Video: Calum Chambers – Arsenal Defender (2014/15)


Even though he’s been taken out of the spotlight in recent weeks, and his form has dipped a bit, here’s a little reminder of why we spent that money on Calum Chambers.

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A very good reminder. Quality player. Just shows how fickle we fans could be sometimes.


He stood up and made a big difference at a time when it probably wasn’t even fair on him to have to handle that kind of pressure. Nothing short of amazing if you ask me. We’re not signing a new cb when someone of his talent and blinding potential isn’t even in our matchday squad.

Finsbury Park Gooner

What a great ball-winner this boy is, and decent on the ball too. Really looking forward to seeing how he progresses at the Arsenal.


as a DM I think…
as he is good in the air
a good tackler (even is he is so young)
and has a good “engine” too…


I think the mid season criticism and stick he was receiving during our sticky patches were incredibly unfair on him. It seemed that we all forgot his early season consistency where he hardly ever put a foot wrong, we should have all expected an inevitable burnout with the effort he put in.


This is why I can’t understand why there are calls for another CB….Kos, BFG, Gabriel and Chambers is a great mix of World Class, experience and potential.

And Monreal and Debuchy both filled in during the season and did alright.

And Hayden looks like a decent kid too.


I love those balls deep challenges where he and the opponent have both lunged at the ball but I just worry it relies too much on timing and the good nature of whoever he goes against. Potential for bad injury if he comes against a prick who just wants to hurt him or if he mistimes it slightly
Cracking player though


How funny how all these numpties were waxing lyrical about Calum and now they’ve gone into hiding. Still very good quality and potential and a far better prospect than Jenkinson. His final position in the team is still undecided and that may be the case for a while as he is given exposure in a number of areas. 1)He has the composure for Cback but it is not a natural position for him. he played as Rback at Soton. He needs to get use to and learn positioning and he cost us in early half of season where his inexperienced… Read more »


Fantastic. Was thrown in at the deep end and did amazingly well. Outstanding prospect and so pleased to have him at Arsenal. Thanks for the reminder!