Sunday, September 24, 2023

Wenger: Rosicky to stay another year

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Tomas Rosicky will stay at Arsenal for another year.

The 34-year-old is out of contract this summer and had been linked with a move to the MLS and former club Sparta Prague but has been persuaded to sign a new one-year-deal that will see him complete a decade at the Emirates.

The Czech signed for the Gunners in 2006 from German side Borussia Dortmund and has made 245 appearances scoring 28 goals.

He’s had to be patient this season, waiting until Boxing Day for his first Premier League start – scoring the winner in a 2-1 win against QPR.  He went on to feature in 12 of the following 15 matches, notching two more goals. In recent weeks the cameos have dried up again although he did come off the bench against Sunderland on Wednesday.

In March, the player admitted that his lack of game time before Christmas had left him frustrated and that he’d given serious consideration to leaving in January.

Arseblog News welcomes news that the club’s only thrash metal fan will be sticking around. The question now is whether he’ll get himself a testimonial.

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Zip Watcher

Great news. Love that guy!


Testimonial next year then!

kos the boss

The best news all season


Interesting… he didn’t really play all that much this year… impact sub for next season?


It’s also clear that his experience and leadership is vital within what is a relatively young squad


Great news! That means he’ll get a testimonial, which is certainly well earned.

Remember the invincibles

I actually care less about th testimonial than about the fact that he’ll stay another year. Jim Beglin said it during the Sunderland game. Ozil is easy-ozzy while Rosicky is ‘zip, crack and pop’.
It’s a nice description of his style.


True. I’m baffled as to why he didn’t play more earlier in the season. I understand that we’ve been in great form in 2015 (with the exception of a few games), making it hard to rotate, but prior to that we really could have used his energy and direct approach.

Moral high ground

It’s a real shame that wenger has refused to play him more often when supposed superior younger models have been struggling. Rosicky is perfect for rotation. Typically comes in and plays well straight away. Instead wenger has kept him on he bench like midweek. Frankly baffling


Ha! Every bit the club champion our Invincibles are IMO, just sadly without comparable silverwear



But then, you want him to stay, but you don’t want him to play? I don’t understand Wenger at all.


@mozart – especially when Wenger said “if you love football, you love Rosicky”. I’m equally baffled.


wow!wow!!wow!!!…so happy Tommy is staying another year…I really hope he plays more often


He deserves more playing time than he’s seen, he could have made the difference in our last few performances. I can imagine he is the kind of player that just training against makes a world of difference though. I love TR7 I just want to see him happy…can we win him the triple next season?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Triple? Don’t write off the League Cup so easy mate.


Go on Tommy you fuckin’ legend. If you could be little bit agent Rosicky and get Marco Reus in, even better!!


Pretty sad he’s staying. Love the guy and he deserves to play. Would rather he enjoyed playing at a high level somewhere else than warm our bench.


This is literally the best thing i have read in a long, long time. Just wish i could meet him.


I absolutely love it when the North Bank fires up “Super Tom Rosicky” – he is truly adored


Looking forward to a few good rounds of this on Sunday…!


No direct quotes from wenger blogs?


It was in the pre-match press conference on

jack p

Shows the type of player who only has a couple years left in him football wise would rather stay with us on the bench than go to the MLS for a bunch of cash. What a legend!!


A legend of the club! Our little mozart!

The Beast

You want him to stay, play him then.

Ghana Gunner

Great guy… Arsene please start him and walcott on Sunday.

Jay Song

Great news!! His experience and know how will be vital again.

He simply deserves to play more games.


Love this!
Let’s win CL with him…

Richie Growling

Tomasi do toho!


Yeaaaa can’t leave without winning the league with us…. Which will be next year.

Black Hei



Thank God. I was worried he will leave after this season. I would love to see him play more though.


Ignore previous comments

Gus Caesar

Without wishing to p!ss on what is a great bonfire: but he’s not actually signed anything. It sounds like the club has taken up an option to extend which will have been written into his last contract. Sensibly too as there’d be no point in letting him leave on a free if we could make some use of him. Whether he wants to stay or not is another matter.


