshere. The lead was almost extended further when Ramsey’s left footed shot cannoned away off the post with the keeper beaten, and the Welshman brought out a magnificent save from Myhill when his curler for the top corner was tipped onto the crossbar.

There was another moment of uncertainty from Ospina when he let a Craig Gardener shot slip through his fingers, saved only by the crossbar as the ball fizzed out for a corner. It was unconvincing goalkeeping, but it didn’t prove as costly as his first error.

In the end though, a comfortable win, third place 100% secure, and just what we needed ahead of next weekend’s FA Cup final.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

So, Theo Walcott still exists.


We need him to be playing for a contact every year




Haha! That was for the left footed Ramsey strike which hit the post. I think if he starts for the final, he should start from the center or come on as a sub. Walcott in the right wing position won’t do us much harm.


Great performance today, some dilemnas for the FA Cup Final, even more so if Ramsey had been luckier. We’ll probably see him on the right and Walcott on the bench, but it’s tricky for Wenger. There’s even an argument for Aaron/Coq in the middle and Santi on the bench. Glad to see Villa lost and were so close to relegation. Though last time we played a Midlands team at Wembley and they were that far down we were too complacent. Hope fully we will be better focussed this time. Well done the Liverpool team, a memorable send-off for your great… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Is an injury coach someone that tells you how to get injured?

I enjoyed your other points by the way, especially the heart-felt praise for Liverpool (they’re the gift that keeps on giving aren’t they?).


I only wonder this.. Why wasnt sczesny given a chance to play? He will be our cup keeper if he doesnt get injured or anything.. little bit of match practice would do no harm?? Also, why play alexis so much when he clearly looks bit jaded.. its his first season o_O and he has to go to chile to play some crap and come back to england where the season would begin earlier than usual. No proper pre season or rest for 2 consecutive seasons.. why wenger? whyyyyyy????? P.S: well done lads.. was at joy watching tony pulis’ shitty face… Read more »

2 bullets in the chamber

Called it!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Walcott is clearly desperate to put himself in the shop window.




It must suck to sit there unhappy as Arsenal scores because you are so bitter about Walcott, Ramsey and others are given time, Walcott is given a boatload of shit from “fans” like yourself


That is special way to end the season, Theo. Now sign the paper, please.


Walcott can’t leave us after a hattrick right?….right?…right!!!


Multiple happy endings.

Crash Fistfight

Just have to make sure Walcott’s package is good now.


Big headache for wenger regarding the starting XI for the final.

Crash Fistfight

That performance from Ospina will make it look less of a risk if/when Szczesny starts in the final though.


Knowing Wenger, he’d play Giroud at CF even though he’s lacking form and confidence and bring Theo by 80 minutes even though he’s fresher and raring to go.

glory hunter

Like ive always said, when Theo returns to full fitness, he’ll be a starter.


…or a striker like he said he could? This could be a Roy of the Rovers story!

Well done Theo!

Mach iii

He can’t beat Ramsey to a start on the wing :’D


that was great from Walcott and Wilshere


No point saying I told you so. But for the goons who agreed we should swap him for sterling….well…enough said. Well done. And jack….again showing what he’s capable of. Now let’s win the FA cup. COYG

Bumpy Bear

Now, I want Walcott to do well, but are you seriously basing your opinion on the only good game he has had in his 14 appearances this season? He is a winger who doesnt create chances and has only created 4 chances in his 14 appearances this season. He does not put in work defensively and averages 0, none, zilch, defensive actions per game, and he is only succeeds with 0.5 take ons per game which mens dribbling someone to get around them is not his strong suit either. Making good runs is what he has got in his tool… Read more »

Wenger admirer

What you do not understand is what a special player Walcott is. But you will see that next season week after week when he’ll be our top scorer leading us to the title. (no, I am not being sarcastic)
Like Arsene said: Theo has a special destiny. Trust.


I agree with some of your points. Can’t argue with facts can I? But when I watch theo, and this came to the fore last season, his defensive contribution has improved alot. I expect theo to score and create predominantly, and after that, at least get back in formation behind the ball. All of which, he does whwn fully fit. Sterling had one season(last) where he looked good. That was with Suarez and Sturridge on fire. Still has alot to prove and I wouldn’t swap theo for sterling. I wouldn’t say no to buying him, he has potential to be… Read more »


Agreed, Rossi.


How many minutes has Theo had in those 14 appearances? Also I didn’t realise Sterling was coming from an injury that kept him out for over a year.

Stats mean duck all. What exactly is a chance created? Somebody has a shot?
What is a defensive action? How many defensive actions does Ronaldo or Messi do per game?

Watch the game instead of swallowing the opta website.

Mach iii

Ronaldo and Messi are goal machines. No need to look at any further contribution.

Walcott is not a goal Machine.

Forgetting stats totally; Sterling is a much better player on the eye.


Sterling did f all when his team played against us, in fact he almost disappeared.

Mach III

We’ve got great defenders.

Rozza the samourai

Theo scores goals and breaks opposition defence with his speed. That is a great contribution to me. With six goals (seven with the one at Old Trafford given as own goal) after returning from injury with very limited game time, we shouldn’t be blaming him for lack of defence. He is definitely a guy who would give you twenty goals a year.

Surrey Gooner

I must be missing something but before Walcott got injured against sp*rs I remember most people saying how he was beginning to become a real handful. Really get the feeling fans are becoming increasingly intolerant & impatient

reality check

Sterling probably will be a better player but we don’t Swap men with boys any more..

Mach iii

I would sacrifice Walcott in a ritual just to have a chance of getting Sterling.

Far better player.

It’s obvious.


Has Sterling ever done that?

