Video: Arsenal celebrate at Wembley


If you fancy watching Gunnersaurus lead the Wembley crowd in a rendition of Olivier Giroud’s popular Beetles-inspired ditty…well you’ve come to the right place.

Here you go (courtesy of The FA).

Bask my pretties. Bask…

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Robbie Rob

Gotta get use to seeing more of this in the near future

Steve the gooner

Don’t worry we on the up Sanchez and arsenal ripping teams apart next year VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY c.o.y.g


We are on the up. Looking forward to a PL challenge next season.


Happy for Theo who had a rough 18 months.

North Bank Gooner

The look on that kids face when Ox gave him his boot at the end…..Priceless 🙂

David C

and giving the scarf to Wrighty!

I loved watching this. I wish best of luck to Sanchez in the Copa America. i hope Chile wins, then he comes back next year after a little break and has to fight his way back into a bang on form team leading the EPL!

Sideshow Fellaini

and from this moment on, I will always be seeking but never finding;
that sort of pleasure I witnessed, just a boot and a kid.

My name is my name

Did Özil(?) give away his medal? Or does he know that guy?


From his Twitter, he had family there. The BFG went to see his with the trophy too.


Ja Gunners Ja! second time!


Amazing. Those kids reaction says it all. Memories forever for them. Up the Arsenal!


Love this. Gabriel walking round filming (so settled already with the team, and on top of that looks a cracking player!)
The positivity come the end of August will be unreal – cannot wait for the new season!! Anyone got a time machine???
This team does seem special, looking forward to see what they can do! <3

Professor Rocastle

Looks like Ozil gave his medal to his brother for safekeeping!


From what I have seen Ozil has been the most excited about winning it!
Ironic considering people saying how he didn’t look like he cared when he’s playing.
Love the Wizard!


I commented here recently that Mesut is no better technically than Terry Phelan was…………
One bloke responded that my Sarcasm Font was switched to Low……

Ok , here we go again……

Watching HIM in the final, I notice that whilst everyone else is scurrying around (well, Villa players mostly), while Ozil operates in slow motion, “casually flicking it here and there”. Why does he not get it? That you have to run around like an insect that someone has set on fire?


I was waiting for some chav from Preston to nick that boot :))


Keown said yesterday “the last time arsenal won FA cup back to back, they won EPL unbeaten the next season.” Watch out the world.
Congrats Arsenal, Congrats Arsene.


I seriously hope we are not signing James milner….this damn transfer bollocks won’t bring me down!!


jimmy milner wont be coming to Arsenal………we hav moved on people

chill out gents, Arsene has it covered


Hummm. Was hoping for a headline ‘ The Gunners celebrate cup victory in magnificent fashion’ Gooners brave shity weather to celebrate teams victory’. But what Sky comes up with? ‘Jack Wilshere does anti spurs chant’. The Twats! Is it only that saw???


What I don’t get is, didn’t Jack do exactly the same thing last year?

So either: they missed it last time, or conveniently forgot so they could write about it again with added faux outrage.

Django unhinged

Steeeeeve Gerrard, Gerrard,
He’s taking it really hard,
At home with his birthday card,
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard.


Fucking brilliant, mate! You’ve won the Internet for today!


Sad news coming from Merseyside. Balloteli is aint going anywhere apparently. They’re stuck with him for another year. How tragic! Wenger’s forth masterstroke after signing Ozil, Sanchez and Welbeck is without a doubt Not signing balloteli

AN Other

That’s not a sad news.


I am sick of seeing John Terry and Mourinho’s ugly muggs on the goonybox down here, I swear fans in aus are clueless.. MANU and Liverpool last season, Spurs and Chelsea here at moment and City arrive next month.

Just when will the greatest team in the world consider Australia a destination worth visiting? I would give my left testicle (or right, or both!!) to get the chance to see the lads in the flesh down under!

I think Arseblog should use their obvious position of influence over Arsene and nudge him down this way…….. 🙂


Did you notice at the press conference in Aus the questions/remarjs about bus parking? They have fielded questions about their boring style soo much lately… Love it haha they must be fuming that the mud has stuck!!
He even congratulated us through gritty teeth… we won fa cup again and this time 4-0, on the night spurs beat sydbey FC 1-0 picking up the AIA Cup in process, lol!

Coq Au Vin

I was shouting it at Wembley and I’ll do it now… Ja Gunners Ja!!!

Cliff Bastin

Man I love Gunnersaurus.


We have made history. Stole the thunder from Chelsea. Admitedly they have the bigger prize but the memories will abide with us. No one will remember the boring manner in which they won their league. They will certainly remember the invincibles but they will also remember the 3-2 in which we snatched victory from the jaws of failure and the retaining of the cup the next season down in which we demolished Villa (Plus the Alexis goal) The silly ESPN website has some ridiculous piece on how Jack led the “We hate Tottenham” chant as if that was in itself… Read more »


I love you dear Arsenal. An FA cup trophy to end the season, a consecutive dominant campaign in d FA cup and finishing in a champions league spot, is a characteristics of a lovely club. Congrats!

Youtube Graduate

Thanks for that. Best moment: Henry celebrating by hugging Wenger.

(Henry, please don’t ruin it now)


Where is rosicky? Disappointed he didn’t join much in the celebrations


Jony some players if they don’t play in final will be just happy to be present and celebrate with teammates. They will stay in the background but be there. Except John Terry of course. Rosicky, deboushy, diaby were all there but kept low profile. Yes you are right they should show up more because it’s the team after all. But not a la John Terry


I’m so happy, just created a Arsenal shrine at my office desk and told the sp*rs fans to take their shoes off before viewing the champions!

Thierry Bergkamp

Gotta be at the final 2015/16


Gibbs making moves!


His family

Steve the gooner

Can’t believe cup winners 2years in a row now for the league next season all arsenal players,fans,staff deserve this C.O.Y.G victory through harmony:)