Was just coming in to say that. He didn’t sign anything, we has the option of a year extension and activated it. It’s a sensible thing to do, but in no way indicates he will be staying. Personally I really hope he stays. He should be 2nd choice AM after Ozil (and Wenger needs to stop running players into the ground by playing them every single minute of their footballing life). This will get me some down votes but…… dare I say that I actually prefer Rosicky to Ozil? I mean I really appreciate Ozil’s effortlessness, but I just love… Read more »


Strength in depth as they say.

You won’t get many better squad players than Super Tomas Rosicky!

I’m sure he will get a testimonial, he certainly deserves one.


Smiling from ear to ear this has made my day!


Good news but he’ll have to play a bit more next season. Great impact sub. Cazorla might be off…

Parisian Weetabix

Mate Rosicky and Cazorla are besties, there’s no way Santi’s leaving now.

Eboue's Korean Tutor

He’s staying because Cech is coming!!!!


Genuinely delighted by this!

post-ball touching smasheroonies

Bloody love Rosicky. Hope he gets some time in the cup final, he bloody deserves a sackful of medals for his patience and enthusiasm.

the only sam is nelson

excellent news, not only do we get Tommy but it’s also surely time to bust out the contract-signing-in-the-dungeon picture!


Marvellous news!

Sadly Tommy has been warming the bench for far too many matches, through no fault of his. Here’s hoping Wenger can start Tommy in the last game this season on Sunday to truly show his faith in our little Mozart. COYG!


I want him to start v Villa AND the FA Cup, come on Arsene we need his freshness commitment and energy he is the perfect antidote for a tired team. He is such an uplifting player and joy to watch. Great news….


@ N16. I meant to start on Sunday WBO game AND FA cup… v Villa


WBA. You’re mixing up your boxing federations.


Ooops! WBA as you say…

le bob

Great news. Still think he can contribute a great deal, on the field as well as off it. And anyway, I really love Tommy. Too bad he’s been hampered by injuries.

Crash Fistfight

Yay! 🙂

I hope he gets a testimonial (I’d be buying a ticket for it).


“If you love football, you love Rosicky”

Coolest player

arab money

Lovely news!!! The best player in the world stays with us for another year!!! And he loves trash metal!!!1


Is it weird that I teared up a little at the thought of a player actually being committed to his club in this day and age?


I fucking love super Tommy! heck yeeeaaaaaaaah!


Good news! Let’s win the league for him come next year… and oh the Champions League.


Very happy to hear this news, but do worry that he probably won’t even make the bench for most matches next year with so many in front of him.


Yes! Another year with Tomas! All for a testimonial for the Little Mozart! Favorite guy on the team!

Jose P

Made my whole of next year ….thanks Arsene


I celebrated like we’ve scored a goal when i saw that headline, fantastic news! All the younger players say how much they appreciate his advice so it was a no brainer to keep him.

Ronnie not Radford

Tommy is a legend in a long list of Gooner No. 7’s, fantastic news that we will see his jinking runs for another season. What about that pass on Weds!

Scott P

What a guy. What a professional. We love you Super Tom.


He is a super Dude…. Top man.

Merlin's Panini

Whenever anyone asks me my favourite Arsenal player at the moment the answer, for the last 5 years, has been Tomas Rosicky. I just love watching him. He always tries to make something happen and hasn’t lost any of his zip.


To see him finish his career at Arsenal is priceless… he’s done so much for the club with appreciation and professionalism that he deserves to be repaid for that. One of the best players Arsenal have had since he joined in 2006

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

He hasn’t said he’ll be finishing his career at Arsenal, he’s only signing on for one more year at this point.


I’ve never bought a replica shirt. £50+ for a piece of polyester made by some exploited Chinese child, advertising an Arab airline?! No. But if I did, it’d be an old fashioned replica shirt and have Tommy’s name and no on it.
I’ll definitely go to his testimonial. He has to have one.

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