Who still wants to trade?


Great to see the Ox back in action. Hope he plays a part next week!!


How do Sanchez and Ozil have so much fuel in them? I’m dazzled.

4 great goals, one week left till we’re the most successful FA Cup Team ever!! (hopefully)


Its great to see Ozil putting in tackles and getting closer to the person in possession. He’s been doing this for quite some time now. The sneak tackle from behind is becoming his specialty.


It goes to show what movement up front does. Theo was all over the place in the first half. I know I’m going to get some stick for this, but I think Theo should start next weekend. We have just been so predictable over the past month, passing it around with no movement around the box. Loved the goals today and The Welsh Jesus looks like a man possessed again!


Great performance before Wembley… Good job by LFC..


Brilliant goals from Theo and Jack. Great team performance! Onward to the FA Cup!


Hey, Jack and Theo, J and T, “JT”!

Okay, okay don’t hit me, I show my self out.


We all know who “JT” is. he is a massive chunk of a bloody watery feverish cunt


All players appear to be unscathed with injuries. All that matters for next week.


Comfortable, especially with WBA being in good form. Dare I say it we looked more decisive with Walcott up front than Giroud. I hope it’s a poser that Wenger considers ahead of the cup final.


Good selection dilemma for wenger. Even if Theo and Jack are benched, that sharpness they’ve got today may be crucial.


Walcott needs to start somewhere, anywhere next week. Even though he didn’t score last week, while he was in there was so much more spark in the team. His pace drives teams nuts. We absolutely cannot lose a healthy Walcott.

Richie Growling

Trevor Whymark


Great performance by the boys! Not keeping Theo would be a huge mistake. Could’ve had 5 if not for some top class saves by Myhill. Gabriel looks a very similar player to Kos. I’m remain in the same thought that GK is the top priority this summer. Ospina is not the answer. On to Wembly with great momentum!

Tanzanian Gooner

Hey Theo, just sign da ting man.

mersons coke dealer

Theo and jack were fucking deadly !




I want Walcott to be here next season. It is difficult to get replacement of his quality in this summer. Even if we get it will cost around 20-30 millions. It is better to keep him and spend money on Goalkeeping area. I believe wenger will allow sczney to be released and spend money on goalkeeper this summer. Other than that, I am not seeing any transfer activities in summer.


Good job you’re not the boss then.


A win is always nice. But putting things into perspective, let’s not forget that the goals came from fresh players against a tired middle of the table side, with nothing to play for anymore. Although this does mean we can unleash our Ws next week against Aston Villa, who will be in end-of-season mode too.


That was nice.


That was some ruthless, cold-blooded shit from our boys.


Now, bring the FA cup back to north london again. Do the job lads, do your last job! COYG

Theo's Speed

One game as a striker for Theo and he scores a hattrick . Three years for Giroud as a striker, still no hattrick . Of course i am only saying this because there was too much hate for Theo here recently and because too many people dont like it when Giroud is criticised


I think the point is that Theo often appears do be doing an audition for a role as The Invisible Man – taking up positions where he just can’t be seen, much less passed to. After 9 years at the club, I would expect him to understand where to take up positions better. So either he hides or he can’t figure it. This is one of the things which cause such frustration with him, along with his lack of willingness to take on defensive duties and at times frankly appalling levels of ball control. Giroud on the other hand never… Read more »

Merty BFG

Amazing team performance from everyone with the exception of Gibbs and Ospina at times. Gibbs should go over summer, all he does is pass back and commit wank fouls. Never contributes to our attacking style of play.

Surrey Gooner

Merry BFG wrong wrong wrong!
Gibbs needs to be kept. Him and Monreal are our right back. I s’pose you were calling for Monreal up be sold before he bedded himself in. Gibbs will come good. He’s been out injured. Give him a break!


Wenger will not and should not pay 50mill for Sterling.


I wouldn’t take Sterling on a free. I’d rather have Theo and Ox. I really don’t think Sterling is as good as he’s hyped up to be. Besides, i don’t see any shred of loyalty in his personality


I’ve always been in the give Theo games camp and he’ll score goals. We really should be aiming to tie him down again. Unlike Podolski who’s finishing is so exceptional Theo offers much more threat, and is a better play than given credit for, excellent move and his speed is a nightmare for defences.

Starting him at Wembley must be a firm consideration for Wenger now?


Tnere will be no selection dilemma for Wenger. Ramsey and Giroud will return to the starting XI next week.


I know this is entirely irrelevant, but please allow me to take a moment to say



Walcott’s performance today showed why Arsenal needs another striker who has similar qualities and more. Giroud slows down Arsenal’s game too much and should be replaced with a better striker next season and then we will see the real Arsenal at work.


I think they went to hug Shad Forsythe? Looks like him?


Fair play, was working and commentator mentioned Shad so figured it must be him. My bad.

Ace Rimmer for Arsenal

Have you forgotten how good Giroud has been up until the last few games. What we have lacked for years is having more than one way of doing things in the final third. If anything, what Wallcot proved today is that he can give you that from a forward position. He can also do a good job from the right when required. In short, keep Giroud and Wallcot. IMO they have both proved themselves as good players and professionals over the last three season and deserve to stay and fight for a place in the team.


For me, Walcott starts the final ahead of Giroud – it’s all about form and timing. The midfield axis has to be Coque-zorla, which means one of Wilshere or Ramsey playing wide right. Very tough call. Ospina looking shaky but no chance Szczesny will play now after a six-week hiatus.


Walcott and Wilshere been building up to this last couple of games.

Walcott please keep proving me wrong


Henry did some serious damage to Giroud’s confidence.


Let’s bring the fa cup back to red side of North London.

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